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Welcome to AuthorDustinWeber.wordpress.com!

This is the official blog of Dustin M. Weber, one of the newest authors to hit the literary market in 2012. Presently the author of Kyle Summers, Booker, UWWX: The Underground Women’s Wrestling Xperiment, and Best of Luck, Jeff Babbage! as well as The Sun Shan’t Set on Me! Poems from My Younger Days (Ages 16 to 23), I’ve been writing novel after novel in hopes of achieving my dream career and becoming a published novelist. For the most part, that dream has come true, and my works can currently be found as e-books on iTunes and on the following websites:







Other books at Diesel-eBooks.com

For more information about my work, feel free to read the description of each book below, and be sure to check up with me either here at my blog, my author page at Smashwords.com, or either or my two Author Central paged at Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk whenever you can for news about future publications of mine that I am currently working on. Also available for my reader’s viewing pleasure are various poems, short stories, and editorials that cover a wide variety of topics, usually pertaining to my work.

That being said, please don’t hesitate to either subscribe directly to this blog via email or your own WordPress account. In the meantime, I’ll be sure to keep you and the rest of my readers interested and involved throughout the course of this blog’s existence. In the meantime, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber


Kyle Summers, Booker
by Dustin M. Weber

Kyle Summers, Booker

A young publisher and long-time professional wrestling fan grows tired of an up-and-coming wrestling federation’s faulty booking and goes out on a limb to save the company’s product by joining its booking committee and bringing his own ideas to the table.

Having been a long-time fan of professional wrestling, young publisher Kyle Summers has become fed up with the product put on by High Intensity Wrestling—an up-and-coming wrestling company that has been struggling to compete with the top wrestling organization in the industry for a number of years. However, he refuses to stop watching their programming altogether and instead goes out on a limb to become the newest member of HIW’s booking committee. Unfortunately, even though general manager Anthony Conklin has faith in his ideas, Kyle still must overcome the single-mindedness of HIW founder Jerry Swanson and the distrust of a roster full of wrestlers who have become so used to Swanson’s faulty vision of how the company should be presented that they have all but lost hope for the promotion’s success. Only time will tell, then, if Kyle’s many years of pro wrestling knowledge and fresh, fanhood-fueled perspective on the business will serve him well in making HIW’s product worth watching again.

The Sun Shan’t Set on Me! Poems from My Younger Days (Ages 16 to 23)
by Dustin M. Weber

The Sun Shan’t Set on Me! Poems from My Younger Days (Ages 16 to 23)

A poetry anthology comprised of seventy-three poems that the author had written between the ages of sixteen and twenty-three.

Before author Dustin M. Weber decided to become a novelist, he was a poet, and even today, he contributes his love of writing in part to his poetry. This book is testament to that in that it includes seventy-three poems that he had composed over the course of eight years during his youth. Ranging in emotional content from sorrow and anger to elation and quiet contemplation and covering such topics as love, life, and American culture, this anthology is sure to have a poem for every reader, regardless of mood or mindset.


Best of Luck, Jeff Babbage!
by Dustin M. Weber

Best of Luck, Jeff Babbage!

A former literary agent finds out firsthand the challenges that writers face in producing the ideal manuscript for potential publication while simultaneously coping with his new job.

Best of Luck, Jeff Babbage! is an uplifting and occasionally humorous work of contemporary fiction that chronicles one man’s hope, perseverance, and achievement against all odds. In summary, this book is the story of Jeff Babbage, a young literary agent who gets fired from the agency where he has had a three-year-long career and ends up working at the main office of a fashion concern as the proofreader of the company’s seasonal catalog. From this experience, he garners the inspiration to write a novel of his own and thus heads down a path fraught with the countless challenges of becoming an author, from struggles in crafting the ideal story for his intended audience to the difficulties in balancing his newly acquired job and the friendships he forges with his coworkers with his literary venture. Will he ever learn to get along with his prickly officemate, the catalog’s fastidious editor? How will he fair in his budding relationship with the young, fiercely devoted fashion photographer he meets during the company carpool? To what degree will his proofreading duties and writer’s block, among other obstacles, prevent him from developing the most captivating novel he could ever hope to create? Such are the questions that cross the reader’s mind as he/she reads the book and discovers whether or not Jeff does indeed have the “best of luck.”

UWWX: The Underground Women’s Wrestling Xperiment
by Dustin M. Weber

UWWX: The Underground Women’s Wrestling Xperiment

A new breed of women’s professional wrestling emerges form the ruins of the long-desecrated pro wrestling industry with the promise of bringing back the respect that women’s wrestling has long lost.

For far too long, wrestling promoters have treated women’s professional wrestling like little more than a glorified burlesque sideshow featuring beautiful women dressed in outrageous and provocative outfits while reciting horribly lowbrow comedy skits and engaging in simulated catfights with one another. Such is exactly how Ladies’ Wrestling League veteran “Chainsaw” Charlie Bradshaw feels, leastways, especially when approached to become a part of yet another novelty women’s wrestling organization called WrestleKittens. Needless to say, once she hears about an opposing and equally newly formed women’s wrestling promotion—the ragtag, gritty, and aptly named Underground Women’s Wrestling Xperiment—she jumps ship the first chance she gets. However, even with this new federation’s promise to reinvent women’s pro wrestling and hence bring some respect back to the sport as a whole, Charlie still finds herself up against many a challenge, such as coexisting with certain rivals on the UWWX roster and learning to cope with the unorthodox management and on-the-fly booking style of the promotion’s founder, Katherine Flynn. Nonetheless, it is up to Charlie to rise up to the occasion and become the locker room leader that her newfound home needs to help spur it to the top of a crippled industry and win the hearts of an increasingly jaded mainstream wrestling audience. Only time will tell, then, if she is indeed up to such a task or if the UWWX will remain nothing more than a pipedream for everyone who has become sick and tired of a venue with little more to offer than costumes, tacky humor, and flagrant chauvinism.

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