Poem of the Week: Nostalgia

September 10, 2017

Sweet poison
Remembering, reminiscing, reveling
Yesterday wasn’t always golden
Misleading, misinforming, misdirecting
Everlasting paradox


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Poem of the Week: Haste Makes Waste

Haste Makes Waste
August 4, 2017

Rushed job
Hurrying, scurrying, panicking
That’s when mistakes happen
Misthinking, misdoing, backfiring
Big mess


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Poem of the Week: Let Grit See You Through

Let Grit See You Through
April 25, 2017

Letting go of the past can be quite tough
When the memories won’t leave you alone,
For the road of life oftentimes is rough
With events that cut you straight to the bone—
People who’ve hurt you for no fair reason,
Happenings you’ve tried to leave behind you…
Yet no matter the day, year, or season,
It comes back to haunt you out of the blue,
Making you wish you could go back in time
To fix whatever wrong you may have done.
Alas, that’s not how time works, friend of mine,
For the direction it goes is but one.
Thus, there’s only one thing that you can do:
Screw your heels in and let grit see you through.


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Poem of the Week: The Toxic Stuff

The Toxic Stuff
April 7, 2017

I’m cutting out all the toxic stuff
I’ve bothered with over the years
That’s caused me more pain
Than netted me gain
And led me to wallow here.

No more caving in to my fears,
For doing so brings no gain.
Time to screw in my heels
And spin the wheels
In my mind before I go insane.

I’ve so much yet in my life to gain.
Why should grief anymore make me squeal?
Enough is enough
Of this dramatic stuff.
Seeking inner peace is my new deal.

I want to know again how happiness feels,
So good riddance, negative fluff!
Get on out of here
‘Fore I kick your fat rear
And cast you from my life in a huff.


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Poem of the Week: Another Random Inspiration Poem

Another Random Inspiration Poem
August 23, 2016

Always whining,
Always complaining—
Complaining about work,
Complaining about life,
Life so complicated,
Life so chaotic,
Chaotic and frustrating,
Chaotic for everyone.
Everyone suffers.
Everyone struggles—
Struggles at home,
Struggles at work.
Work on what you have to.
Work on what you’ve got.
Got to pull yourself together!
Got to shape up!
Up against a wall?
Up between a rock and a hard place?
Place your head in the game.
Place your feet on the ground.
Ground yourself.
Ground your goals—
Goals you want to accomplish,
Goals you know you can achieve.
Achieve success,
Achieve greatness—
Greatness you know awaits you,
Greatness that lies within us all.
All you need is faith.
All you need is discipline—
Discipline to plan the future,
Discipline to work hard,
Hard for what you want,
Hard for what’s best for others,
Others who believe in you,
Others who care about you—
You for all you’re worth,
You in all you do.
Do what’s right for them.
Do what’s right for yourself—
Yourself your own maker,
Yourself your own keeper,
Keeper of fortune,
Keeper of prosperity.
Prosperity can be yours.
Prosperity for tomorrow.
Tomorrow can be yours.
Tomorrow, then, straighten yourself out.


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Poem of the Week: Firm, Not Flippant

Firm, Not Flippant
June 30, 2016

Life’s about being firm, not flippant. It’s the only way to be,
Especially when you’re holding a position of authority,
No matter how big or small said position might happen to be.
Want elaboration? Come! Let me paint a picture for thee.

Suppose a situation breaks out that calls for you to control
Like people exchanging hateful words that are taking their toll.
Do you join in on the fray and shout down one side or another,
Using demeaning language yourself against your sisters or brothers?

Do you let your emotions take over and make a razor of your tongue
And lash out at either party or—worse yet—all under the sun
And flex your muscles in hopes of intimidating someone to shut up
And walk away, tail between the legs like a scared little pup,

Or do you instead hold your ground and get your head in the game,
Screw your heels in and try to find out who is or isn’t to blame
And discover each side of the story before putting your foot down
And sternly scolding the perpetrator for being such a clown?

Then again, what if you’re already tied up in an argument
And it’s up to you to manage how your emotions are spent?
Do you let your anger get the better of you from start to go
To where you’re not just trading words and insults, but also blows,

Or do you resist the urge to bloody the other person’s nose
And instead stand tall and speak steadily as you voice your woes,
Relying on logic in hopes of helping your rival see things your way,
Resorting to action only when he or she decides to make you pay?

It’s always one choice or another, sad as it is to say, friend,
And it seems like no matter how we try to manage things, they won’t end.
There’s always one thing or another with which we have to cope,
But in the end, does that excuse any of us from being sheer dopes?

Honestly, what does anyone expect to get from acting crass,
Treating others with hostility and, in general, being pains in the ass?
Does any of it deserve anything other than derision?
I’m sorry, but at times, I can’t understand why folks make such poor decisions.

After all, when it comes to humanity, I expect the best
From both myself and everyone else. To Hell with anything less!
It’s the only way I see this world evolving from what it’s become.
Otherwise, world society may never move forward, my son,

And yet, more times than not, there’s always got to be that one jerk
Who, no matter how transparent his or her motives, is hard to shirk
To the point where, despite our better judgment, we’re compelled to fight back
Even if it’s not we whom he or she’s targeting with his or her attack.

After all is said and done, though, whom does such behavior help?
Does it really soothe the soul to make one whimper like a whelp?
If so, for how long, and does it help the reaction one gets,
Or is it the opinion others have of one that one learns to regret?

It’s all about risking disrespect, should you act one way or another
And, should you act the wrong way, whether or not you’re ready, brother,
To suffer the consequences of being known as a jerk
And losing respect that you could’ve had based on a method that works.

After all, why fight fire with fire when you can use water instead?
Why swing a sword to block a sword when one stab can leave you dead?
Why stoop to the level of those whom you’re trying to keep in line
And stir up more of that which you’re trying to put down, pal of mine?

Bottom line, hatred only breeds more. Such is how it’s always been,
Leaving you in an even worse place than what you’re already in,
And those who use it to retaliate against others can never win—
Not for very long, leastways, so why even thinking succumbing to such sin?

Thus remember: Be firm, not flippant, and always stand your ground
Whenever you’re faced with a challenge in life you just can’t work around.
Avoid resorting to vicious tactics against others at all costs,
And I promise that you’ll master your own humanity when all’s lost.


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Poem of the Week: Unplugged and Loving It

Unplugged and Loving It
December 27, 2015

What a relief to be away from my computer
And not be glued to its glowing screen,
Panning and drooling like a fool, wasting my life away
When I could better spend my time, if you know what I mean.

What joy it is for me to read an actual book for a change
And not have to rely on my book or iPad.
Reading an exciting story, turning actual paper pages
With my fingertips—what fun to be had!

What luck I’ve had discovering this brand new TV station
And not have to rely on Hulu or Netflix
Or even YouTube to reconnect with the shows of yesterday.
What a way for me to get my nostalgia fix!

As for all these games I can play for “free” on my phone…
Good riddance to them! I’ve no need for them,
Especially when they ask for cash to be fully playable.
Why not ask for a full payment up front, then?

Seriously, being with loved ones in person’s a blast.
It’s the kind of energy that gets me high
Without the need of caffeine, booze, or other drugs
And certainly without any kind of WiFi.

Can any machine or other piece of electronica
Give me that feeling? I honestly doubt,
‘Cause even chatting with folks on Skype makes me feel desolated,
Knowing that afterwards, I’m left alone to pout

About how much I’ve distanced myself from the rest of humankind
And how I could wish I could turn back the clock
So that I wouldn’t have to make my gadgets my best friends
And all my self-isolation I wouldn’t have to drop.

Let this be a lesson to me, then, in how to pay
Closer attention to the outside world
And not allow myself to be shut in, especially at my age
When the rest of my life has yet to unfurl.

This world is complex enough as it is, after all,
Without our fixation with certain technology.
Why should I, too, succumb to letting such a thing rule my life
And make it shape whom I’m still bound to be?


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Song of the Week: Lost a Piece of My Soul

Hey, readers.

Here are some lyrics to a song I just wrote concerning a movie I’d seen yesterday evening that, while popular, turned out to be one of only two movies I’d ever walked out on in my life. I’ll leave it up to you to guess which movie that would be, although I will give one hint: I’d originally recommended on February 11 to go see this (or, for that matter, any other) movie instead of…*ahem*…a different, much more openly despised movie that I still think is far worse than this one on based on merit alone, although not by much, IMO. Granted, this was the first film I’d ever seen from this particular director, but even after giving it a fair chance all the same, I’m pretty sure that this will be the only film I’ll ever see from this particular individual from here on out.

That being said, for those of you who know the film about which I speak, please keep an open mind and take my opinion with a grain of salt. In the meantime, here’s Lost a Piece of my Soul.


Lost a Piece of My Soul
by Dustin M. Weber
February 28, 2015

Lost a piece of my soul tonight.
Crossed the dark side just to see the light.
Can’t win a war when fueled by hate.
No point in arguing. I ain’t up for debate.

Verse 1
Tried to fight a war against smut by supporting something else instead,
And I let all the good I heard about this other cause go to my head.
Now I’m ten dollars poorer and feeling sorry for myself.
Oh, how I wished I would’ve stuffed the cash in that box I keep on my shelf.

Repeat refrain

Verse 2
It’s bad enough the perverts of the world keep shilling out for swill,
But when it comes to the competition, it takes an iron will
To not buy into the hype and instead educate oneself on the trash
Before heading out to the cineplex and parting with one’s hard-established stash.

Repeat refrain


Verse 3
A fool and his money are soon parted. That I’ve come to know,
Especially when it comes to the crap that become blockbuster shows,
And while I have lost faith in humanity for this nasty trend,
I blame myself as well in this case for my contribution, friend.

Repeat refrain twice.


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Bonus Poem of the Week: Facing Fear

Facing Fear
February 13, 2015

There’s no running from Fear; ‘tis part of life
And something we all must face down the road.
No matter the path one may take, there’s strife,
And when one does, one can either be bold
And take on all that comes one’s way with heart
And gusto to make the most out of things
Or succumb to it all and fall apart,
Accepting whatever pain said strife brings.
I myself know pain, believe it or not,
Knowing I can’t please all under the sun.
Even so, I refuse to sit and rot
When I know that I still can be someone.
Come then, Fear! I dare you to hold me back,
For in the end, ‘twill be you who gets whacked.


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Song of the Week: Only a Vision

Only A Vision
by Dustin M. Weber

Verse A
Sitting here all alone
In my house, but not at home,
Something’s got a hold on me:
A dream I still hold dearly in my heart,
Even though Time has torn us apart–
Something that could’ve been, yet will never be.

Verse B
There we stand, side by side.
I am your groom, and you are my bride,
Ready to start our lives anew,
And I think of how beautiful it could’ve been
Should I’ve been your king, should you’ve been my queen,
Should we have ever shared our love true.

Verse 1
Had that’ve been, we’d have been standing tall,
And we would have endured it all.
We would’ve proven our virtue to the Powers Above
In the name of our love…but…

Chorus A
It was only a vision as far as I can see.
It was only a vision of what I wanted our lives to be.
So many nights I have cried.
It all still tears me up inside,
‘Cause now it’s only a vision of you and me.

Verse C
I wish I never had to let you go.
I wish I was strong enough to let you know
Exactly how much you still mean to me.
Such is the price for my slack,
And now I know there’s no turning back,
For what I’ve dreamt then will now never be.

Verse 2
I know now that I’ll never be the same
And that I only have myself to blame
For not taking the initiative when doing so was due
And in the end, losing you…now…

Chorus B
It’s only a vision from what I can see.
It’s only a vision of what I’ve wanted life to be.
I don’t know anything else
Than feeling sorry for myself,
But now it’s only a vision of you and me.

Verse 3
It doesn’t matter how hard I try.
All I ever do is think about you and cry.
You’re the only woman I’ve ever cared about,
Now I must learn to live without…‘cause…

Chorus C
It’s only a vision so far as I can see.
It’s only a vision of what I wanted our lives to be.
I know I’ve got to let go,
But I still must tell you even though
It’s only a vision…

Chorus D
It’s only a vision from what I can see.
It’s only a vision of what I wanted life to be.
This pain I simply can’t hide
‘Cause it still tears me up inside.
Yeah, it’s only a vision…of you and me.


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