Poem of the Week: The YouTube Cyberbully

The YouTube Cyberbully
July 16, 2016

You get money for nothing more than sitting on your ass
You think you’re so damn funny when really, you’re just crass.
You stir up crap that most normal folks don’t care about
And claim you’re just an entertainer, but I have my doubts.

You go out of your way to look for targets to attack,
Most of whom don’t have your following and thus can’t fight back—
Especially against your fans, who tease and taunt them as well
And even outright wish them death and tell them to rot in Hell,

And you do nothing to stop them, even though what you do
Is supposedly fun and satire, though I beg to differ with you,
For what’s the thrill in humiliating folks you don’t even know
And who aren’t as public as you are, yet still giving them woe?

Where’s the humor or logic? I just don’t see it at all.
What is it about these strangers that makes you want to see them fall?
Where’s your moral code of conduct when it comes to matters like this?
That’s something I’d really like to know, for I just don’t get your gist.

The fact that you make money, too, from doing this makes me sick,
‘Specially since countless honest, hard-working folks still live in the sticks
‘Cause their jobs don’t pay them what they’re worth, if they even have jobs at all,
And yet, you’re making Heaven knows how much having yourself a ball

Making monkeys out of men and women for reasons only you know,
Making friends with so many people for making fun of the poor shmoes,
And even using titles and pics guaranteed to reel in a crowd,
No matter how stupid or tacky they are, ‘cause it’s all about being loud

And obnoxious enough to draw a crowd, no matter the publicity,
For good or bad, it’s all the same for you, ’cause all you see
Is the fact that you’re getting attention, making you feel as though you
Mean something in the grand scheme of things, no matter how out of the blue

Said meaning has come. Well, guess what, Jack: I’ve got news for you.
You’re just another schmuck at the end of the day, no matter what you
Do or say to get the attention you so clearly desire,
And at the end of the day, after all has come down under the wire,

I can’t help but wonder just why it is you crave so much attention
In the first place. Tell me, then, if there’s a motive you’d like to mention.
Have you ever had any friends at all? Have the friends you once had moved on?
Did your parents care for you regularly? Tell me…what is your song?

Maybe once I understand just what goes on inside your brain,
I’ll learn to comprehend what you get from causing the kind of pain
You’ve delighted in causing others for so long and also exactly what
Your fans see in you despite surely knowing that all you make is smut.

Until then, I hope you grow up one day and see the error of your ways,
For you may be making a profit now, but in the end, your deeds won’t pay
Anyone, save for the piper when karma finally catches up to you
And makes you pay out the ass for your misdeeds, and then, you’ll be screwed.


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Bonus Poem of the Week: Every Decade Has Its Dreck

Every Decade Has Its Dreck
July 16, 2016

Every decade has its dreck, no matter what nostalgia fiends say.
You really think a given era rocked ‘cause you recall the best of the day?
You clearly don’t remember, then, the drama that occurred back then,
Ese you’d be quicker to recall that things weren’t always great back when.
I once thought the ‘50s were swell for being when pop culture began,
But then there was the Korean War, and segregation still rocked the land.
Then there came the ‘60s when the Vietnam War was in full swing,
JFK was assassinated, and the Manson Family did its thing.
The ‘70s saw an end to ‘Nam and the rise of sketch comedy,
But we also had an energy crisis plague our economy,
Which didn’t recover until the ‘80s, when music and TV grew
And, sadly, certain tragic events struck us out of the blue.
Even the ‘90s when fashion and certain media seemed to wise up,
Had its share of crap when certain acts of violence began to rise up.
I could go on with my recollection, but you surely get my drift.
No decade’s been perfect, nor will any be, no matter how deep the rift,
So wake up and learn to accept the faults of your favorite time
And learn to accept others’ tastes, too, for as I’ve said here in rhyme,
Every decade has its dreck—and good stuff, too, no doubt.
Just be wise and regard each thoroughly, though, ‘fore you dare curse one out.


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Poem of the Week: Despicable People Great and Small

Despicable People Great and Small
July 16, 2016

A is for the assholes whose manners simply don’t exist.
B is for the backstabbers and the blades they merrily twist.
C is for the cowards with all their whines and excuses.
D is for the degenerates and all their sexual abuses.
E is for every egotist who’s oblivious of all else.
F is for the freaks with their firearms, all out for themselves.
G is for the grubbers greedily grabbing all they can.
H is for the hellions hurting every child, woman, and man.
I is for the ill of mind celebrating others’ pain.
J is for the jokers who seek “justice,” as they proclaim.
K is for those kids who love to bring upon others disgrace.
L is for the lazy lumps who refuse to earn their place.
M is for the morons who’ve killed the meaning of common sense.
N is for the nags with plenty of “wisdom” to dispense.
O is for the obnoxious ones, of whom there are far too many.
P is for the perverts whose fetishes earn them a pretty penny.
Q is for the quitters who’ve given up on all things new.
R is for the reckless and all that their actions do.
S is for the simpletons too stupid to think or act.
T is for the tactless who don’t think before spouting their flack.
U is for the ugly hearts too soulless to sympathize.
V is for the vindictive whose words hit right between the eyes.
W is for the worthless who seem to exist for no reason.
X is in these scumbags’ excrement, which is always in season.
Y is for you—as in “you and me”—who’re made to put up with this crap.
Z is for the Zs I need, for this rant’s made me long for a nap.

So many disturbing people in this world…and to think I’ve just
Scratched the surface in pointing them out! Oh, how life can be such a bust!
Alas, all the rest of us can do is to keep our heads on straight
And do all we can to not transform into such imbeciles ourselves, mates.
We all have our list of scumbags whom we’ve noted and categorized—
Despicable people great and small who ought to be cut down to size.
Feel free to remind, too, this archivist of those who’ve escaped my mind,
And until we chance to meet again, keep your chins up as you face the grind.


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Poem of the Week: The Fickle Subscriber Poem

Hello, readers.

The following sonnet is dedicated to everyone out there who has ever managed a blog, Internet video channel, or similar outlet who has ever had to put up with people who allegedly have similar outlets with the same provider (WordPress, YouTube, DailyMotion, BlogSpot, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) who had subscribed to their blog, channel, or page…only to unsubscribe anywhere from a day to a week later without explanation—especially over the course of a month or so and who share so much in common with other, similar blogs/channels/webpages (i.e., month of origin, blog/channel/page content, identical “about” section messages, and so on) that one might suspect said blogs/channels/pages to belong to the same spamming robot. My advice to everyone who has had to endure this nuisance is simple: Don’t let such fickle, uncommitted people get you down. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing and focus on entertaining, educating, and otherwise providing content for the followers you have who genuinely enjoy what you have to offer. This latter group, after all, is far worthier of your attention in that each person within it is infinitely more invested in what you have to share with them and the rest of the world. As such, the more you invest in them, the better off you will be in return, even if only on a personal level.

That being said, sappy and/or cheesy as it may sound, I hereby thank everyone who has shown a genuine interest in my work over the past four-years-plus I’ve been here on WordPress. Feel free to continue supporting my work any which way you can, too, be it buying my ebooks (See the links below, as always.), liking and sharing whatever work I put up here on my blog, or even replying to my posts to tell me which works of mine you like and why or how I can improve as a writer, be it here or in whatever else I do. Until then, thank you all for your continued investment, and please enjoy the poem below!

Dustin M. Weber

The Fickle Subscriber Poem
July 12, 2016

Either subscribe or don’t. Make up our mind.
Don’t sub one day, unsub after a week.
That’s so obnoxious, it makes my teeth grind.
Does my stuff entertain you or not? Speak!
All you’ve got are random pictures, which might
Not even be yours to start with, faker—
Not that I can tell since you’ve no insights
Included to give cred to the maker
Or tell a story behind what we see,
Which we can’t even talk about below.
You don’t even have an avatar. Gee!
Could it be you’re not human, but robo?
Playing “Sub for Sub” ain’t my claim to fame.
Either be a fan or don’t. That’s my game.


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Bonus Poem of the Week: A Random-as-All-Else Blitz Poem about Moving Forward

A Random-as-All-Else Blitz Poem about Moving Forward
July 8, 2016

People are scum.
People are stupid—
Stupid to obsess,
Stupid to harass,
Harass the innocent,
Harass the beleaguered,
Beleaguered with their weakness,
Beleaguered with the past,
Past better left back then,
Past better left back there—
There where it belonged,
There in history,
History not worth repeating,
History remembered,
Remembered all too well,
Remembered to the point of insanity—
Insanity that still lingers,
Insanity that’s only worsened,
Worsened since,
Worsened over time.
Time to act!
Time to right the wrongs—
Wrongs of yesterday,
Wrongs still being committed,
Committed by the self-righteous,
Committed by the callous,
Callous towards the innocent,
Callous towards the just.
Just you wait!
Just you see!
See the change!
See what happens—
Happens in society,
Happens in the future,
Future where logic matters,
Future where things make sense,
Sense to the matters,
Sense to stop.
Stop the harassment!
Stop the nagging—
Nagging reminders,
Nagging sympathy,
Sympathy overdone,
Sympathy unwarranted,
Unwarranted by the recipients,
Unwarranted by the masses,
Masses on the move,
Masses wanting to press on.


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Poem of the Week: Firm, Not Flippant

Firm, Not Flippant
June 30, 2016

Life’s about being firm, not flippant. It’s the only way to be,
Especially when you’re holding a position of authority,
No matter how big or small said position might happen to be.
Want elaboration? Come! Let me paint a picture for thee.

Suppose a situation breaks out that calls for you to control
Like people exchanging hateful words that are taking their toll.
Do you join in on the fray and shout down one side or another,
Using demeaning language yourself against your sisters or brothers?

Do you let your emotions take over and make a razor of your tongue
And lash out at either party or—worse yet—all under the sun
And flex your muscles in hopes of intimidating someone to shut up
And walk away, tail between the legs like a scared little pup,

Or do you instead hold your ground and get your head in the game,
Screw your heels in and try to find out who is or isn’t to blame
And discover each side of the story before putting your foot down
And sternly scolding the perpetrator for being such a clown?

Then again, what if you’re already tied up in an argument
And it’s up to you to manage how your emotions are spent?
Do you let your anger get the better of you from start to go
To where you’re not just trading words and insults, but also blows,

Or do you resist the urge to bloody the other person’s nose
And instead stand tall and speak steadily as you voice your woes,
Relying on logic in hopes of helping your rival see things your way,
Resorting to action only when he or she decides to make you pay?

It’s always one choice or another, sad as it is to say, friend,
And it seems like no matter how we try to manage things, they won’t end.
There’s always one thing or another with which we have to cope,
But in the end, does that excuse any of us from being sheer dopes?

Honestly, what does anyone expect to get from acting crass,
Treating others with hostility and, in general, being pains in the ass?
Does any of it deserve anything other than derision?
I’m sorry, but at times, I can’t understand why folks make such poor decisions.

After all, when it comes to humanity, I expect the best
From both myself and everyone else. To Hell with anything less!
It’s the only way I see this world evolving from what it’s become.
Otherwise, world society may never move forward, my son,

And yet, more times than not, there’s always got to be that one jerk
Who, no matter how transparent his or her motives, is hard to shirk
To the point where, despite our better judgment, we’re compelled to fight back
Even if it’s not we whom he or she’s targeting with his or her attack.

After all is said and done, though, whom does such behavior help?
Does it really soothe the soul to make one whimper like a whelp?
If so, for how long, and does it help the reaction one gets,
Or is it the opinion others have of one that one learns to regret?

It’s all about risking disrespect, should you act one way or another
And, should you act the wrong way, whether or not you’re ready, brother,
To suffer the consequences of being known as a jerk
And losing respect that you could’ve had based on a method that works.

After all, why fight fire with fire when you can use water instead?
Why swing a sword to block a sword when one stab can leave you dead?
Why stoop to the level of those whom you’re trying to keep in line
And stir up more of that which you’re trying to put down, pal of mine?

Bottom line, hatred only breeds more. Such is how it’s always been,
Leaving you in an even worse place than what you’re already in,
And those who use it to retaliate against others can never win—
Not for very long, leastways, so why even thinking succumbing to such sin?

Thus remember: Be firm, not flippant, and always stand your ground
Whenever you’re faced with a challenge in life you just can’t work around.
Avoid resorting to vicious tactics against others at all costs,
And I promise that you’ll master your own humanity when all’s lost.


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Poem of the Week: False Friends: An Admittedly Longer-than-Necessary Ghazal about Friendship

False Friends: An Admittedly Longer-than-Necessary Ghazal about Friendship
June 25, 2016

True friendship is something for which most people yearn—
Folks there for us, asking for nothing in return

Who’ll gladly see us through the worst of times without
Demanding a thing for their support in return.

Alas, too many selfish schlubs exist out there
Who’ll only help us when there’s something in return

For them to gain, be it some physical reward
That they can exchange for something else in return

Or something intangible with which to patch their
Sundered souls, part of which they’d traded in return

For whatever has made them what they are these days—
Bitter, jaded, and nasty to folks in return

For some foul misfortune that fell upon them once,
Leaving them furious at the world in return

Or simply because they’re naturally born bastards
Who blatantly treat others like crap in return

For no retribution at all, for others fear,
Justly or not, what might fall on them in return

And manage to get away with all that they pull
Until they die, then into the ground they return.

Honestly, what kind of friends would these monsters make?
What exactly would they have to give in return

To one who would dare see them through the worst of times
Without ever asking for a thing in return?

Take, take, take—that’s all fools like these know how to do
While giving nothing but pain and grief in return.

Such is what I’ve learned over many years on Earth,
Giving my all to, yet getting naught in return

From folks who proved to be nothing but parasites,
Leaching off my love and effort while in return

Causing me only anguish and suffering with
What they’d say and do to me daily in return,

Especially when I couldn’t meet their demands
For what I was expected to give in return.

From those days, I’ve vowed to exercise more caution
When dealing with folks who might one day in return

For my barefaced respect and compassion give me
Only dismissal and misery in return.

No longer would I waste my time with false friends for
Any reason. Note, too, that I’ve yet to return

To that point in my life, for as far as things go,
Those days are gone, and I hope to never return

To being the senseless sap I was long ago,
Always giving but never getting in return.

From now on, I’m only holding out for folks who
Believe in reciprocity and will return

That which I give them, for though it may seem petty
To give and hopefully get something in return,

Me knowing that what I’m giving means anything,
No matter how minor, means something in return,

And that in and of itself is the greatest gift
I could hope to get from anyone in return.

To Hell with false friends, then! Quite frankly, I’m better
Off without them, and I’m sure to never return

To seeking their half-hearted approval, so good
Riddance, and off to a brighter day I return.


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