Poem of the Week: Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
August 7, 2018

“Gimme, gimme, gimme”…that’s what we’re now about,
No matter what we want in our hands, in our mouths,
Over our heads, on our backs—it’s all the bloody same.
We’re all living nowadays for instant personal gain.
Forget the good ol’ days where folks worked hard to earn
Whatever it was they wanted, no matter how slow the burn.
We’re all demanding handouts, no matter from whence they come,
Our palms up and open for them like we’re all just lazy bums
Who’re down on our luck and in need of bucks just to get by,
Wishing for all we catch out of the corners of our eyes.
So many is the prize, though, that’s garnered instantly
That doesn’t live up to one’s hopes, for as one can see
The caveat such prizes have once they come in hand:
The fact that they’re not worth it after all in any land
On account of barely lasting or being of poor quality—
Often both, and yet, no matter what we say, hear, see,
Or do, more people these days are rushing to claim
These prizes, no matter if they promise one fortune or fame.
How can we stop this madness? How can we turn the tide?
Is there anything we can do to see that this trend subsides,
Or will it last for ages to come ‘til humankind dies?
‘Cause I certainly dread the thought of becoming such a guy.
Let me lead, then, by example and earn that which I want
So that after all is said and done, I’ll have the right to flaunt
My success for all to see, which will no doubt last a while,
And if by chance I start a trend I’ll surely learn to smile
At the thought of the old ways of success coming back
And all this “Gimme, gimme” trash can finally hit the sack.


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Poem of the Week: What Comes to Mind when I Think of American Politics

What Comes to Mind when I Think of American Politics
August 4, 2018

Liberals, Conservatives
Bickering, blaming, badgering…
Enough with the madness!
Reviling, revolting, rending
America asunder…


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Image used in this post (c) 2011 MBird.com. The remainder of the content within this post however, is the author’s own.

Poem of the Week: Rambling Poem about Originality Allegedly Being Dead

Rambling Poem about Originality Allegedly Being Dead
July 26, 2018

Is originality really dead, or did we just stop trying?
‘Cause it always seems there’s a reboot or another that leaves folks crying,
And even the new stuff that comes out we’ve somehow seen before,
And even the adaptations of other media has naught in store
When it comes to telling stories to audiences young and old,
Thus leaving us deliberately telling others what we’ve been told
When we were young, which in turn robs them of their identity
In that they’ve nothing to call their own while folks like you and me
Can reminisce o’er the “good ol’ days,” even when they weren’t that great.
Then again, at least we have something over which we can debate
While the youngsters are left to gush o’er that which they’re told is “new”
‘Til the day comes when they realize that the product doesn’t hold true
And the flaws at last become apparent in their grown-up sight,
Especially when compared to the original source day or night—
Namely the lack of spirit that the original once had
That gave it the spark it needed to thrive through times good and bad,
And if only said spirit can live on in what we create today,
We wouldn’t be sitting ‘round grumbling and mumbling all blessed day
‘Bout the past we knew and the tales we shared back before life turned bleak—
All the more reason for me to believe that maybe that which we seek
Is simple creative spirit—nothing more and nothing less
Than pure mental energy guided by the will to put out the best
Material one possibly can, whether it tells what we’ve been told
Or something new we haven’t seen yet that’s actually fresh and bold.
In short, maybe what we need to do is just start up from the ground
And write our stories organically in hopes that they look and sound
Remarkable enough to stand the test of time just like
The tales of yore we knew and loved when they first came down the pike.
After all, just how do you think such tales came to be
To entertain and educate the likes of you and me?
Maybe we should all take the hint, then, and try to start anew
In the hopes of forging that which we’ve been seeking: something new,
Even if it somehow happens to be old at the same time.
Either way, so long as the quality of the tale proves sublime
And every set piece works, that’s enough to make me smile
And satisfy my imagination at least for a little while.
Perhaps, then, something original will indeed one day come at last
And save us from this hole we’ve dug ourselves in, daughters and sons,
For only in learning from our past will our future be bright.
At any rate, ladies and gents, we can’t afford to give up this fight.


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Poem of the Week: Lottery Ghazal

Lottery Ghazal
July 2, 2018

Should you ever win lottery money one day,
Be wise with said cash, lest you one day have to pay.

Stash part of it away in a savings account.
Then, when the day arrives in which you have to pay

For common living expenses, guess what you’ll have:
A stone cold cash stash for those bills you have to pay.

Then, you keep on working, earning more ‘long the way,
For who knows if you’ll attain larger bills to pay—

Especially when you invest in something big
To help the world move forth with all it has to pay

For humanity’s many needs, frail as we are,
As well as for the ills for which we’ll have to pay

Like sexual perversion and our boundless greed
For all Earth’s treasures for which we don’t have to pay?

Alas, many cave in to these sins I speak of,
Only to suffer and, in the end, have to pay.

Strangers’ bodies’ pleasures, no matter where they’ve lied,
Bringing sickness for which customers have to pay;

Foreign chemicals taken for recreation,
Bearing dependency for which one has to pay;

Investments in worthless (sometimes bogus) ventures
That bring nothing but shame for which one has to pay—

All of which are dangers lottery winners face
When they’re not careful with the cash they have to pay

On that which they fancy, which they couldn’t before,
So please, folks, hear my cry ‘fore you, too, have to pay:

Should you win a lotto, save your hard-earned money
And invest it wisely so you don’t have to pay

The price that unexpected fortune often brings
Those who abuse it, thus making them have to pay.

Otherwise, you’ll end up just like them one sad day,
And your hard-won cash you’ll end up having to pay,

Bringing you back to square one or perhaps worse off,
And that’s the kind of price no one should have to pay.


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Poem of the Week: Another Rant on Storms

Hello, readers!

I’d like to apologize for the tardiness of this weekly post, which I’d intended to post a couple of days ago. Alas, just like last month, good ol’ Mother Nature had to flip her fecal matter again and strike up a storm, which took out our telephone lines until later this afternoon. Honestly, if there’s a place in America where the thunder and lightning doesn’t rage nearly as much, then by all means, folks, please let me know. Otherwise, allow me to end this pity party—or, at the very least, take it in a more artistic route—with some poetry…and, in the meantime, hope that this will be the end of this nonsense.

Otherwise, thanks for your patience and support—especially if you happen to be one of my three latest subscribers: Scott Kixmiller, LCSW, LCAS, CCS; Kutterfly; and existentialtableau. Enjoy your shout-out, you three, and much obliged!

As for everyone as a whole, enjoy!

Dustin M. Weber


Another Rant on Storms
July 13, 2018

Nature’s tantrums
Raging, zapping, frying…
Phone lines down again!
Sighing, groaning, growling…
Thanks, Nature!


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Poem of the Week: Boob Tube Poem 2018

Boob Tube Poem 2018
July 1, 2018

I saw a show once that was so bad that it made me want to cry.
The acting was so forced that it made a part of me inside die.
The writing, furthermore, was stilted from scene to bloody scene
From dialogue to characters’ acts, and it made me want to scream.
The camerawork was trash, too, as it missed important spots,
And the editing was over-the-top and nearly caused my brain to rot.
What could I do, then, other than tune out from this disgraceful tripe
And change the channel to something else about which I couldn’t gripe—
Something I could sink my teeth into and enjoy honestly
Without insulting my intellect or bringing me to insanity?
After all, with multiple channels to watch at the press of a button,
What excuse to I or anyone else have to be a punishment glutton?
That’s with regular TV alone, never mind cable or satellite
Or digital TV or streaming services to further make things right.
Of course, I can always turn off the ol’ boob tube if I choose
Rather than sit still and let myself cave in to the need for booze
To bleach my brain of the mental stains that the garbage on my screen
Is bound to leave, lest I do something in the first place to keep it clean
And go do something worthier of my time and hopefully hone my skills
In my quest to, in one way or another, squash society’s ills
Like write a poem or book or even a post on an SM account—
Anything to make a name for myself and make my message count
And help change the way society thinks of media these days
From TV and film to music and books, for someone must pave the way
For quality storytelling just like the world’s Jerry Springers
Have paved the way for smut and thus run media through a wringer,
And if no one else will take a stand, then by all means, I will
And do al I can to save the world from the careless, mindless swill
It’s been drowning in for decades, so look out, everyone,
As I screw in my heels and get to work sending trash on the run
And do my part to cease the cycle the business has been in.
Enough is enough of the lowbrow stuff! Time to purge all this sin!


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Poem of the Week: A Writer’s Ramblings about Time

A Writer’s Ramblings about Time
June 11, 2018

Too precious to waste,
And yet, look at how we do:
Hobbies and other
Activities that lead us
Nowhere and give us no skills

To learn from as we
Progress throughout our short lives
To become something
We’ve long dreaded becoming,
Therefore making us question

Ourselves all the more
To where we beat ourselves up
‘Til we leave ourselves
Wallowing in pools of self-
Pity and regret. Good grief,

The things we go through
To establish our place in
This crazy, diseased,
Violent world we call home!
It’s enough to make one scream.

The reason I don’t,
Though, is simple: I know I
Can’t do such a thing,
No matter how much I may
Want to otherwise for fear

Of losing what few
Bits of respect others may
Have in me, for who
Knows how much time I have left
To fulfill the destiny

I’ve begun forging
For myself long ago, yet
Have yet to achieve
For reasons that are both my
Fault and not, much to my shame.

It’s been a hellish
Ride, to be sure, and one that
Has yet to stop, but
I’m at least hoping that it
Soon will end the way that I

Had hoped it would since
The day I began forging
This path to greatness.
Will I at last make use of
This limited time I have

Lived so far, or have
I already wasted too
Much time by now? Well…
I guess there’s but one way to
Find out: Let time be my judge.


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Poem of the Week: R.I.P., Maarten Amkreutz: A Tribute to YouTube Media Reviewer Amayirot Akago

Dear readers:

A week ago, the members of the YouTube channel RiverCityGamers announced that one of their members, Maarten Amkreutz—better known to his followers as Amayirot Akago—had passed away. For further information, please observe their video here:

I’d checked the fellow’s work out years ago when he was still very much alive, and even though I’d never even known about many of the video/computer games, movies, and television shows he’d reviewed, I’d be lying through my teeth if I’d said that I didn’t enjoy his work. He was sharp, witty, animated, and knowledgeable, able to present information about each piece of media he’d introduce to his fans—most of which was obscure to the masses. I especially got a kick out of his review of Dr. Who: Destiny of the Doctors and the Dr. Who television movie, and I only know just enough about the Dr. Who franchise to identify the basic premise of the franchise. His retrospective of Alfred J. Kwak likewise introduced me to a cartoon that I no doubt would have enjoyed as a kid, had it been available where I lived at the time. I could go on, but for those of you who are still interested in finding out about this gentleman and his work yourself, take a look at his YouTube channel for yourselves, which is still available at the moment.

Sadly, because Maarten is no longer with us, I find it only fair to commemorate him with the following poem. I hope you all get something out of it upon reading it, and my condolences to the Amkreutz family and all of Maarten’s loved ones during this time.

Thank you.

Dustin M. Weber


R.I.P., Maarten Amkreutz: A Tribute to YouTube Media Reviewer Amayirot Akago
June 21, 2018
I hardly even knew you, but now that you’re away,
This world has grown less vibrant as I know well that each day,
Your desire to share your knowledge and enthusiasm
For that which many find obscure has faded to ectoplasm,
For many For many were the stories you were gracious enough to share
Via the ‘Net of that which I at least would not have cared
About otherwise, had I not chanced to watch your show one day
And listened as you informed me in your lively, cheerful way
About that which you’d played and watched during your younger days
And why you still enjoyed it. Heck, I even chose to stay
And hear you methodically dismantle that which you despised
For this and that reason that you let play before my ears and eyes.
Thorough you were and to the point ‘bout each item, trash or treasure,
Keeping feelings and facts separate yet present in equal measure.
You were never boring, either, working hard to entertain
With quips and sketches here and there, seeking only to gain
The respect and appreciation of your peers and hard-earned fans
Not only with your reviews, but also at whatever you tried your hand
At, be it singing computer game tracks or art inspired by cartoons.
Whatever you did, you had the knack to make your followers swoon.
More importantly, though, you were a good friend to any you knew,
Always giving feedback and encouragement to creators just like you,
Urging them to keep on working on and improving at what they do
So that they could succeed as you had over the years ‘til you’d left
With your legacy tragically cut short and your loved ones left bereft.
If only I’d paid closer attention or had the faintest clue,
I might have done whatever I could have to have reached out to you
And saved you from the fate that claimed you so suddenly one day,
And this poem I wouldn’t have had to write, knowing we’d see more days
Of you entertaining and informing us of more gems hidden.
Alas, such is not the case, though your memory lives on,
Forever touching many lives through video, art, and song
And now in poetry as I take this time here to salute you
For the joy you brought people like me in all you used to do.
Rest in peace, then, Maarten Amkreutz, and may we never forget
The joy you brought into the world, which I at least don’t regret
Discovering once upon a time that nowhere else I could find.
May the legacy you’ve made for yourself never be left behind.


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Poem of the Week: A Writer’s Father’s Day Thanks

A Writer’s Father’s Day Thanks
June 16, 2018

For keeping me in line when I stepped out
And putting me back on the proper road;
For being a rock during times of doubt
When I could feel my sense of faith implode;
For showing me how to respect others
As I would’ve liked them to respect me,
Just as you’d taught my sister and brother,
Teaching me what humans are meant to be;
Fr establishing in me discipline,
Which still guides me in ev’rything I do,
I have you to thank for the shape I’m in,
Which could be much worse on this globe so blue.
Thanks to you, I know how to be a man,
Dad, and I’ll keep doing the best I can.


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Image used in this post (c) 2018 Fathers-Day2018.com. The remainder of the content within this post however, is my own.

Poem of the Week: Disney’s Star Wars in the Eyes of a Star Wars Fan

Hello, readers.

My apologies for the tardy post. I hate making excuses for myself, but no thanks to a freak storm that my house had been in the middle of this past Saturday that managed to fry both my modem and my router, I’ve been unable to check my emails and Twitter as well as post anything on this blog from then until now. Hopefully, then, the following belated Poem of the Week will still chance to entertain you until this coming Saturday, when I will indeed continue posting new material as usual. Thanks for your patience, and happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber


Disney’s Star Wars in the Eyes of a Star Wars Fan (as inspired by Disney’s Star Wars – A Rant by OCPCommunications)
June 8, 2018

No plan
Bumbling, undermining, unraveling
Blaming everyone but themselves
Alienating, disenchanting, destroying
Star Wars


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