Bonus Poem of the Week: Badgered Resolution

Badgered Resolution
January 9, 2019

On and on and on you go.
When you’ll shut up, hell if I know.
So many are the flaws you see in my work
That you scold me like I’m some stupid jerk.
Your words you beat into my head
Like it’s your ego that must be fed.
Your points you incessantly nag on me ‘bout
With snide disdain pouring out of your mouth.
Your ridicule you slather on
As though everything I do is wrong…
No encouragement or compliments
Or any positive reinforcement,
For according to you, I can do no right.
In your mind, all my work’s but a blight.
Your message I too well comprehend,
But why the need for you to condescend?
Why talk down to me like I’m some child
With talent for naught but running wild
And causing mischief everywhere I go?
That thinking’s off base, if I may say so.
Not all who struggle at their craft are fools,
Though according to you, that is the rule,
Which you clearly show in your tiring essays
That tear me apart in every which way
To the point where your “help” no more does so
And comes out in insulting blows,
Slapping me ‘cross the face at each interval
To where I feel like punching a wall
At the notion that you need so many words
To tell me my flaws, in case I haven’t heard
From folks more gracious and astute than you
All that I need to see, say, and do
To grow and develop into something more
Than what I am now, you self-absorbed bore!
If nothing else, you vex me because
Some of your aid actually makes me pause
And notice its fallacies quite plain,
Which only further wracks my damaged brain
As the words you use don’t accurately
Describe where I went wrong, further frustrating me,
Telling me “Show. Don’t tell” when that’s not the case.
But rather too much detail given space
When I simply need to trim the fat in my work
And tighten things up. Thanks a lot, then, jerk,
For belittling me just to fuel your ego
Just like your precious sidekicks, who all must go
Away and do something more constructive
Than echo you and be counterproductive
In the name of “solidarity”
In your efforts to humiliate me
And treat me like trash just ‘cause I still slip
And fall. Yeah, thanks for that extra lip,
You broken records…you mindless shells…
You bandwagon jumpers…go to Hell!
How ‘bout being true “third pairs” of eyes
And cutting down your idol’s critiques to size
When they don’t make sense? Have you no spine
To call out ignorance, critics of mine?
No! You just sit there so finely by
And join in the “fun” of hanging me high,
Repeating that which has already been said
By one barely heavier in the head
Why my work is apparently trash,
Having no guts or sense to dish back hash
At the creep’s ignorance and arrogance.
Well, guess what: No more kicks in the pants!
I’ve had enough with the ridicule
And being treated like a total fool.
Yes, I’ve set myself up for it all
And shouldn’t be so surprised by this great fall,
But ‘twas simple advice I came to seek,
Not disgrace slapped upon my earnest cheek,
And if haughtiness is all you plan to serve,
Then good riddance! I’ll have none of your nerve
Anymore. Now, kindly excuse me,
For I’ve other places I need to be.
I’ve a plan to execute, and I shall
See to it that I at last succeed, pal,
And prove to myself and to creeps like you
And anyone else who comes out of the blue
To witness my rise that I am worth a damn
And can think for myself without you, man,
And learn from the mistakes I’ve made back then
To join all the other women and men
Who’ve achieved glory in my field before me
And at last be where I’ve long known I should be,
And you’ll be eating your words from your hand
As I prove that my work has a place in this land,
So sit back, hut up, and kiss my grits.
I’m done taking tongue lashings and cheap hits
From pseudo intellectuals just like you.
Now let me show you how well I can do.


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Poem of the Week: Politics in 2010s Storytelling Media

Politics in 2010s Storytelling Media
May 27, 2018

Politics in media…what a joke!
All I want is to see a good story,
Yet the tale at hand just goes up in smoke
When agendas suck up all the glory
Like sponges do water, leaving things dry
Like a stinking desert in summertime.
Even if I agree with what is cried,
Such a message still perpetrates a crime
When it kills a tale’s momentum tenfold
To force-feed us an ideology
That the creator just happens to hold,
No dif if it gels with what else we see.
Tell stories or preach. Pick one and commit,
For I for one have had enough of it


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Poem of the Week: Twitter Blitz Poem 2018

This illustration pretty much sums it up, folks.

Happy Labor Day, readers!

The following composition is hereby dedicated to anyone who has ever had an account on Twitter, yet has fallen so out of love with the website and its rules, regulations, and practices that he or she came to shut his or her account down and never look back. I hope you all enjoy it, and if any of you out there are interested in reading about my own experiences with the website, feel free to ask about it. Until then, thanks for reading!

Dustin M. Weber


Twitter Blitz Poem
August 30, 2018

I’m finished.
I’m done.
Done with the façade
Done with the nonsense
Nonsense with “social” media
Nonsense on the Web
Web of lies
Web of hogwash
Hogwash about acceptance
Hogwash about attention
Attention for how long?
Attention for what?
What was I doing?
What was I thinking?
Thinking at 280 characters per post,
Thinking out loud
Loud into a void
Loud towards a crowd of thousands
Thousands, if not millions
Thousands of new users per day
Day after day, the same routine
Day after day of spam
Spam from desperate merchants
Spam from self-important schmucks
Schmucks who don’t care about you
Schmucks with big mouths and small minds
Minds for only themselves
Minds only for their subscriber base
Base yourself on garnering attention
Base yourself on disappointment
Disappointment with stunted creative freedom
Disappointment with the sub-for-sub game
Game where virtue loses
Game? More like rat race
Race to a fruitless finish line
Race that isn’t fun
Fun for trolls to be had, though
Fun for any who love causing drama
Drama aplenty
Drama over the stupidest crap
Crap for using the wrong word
Crap for having the “wrong” point of view
View for the entire world
View for all to ridicule
Ridicule is what I have
Ridicule for this system
System that I’ve thus left (hopefully) for good
System that deserves riddance


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Poem of the Week: Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
August 7, 2018

“Gimme, gimme, gimme”…that’s what we’re now about,
No matter what we want in our hands, in our mouths,
Over our heads, on our backs—it’s all the bloody same.
We’re all living nowadays for instant personal gain.
Forget the good ol’ days where folks worked hard to earn
Whatever it was they wanted, no matter how slow the burn.
We’re all demanding handouts, no matter from whence they come,
Our palms up and open for them like we’re all just lazy bums
Who’re down on our luck and in need of bucks just to get by,
Wishing for all we catch out of the corners of our eyes.
So many is the prize, though, that’s garnered instantly
That doesn’t live up to one’s hopes, for as one can see
The caveat such prizes have once they come in hand:
The fact that they’re not worth it after all in any land
On account of barely lasting or being of poor quality—
Often both, and yet, no matter what we say, hear, see,
Or do, more people these days are rushing to claim
These prizes, no matter if they promise one fortune or fame.
How can we stop this madness? How can we turn the tide?
Is there anything we can do to see that this trend subsides,
Or will it last for ages to come ‘til humankind dies?
‘Cause I certainly dread the thought of becoming such a guy.
Let me lead, then, by example and earn that which I want
So that after all is said and done, I’ll have the right to flaunt
My success for all to see, which will no doubt last a while,
And if by chance I start a trend I’ll surely learn to smile
At the thought of the old ways of success coming back
And all this “Gimme, gimme” trash can finally hit the sack.


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Poem of the Week: What Comes to Mind when I Think of American Politics

What Comes to Mind when I Think of American Politics
August 4, 2018

Liberals, Conservatives
Bickering, blaming, badgering…
Enough with the madness!
Reviling, revolting, rending
America asunder…


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Image used in this post (c) 2011 The remainder of the content within this post, however, is the author’s own.

Poem of the Week: Lottery Ghazal

Lottery Ghazal
July 2, 2018

Should you ever win lottery money one day,
Be wise with said cash, lest you one day have to pay.

Stash part of it away in a savings account.
Then, when the day arrives in which you have to pay

For common living expenses, guess what you’ll have:
A stone cold cash stash for those bills you have to pay.

Then, you keep on working, earning more ‘long the way,
For who knows if you’ll attain larger bills to pay—

Especially when you invest in something big
To help the world move forth with all it has to pay

For humanity’s many needs, frail as we are,
As well as for the ills for which we’ll have to pay

Like sexual perversion and our boundless greed
For all Earth’s treasures for which we don’t have to pay?

Alas, many cave in to these sins I speak of,
Only to suffer and, in the end, have to pay.

Strangers’ bodies’ pleasures, no matter where they’ve lied,
Bringing sickness for which customers have to pay;

Foreign chemicals taken for recreation,
Bearing dependency for which one has to pay;

Investments in worthless (sometimes bogus) ventures
That bring nothing but shame for which one has to pay—

All of which are dangers lottery winners face
When they’re not careful with the cash they have to pay

On that which they fancy, which they couldn’t before,
So please, folks, hear my cry ‘fore you, too, have to pay:

Should you win a lotto, save your hard-earned money
And invest it wisely so you don’t have to pay

The price that unexpected fortune often brings
Those who abuse it, thus making them have to pay.

Otherwise, you’ll end up just like them one sad day,
And your hard-won cash you’ll end up having to pay,

Bringing you back to square one or perhaps worse off,
And that’s the kind of price no one should have to pay.


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Twitter: @DustinMWeber18

Poem of the Week: Savagery

typed December 12, 2001 (date composed unknown; 1999-2000)

We humans are such self-righteous beings, boasting that we’re so hot
While all the while insisting that other creatures, in turn, are not,
But really, who’s to say that all the goblins, centaurs, and trolls
Are utterly uncivilized monsters? Who dares to say that those
Of a species more akin to Nature—“savages,” one might say—
Are so inferior to our ilk in every single way?
Have such fools ever taken the time out of their meaningless lives
To truly examine these other breeds and see that all the jive
That our insolent race has claimed of such folk is total trash
Said by us merely to keep our fragile egos from being smashed
By the truth concerning our supposedly “civilized” breed in this world
That proves that intelligent beings everywhere—women, men, boys, and girls—
Were made to suit the purpose of God, however He set it so?
I must confess to you, my kin, that the answer here is no.
I tell you this, however, that no matter who we are,
No matter if we trust our fate in computers or in the stars,
That if we look upon fellow beings with such blind disgust
For any difference they may have in relation to us,
We’d in turn make a poor example of ourselves as well, you see,
For if these other races are savages, then, indeed, so are we.


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