Poem of the Week: Labor of Love

Labor of Love
February 9, 2020

Labor of love
Labor of will
Will and wit
Will and skill
Skill to arrange
Skill to plan
Plan on your feet
Plan carefully
Carefully until the end
Carefully from the start
Start with the basics
Start with an idea
Idea less explored
Idea that can grow
Grow into something great
Grow into something memorable
Memorable for years
Memorable for many
Many ways to go
Many hours to spend
Spend organizing
Spend mapping
Mapping your plot
Mapping your characters
Characters to act it all out
Characters with whom folks will identify
Identify and relate
Identify and connect with
With feeling
With thought
Thought and understanding
Thought for morality
Morality we all could benefit from
Morality this whole world could use
Use during these troubled times
Use throughout life
Life colorized
Life enriched
Enriched thanks to stories
Enriched thanks to writing
Writing from you
Writing and talent
Talent much appreciated
Talent always welcome
Welcome to the scene, kiddo!
Welcome to the industry!
Industry of mental labor
Industry we all love


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Poem of the Week: Revision Ghazal

Revision Ghazal
January 24, 2020

I’ve revised and revised my work time after time,
Yet I can’t seem to perfect this project of mine.

I swear something about it needs correcting, but
The more I try to fix this doggone work of mine,

The more problems I end up making for myself,
And the more I seem to screw up this piece of mine.

Either that, or I at last notice something wrong
I’d failed to see last time I saw this work of mine,

After I fix it, though, another flaw shows up,
Leading me to once more work on this work of mine—

Always polishing it, never finishing it,
Forever trying to perfect this piece of mine,

Yet never seeming to. Good grief! What could be wrong?
Could it be after all that this project of mine

Could be fine just the way it is? At this rate, I
Wouldn’t be shocked, considering this work of mine

And all the fuss I’ve poured into it night and day.
Needed or not, I’ve given this project of mine

So much attention. Perhaps, though, I should just let
It be and stand on its own, this project of mine.

After all, any more changes, and it’ll be
Downright unrecognizable, this piece of mine.

Well, then, time to move on to another project
And leave you alone for once, masterpiece of mine.

Hopefully, my next work will turn out just as well
But with half the fuss at most, masterpiece of mine,

Especially now that I know what I’m doing.
Who knows? I might make a new masterpiece of mine.


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Poem of the Week: Grown-Ass Man

Grown-Ass Man
January 5, 2020

I am a grown-ass man,
So let me do all I can
To take care of myself
And everyone else
Who relies on me, my good man.

Shut up and get off my back
‘Fore you give me a heart attack
With your constant nagging
And ceaseless bagging
Of my habits front and back.

You’ve only the vaguest clue
Of what I commonly do
And say that makes me
What I chance to be,
Yet here you are, out of the blue

To correct me every which way—
In all that I do and say—
Telling me that I’m wrong.
Well, guess what: So long,
For I know how to make my way.

You don’t think I hear or see
What else I can possibly be?
You don’t think I know
How I can grow
Into an even better me?

You don’t think I know my flaws
And take frequent moments to pause
And reflect how I can
Become a better man?
Well, I do, so stop clacking your jaws.

You don’t think I take pride in
Securing a moral win
By aiding those in need,
No matter how they bleed—
No matter the condition they’re in?

You don’t think I can take care
Of my loved ones here or there?
You don’t think I have heart?
Pal, don’t you even start!
Your brow-beating’s going nowhere.

You don’t think I have any brains
To help me secure any gains—
To use the right tools
Or keep from playing fool
To others? You must be insane.

You don’t think I have the spine
To go out and fulfill dreams of mine
Or confront my fears?
Because news flash, dear:
You know not any life of mine.

Much hardship I’ve had to survive,
At times barely feeling alive,
With ignorance and hate
Piling high on my plate,
Never knowing if I’d ever thrive,

Even with all my talents intact,
Merely hoping to get back on track,
Yet by sheer force of will
And a touch of skill,
I managed to pull out of the black,

And through it all, I’ve learned a lot
About giving it all I’ve got,
No matter my place,
No matter the pace,
For this world’s full of ill-mannered sots,

And I’ve no desire at all
To allow my morals to fall
To those of the scum—
Be they blowhards or bums—
Who’d pinned my back against a wall

Or otherwise surrounded me
When success I could but hope to see..
I’ve seen the worst—
The wretched and the cursed—
Both of which I swore I’d never be,

And I learned what to and not to do
To see myself in this life through,
And I refuse to let
Further foes make me fret
And become them, so back off, you!

I’ve a legacy to fulfill—
All the more to keep out of the swill—
And loved ones to support,
So dare you not report
Your remarks or commands to me, shill.

I’m done with your kind from hereon.
That in mind, kindly move along
While this ambitious man
Does all that he can
To live out his calling from now on.


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Poem of the Week: This World So Divided

This World So Divided
December 24, 2019

Too often do others in this life make us put up with their vices
Rather than leave us in peace or otherwise to our own devices,
And in this world so divided against itself, it’s easy to see
The kind of people out there causing trouble for folks like you and me,
For while we just try to live our lives and follow our ambitions dear,
The selfish, childish, and ill-guided rear their heads far and near,
All claiming to serve one cause or another and that “the enemy”
Is their polar opposite for “obvious” reasons X, Y, and Z,
And should we side with such “scum” at all in any issue at hand,
We’re apparently supporting evil to spread across the land.
Never mind the faults in their own logic that they handily ignore,
For dare you point them out, they’ll merely defend them even more.
“Zero critical thinking skills,” they say of us in such a case.
All is black and white to them, and quickly will they jump in the face
Of anyone with the common sense to read between the lines
They spew so flippantly day and night from their bloated mouths and behinds,
And they only keep spawning yearly—one down, a dozen more to go.
To think, too, that YouTube’s schlock posters were enough to bring me woe!
Alas, what can you do when your home nation is loaded to the brim
With maniacs and radicals fulfilling their every whim
Other than be strong for yourself and the best human being
You could possibly be in the wake of all the drama you’re hearing and seeing?
None of us, after all, can afford to let others’ ignorance and hate
Transform us into the monsters they are who thrive on heated debate,
Melodrama, and even violence over that which they believe
While those of us caught in the crossfire are left to stand by and grieve.
We all owe it to ourselves to grow and thrive each day that comes
If we hope to make any progress in being what we want to become,
And letting the loud and self-righteous control us isn’t the way
For any of us to improve ourselves and achieve greatness one day.
Devil take them all, I say, for they all gave up their humanity,
And now, they’re nothing but shambling shells of what they used to be,
Devoid of emotion but fear and wrath towards that which they can’t stand.
How anyone can choose to devolve so, I’ll never understand.
One thing I know for sure, though, is that I refuse to be that way
And that I’ll do all in my power to bring about a better day
For myself, leastways, if not the world, for I’ve seen to many twits
Ruining it every which way they can, which makes me shake with fits.
Practicing good will I’ll do, then, for ‘tis time to bring an end
To this ever-escalating feuding of ours for sake of family and friends
So that a new day we can enjoy at long last, everyone,
For only through healing can we move forth as we circle Heaven’s sun.


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Poem of the Week: A Rambling Poem about Accomplishments

A Rambling Poem about Accomplishments
December 16, 2019

Every accomplishment is something, no matter how big or small,
For we learn from success and failure alike and what both mean to us all.
From failure, we learn what doesn’t work and that which we must try again,
Albeit differently one way or another if we’re seeking reward, friend.
From success, though, we learn what works and earn knowledge that lasts
For a lifetime, thus leading us to doing things repeatedly and making fast
Work out of tasks that could otherwise take what might last forever.
We might even get a prize—physical or intangible—for each endeavor.
However, when success comes too easily, such reward feels like fluff,
And we look for more obstacles to overcome in hopes of earning the stuff
That gives us meaning and purpose in life and makes us glad we’re alive,
For nothing makes me at least happier than doing things at which I strive.
Writing, cooking, video games, yard work—there are so many things
At which I excel that offer me challenge, and conquering them brings
A sense of joy I can but begin to explain to anyone I meet—
Particularly strangers—just as to why it cannot be beat,
And even when I fall short of my goals, I try and try some more
Until I finally get things right and achieve that which is in store.
Sure, I might struggle and botch like mad—often more than I’d like—
But oh, what a relief it is when I at last make a successful strike
And accomplish whatever it was I’d set out to do in the first place,
Having learned something in the process, which is something none can replace.
Yes, it’s better to get things right the first time, I’ll admit,
But even if something takes several tries and I still achieve it,
It’s an accomplishment all the same, and I’ll take it on that note,
And hard or easy, a success is always welcome on my boat.
Besides, some of the most worthwhile things in life require work,
And if I’m to work at something, then why be a lazy jerk
And whine and cry and carry on for someone to hand success to me
When I can earn it for myself and be as proud as I can be
Of myself for gaining what I wanted while standing on my own two feet?
Face it, folks: Getting things done on your own truly cannot be beat.
Accomplishment is everything to me, as it defines who I am.
It shows that I’m no longer a boy, but a confident, competent man,
And the more I accomplish in my life, the bigger a man I am.
In fact, everyone, in my opinion, should feel confident ‘nough to stand
On his or her own two feet one way or another and become
A credit to humanity and rise above the lazy scum
Who lie, sleep, cheat, steal, and just plain leech their way through life,
Existing solely to exist and cause plenty of grief and strife
For those of us who honestly break our backs to be what we can be,
Do what we can do, hear what we can hear, and see what we can see.
Alas, success ain’t always easy, as too often those who deserve it
Most of all are left empty-handed while the leeches and cheats get hit
With it left and right for doing mostly nothing of any worth,
Leaving the ambitious starving while they figuratively pack on the girth.
We mustn’t give up, though, folks, for they say effort does pay off,
And should that day come, we’ll be the ones to turn around and scoff
At our past predicaments ‘pon realizing just how easily
Success had at last come to all of us and how easy it can be.
Let’s not give up the ship, then, folks, for no matter how things get rough,
Hard work and perseverance do pay off, no matter how tough
Things get down the road of life, so suit up and be strong and smart,
And surely your dreams will come true as you’d dreamt them from the start.


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Poem of the Week: Lost Thought

Lost Thought
December 5, 2019

Lost thought, lost thought, where did you go?
I had you for a moment. Now, I’ve lost you so.
Were you even worth having in the first place at all,
Or did you pop up just to get me bouncing off walls?

Lost thought, lost thought, can I ever get you back,
No matter your true worth, be you golden or just whack?
If so, what must I hear, see, do, or even be
In order to get you to somehow return to me?

Lost thought, lost thought, am I wasting my time
Trying to think of how to get you back into my mind,
What with your nature being so vague, if not mysterious,
Or have I grounds to wonder what would’ve been between us?

Whatever the case, lost thought, so long for now.
Maybe you and I will get together again somehow—
Perhaps while I work on something that’s not turning out right
And is giving me all kinds of trouble every day and night.

So long for now, then, lost thought. Perhaps we’ll meet again,
Though I can’t say how, exactly, or—for that matter—when,
But whatever you are, I’m sure I’ll put you to use somehow,
Even if you’re little more than an enigma to me right now.


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Poem of the Week: Rambling about a Project that’s Going Nowhere

Rambling about a Project that’s Going Nowhere
November 28, 2019

Working hard, day after day,
Trying to get things done some way,
Yet nothing seems to turn out right,
No matter what I do, day or night.
I try a little bit of this and that
To move things forward. Alas…SPLAT!
I fall flat on my face, for I don’t see
That one tiny flaw that was holding me
Back from reaching my long-desired goal.
Now I’m stumbling like a newborn foal
Back to square one to start again
This task that never seems to end—
A task I’ve done in the past before
And did well then, so why’s it now a chore?
Why can’t I now finish what I’ve started?
Has my mind somehow departed?
Am I already senile ‘fore my old age?
Is that why I haven’t filled another page
In this book of mine o’er all the weeks
I had to complete it? Oh, please don’t speak
Of it, for I feel I’m already worn
‘Fore more of this story I’ve helped be born,
And none of what I’ve done has helped me
Make of my tale what it’s supposed to be
Or should have been many moons ago,
And the more I think of it, the more it hurts so.
Perhaps a new project I should seek
‘Fore my temper and exhaustion peak.
Maybe something fresh is what I need
To keep my brain from starting to bleed.
Who knows? A new project just might
Shine upon things with a different light
And lead me to the success I’ve long craved,
And following that, my soul’ll be saved,
And I can forget all about this dreck
That’s killing my braincells like Max Schreck
Would as Count Orlok in Nosferatu,
And from there, I’ll lead the life I only knew
In my dreams since starting this whole escapade.
All that in mind, then, my mind’s been made.
Forget this nonsense I’m working on now!
I need to change gears desperately…and how!
Maybe another day, I’ll get back to this
First thing when my mind’s feeling more bliss.
‘Til then, though, on to something new I go
That’ll lighten me up and help the blood flow
In my brain for once after all this time,
So pardon me while I stop this rhyme.
Fame and fortune, here I come…
Or so I hope once all is said and done.
Good riddance, misery! See you in Hell,
For my life one day will be naught but swell.


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