Poem of the Week: Do You Have a Problem?

Do You Have a Problem?
December 2, 2017

Do you have a problem?
Do you not like what I say?
Say about this,
Say about that?
That is unfortunate.
That is a shame—
Shame we don’t see eye to eye,
Shame we happen to disagree.
Disagree, but let’s agree to do so.
Disagree, but with respect.
Respect you lack, though.
Respect you haven’t at all.
All you can do is ridicule.
All you can do is insult—
Insult me among your friends,
Insult me behind my back.
Back off!
Back to your hole—
Hole in the wall,
Hole in the ground!
Ground yourself in some maturity next time.
Ground yourself in some decency—
Decency towards others,
Decency to speak to my face.
Face me, then, with your concerns.
Face me in civilized debate.
Debate with me your grievances.
Debate with me your disagreement—
Disagreement with my feelings,
Disagreement with my beliefs,
Beliefs that I am allowed to have,
Beliefs that I am allowed to share—
Share within my hosts’ given guidelines,
Share within good reason and taste.
Reason rules over ridicule.
Reason rules over condescension—
Condescension only the worst must put up with,
Condescension only the worst deserve,
Deserve from anyone,
Deserve especially from those who don’t believe—
Believe in their talents,
Believe in their worth—
Worth as people,
Worth in this world,
World within which we all live,
World within which we all learn and grow.
Grow a spine!
Grow up!


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Poem of the Week: The Vermin of YouTube

The Vermin of YouTube
March 31, 2017

Childish, foul-mouthed twerps bitching and moaning
‘Bout their fave networks going to the dogs;
Nagging malcontents whining and groaning,
Saying all films “suck”…self-entitled hogs;
Pompous nerds screaming ‘bout which characters
Are “killing” their favorite franchises;
Thin-skinned brats acting oh so immature
Likening their peers to groups like ISIS;
Conspiracy nuts shrieking lies so dumb
To make themselves feel better and us ill;
Lonely, bored trolls whose small minds are so numb
They feel the need to smear us with their swill…
All a sample of the hot trash in store
That can make surfing YouTube quite a chore.


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Bonus Poem of the Week: Sick Freaks: Another Rant about Conspiracy Theorists

Sick Freaks: Another Rant about Conspiracy Theorists
March 20, 2017

Sick freaks
Sick and stupid
Stupid about reality
Stupid with delusions
Delusions over tragedy
Delusions about the truth
Truth irrefutable
Truth that they deny
Deny with contrived logic
Deny with lies
Lies they tell themselves
Lies they tell others
Others they hope to influence
Others who know better
Better to know the real story
Better be careful
Careful with what you see
Careful with what you hear
Hear from these Kool-Aid drinkers
Hear from these finger-pointers
Pointers we all must learn
Pointers we all must remember
Remember concerning these jackasses
Remember, yet forget
Forget with each spam post
Forget with each space-stealing video
Video that gets countless views
Video that proves nothing of credibility
Credibility of any hoax
Credibility of the “truth”
Truth is that they’re immature
Truth is that they’re insensitive
Insensitive towards victims’ families
Insensitive towards survivors
Survivors trying to move on
Survivors who must still endure
Endure the trauma
Endure the drama
Drama we, too, suffer through
Drama they spread ‘round the world
World already a mess
World too vast
Vast and chaotic
Vast for any secret society to handle
Handle with its loosely connected members
Handle across each and every civilization
Civilization doesn’t need these assholes
Civilization doesn’t need these psychos


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Poem of the Week: Morons on the Internet

Morons on the Internet
December 1, 2016

People can be such morons. On that one can rely.
So dumb are the things they do and say as I’ve seen with my own eyes—
Especially on the World Wide Web, where manners go right out the door
And people can be as rude and heartless as they want to be and more.

People can be such scumbags, no couth or thought put into what
Comes out of their mouths, even if said something happens to be smut,
Homophobic, racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive to anyone
Who has even only half a heart as they walk ‘neath Heaven’s sun.

People can be such losers who think they’re so macho and mighty
‘Til one confronts them on their idiocy. Then, they act all flighty
And make excuses for themselves, often trying to still come off as tough
And insisting on getting the last word in with each insult they huff and puff.

People can be such assholes, thinking being obnoxious and loud
Is the way to handle disputes, and should they “win,” they act all proud
That they’ve managed to shout their opponents down with their senseless flip,
Not giving a damn whose feelings they hurt with what sails ‘tween their lips.

People can be such pansies, all callous when they’re on top
‘Til their skin grows thin when they know they can’t win. Then they cry “STOP!”
Or otherwise walk with their tail ‘tween their legs when they know they’ve lost.
Serves ‘em right, I say, for throwing their weight around like they’re the boss.

People can be such lowlives, spouting off at what doesn’t concern
Their worthless opinions and attitudes all ‘cause they feel the need to burn
Complete strangers with their thoughtlessness solely because they can
And are bored or need to feel more than shells of the common woman or man.

But how can one cope when one crosses paths with such a sorry sack of trash
Who wouldn’t know kindness if it knocked its teeth down its throat and out its ass?
Does one blow it off completely and hope one day it self-destructs,
Or does one get in its face and call out the crap of the spineless schmuck?

Is it even possible to get through the thick skulls of these dumb trolls,
Or is the world forever doomed to suffer the ignorance spewing out their holes?
Whatever the case, their need to pick fights with those whom they don’t know
Is nothing less than shameful and disgusting and makes my blood boil so.

This hiding behind one’s computer and talking trash to strangers
Is naught but childish stupidity that reminds me of just how in danger
We all are of losing our way in this age of drama and technology,
And if we don’t shape up soon, who can tell how much worse off we’ll be?

This world’s already a powder keg full of violence and disease,
Prejudice and corruption, all of which have brought us to our knees.
We don’t need self-isolation to further cast us into the void.
Our minds and bodies are already shot. Must our souls, too, be destroyed?


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Poem of the Week: The Criticism Poem

The Criticism Poem
August 3, 2016

People ain’t always friendly. People ain’t always nice,
But that’s still no excuse to let your sensitivity become a vice,
‘Cause no matter how critical folks might be of the stuff you make,
You can’t always fire back at them, especially with words half-baked.

Let’s say some senile, whiny manchild yearly rants on and on
About how you “don’t do anything new” on a certain show you’re on
And instead “keep doing the same old crap” without proving his point
And keeps using the same old tired-ass words to stink up the joint.
Would you cave in and let his groundless hypocrisy get to you,
Or would you rise above it and let others’ love for you see you through?
Would you rather listen to constructive critiques of what you’re doing wrong
Or let some bitter dunce keep ragging on you with the same old song?

Even if the masses hate your stuff, you can’t flip your feces, friend,
And trash them or their opinion, lest you wish to see a bitter end
And be recalled as a jackass for biting the hand that could have fed you
And stepping on those who’ve supported you in what good you used to do.
People are allowed to have legitimate criticisms, after all,
And point out flaws in your work that are there so that you won’t take a fall
With your next project, so what’s the point in screaming up a storm
As though they’re clueless idiots whose bodies are still moist and warm
From recently slithering out of their mothers’ bellies? Tell me, friend,
How else you believe a person’s career can be brought to an end.

Also…all you’ve heard about trolls? Guess what: It’s all true.
The cowardly pranksters exist and are out to get folks like you
Whose paper-thin skin is too weak to endure their razor-sharp tongues
And the toxic trash they spew out from their foul mouths and filthy lungs,
And for you to take them seriously will surely cause your demise,
So mind the sincere, and when it comes to trolls, screw those guys!
Honest, sincere critique is what should matter to folks these days,
Even if it’s not what you “want” to hear in any sort of way.
Otherwise, how well will you improve at the craft that earns you cash?
That in mind, keep your ears and eyes open, and please don’t be an ass
By giving any flack back to anyone for any reason,
‘Cause trust me, bub, no matter the case, backtalk is never in season.

Now, wise up, smarten up, screw your heels in, and bite your bottom lip,
‘Cause you’re bound to be judged no matter what, be it gently or straight from the hip,
And keep the words that make the most sense separate from the verbal farts,
And I’m sure you’ll find it much easier to grow as a student of your art.
It’s like I’ve said, after all: Folks aren’t always kind, so grow a spine
And hope for the best while expecting the worst, fellow artist of mine.


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Poem of the Week: Despicable People Great and Small

Despicable People Great and Small
July 16, 2016

A is for the assholes whose manners simply don’t exist.
B is for the backstabbers and the blades they merrily twist.
C is for the cowards with all their whines and excuses.
D is for the degenerates and all their sexual abuses.
E is for every egotist who’s oblivious of all else.
F is for the freaks with their firearms, all out for themselves.
G is for the grubbers greedily grabbing all they can.
H is for the hellions hurting every child, woman, and man.
I is for the ill of mind celebrating others’ pain.
J is for the jokers who seek “justice,” as they proclaim.
K is for those kids who love to bring upon others disgrace.
L is for the lazy lumps who refuse to earn their place.
M is for the morons who’ve killed the meaning of common sense.
N is for the nags with plenty of “wisdom” to dispense.
O is for the obnoxious ones, of whom there are far too many.
P is for the perverts whose fetishes earn them a pretty penny.
Q is for the quitters who’ve given up on all things new.
R is for the reckless and all that their actions do.
S is for the simpletons too stupid to think or act.
T is for the tactless who don’t think before spouting their flack.
U is for the ugly hearts too soulless to sympathize.
V is for the vindictive whose words hit right between the eyes.
W is for the worthless who seem to exist for no reason.
X is in these scumbags’ excrement, which is always in season.
Y is for you—as in “you and me”—who’re made to put up with this crap.
Z is for the Zs I need, for this rant’s made me long for a nap.

So many disturbing people in this world…and to think I’ve just
Scratched the surface in pointing them out! Oh, how life can be such a bust!
Alas, all the rest of us can do is to keep our heads on straight
And do all we can to not transform into such imbeciles ourselves, mates.
We all have our list of scumbags whom we’ve noted and categorized—
Despicable people great and small who ought to be cut down to size.
Feel free to remind, too, this archivist of those who’ve escaped my mind,
And until we chance to meet again, keep your chins up as you face the grind.


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Poem of the Week: The Fickle Subscriber Poem

Hello, readers.

The following sonnet is dedicated to everyone out there who has ever managed a blog, Internet video channel, or similar outlet who has ever had to put up with people who allegedly have similar outlets with the same provider (WordPress, YouTube, DailyMotion, BlogSpot, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) who had subscribed to their blog, channel, or page…only to unsubscribe anywhere from a day to a month later without explanation—especially over the course of several weeks and who share so much in common with other, similar blogs/channels/webpages (i.e., month of origin, blog/channel/page content, identical “about” section messages, and so on) that one might suspect said blogs/channels/pages to belong to the same spamming robot. My advice to everyone who has had to endure this nuisance is simple: Don’t let such fickle, uncommitted people get you down. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing and focus on entertaining, educating, and otherwise providing content for the followers you have who genuinely enjoy what you have to offer. This latter group, after all, is far worthier of your attention in that each person within it is infinitely more invested in what you have to share with them and the rest of the world. As such, the more you invest in them, the better off you will be in return, even if only on a personal level.

That being said, sappy and/or cheesy as it may sound, I hereby thank everyone who has shown a genuine interest in my work over the past four-years-plus I’ve been here on WordPress. Feel free to continue supporting my work any which way you can, too, be it buying my ebooks (See the links below, as always.), liking and sharing whatever work I put up here on my blog, or even replying to my posts to tell me which works of mine you like and why or how I can improve as a writer, be it here or in whatever else I do. Until then, thank you all for your continued investment, and please enjoy the poem below!

Dustin M. Weber

The Fickle Subscriber Poem
July 12, 2016

Either subscribe or don’t. Make up our mind.
Don’t sub one day, unsub after a week.
That’s so obnoxious, it makes my teeth grind.
Does my stuff entertain you or not? Speak!
All you’ve got are random pictures, which might
Not even be yours to start with, faker—
Not that I can tell since you’ve no insights
Included to give cred to the maker
Or tell a story behind what we see,
Which we can’t even talk about below.
You don’t even have an avatar. Gee!
Could it be you’re not human, but robo?
Playing “Sub for Sub” ain’t my claim to fame.
Either be a fan or don’t. That’s my game.


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Poem of the Week: Flame Wars

Flame Wars
March 10, 2016

People can be such idiots when they refuse to chill,
So obsessed with preaching unto others the “truth,”
Which they act like they alone own, the jagged little pills,
And pointing out their flawed logic needs no sleuth.

Argue though you may, though, your words will never sink in,
For their minds have been made up and set in stone.
‘Twill be a war of words where neither side is fated to win.
The best course of action, thus? Leave crap alone.

Don’t get me wrong, ‘cause ignorance is indeed quite a pain
To deal with, no matter what form it takes,
And to stomp it out and encourage wisdom may feel like a gain,
So long as it’s not your humaneness you forsake,

For it’s way too easy to succumb to their same level, friend,
And turn into one of them when they tick you off,
For when their ignorance gets ‘neath your skin, there’s no end
To the times you both moan, groan, insult, and scoff,

And the next thing you know, you’re no better than the schmuck
You originally intended to simply shut down.
Now you’re just as much a self-righteous blowhard son-of-a-buck
Coming off like you’re the bully and the clown,

Calling the other guy names as his grammar you attack,
His IQ you assume’s barely above two.
Who’s the villain now, then, now that you’ve crossed to black
And let your vindication get the better of you?

Heaven forbid the moderators see you as the one
Upon whom discipline must be administered
While the other guy roams away free towards the setting sun,
Not in the slightest to be seen as sinister.

Would it be all worth it, then, you punished for your deeds
And you alone, though you’d brought it upon yourself
In spite of your better intentions and just how many leads
There may be to that other troublesome whelp?

Trust me, comrade: Flame wars are never worth fighting through,
For even noble ends don’t justify the means,
And no matter how the other guy carries on to tarnish you,
You’re better off walking ‘way from his childish screams.

Just be the bigger person, then, and let sleeping dogs lie.
Sometimes that’s the only way to go.
The melodrama’s never worth it, so let that crap die.
You’ll be far better off doing so.


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Poem of the Week: Everywhere a Crisis

Everywhere a Crisis
January 26, 2016

Everywhere a crisis and often over squat,
Seeing injustice in the most minor of things.
Remarks so insipid that they make sane brains rot,
Yet the ignorant follow and help fuel the sting.

From faceless folks to those in the public limelight
Making such a fuss over the innocuous,
Mounting their soapboxes, screaming about their plight
So loudly and often that it’s ridiculous.

‘Twas all outrageous once upon a time, but now
It’s only gotten worse and will keep doing so.
If there was but a way we can stop it somehow…
But none can shut up fools for long, much to our woe.

Alas, all we can do is think for ourselves, friends,
When regarding stuff of questionable repute
And rely on logic to see us to the end,
And when the ignorant speak, stand up and refute,

For only courage and wisdom can see us through
When the self-righteous speak about which they know not
In an effort to brainwash folks like me and you
And have us join them in suffering from brain rot.

Think for yourselves, gang. That’s all I can really say,
For only you can shape your own thoughts and feelings.
Stand tall against ignorance, should you see the day
When truth wins after all and sends all fools reeling.


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Bonus Poem of the Week: Lunatics Like You

Lunatics Like You
June 11, 2015

You said you’ve done your research, then you opened up your mouth,
And from your first sentence on, your argument went south,
For anyone with a working mind can already tell
That you don’t know Fresca from feces or Heaven from Earth from Hell.
You babble on about topics you’ve clearly no knowledge of
And show your utter ignorance about that which you don’t love.
You rant about lost knowledge you claim has been hidden for years
That even a fool can discover, should said fool have eyes and ears.
You twist well-known facts around to satisfy an end
And regurgitate these lies in exchange for support from your friends.
You play upon paranoia others have of the unknown,
Hoping they’ll be gullible to accept your words as their own.
You preach about a “New World Order” conquering society,
Claiming to warn all about the chaos that might be,
When in reality, you’re the one egging on the rebellion
In hopes of toppling the tyrants according to your own mind, hellion,
And shattering the masses’ hopes for peace and prosperity
That could’ve been the product of what you’d overthrow, you see.
Alas, you claim these despots are keeping knowledge from you—
Knowledge that, if you had it, what exactly would you do?
Would you do precisely what you’re accusing them of
And bend the common folk to your will while you attained all the power
You could until your life expired, spending every hour
Gathering every odd and end of information you could
To fulfill an ultimate conclusion that might not prove to be good?
Then who’d the autocrat be after all? Who’d be the maniac?
Who’d be the subjugating fiend for others to attack?
Who’d be no better than Hitler, out to serve only himself?
Come now! Stop with your lies, you hyperbolic whelp.
Why would you want all the knowledge in the world anyway
When you know you wouldn’t use it responsibly on any day?
Don’t you know knowledge is only worth what it’s used for,
Regardless of who’s using it or behind how many doors?
Besides, can your mind even process the facts you may find,
Especially considering those you misconstrued at one time?
Are you sure your mind won’t melt from all the mental pressure
You just might suffer upon accumulating such treasure?
You barely know how to use the knowledge you’ve collected now
For anyone’s benefit but your own, so don’t try to be a sow
And hog it all and misuse it, for I can pretty much guarantee
Things’ll only be worse than before for everyone—you, me,
Your very own clueless legions and everyone else we know,
So please do the world a favor and don’t bring about more woe,
For we’ve already suffered enough from lunatics like you,
And we can’t afford to suffer anymore hitting us out of the blue.
Now, clean up your act, silence yourself, and don’t say another word.
Your inane, groundless hypotheses are the worst I’ve ever heard.


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