Bonus Poem of the Week: True Self

True Self
March 30, 2020

I know who I am.
I know where I’ve been—
Been through Hell,
Been through my share,
Share of trouble,
Share of pain—
Pain and agony,
Pain and suffering,
Suffering from loneliness,
Suffering from depression,
Depression from ostracization,
Depression because I wanted to belong—
Belong with someone,
Belong to something—
Something I could believe in,
Something that would define me.
Me—no longer an individual.
Me—no longer myself.
Myself buried,
Myself lost—
Lost in a daze,
Lost in a haze,
Haze of deceit,
Haze of superficiality.
Superficiality deafens.
Superficiality blinds—
Blinds us all from reality,
Blinds us all from the truth—
Truth of individuality,
Truth of self-identification,
Identification through thought and feeling,
Identification through word and deed—
Deed wicked,
Deed noble.
Noble mind,
Noble heart—
Heart for which we all should strive,
Heart of a champion—
Champion for courage and wisdom,
Champion for determination and perseverance,
Perseverance through life,
Perseverance ‘til death.
Death to superficiality!
Death to ignorance—
Ignorance of forced conformity,
Ignorance towards realization—
Realization true,
Realization of one’s self!


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Poem of the Week: Mistakes: An Apology to All Whom I’ve Wronged in the Past

Dear readers:

At the risk of sounding sappy or self-pitying and without going into any greater detail than necessary, I would like to dedicate the following poem to anyone who ever knew me in real life whom I may have wronged one way or another. Let it be known that I have since wised up since those days and have taken greater strides in becoming a much better person than I was back then and that I will continue making such strides from here on out, no matter what my final destination might be in my life. Granted, I wish I was much wiser back then and never made such errors in judgment in the first place, but while I cannot undo what I’ve already done, the least I can do is hold myself to a greater standard and not repeat those same mistakes and risk hurting more people than I already have. I’m therefore sorry, and even if you don’t forgive me, I hope you enjoy the following poem all the same.

Dustin M. Weber


Mistakes: An Apology to All Whom I’ve Wronged in the Past
March 26, 2020

Life is full of mistakes,
And many are those that we make.
Lord knows I’ve made mine,
And quite frankly, my hind’s
Been long hurting in their wake,

And while none of them involved drinking,
They all still involved little thinking,
If any at all,
And still up a wall
The mem’ries of which drive me, winking

At me in my mind with cruel eyes
Mockingly, promising not to die,
Reminding me each day
In their sinister way
Of the clueless oaf that was I,

And it’s with that remorse and regret
I have for what I’ve done, and yet,
Such sorrow alone
Won’t save my bones
From rotting in Hell, so I fret.

Why did I commit those crimes?
What was wrong with that young head of mine?
My folks taught me better,
Come fair or foul weather,
And yet, I couldn’t walk a straight line?

Sure, it’s from mistakes we learn,
But why in the first place must you burn?
Sometimes it’s better to
Know better ‘fore you
Make your or others’ lives take ill turns.

Such is what I’ve come to discover
Long ago the hard way, brother,
And if I at all could,
Heaven knows I would
Reset my life and start another.

Alas, life’s no video game,
So such good fortune I’ll never gain.
Thus, I do what I can
To be a better man
Than before, hoping all the same

For any chance to come along
In which I can come back and be strong
And bear myself anew
After all I’ve been through
By my own hand and say so long

To the idiot I once was
And at long last kill the buzz
In my head left and right
Each day and night
Of the times I was an utter scuzz.

Even if those I’ve hurt in the past
Will never forgive my dumb ass,
I won’t blame them at all,
For I’ve taken my fall
And yearn to rise at long last.

Let the demon I once was expire
And my new self be born from the fire,
For as boys become men,
So shall I be one, friend,
And may my nightmares at last retire.

We’re all told that we’re not our mistakes,
‘Specially if bad habits we break.
Well, if that logic’s true,
Then let it see me through
And let me show I’ve got what it takes

To be the man I’m supposed to be:
A man of great integrity
Upon whom folks can trust,
Come Heaven or bust
Be a credit where I chance to be—

A hard worker, honest and fair
With insight and wisdom to spare,
Strong in spine, heart, and mind
And in all three combined
When they form my soul, hopefully fair.

May my past be a past forgotten,
For though ‘tis true I’ve been rotten,
I can ripen again,
As have so many men
Following the deeds they’ve begotten.

May all whom I’ve hurt know well
That I’m sorry for the fates that fell
Upon them by my will
And that no further swill
Shall I bother heaping ‘pon them from Hell.

That past self of mine is long gone,
And these days, I sing a new song,
And from here on out,
From the roof shall I shout
It out and hope it won’t be long

‘Fore I at last redeem myself
And put my past back on its shelf,
No more to be
A pain to you or me
Or, frankly, to anyone else.


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Bonus Poem of the Week: Memories

March 26, 2020

Childhood imperfections
Lingering, haunting, harassing…
Why can’t I forget?
Bothering, blistering, berating…


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Poem of the Week: Hatred Creates Nothing

Hatred Creates Nothing
March 17, 2020

See my contorted, hostile face, all crimson and burning hot?
See my bulging eyes, how they pop out all veiny and bloodshot?
See my gaping nostrils, how they flare all nice and wide
With sooty smoke and hellfire gushing out from deep inside?
See the sweat beading upon my brow and how it glistens?
All of this is because, dear sir, you refuse to listen
To what I’ve been trying to tell you year after year after year.
Why aren’t I getting through to you? Have you brains between your ears?
Are you paying attention at all to what I have to say,
Or are you blatantly ignoring me every step of the way?
Do my words not matter to you? Do you think they’re just hot air?
There’s got to be some reason for why you simply don’t care
‘Bout these arguments I’ve been giving you ‘bout what you’ve been doing wrong,
And yet you keep on performing the same ol’ dance and song,
Spewing venom at and about all with which you disagree,
Showering pejoratives and ad hominem attacks against folks like me,
Not once taking what we say with any consideration, brother,
Always keeping up a front as though your spine was made of steel.
Then again, if it was, the hate you vomit now wouldn’t be any deal.
Instead, you’d be quite steadfast when it comes to your point of view,
Knocking down our points with your own, rich in logic through and through,
Rather than shrieking out death threats or resorting to cowardly lying,
Pretending to be smarter, bigger, and better than what you truly are,
For you’re naught but an omega punk failing hard to hide the scars
Of your own insecurities and inferiorities from the world—
All the people who’ve ever wronged you, each man, woman, boy, girl,
Whether for just or unjust reasons, yet somehow, we’re to blame.
Complete strangers to us, you and them, and yet, we’re to feel your pain?
What sense does that make at all? Why should we have to pay
For all the crap you’ve endured in the past? Why don’t you find another way
To remasculate yourself ‘fore you finally bring about your own fall?
How long will it take you to do just that ‘fore you at last hit a wall?
I hope it’s soon, ‘cause honestly, you’re getting deep under my skin,
And until you start acting like the adult you’re supposed to be, you’ll never win,
So knock off the screaming, the cursing, the blaming, the bigotry, and all else
‘Fore you’re left all alone to do nothing but feel sorry for yourself,
As even the sickos of the world can only support each other
‘Fore their rage finally saps their vigor to nothing and they tap, brother.
After all, hatred creates nothing—only destroys, as we all know,
And one day, you’ll realize the hard way, and I hope it hurts so.


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Poem of the Week: Common Enemy

Common Enemy
March 11, 2020

As 227’s theme once said, “Times are changing every day”
And that “We won’t get by with those same old ways.”
New day, new drama, after all, with all the changes we face
In society that regularly put us all in our place.
On the same note, though, tradition often speaks volumes, too,
Reminding us of our core values for when, out of the blue,
The world we once knew transforms into one alien to us,
And deep down inside, we all know that it’s unity or bust
When a threat greater than “those unlike me” comes along to pass,
Threatening with its presence alone to kick our collective ass.
We must overcome the differences, then, that between us exist
And find as much common ground instead to understand the gist
Of those who differ from us so that we can unite and stand
Together in the face of that which threatens our segregated land
And send it back to whence it came in Hell so that we all
Can at long last strengthen our country and each other before we fall.
To Hell with all these lines we’ve drawn in the sand between each other,
For they do nothing but hide the similarities we share, dear brothers
And sisters, by highlighting ultimately superficial traits
That for one reason or another provoke within us suspicion and hate.
Gender, race, generation, romantic lean—what weight do they bear
When a super-virus from afar brings about a national scare
And has killed several folks already—and indiscriminately, too?
Clearly, we’ve other things to worry about presently, so what say you,
I, and everyone else for once our differences set aside
So that we can work as a unit and save one another’s hide
From this common enemy that’s threatening to kill us all, one by one?
After all, it’s only through compassion that this war can be won—
That and common sense, that is, as oxymoronic a term
It’s been for years, if not decades (the thought of which makes me squirm),
And if we don’t start showing both soon, who knows what will take place.
Let’s screw in our heels, then, and take care of things if we’re to save face.


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Poem of the Week: Sometimes You’ve Got to Let Go

Sometimes You’ve Got to Let Go
March 5, 2020

Sometimes you’ve got to let go,
No matter how it might hurt so.
It’s just one of those things
We expect time to bring,
Even of it brings us woe.

Good things too often come to an end.
It’s just a way of life, my friend,
But when they do,
Here’s a tip for you:
Take a nice, long look ‘round the bend

At the other interests in store
For you and others to explore—
Reading, writing, hikes,
Riding ‘round on a bike,
Weightlifting, and so much more—

To help you foregt about that show
On the ‘Net that’s brought you such woe
Or those video games
That’ve brought you much pain
Or those ignorant, indolent schmoes

On Twitter and Facebook who
Constantly give you the blues
With their asinine posts
And pics through which they boast
‘Bout themselves the whole way through.

Try playing a tabletop RPG
With your friends for an hour or three,
Not caring ‘bout the rubes
Still polluting the tube,
But at last knowing how life can be.

Give a new music genre a shot
To hear why other folks think it’s hot
When what you now know
On the radio
Is leaving you flat-out shot.

Go outside and get some fresh air
And some exercise while you’re out there.
Walk off your misery
Before it gets to thee
And consumes you toenails to hair.

There’s more to life than what you know.
That crap you hate, then? Let it go
And look ‘round you to see
Just what else there could be
To rescue you from your woe.

Life’s short as it is, after all,
So why let yourself take a fall?
If something new’s at hand,
Grab it, woman or man,
And make the most of it all.


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Poem of the Week: A Random Diamante I Wrote While Working on an Old Project

A Random Diamante I Wrote While Working on an Old Project
March 1, 2020

Winning end.
Refurbishing, refining, refreshing.
Getting sleepy, though…drat!
Blinking, yawning, nodding…
Forget this!


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