Bonus Poem of the Week: Memo for the Archetypal Social Justice Warrior

Memo for the Archetypal Social Justice Warrior
April 26, 2016

Pulling out the big guns, waging a war,
Your mind dead set on evening the score,
Putting the self-entitled in their place
For holding others back with their penchant to disgrace
Any and all who aren’t the least bit like them
In gender, color, thought process—hair length, even.
Leveling the field for every breed of folk
‘Til you let yourself fall prey to Fate’s sick joke
And start seeing bigotry in even tiny things—
Things so insignificant they don’t even sting,
Not that there was any initial intent at all,
But it still riles you up, wishing someone would fall,
And so compelled are you to shut down
Every racist bastard and sexist clown,
Every homophobic pain in the ass,
And religious fundamentalist piece of trash
That you’ll vilify everyone you can
In the name of each innocent woman and man,
Or so you’ll claim, but in reality,
You’ve made an ass of yourself, you see,
In calling out something that didn’t need it
When there’s real crap out there that needs to beat it—
Crap so serious you can only begin
To imagine the hardship that the victims are in:
Ceaseless bullying, physical abuse,
Being made to live in one’s own refuse,
Prejudice galore from those who don’t care
To get to know them ‘fore sounding off a scare,
Being ostracized from the world at large—
All this and more, and yet, you only barge
Onto the bandwagon when it comes to stuff
That ultimately doesn’t add up to snuff—
That makes no real difference in the grand scheme
Of things as we know it in the power scene.
It’s like you’ve got an itchy trigger finger, yet your spine
And brain have both deteriorated with each time
You’ve led the fight in the name of your initial cause,
And I’m begging you right now to simply pause
And reflect on the situation you’ve helped to make
Alongside others like you for “freedom’s” sake—
The very same freedom you want taken away
From alarmed innocents who shouldn’t have to pay
For unwittingly stepping on the toes of folks
Like you whose oversensitivity’s made a joke
Of the meaning of equality by turning around
And slapping it on those who make the slightest sound
That vaguely resembles, intentionally or not,
Like the very same braindead, bigoted sots
You should’ve been fighting this entire time.
Sounds like you’ve got shellshock, friend of mine,
And could use some solid counseling and time away
From the Internet and all media…okay?
It’s all for the good of your weary, angry mind
To pull yourself away from the justice-seeking grind.
Leave it to other people to save the day—
Those of strong mind yet who haven’t fallen prey
To the stupidity of the whole situation—
And do what they can to purge every nation,
Free and slave alike, from ignorance and shame
While you recollect yourself and try once again to be sane.
Sorry to say, but some folks just haven’t got
The nerves for such a fight as this, for some can rot
All too easily from the inability
To tell fair from foul, as you’ve come to see.
Let the contention go, then. It’s no longer for you.
Let us with our brains intact do what we must do,
For only sensibility can shed any light
Upon the darkness of bigotry in this fight,
And your dead sense of rationale has made you weak.
Go take your leave, then, please, while justice we seek.


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Poem of the Week: Generation Gap

Generation Gap
April 20, 2016

Each generation has its losers.
Each generation has its winners.
Each generation has its saints,
And Heaven knows each has its sinners,

Yet some people so quickly damn
An entire generation based on the acts
Of a select portion, be they few
Or nearly countless, and that’s a fact.

What’s not fact, though, is the idea
Of how everyone in a certain group thinks,
Acts, or believes like all the others.
Quite frankly, such biased illogic stinks,

For it blankets everyone with the same label,
Whether one lives up to it or not,
And no matter how one proves otherwise,
Under said label one’s destined to rot,

All no thanks to the intolerant minds
Of those who only see a common thread
Of behavior amongst a given handful,
And surely ‘nough in the collective heads

Of the others is born a sweeping judgment
That all of a generation acts just so
Because of this and that, so they claim,
Thus forcing upon that age group the woe

Of those who don’t “get” them or their lot in life,
Who only see something deviant and bizarre—
A view point once held by the generation
Before them considering who they are

And were during their youth when they were
The “freaks” and “geeks” of a changing world.
Oh, how the older generation sure was
In labeling every hapless boy and girl

This thing and that all because the younger
Ones didn’t think or act the same way
They did for this, that, or some other reason,
And oh, how they made the younger ones pay

With their own criticisms, unfair though they were
In trying to assess the sign of the times.
Now things have changed and the young are the old—
Not just in body, but also in mind,

Arbitrating the young like the old before,
Slapping names and epithets all around,
Blind to their behavior’s irony,
Their minds blocking out the obvious sound

Of their own ignorance and hypocrisy,
For really, rather than do the same,
Why not stop themselves and think before judging
And see just what little they have to gain

From the childish game others once played with them
For right or for wrong, and why not instead
Try to understand the young and what they face
Today? Why feed them any more dread

In a world already steaming with crap,
Uncertainty lurking around every bend?
Why not work with rather than against them
In hopes of bringing to an end

The turmoil that’s plagued everyone for so long?
To Hell with your differences with their kind!
Find out the threats that both you and they
Face so you two groups can grind

Your collective noses in finding a solution
To the issues both of your parties face.
Learn to work together for a common good
Rather than go out of your way to disgrace

The younger generation for not being you
The same way the generation ‘fore yours did
To you way back when. Try taking the higher
Road and stop acting like you’re still a kid.

We all have greater problems, after all,
Than why Person X isn’t like you or me
So let’s all set our differences aside
And make this world the best it can be.

For there’s no guarantee what the next life
Will bring or even if it exists,
But one thing’s for sure: This life will suck harder
If we allow crap to further persist.

Let’s seal this gap, then, for the greater good
And knock off the pettiness we’ve all gone through.
Tomorrow can be great if we just try
To make it so. How ‘bout it, all of you?


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Poem of the Week: Bitten by the Nostalgia Bug

Bitten by the Nostalgia Bug
April 18, 2016

Everything was so much better back when
I was a kid. Nowadays, though, things suck.
Everything was so much happier then.
Looking ‘round me, though, I see I’ve no luck
In finding anything that’s made to last
For years to come like what I used to know.
People tell me I’m just stuck in the past,
But oh, how I long for my childhood so!
So many tales back then simply made sense
With countless characters I still cherish.
Many a moral, too, did they dispense.
Oh, why on Earth did they have to perish?
Am I so wrong to miss the good old days?
How can I cope? There’s got to be a way.


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Poem of the Week: Memo from the Media

Memo from the Media
April 11, 2016

Say our industry works in ways that are funny,
But to Hell with quality. It’s all about the money,
‘Cause even if something’s trash, so long as it draws eyes,
We’ll keep on making more ‘til it finally dies,
Be that next month or a decade from now.
‘Til then, we’ll keep on raking in the cash—and how!
After all, most people find pleasure in what we make,
Even if it’s little more than crap for crap’s sake.
As for everything else…who cares
If it has any charm, uniqueness, or flair?
If people don’t watch, listen, or read,
Then why feed it more money ‘til we bleed?
“Poorly advertised,” you say? Oh, well.
There’s probably a reason your favorite thing’s in Hell,
Like the fact that it was meant for naught but losers—
Lifeless, deadbeat, potty-mouthed boozers
Who thrive off YouTube, ranting on and on
About how everything “sucks” and point out what’s “wrong”
About the media ‘til you’re red, white, and blue
In the face, all because it means so much to you
To act like your voice matters when the case
Is anything but in reality, you disgrace.
You’re nothing more than part of a vocal minority,
And we’ll never change, no matter what you see
As “offensive” or “pointless” or “stupid” or the like,
So shut your hole, troglodytic nerd, and take a hike,
And good riddance to you ‘til the next life,
‘Cause we’re sick of all the misery, pain, and strife
You’ve been taking out on us when all we’ve been doing
Is what businesses do, not “screwing”
Anyone out of anything—not even cash,
Which, yes, we’ve been making day by day by the stash—
But rather providing a product you’ve no obligation
To support in any way, regardless of financial station.
Don’t like us? Don’t support us. Simple as that.
Now, take your petty, childish, hateful whining and scat
And let us do wat we’re still going to do,
No matter what you say ‘cause we’re not marketing to you.
It makes no difference how often or loudly you bitch
About what we put out. We’ll still be rich,
And you’ll be left sitting all alone at your desk
Shaking your head sadly, feeling so perplexed
At how you could be the only one to see
Our product the way you do. Hey…beats me.


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Bonus Poem of the Week: Will Things End?

Will Things End?
April 5, 2016

Folks keep telling me that change is around the bend,
That the crap we’ve endured for so long soon will end.

I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, though, friend,
Before I can proudly proclaim that things will end.

After all, we’ve all endured so much for so long
That we’ve grown used to what we’ve all long hoped will end

And have grown numb to all the stupidity we’ve
Seen and heard along the way wishing it will end,

Yet convinced it never will in our jaded state
Of mind, hence my own disbelief that it will end.

Show me evidence, then, that things are moving forth
And that the nonsense we’ve put up with soon will end,

For I see and hear nothing going forth from here—
Only more groundless promises that things will end

And all-too-strong proof making a case otherwise
Making me question if it all indeed will end.

Pointing out all our wishful thinking all too much
And bringing doubt to the notion that trash will end?

Don’t get me wrong, though. I’m sick of how negative
I’ve become and would love to see how things will end

Down the line, but unless we take drastic measures
‘Gainst all the world’s wrongs and ensure that they will end,

This new “golden age” I’ve heard promises of for
So long will remain but a dream ‘til trash will end.

The question remains, too, as to what we’ll all do
To ensure that all we’ve dealt with for years will end.

I know what I’ll do, but I also know that I
Can’t do it alone in making sure crap will end.

We all need to make an effort to make the world
A better place and ensure that nonsense will end.

‘Twill be a long and dangerous road ahead, though,
In our joint quest to make for sure that trash will end,

But I’ve no doubt we can do it if we just try,
So who’s with me in making sure that things will end?


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Poem of the Week: Another Random Poem about Letting Go

Another Random Poem about Letting Go
April 4, 2016

Letting go ain’t always easy
When it comes to that which you love,
But it’s a painful thing
When the same thing
Doesn’t love you back, love.

It may have fit you like a hand in a glove
And made you want to sing
Once upon a time,
But as sublime
As it was, it soon starts to sting,

For things don’t always stay the same thing
And are apt to change over time,
Be it blessing or curse,
For better or for worse,
And it often feels like a crime.

I know, for many interests of mine
Have turned out for the worst—
Over here a change,
There a rearrange
‘Til my lips I’m forced to purse,

And I’m left to deal somehow with this curse.
How do I cope with this change?
Do I stick around
And let things get me down
And cope with what’s been rearranged,

Or do I move on to a whole new range
And see what else might be around
In which to invest time
And, in turn, make mine
To bring my anxiety down?

There must be something I can do to put down
This raging bitterness of mine
That’s carving a hole
Into my soul
And driving me out of my mind.

There must be some way to leave behind
This drama that’s taken its toll
On this life I know,
For jaded I now grow
As I carry on growing old.

Alas, in terms of purging my soul,
I’ve found nowhere to go,
And I aimlessly wander
Here and yonder
Looking for what, I don’t know.

If I find it, however, I’ll know,
And no more will I need to ponder.
I’ll stop feeling queasy,
And things’ll be easy
For me at last somewhere yonder.


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Poem of the Week: Bigots, Fools, and Maniacs

Bigots, Fools, and Maniacs
March 30, 2016

In a world so wracked with turmoil, a world so wrapped in fear,
Where all dread what’s ‘round the bend, not knowing what they’ll see or hear,
You’d think we’d band together and work to make things right,
But each time we cross, paths with each other, all we do is fight.

On the one hand are the racists who see little more than color
And refuse to look beyond the skin to see the sisters and brothers
Who exist within the hearts of the folks they see as a threat,
And the tension their actions cause daily just make things worse yet.

On the other hand are the misogynists and misandrists alike
Whose biases against each other persist each day and night,
Each bashing the other for oppression for right or for wrong,
Hence why the gap between the genders keeps growing wide and long.

Then there are the religious fundamentalists
Who have no patience at all for those who don’t follow the gist
Of their chosen life discipline, seeing such people as scum
Who need to be wiped off Planet earth like filth from a dirty bum.

Don’t get me started, either, on the trans- and homophobes
Or other ignorant jackasses wandering the globe
Whose words and deeds alike continue to make life a pain.
Don’t ask me why, either, for I can but guess what they hope to gain.

So many disgruntled people with an agenda to shove
Down the throats of everyone else and with nothing else to love!
Such unbridled hostility between so many factions,
And yet, so many folks out there unwilling to take any action!

There’s no need for things to be this way, I hope you all know.
We can change things for the better if we all just believe so.
And act on our beliefs instead of merely dwelling on them
And letting the chaos around us further make this world a playpen

For the bigots, fools, and maniacs who’ve made this planet hell
And will continue to do so ‘til we stop saying, “Oh, well…”
And call them out on their ignorance any which way we can
In hopes of making things better for each boy, girl, woman, and man.

It’ll take more than just backbone, though. We also need brains
To distinguish that which simply is from what we know is insane,
Lest we succumb to the same ideologies we’re trying to fight
And turn into lunatics ourselves practically overnight.

From there, we need to promote the wisdom in which we believe
In every forum we can for the masses to receive
In hopes they’ll see or hear it and understand where we come from,
And hopefully, they’ll join us in sending ignorance on the run.

I’m not suggesting, however, any kind of verbal assault,
For there simply isn’t any kind of place to sprinkle such salt.
Instead, let’s practice prudence and, in turn, diplomacy,
And hopefully, our kind words will bring out what we want to see,

For this era of absurdity has gone on long enough,
And our current policy of ignorance hasn’t been up to snuff,
For the arrogant and the biased have controlled for far too long
Society’s way of thinking with their narrow-minded songs.

Just look at modern media and how braindead it’s been,
Catering to the dense and treating wisdom like a mortal sin,
Like a bowl of soup with all the scum floating to the top
And the good stuff settling to the bottom to flat-out burn and rot.

These days should’ve been behind us a long-ass time ago.
Alas, they’re but alive and well, which fills me with woe.
We need to move beyond them, though, if life is to move on,
For the old ways simply don’t work now and have become wrong.

Let’s all screw in our heels, then, and at last work side by side
To set things straight in society and see that this nonsense dies.
These bigots, fools, and maniacs have plagued us long enough,
And it’s time we put them all in their place ‘fore things really get rough,

And when they finally cool off and change their bitter tune,
Things will change for the better and hopefully quite soon.
Say what you will ‘bout censorship, but in this case, it’s our friend
If we ever hope for the ignorance plaguing this world to end.


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