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I'm a former English teacher and long-time aspiring author from northeastern Illinois who FINALLY jumped ship with the whole e-book publishing scene in March 2012. Fiction is my specialty (although I admittedly tend to flex my poetic muscles a lot on this website), and my interests are diverse. I aim not only to entertain my readers, but also to inspire them through my writing. Feel free to check my work on Smashwords.com, Amazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk to check my current work out for yourselves!

Poem of the Week: Poem for an Old Flame

Poem for an Old Flame
July 10, 2019

The same old crap from you day after day, week after week,
Month after month, year after freaking year…
You keep acting like you’ll change, but no matter the words you speak,
I know you’re only saying what I want to hear.

Actions speak louder than words do, though, and from what I can see,
You refuse to change, no matter what you say.
You may sing a different song to appease a guy like me,
But I’ve finally wised up to the games you play.

The same routine you used to do when I last walked away,
The same damn routine you did when we first met…
How stupid I was to have not seen through you that shameful, fateful day,
Which is probably why you’re still doing your thing yet.

Do you really think I’m dumb enough, though, to fall for you a second time,
Knowing what you’re about and all you’ve done to me,
Slapping my face and breaking my heart? Well, guess what, sweet child of mine:
That’s no longer how things are going to be.

I’ve finally grown a spine, and with it, I’m standing up to you
To tell you to go seduce some other schmuck,
As you and I were clearly never meant to be, and as such, we’re through.
No more in my blood like a vamp will I let you suck.

No longer do you or will you with your charisma beguile me.
No more will you tie me down to be by your side,
For I’ve brains enough to know that you’re not the only fish in the sea
And that I’ll find someone else, no matter where she hides.

No longer do that which I used to love about you intrigue me,
For my tastes have changed since you and I were one.
No longer your bidding will I do or my devotion you will see
As my days being your slave are officially done.

Good riddance, then, old flame of mine. It’s time I snuffed out our love,
Which was naught but an inferno that’s torched my soul.
I’m now off to find someone else to care for ‘neath the sun above
‘Fore my memories of you further take their toll.

I’m sure you’ll find another toy to play your games with you, dear girl,
And I pity him already for what he’ll face,
But I hope for him all the same that he, too, will flee your world
To leave you all alone at last in your special place.


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Poem of the Week: A Villanelle about Fitness and Fat Shaming

A Villanelle about Fitness and Fat Shaming
July 6, 2019

Being “fat” doesn’t make you bad or wrong.
Fat shaming’s much uglier any day.
It’s being healthy that should be our song.

Some folks are just born big. Such is their song.
Many try to be healthy in some way.
Being “fat” doesn’t make you bad or wrong.

Alas, some weight loss plans often go wrong,
No matter the effort one risks to pay.
It’s being healthy that should be our song.

Birthright, body type…whatever the song…
Sometimes folks just get bigger ‘long the way.
Being “fat” doesn’t make you fat or wrong.

Eating disorders, though, are just plain wrong
And not worth the high price one comes to pay.
It’s being healthy that that should be our song.

We thus all should make efforts to stay strong
And fit for whatever life throws our way.
Being “fat” doesn’t make you bad or wrong.
It’s being healthy that should be our song.


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Bonus Poem of the Week: “Triggered”

July 4, 2019

Psychological terminology
Misusing, abusing, trivializing
Meant for shellshock patients
Remembering, recalling, reenduring
Doesn’t mean


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Poem of the Week: Literally

June 24, 2019

“Literally” this, “literally” that…
It makes my brain want to figuratively go splat,
For if it did so literally, I’d actually be dead
And thus not write this at all on account of an empty head—
A literally empty head, too, in case I wasn’t clear before,
But I’ll shut up now since even I can take no more.

Ever since 1839 when Charles Dickens wrote
In Nicholas Nickleby at least one example of this joke,
Folks have been saying “literally” out of context,
And now each time I hear its misuse, I’m left vexed,
For “literally” once pertained to letter, word for word,
And meant in a literal manner, in case you haven’t heard,
Or, most notably, in a strict, literal sense of state—
Non-figuratively, as to metaphors, it didn’t relate.
Sadly, for many years now, folks have been using this word
To emphasize things’ gravity with results quite absurd
Where “practically,” “more or less,” or similar terms would suffice
And sound far better in the process—not only grammatically nice,
Either, but also more pleasant to the human ear as a whole.
Alas, because modern society is riddled with dense assholes
Who wouldn’t know feces from real chocolate from sight or smell
Or even touch or taste, “literally’s” been misused to Hell.
Could it be because of drama lust that we all seem to have today?
Tuning in to modern media, I can buy into that in some way,
But it doesn’t excuse “literally’s” abuse at all in any way,
Which I’m here to illustrate for you all, if I may.

“The Revival’s literally your best tag team, WWE.”
Wouldn’t it make more sense here to instead say “absolutely?”

“Popeye’s honey crunch tenders are literally the sole reason I’m here.”
How ‘bout saying “pretty much the sole reason I’m here” instead, my dear?

All That was literally the kids’ version of SNL.”
Please change “literally “ to “essentially” before my brain in pain swells.

“Willard Scott was literally a second father to me.”
Oh? Do you have the papers to show us your ties to him legally?

“I’m literally shocked by the attack ad my opponent has launched.”
And the voltage hasn’t killed you? Wow! Your body must be staunch.

“I literally died inside watching that.” Well, welcome back from the dead!
So how was the afterlife, buddy? Are you feeling okay in the head?

“I literally wet myself laughing.” Well, at least your pants are dry now
And you didn’t die of uremia. That surely would’ve stunk…and how!

“John Cena’s literally on fire, CM Punk, you literal turd!”
Well, I hope Cena knows how to stop, drop, and roll, as is the word.
As for Punk, I’m sure his body’s made of flesh, muscle, blood, and bone
And not of actual fecal matter. Now, why not leave the guy alone?

All That 2019’s literally the worst thing ever.”
Funny…I’ve seen Nickelodeon air much worse endeavors
Like the mindless AwesomenessTV or Nick Studio 10.
Also, what of the atrocities of way back when
From the multitude of mass shootings to the bloody Holocaust
And other events where countless lives were actually lost?

Honestly, the word “literally” deserves far more respect
Than to be misused as it has been and reserved for senseless dreck.
It’s not just a “millennial” thing or a thing ‘mongst common slobs,
As even Xers, Boomers, and pros are prone to this behavior, Bob.
That’s why I say no matter your walk of life, you must be aware
To be careful to use “literally” right and not add further wear or tear
To a word that has greater importance than most folks today realize,
Especially with other grammatical errors dancing ‘fore all our eyes
Like comparatives and superlatives using “more” or “most” without need
Or using like-sounding words or double negatives ‘til the brain bleeds.
Take the hint, then, humanity: Enough with the “literally” boom,
For if I hear its misuse again it’ll literally be to soon.

Wait a minute…hold on…[SLAP!]

Dang it!


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Bonus Poem of the Week: Must Meet the Deadline

Must Meet the Deadline
June 27, 2019

Planning, arranging, executing…
Must meet the deadline!
Cramming, laboring, stressing…
Finally done!


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Poem of the Week: Sestina Rambling about Writing

Sestina Rambling about Writing
June 16, 2019

Ever feel as though a roadblock’s drawn near
When writing that into which you’ve poured so
Much heart and soul? Such a pain, am I right?
Thing is, too, that your work could very well
Be perfect, but yet, something nags on you
To fix it…but how and why? Should you dare?

You reread your finished work on a dare,
Hoping for a clue that may draw you near
To uncovering that one flaw that you
Must correct, thus saving your work just so.
At last, you find the snag and find it well,
And from there, you set out to make things right.

You find yourself fixing flaws left and right
In both grammar and logic where they dare,
And so far, your new draft’s coming out well,
But once you reach the end, something draws near:
The present passage’s end worked just so
And begging to be completed by you.

You take a deep breath, knowing just what you
Must do to make sure it all turns out right,
So you think and think. In fact, you think so
Hard your brain stops—all ‘cause you’d willed to dare
Progress further with your work, drawing near
To another end you hope turns out well.

You keep on writing, hoping things go well.
Pumping out passages day and night, you
Don’t stop for days, knowing the end is near,
Taking short breaks only to set things right
‘Fore moving on to that spot you still dare
To reach—the end—to compose it just so.

You’re almost done. One more chapter or so,
And you can at last rest, knowing full well
That your grit’s paid off since you took that dare.
Still, you can’t afford to mess up, lest you
Want to start all over again, and right
When sweet relief’s finally coming near.

With words written so, then, finally you
Can exhale, sleep well, and know that all’s right
‘Til next time you dare writing something, you!


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Bonus Poem of the Week: A Union Severed

A Union Severed
June 16, 2019

A union severed ‘gainst itself can’t stand.
This bick’ring of ours has gone on too long.
Either we move on or die by our hand.

For many years across this damaged land,
Left and Right have fought with voices so strong.
A union severed ‘gainst itself can’t stand.

Nowadays, though, it’s gotten out of hand,
Blaming each other for deeds and words wrong.
Either we move on or die by our hand.

On either side of lines drawn in the sand,
We stand spewing insults each way in song.
A union severed ‘gainst itself can’t stand.

All over views we still don’t understand,
Nor do we try to through deed, script, or song.
Either we move on or die by our hand.

Friends, a new decade’s drawing close at hand.
Let’s all sit down and discuss all that’s wrong.
A union served ‘gainst itself can’t stand.
Either we move on or die by our hand.


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