Poem of the Week: Chaos Everlasting

Chaos Everlasting
October 4, 2018

Chaos everlasting,
Chaos dying never.
Never satisfied,
Never relenting—
Relenting for anyone,
Relenting for anything.
Anything can go wrong.
Anything will go wrong…
Wrong attitude,
Wrong effort,
Effort misplaced,
Effort wasted—
Wasted on pointless stuff,
Wasted on zero thanks,
Thanks desired,
Thanks appreciated.
Appreciated you deserve to be.
Appreciated you’re not.
Not fair!
Not right…
Right for you,
Right for anyone—
Anyone who works hard,
Anyone who cares,
Cares about one’s craft,
Cares about earning—
Earning one’s dues,
Earning respect,
Respect for reliability,
Respect for dedication,
Dedication to one’s tasks,
Dedication to one’s livelihood…
Livelihood for now,
Livelihood hopefully to change—
Change soon,
Change for the better.
Better start looking.
Better start working,
Working towards something new,
Working towards something different—
Different and exciting,
Different from what you know.
Know reprieve.
Know freedom…
Freedom from current demands,
Freedom from the grind.
Grind your heels in.
Grind your troubles away…


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Poem of the Week: Laziness 2

Laziness 2
September 29, 2018

Never pays.
Slacking, sulking, sighing…
No way to live!
Searching, planning, working…
Earning something!


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Poem of the Week: Slowly but Surely

Slowly but Surely
September 24, 2018

Slowly but surely, things will come together,
Even if it takes more years to weather
The storm that’s raged ‘round us for so long.
No much longer shall we sing the song
Of the battered and the broken that’s come from
The hearts of us who’ve grown sick of the scum
That’s floated atop this inverted coffee cup
We’ve swam in for years now. Enough’s enough
With the cream on the bottom and tequila worms on top.
The laziness and greed have got to stop.
We want great stories in the media again
Using tried-and-true methods from way back when
And new characters we can get behind
For when we escape our daily grind.
We’re sick of the same old stuff from before,
Albeit inferior since the days of yore
With poorly fleshed plots, schlocky comedy,
And no solid role models for you and me.
It all gets repackaged, too, each damn year
For the next wave of fools to see and hear,
Thus further denaturing our intelligence
We once had long ago, yet’s been dying since
These days of bad storytelling first became known
And started cutting humanity to the bone.
Then again, recently, we’ve made our demands known,
And slowly but surely, the truth’s come to own
The attention of those who feed us the tales,
And fight though they might to make our wails
With insults and finger-pointing, the facts stand
To force them to change once and for all
And at last use their heads, else take a fall
From grace as their industry has these days,
No thanks to their instantly gratifying ways
That we’ve at last decided to not fall for,
But instead agreed to kick out the door.
Film by film, book by book, show by show,
Song by song—we’ll see it so
That storytelling improves again
And reaches the heights it had back when
TV was worth watching and movies, too,
And music was a joy to listen to
And novels more often than not
Stories that more than just entertained
But enlightened, inspired, and in their own way
Kept creative juices flowing day after day.
Keep your fingers crossed, then, for things shan’t always
Be as they are now, for we will have our way,
So long as we stick to our guns and see
That storytelling improves for you and me.
Keep your eyes on the prize, then, and heed no lies
As the hacks and the jacks get cut down to size
While real talents rise to the top as they should
And everything changes for the better for good.


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Poem of the Week: No More Bloody Excuses

No More Bloody Excuses
September 21, 2018

No more bloody excuses…that’s what I always say,
But then something comes up, and I let it get in the way,
Be it something to do with work, the ‘Net, or my own family,
And I get so burned out afterwards, that I can hardly see,

No thanks to my tired eyes drooping hours later ‘gainst my will
Or, for that matter, my need to escape all the chaos and swill
With an hour-long break always seems to last much longer,
And even when I swear I’m done, my apprehension grows stronger,

And no matter the promises I make to straighten myself out,
Screw in my heels, take care of things, and show all what I’m ‘bout,
Along comes the voice of Doubt to ring inside my heavy head
And nag, nag, nag me ‘bout my faults and all the flack that’s been said

About my apparent lack of skill in everything I do
That I’ve heard since I was but a kid, and the memories still hurt, too:
All the people who’ve belittled me, talked down to me like I was dumb,
Wagged their fingers in my face, and screamed at me ‘til my head was numb—

Essentially calling me worthless and hopeless, no matter the season,
Telling me I’ll never be more than trash for X, Y, and Z reasons.
I bet they all still think that, too, even they whose paths I’ve not
Crossed in half a decade or more, whether they’d be spiteful little snots

Or people in roles of authority who at least think they know better
Than I myself do ‘bout myself, no matter the day or weather.
So many have been these scumbags with whom I’ve dealt during my life,
And it’s in no small part ‘cause of them that I still have so much strife.

Then again, another part’s my own fault for letting them push me ‘round
And not standing up for myself well enough, else I’d be safe and sound
In mind and spirit as well as body, no drama to be had,
And at this point in my life, things wouldn’t have been so bad.

I could’ve had all I wanted: my own house, wife, and car
A well-paying job that allowed me to improve lives near and far,
And all the money I could’ve asked for in my lifetime.
Alas, that’s not my reality…only a dream of mine.

Then again, who am I kidding? Who am I to be held back?
It’s time to stop this hapless whining and go on the attack
And achieve the success I should’ve garnered so many years ago
Instead of wallowing in self-pity and incessant woe.

I’ve burdened myself and my loved ones enough with this hellish ride
Of emotions I’ve put us all through. Now it’s at last time to cast aside
All the drama so that I can have a clear head once and for all
And achieve my dream come hell or high water ‘fore Death makes a house call.

Here I go, then, back on my feet, ready to take a stand
And march forth t’wards whatever fate the future has in hand
For me with all I do have and have built up over the years.
No more bloody excuses, then. I can’t afford more fear.


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Poem of the Week: A Lesson in Entertainment Support We All Should’ve Learned Decades Ago

A Lesson in Entertainment Support We All Should’ve Learned Decades Ago
September 4, 2018

When the world you used to love no longer gives what you want
And instead feeds you nonsense and trash for cash you refuse to flaunt
And you are in no position to see that which you can make grow,
There’s sadly but one thing you can do to spare yourself the woe:

Keep your money in your wallet and save it for something else,
For the entertainment world can’t afford to entertain itself,
For without the masses’ money to fuel the endeavors it undertakes,
It’ll collapse into ruins, lest it’s our advice it elects to take.

The makers, after all, have but themselves to blame for the efforts they’ve wasted
On the turd-poor products they’ve made and the bitterness we’ve tasted,
No thanks to the egregious errors they’ve made time and again
Left, right, and center dating back to whoever knows when.

Creating brand new movies that they barely, if at all, promote,
Then being surprised that they’ve earned little to no cash in their tote;
Relying on decades-old franchises to help them out of their rut,
Only to script their next installment sloppily…Oy! What a blow to the gut.

Adapting horrible best-sellers into films not worth a damn
No thanks to awkward dialogue delivered by sleepwalking hams
To convey a braindead story that’s beloved for some messed-up reason…
Then again, not even good books are always translated any given season

Into great pictures. Otherwise, Rick Riordan’s Royalty checks—
And Madeleine L’Engle’s, too—would be coming in week after next,
And no, all the films like Wonder and A Monster Calls can’t make up
For the weaker films’ shortcomings and effects, so folks, wake up!

I don’t care, either, for the deconstruction of time-honored heroes
Making them look weak, dumb, and immature and thus like utter zeroes.
They were inspirations back in the day, built from the ground up,
But these new creators just had to come around and screw them up.

Also, why can’t men and women be represented equally?
Why must one be watered and dumbed down for audiences to see
The potential that lies within the other? Tell me how that’s fair
To put one upon a pedestal while the other wallows in despair.

Finally, subverting expectations…what’s the point of that?
To prevent predictability from making a story splat
Across the ground like it fell sans helmet from way up on high
At the expense of logic? Yeah…not for me, gals and guys.

I want stories that make sense and to which I can relate,
Not surprise me out of nowhere with their senseless twists of fate.
I want logical progression from the start to the very end
For plot and characters alike. What about you, friends?

I’m not shocked at all at folks’ protests when makers give them any less,
For when a product comes out on the market, folks expect the best.
Worse yet is when makers dare flame the unimpressed and spew venom their way,
Eventually killing what respect they had left and thus losing that way

The reputation they once had all because of the mighty flops
They dared distribute in the first place and the ego they failed to drop.
We’re sick of sub-par media, though. One’d think they’d learn that well
And would turn their precious industry ‘round ‘fore it ends up burning in Hell.

Such is what Hollywood must learn on top of at last letting new
Faces rise to the top in hopes of starting their industry anew,
For the tired old guard won’t change soon, lest we work to force them out,
So take your cue, folks, and cast your shame aside as you stand to shout.

We have the money and thus the power to make media right,
And only by supporting the good stuff will we all bring the light
To an industry that’s long needed it for years upon years at this rate,
And once we do, we’ll at last kill off at least most of that which we hate.


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Poem of the Week: The Dawn of a New Wrestling Era

Don’t forget to tune in to ALL IN on September 1, 2018! Live from the Sears Center in Chicago, IL! “Zero Hour” WGN America @ 6:00 P.M. ET; All In PPV: 7:00 P.M. ET via the FITE.tv app or via subscription to Ring of Honor Wrestling’s Honor Club streaming service

Hello, readers.

Usually, I know better than to get into it with trolls on the Internet, but after some creep on Twitter swore to me that Wrestlicious was in talks with a “MAJOR TV network” and thus was on the verge of returning to any kind of prominence after no longer airing their television program Wrestlicious TakeDown from 2011 onward, their YouTube channel closing in 2013, and their utter lack of presence ever since—partially thanks to wrestling fans no longer discussing and therefore caring about them—I couldn’t resist the urge to tell this lazy, cheap, dispassionate, hypocritical, self-indulgent cockroach of a wrestling promotion once more to fade away forever so that the professional wrestling business can rebuild itself. After all, with the efforts of the National Wrestling Alliance to reshape pro wrestling for the better with the way it’s been booking, promoting, and showcasing its talent since Billy Corgan took it over this past year; the increase of attention that Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling have been receiving so far in the late 2010s; the buzz that’s been surrounding the September 1, 2018 pay-per-view All In; and even the efforts of Major League Wrestling, Lucha Underground, and Anthem Sports & Entertainment’s Impact Wrestling to help the industry move forward and regain steam, it’s apparent that the industry is doing everything possible to regain the ground it once had prior to it imploding on itself, no thanks to the events that happened within it during the spring of 2001. Granted, there are still plenty of wrestling fans out there who still act out in immature ways against one another and against various wrestling promotions and personalities, which doesn’t help the business, but there are also those who are far more sensible about and respectful toward the art as it is today who aren’t shy about expressing their enthusiasm for it and their pleasure in its reconstruction. I, too, and impressed with these efforts to progress in a more positive direction, as the steps taken so far have proven to provide the kick in the derriere that the business has needed for a long, long time. No disrespect meant towards World Wrestling Entertainment or its oft-jaded audience, either, but WWE needs all the competition it can handle to encourage it to move in a similar direction themselves and maintain their present position as the number one wrestling organization on the planet.

That being said, by no means do I believe Wrestlicious will help to further expedite these changes to the pro wrestling industry, should it ever revive, especially considering the fact that its idea of “evolving” with the times basically means repeating the same old thing it had done with different women playing the same old, tired, empty, shallow “characters” it had put on display back in the early to mid-2000s when it was better known as CRUSH. Not that I need to say it again, but wrestling needs to move forward, not backward, and if people are actually interested in a product similar to GLOW, then they can just as easily watch old matches from the original—the real—Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling or tune in to the Netflix program GLOW, which will be receiving its third season soon, according to Cameron Glover of NewNowNext.com. Wrestlicious, on the other hand, has had its time in the sun, received the dismissal and backlash it (in my opinion, leastways) deserved, and has faded away from the public eye ever since, and honestly, the men (and women) behind it should just leave it at that, for a new day is dawning in the pro wrestling world, and as a fan of the art form myself, I intend to embrace it.

Until then, please enjoy the poem I’ve included below and feel free to share it with all your friends and loved ones. Also, feel free to check out my author pages at Smashwords.com, Amazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk to see what I have available for purchase. Expect some full-fledged articles to appear on this blog once more, too, and don’t be afraid to share your feedback with me to discuss possible article topics that you’d like to read about that are related to novels and other forms of storytelling media. I’d like to keep you folks engaged with my material, after all, so please, let’s not be afraid to discuss stuff, including my sudden drop in subscribers, which I can explain to anyone who’s interested in reading about it.

Until next time, everyone, thank you for your support, and happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber


Image used in this post courtesy of ProWrestlingSheet.com. The remainder of the content within this post, however, is the author’s own.


The Dawn of a New Wrestling Era
(Stop Threatening to Come Back, Wrestlicious. Your Five Months-Plus of Infamy Are Over.)
August 23, 2018

You made me feel sick in the gut
With your willful, ignorant smut
Cutting me to the bone,
And I’m not alone
In wishing you’d stay in your rut.

You leeched the essence of another,
More successful entity, brother,
Hoping to do with it
Whatever you saw fit
To catch the eyes of all and their mothers,

Only to offer up a cheap “clone”
Of a work that’s clearly not your own,
Stealing beat per beat
All that made it sweet
To those with whom said work once hit home.

All you did was crank up the sex,
Leaving more prudent witnesses vexed—
Or, at least, quite annoyed
With you good ol’ boys
And your perverted little trainwreck.

The storytelling you claimed you had
Was shallow, superficial, and sad
With nothing and no one
To invest in, son—
Just slapped-together fights that looked bad,

For what you tried to pass off as “action”
Left but few with any satisfaction
With your prancing and clawing,
Dancing and hee-hawing
And consequence-free interaction.

God forbid folks emotionally
Invest themselves in what they see,
But your schlock led nowhere,
Was handled without care,
And had little sensibility.

You threw dignity out the window,
Portraying women like shameless bimbos
Who exist but to tease
And carnally please
With their flesh hanging out all akimbo.

You treated everything like a joke,
Showing us only mirrors and smoke,
Acting careless and lazy
When your fortune looked hazy
‘Til you eventually choked

Just like WSX before you,
Who were careless and sloppy, too,
Whose poor quality control
Sure enough took its toll
‘Til they died off out of the blue.

Then again, even though they died,
At least WSX tried.
In fact, they tried too hard
Playing their wildcard
While you barely tried at all and fried,

Thinking GLOW’s formula was all
You needed to prevent the fall
You knew you would take
With your plans half-baked
By your out-of-touch mind and all.

Had you half the respect you claimed
To have for a business much-maimed,
Then your business plans
Would’ve been tighter, man,
And you wouldn’t have slid down the drain.

Had you cut out the “comedy”
That no one sane would dare to see
And presented your girls
As athletes in a world
Ruled by masculinity,

Had you spared us the bald sex appeal
That “The E” once had part of their deal
And just let your girls be
The best they could be
In a mostly male industry,

Then your deal on major TV
Would have been a reality
With better sponsors than
Goat crap in a can
With one year in its industry,

And wrestling fans far and wide
Wouldn’t have been so promptly snide
At a show more productive
Than downright destructive
As it was in our reality,

For though childish as some fans can
Be towards this industry, man,
It can be said, too,
That they can see you through
By praising you ‘cross the land,

Should you have a product worth their time
That doesn’t insult their minds,
For even fools can see
Hard work and quality
In that which they simply don’t mind.

Alas, you took the lazy route.
Thought and effort? Not what you were ‘bout.
You just rode on the past
Hoping you would last,
Especially with what you’d spout:

Empty promises ‘bout your success,
Lies about the steps you’d take next,
And excuses galore
For what you had in store
‘Bout how what your were doing was best.

Even now, with your product dead
Much has been the bat guano you’ve said
For nearly a decade
Since your TV deal went to bed.

Hot air and trash—that’s all you are.
That’s all you’ve been since you’d scarred
This business that’s just
Now rising from the dust,
And it still isn’t getting you far.

Practically no one cares ‘bout you now.
Most have cast you aside somehow,
Save for a small handful
Who’ve devoured your bull
And those who’ve seen you and had a cow

And just want your brand to stay dead.
Can’t you get that through your thick head?
How much more Lotto cash
From “J.V. Rich’s” stash
Can you bleed? Dammit, just go to bed!

“Female empowerment?” Johnny, please!
You brought girls’ role models to their knees
With your stupidity
And sexuality,
Yet you’re still buzzing like a bee

Kissing Netflix’s GLOW on the ass,
Taking shots at your critics (Such class!),
And lying left and right
‘Bout how you’ll one night
Revive when the time comes to pass.

Are you ever going to learn?
How many times must you be burned?
You’d died in a rush
When you were first CRUSH
In ’02 to ’04, yet you yearned

To come back with a vengeance one day,
And in 2010, we did pay
When you brought the same trash
To TV to rehash
What had killed you that fateful day.

You were jeered throughout more than before
When you waltzed through the Internet’s door
To smear your filth and grime
‘Fore those who wasted time.
Now you dare want to come back for more?

No! Now shut your mouth and go
‘Fore you bear the art even more woe,
For it’s trying to revive
More than ever and survive
All the damage it has taken so,

And your rebirth won’t help at all
In recovering it from its great fall.
In fact, you’ll just be more
Of a hurdle and chore
For us all with which to cope and all,

So stay dead from now bloody on,
For I’m tired of singing this song,
Believe it or not,
So may your mem’ry rot
So that wrestling may at last move on.

I shouldn’t even feed you trolls
With your foul, attention-starved souls.
Granted, that’s my own fault
Letting leak out the vault
Dwelling on ‘bout the damage you’ve done,

And I hope this will be the last
Time I ever put you hacks on blast,
For you’re not worth folks’ time,
Including mine,
So stay well on back in the past
And never, ever return.
Wrestling doesn’t deserve to burn—
Not now, not ever,
No matter the weather,
And by now, that you should have learned.

Just let the NWA
And ROH save the day—
Lucha Underground, too,
And Impact and “The E” in some ways.

Pro wrestling needs to move on,
Yet you still sing the same old song
Fans have grown sick of hearing
Like they’ve grown sick of leering
At talentless hos in thongs.

May the “action comedy” die,
For nowadays, it’s all a lie,
And may real girl power
Rise each waking hour
Right alongside that of the guys.

Death to poor business acumen
From washed-up, out-of-touch old men
And their hypocrisy
And lies buzzing like bees
From the bowels of way back when.

Finally, good riddance to smut
Making us all sick in the gut.
Good riddance, Cafarella,
Blance, and all you fellas
Who put pro wrestling in that rut.

A new day has long needed to come.
May wrestling no longer succumb
To the same tired crap
At which we used to laugh
Back when we were all young and dumb.

May better-laid plans come alive
And a new breed of “rope opera” thrive
That will put butts in seats
Once again as the sweet
Roar of the crowd rings through the skies.

May the booking make sense again
Just as it did way back when
With great athletes to act
Out without holding back
Stories as compelling as back then.

May a new era come to pass
Full of grit and passion and class
That gives the Attitude
Era grounds to be wooed
And perhaps even kicks its ass.

Time to toss all the trash out the door,
For a brighter day lies in store,
And wrestling fans’ll see
Greater possibilities
Full of action, suspense, and much more.


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Poem of the Week: A Writer’s Ramblings about Time

A Writer’s Ramblings about Time
June 11, 2018

Too precious to waste,
And yet, look at how we do:
Hobbies and other
Activities that lead us
Nowhere and give us no skills

To learn from as we
Progress throughout our short lives
To become something
We’ve long dreaded becoming,
Therefore making us question

Ourselves all the more
To where we beat ourselves up
‘Til we leave ourselves
Wallowing in pools of self-
Pity and regret. Good grief,

The things we go through
To establish our place in
This crazy, diseased,
Violent world we call home!
It’s enough to make one scream.

The reason I don’t,
Though, is simple: I know I
Can’t do such a thing,
No matter how much I may
Want to otherwise for fear

Of losing what few
Bits of respect others may
Have in me, for who
Knows how much time I have left
To fulfill the destiny

I’ve begun forging
For myself long ago, yet
Have yet to achieve
For reasons that are both my
Fault and not, much to my shame.

It’s been a hellish
Ride, to be sure, and one that
Has yet to stop, but
I’m at least hoping that it
Soon will end the way that I

Had hoped it would since
The day I began forging
This path to greatness.
Will I at last make use of
This limited time I have

Lived so far, or have
I already wasted too
Much time by now? Well…
I guess there’s but one way to
Find out: Let time be my judge.


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Twitter: @DustinMWeber18