Poem of the Week: Another Day for Writer’s Block

Another Day for Writer’s Block
October 10, 2017

Another day, week, month, year…
Another year flushed, I fear.
What am I doing?
Why am I screwing
Myself out of what I hold dear?

So many years put to waste
All ‘cause I failed to make haste
In following my dreams.
Now here I scream
As my brain melts into a paste.

It certainly helps me not,
For nary a rhyme I’ve got
For this rant of mine
At this very time.
Oy vey! What a time for brain rot!

Only mid-aged, and already I
Can feel my brain cells die.
What a drag and a joke
To be mentally broke
At this moment ‘neath Heaven’s blue sky.

Then again, that’s why I write.
It’s how I carry on my own fight
Against mental decay
During these dark days
When we’re all searching for the light.

I’ve always loved to create.
That’s one thing not up for debate.
Be it fiction or prose,
Writing cures my woes
In this world of despair and hate.

Writing gives me a holiday
From the crap of this age and day.
It gives me an escape
From the fools, creeps, and flakes
And all the crap they do and say.

When I write, I’m in control,
Creating characters with soul
To which one can relate
And appreciate
In my story throughout its whole.

It’s the thing I’ve got control of,
Hence why it’s the one thing I love,
And one can’t take away
How it makes my day
And fits like a custom-made glove.

Such is why others like to write,
For writing shows us the light
And allows us to be
All that we can be
And in turn make their cases right.

Such is what writing for us brings,
And I hope to make it the thing
One of these days
In one or another way
For me so tat I can sing

Happily ever after,
My voice ringing through the rafters,
Not only to claim
Fortune and fame,
But something else that I’m after:

The honor of leaving a mark
And a chance to lead folks from the dark
And into the light
To make things right.
That’s the prize for which this dog barks.

Alas, though, it comes without shock
That even I face writer’s block.
It’s a pain to work through,
I’m telling you,
But it’s a case I can’t help but mock,

For the one thing want most of all
Has led me smack into a wall.
I don’t mean to complain,
Either, ‘bout this pain,
For I know I must work through it all,

And work through it I shall,
For I ‘lone hold myself back, pal,
‘Til I fire myself up.
Then, all will know “what’s up,”
And prove my true worth I shall,

Be it one way or another.
There’ll be no stopping me, brother,
Once I get back on track
And clean up my act.
Once I do, I’ll take off like no other.

Just you wait and see there, jack,
For while you may see me as a hack,
I’ll get back on my feet
And scoff at defeat
For daring to give me and slack,

And my detractors, for their flack,
Will, too, understand I’m not whack
No matter how bizarre
My works to them are,
And their respect I’ll have, too, mack.

‘Tl then, here I am, brain in head
Rotting ‘way ‘til I end up dead,
‘Lest I get my rear
Finally in gear
And at last pout this block to bed,

For I alone hold the key
To seek what’s in store for me,
And once I start,
I know I’ll be a part
Of the system. Just you wait and see.


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Poem of the Week: Frustration of an Undiscovered Author

Frustration of an Undiscovered Author
September 26, 2017

Month after wasted month, year after wasted year,
I reach my hands up high for something more,
Yet no matter how far I reach, nothing ever comes near,
And I wonder if anything really is in store,

So I try hopping up and down, bounding higher with each jump,
Flailing my arms frantically all the while,
Yet no matter how feverishly my furious fists I pump,
I always fall back down in a frustrated pile.

I even cry out to the heavens, hoping someone will hear
That I’m alive and around and worth the time,
Yet all my screaming and shouting only brings me to tears
As I likewise lose this desperate voice of mine,

And once again, I’m left all alone, just as I was before,
Asking why no one sees any worth in me.
Why am I so unwanted? Why’s dealing with me such a chore?
I’m actually worth something, dammit! Can’t you see?

I’m not some braindead peasant. I’m not some clueless schmuck.
I’m more worth investing in than you think,
But ho! You keep you blowing me off and wishing me “Best of luck!”
Not telling me directly why I stink.

It’s either that, or it’s one excuse or another that I’ve already
Heard before from others just like you.
Sooner or later, though, you know one day, you’ll need to be ready
To take on somebody promising, fresh, and new,

Unless those whom you serve already are somehow immortal
Beyond their work, but I doubt that’s the case,
So come on already! Stop casting me away from your portal
As if I’m some kind of talentless disgrace.

Anyone can pick me up, after all, and make something of me
In the instance you refuse to do so, friend,
And when they do and my name becomes immortalized, you’ll see
That success for you had always been ‘round the bend.

Better things have happened for blatant schlock that’s polluted the mainstream,
Bob-bob-bobbing in it like buoyant turds,
And even if I don’t become a legend once I fulfilled my dream,
At least I’ll at last chance to be seen and heard,

And who knows? People just might like me. Wouldn’t that be a treat
After all these years I’ve spent trying to break free?
I’ll finally start a brand new life, too, living on Easy Street
Rather than carrying on through that which’s fallen on me.

All I need is someone on my side to see I’ve got what it takes
To at long last make my dream a reality,
For apparently, I’m forbidden to do so on my own, for Heaven’s sake,
But will somebody help me? I guess we’ll see.

I’ll just keep on doing what I’ve been doing this whole bloody while,
Albeit with a new approach to my crusade
In hopes that someone will hear me and greet me with a smile
And see to my success finally being made.

I’ll show you, then, that I am worth something and prove you the fool,
And the last laugh will be mine at your baseless doubts,
And I’ll throw your “Best of lucks” back at you as you wallow in a pool
Of shame towards the flippancy you used to spout.

Better days are around the corner. They just have to be.
Things can’t get that much worse from this point on.
I just have to keep trying, though, if success I want to see
And all my naysayers I want to prove wrong.


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Bonus Poem of the Week: A Message for All Aspiring Novelists

A Message to All Aspiring Novelists
April 18, 2017

No one likes being rejected and tossed into the muck,
Having noses turn up at him or her and wished “Best of luck.”
No one likes being cast out from where he or she wants to be
Or denied that which he or she’s been fighting for. Believe me.
No one likes to struggle, especially when it comes to
Simply getting through the day. This I can assure you.
Even when there’s a pot of gold at the rainbow’s end,
Crossing said rainbow can be a chore. On that you can depend.
So much of a chore it is, too, that time and time again,
Too many people throw up their arms and walk away in the end,
Never to realize their dream, whether they deserve
To live that dream or not, all because of how their nerves
Have become shot over the course of months or years at a time,
And in the case of the worthy folks, it really is a crime,
For who’ll ever know the stories they could’ve shared with the world?
Certainly not the commonplace man, woman, boy, or girl
Or anyone who’d benefit from the messages within,
Even if said benefit is merely escaping the sin
And vice that’s been gripping the world for far too many years now.
Trust me…we all could use some escapism these days…and how!
We all deserve new stories with each year that passes by.
We all need something new to feed our hungry ears and eyes.
Otherwise, the old tales, good and bad, will grow stale,
And as they do, so will our minds, lest new storytellers prevail
To provide us with new substance with which to enrich our souls
And awaken within us the will to carry on into the fold
And accept each day as it comes, no matter what’ll be in store
When it happens to arrive, so long as it isn’t an utter bore.
After all, life’s one big adventure that we all undertake,
And it’s up to us to make the most of it with what we make
In terms of goals and other decisions and the choices that lead
Us down one path or another, and what better way to heed
This message than gleam inspiration from the stories we learn
To spark our thoughts and ambitions and help our hearts’ fires burn
With the passion that keeps us going every hour of the day.
That being said, why let rejection keep getting in the way?
The dream is still worth having, even though it may not seem so,
So keep your chins up and your noses to the grindstone and tally ho!
Keep your wits about you, too, and learn what makes a sale,
And may courage, creativity, and wisdom help you prevail
In the seemingly never-ending saga of chasing a dream
That might actually be more attainable than it might now seem,
For stories are more important than even you may ever know,
And only a sharp mind and a strong heart will help you see just so.


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Bonus Poem of the Week: Sadly the Best Poem I Could Think Up on a Given Wednesday

Sadly the Best Poem I Could Think Up on a Given Wednesday
February 15, 2017

Dull mind
Trying, failing, wasting
What the hell, man?
Stressing, straining, stalling
Screw this!


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A Call for Feedback from My Readers

Hello, readers!

Today, I’m going to withhold posting my usual weekly poetry until either tomorrow or later this evening so that I may first ask you all, subscriber and non-subscriber alike, a particularly crucial question regarding the nature of this blog as a whole:

What kind of material would you like me to provide from hereon out?

This may sound like a particularly insipid thing to ask, but trust me when I say that I do have a good reason for doing so. You see, at the risk of sounding petty and needy, I’ll admit all the same that 2016 has been a relatively unsuccessful year for me in terms of gaining more attention for my literary endeavors, and though I have an idea on what I’ve done wrong in drawing people to this website, I’d nevertheless like to know directly from you folks how I can better appeal to you, my current audience, as well as attract new readers. After all, I’ve had quite a few people subscribe to me over the past eight months who’ve ended up unsubscribing to me after a week or two, and I’m wondering if whether or not their doing so has anything to do with the content I’ve been submitting or perhaps even the activities I’ve performed as this blog’s owner and operator. Additionally, as a writer who’s always willing to grow and expand my abilities, I am always willing to improve my craft so as to better reach the masses, and your feedback means a lot to me.

Take my weekly poetry, for example…are there any specific topics you would like me to cover in future poems? Any particular styles of poetry you’d like me to try my hand at? Do you want more or less poetry posted each week? Are you even interested at all in my Hoedown of the Week series that I’d tried to start up back on December 31, 2015?

How about my “In Relation to My Work” series of editorials? What topics have I talked about in such articles over the years that have appealed to you the most? Which topics would you like me to expand on? What topics would you like me to cover that I haven’t already?

Finally, there’s my work as a novelist. Would you like me to talk more about the projects I’ve worked on or have been working on, such as my novel Dream Weavers? What specifically would you like me to share about my projects?

I know this all sounds desperate on my part, but as I’ve mentioned before, I’d like to build up my fanbase and establish my brand the best I can, and I’ve come to realize (It’s taken me long enough, I know…SMH) that I haven’t done just that. That being said, feel free to leave me your feedback in the comment section below, and I’ll gladly take it into account, as I aim to not only earn more subscribers this year than I have already, but keep said subscribers as well. After all, your support means a lot to an aspiring pro novelist such as myself, whether it’s subscribing to this humble little blog of mine via WordPress or email, hitting the “Like” button on each/any of my posts, sharing my content with others, or even going to my author pages (Smashwords.com, Amazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk) and buying any of the ebooks I have for sale there. As such, without further ado, please let me know down below what improvements you’d like to see me make to this blog, and thank you all for your support.

Okay…pity party over! Expect my next Poem of the Week in my next post, and once again, everyone, thanks.

Dustin M. Weber

Bonus Poem of the Week: The ABC Poem for the Oft-Rejected Author

The ABC Poem for the Oft-Rejected Author
December 16, 2015

Cursing with
Everybody telling you what to do and why you must.

How are you going to cope?
Irritated with the lack of
Justice and hope.

Killing time in a search deprived of all fruit,
Longing for a bright tomorrow for which there’s no proof.

Posted in your path.
Quitting’s not an option, though, so
Recollect and relax

So that someday becomes one day—
Tomorrow, even, perhaps,
Unless you love drinking
The venom of those who want to collapse

The wonderful world you’ve crafted over
X amount of years.
You owe it to yourself for all your hard work, my dear.

Now catch some Z’s and prep yourself for another day.
I’ve faith that you’ll make it soon enough some way.


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Poem of the Week: Down but Not Quite Out

Down but Not Quite Out
November 21, 2015

Not knowing where to go, not knowing what to do,
Not knowing who I am or who I’ll be when I’m through,
Never proud of my merits, no matter what praise I get,
Always seeing upcoming ventures as “the worst one yet.”

Never thinking I’ll get anywhere in life,
Especially where I want to be with all my personal strife,
Wishing I was a winner from when I was born ‘til now,
Wondering if I ever was, and if I was, then how?

After all, with all of the mistakes I’ve made
Has come a great price that I still haven’t fully paid.
When will I stop paying? Honestly, I can but guess.
Hopefully soon, though, for I expect to pass this test,

And hopefully I can still be a winner one day.
Really, I wish it would happen in the worst way.
Maybe it will happen once I get my act together
And bring upon myself some change in the “whether,”

And yes, I spelled that “whether” as in “whether or not”
I’ll at last earn what I want or stay with what little I’ve got.
I’d like to have the money to help support my family
And daily prove to be the best person I can be.

That day hasn’t come yet, but I’m hoping that it will
Once I hoist my carcass out of my self-pity and swill
And actually apply myself to the goals I wish to achieve.
All I really need is to have discipline and believe,

And who knows? All this drama just might become history
As would be true with all my lousy insecurity.
Wouldn’t that be great? Oh, how my voice would ring the rafters
If I could at long last live happily ever after.


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Poem of the Week: Decisions

August 27, 2015

Decisions—not for the weak of mind.
Decisions—not for my dull behind.
Decisions—so many to make,
And I’m not sure how much more my mind can take.

Frustration—feeling so confused.
Frustration—not knowing what to do.
Frustration—so much on my plate
That I need to take care of and just can’t wait.

Organized—what I need to be.
Organized—so my future I can see.
Organized—getting my act together
So I can prepare myself for a change of weather.

Busy—the only way I can last.
Busy—need to stay on task.
Busy—if it’s a future I want
And it’s fame and fortune I want to flaunt.

Focus—what I can’t afford to lack.
Focus—need to stay on track.
Focus—on what I need to get done
If I want to send my troubles on the run.

Impact—what I hope to make.
Impact—even if I break.
Impact—remembered for all time
Along with those who came before me. Is that such a crime?

Icon—what I’m trying to become.
Icon—beloved by most everyone.
Icon—leaving my mark on the biz,
But I’ll never be one with how my work ethic is.

Decision—I’ve finally made one.
Decision—based on what I’ll become.
Decision—now to act it out
So that my dreams will be what my life’s about.


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Poem of the Week: Fingers Crossed: Ramblings of an Anxious Author

Fingers Crossed: Ramblings of an Anxious Author
June 1, 2015

Finally back in business after two, three torturous weeks
Of wracking my brain and going quite insane with each emotional peak
As I tried to sort out my latest work and where I wanted it to go,
Only to go nowhere time and again, much to my incessant woe.

This path ain’t always easy. In fact, it’s often a pain,
Especially when you bust your butt on things you know won’t gain
You the recognition you deserve for how hard you work
On your chosen projects day in, day out, making you wonder what you’re worth.

I sure know I often wonder to myself if I’ve the touch
And whether or not I’m any good at what I’ve spent so much
Time and effort on for how many years I’ve been alive,
Only to be denied time and again to achieve that for which I strive.

So often I’ve wondered what I’m doing wrong in each of my tasks—
What I’m doing to hold myself back for each time I dare to ask
Someone to accept my work at long last and take one step closer
In proving myself a superstar and not just another poser.

Why is my work so untouchable? Is it really that bloody shoddy?
Can I not tell a good story at all? Is that why I’m ignored by everybody?
Does my choice matter not sell well? Is my story structure a mess?
Are my characters unappealing? Tell me why my work’s not the best.

That’s not what I’m ever told, sadly…only that one’s “overwhelmed”
Or that one’s simply “not interested”—just the vaguest of tripe from the helm.
Very rarely will one tell me that one can’t market work like mine
Or that one’s not representing such stuff at the present time.

Too many, too, are rude as all hell in relaying such info to me.
Apparently, tact has been out of style for years, as I’ve some to see.
Well, sorry, jerks, if I’ve offended you with my apparent ignorance,
But treating me like my work and I are worthless has no defense.

So why do I still bother? Why do I keep doing what I do
When I know my work will keep being turned down my whole life through?
Am I somehow masochistic? Does being rejected somehow
Fill me with relief or ecstasy that I don’t know about just now?

Do I perchance revel in failure? That somehow doesn’t seem right,
‘Cause last time I checked, my facelessness still haunts me day and night,
And yet, I keep plugging away despite each time I’ve been turned down,
Knowing almost certainly that once more my efforts will lead me to frown.

Then again, who’m I kidding? The odds have been beaten before
By many a talented worker and even by many a bore
Who’ve created works that have stood the test of time seventy-fold
That many have deemed to be the greatest stories ever told,

And for right or for wrong, I’ve come to believe I’m one of them,
And that one day folks’ll read my stuff and reminisce to back when
They first read my words and perchance might be inspired themselves
To write works of their own to line other people’s bookshelves.

I know it sounds pretentious and self-centered, but let me be real:
To make my mark in the business to me would mean a great deal—
Not just for the money, either, but for love and fame as well,
And in order to get to heaven, sometimes one must suffer hell.

It’s all a lesson in paying dues, so I’ve learned the hard way,
And I’m getting a bit impatient, I’ll admit, to see the day
When all my hard work finally pays off for a lifetime’s sake.
Naturally, then, I hope all this time I did not chance to forsake.

With fingers crossed, then, I continue working on my main course:
A project that I hope will finally lead me on course
To living the dream I’ve dreamt for so long, at last making it real,
And if I must carry on laboring to earn it, then that’s the deal.

Back to work for me, then, in the name of a better life
Where things may become more hectic, but without my present strife.
There’s got to be someone out there who sees merit in me,
And once I finally make it, for me will no better place be.


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Poem of the Week: Let This Be the Year

happy-new-year-2015-wallpaper_1418166124Hello, readers…

…and a belated Happy Holidays to each and every one of you. I apologize for the lack of any Holiday-related poetry this year between October and now, but things have been pretty busy here. Thankfully, however, I have this poem to provide you all with: my final poem for 2014.

Here’s hoping that 2015 proves to be a year of change for the better for the world as we know it. Without further ado, then, here’s Let This Be the Year.


Let This Be the Year
December 25, 2014

Looking back is more painful than it has to be,
For now it’s 2015, and what do I see?
Many a moment in time I’ve the misfortune to miss;
Memories that should have been mine, if you get the gist;
Things I should have gone through, had I only taken the time;
Songs I could have written, had I only the will to rhyme;
People whose lives I could have touched, if not for my weak will;
Things I would have loved dearly, had I not been such a pill.
So many things I could have done and seen and felt in my life,
And yet, here I am, another year gone, wallowing in strife,
Agony, and self-pity, knowing all I could have said
And done to better myself, all the books I could have read,
All the things I could have put together with my own two hands,
All the people and places I could have seen here and in other lands,
And everything I could have learned and absorbed along the way—
Memories to last a lifetime and even after my dying day,
And yet, what’ve I to show for all the years I’ve been alive?
What’ve I produced to prove that my life is more than jive?
What’ve I done or said for so long to prove my worth to this world,
To create a torch to pass down to today’s young boys and girls?
What example have I set for others to strive to live up to?
Honestly, I’m old as things stand. What living yet can I do?
Is it too late in my live to leave a legacy behind,
Or am I only taking up space in this world of yours and mine?
What can I do to say or prove that I, too, have a place
In this insane world of ours and that I’m not just some disgrace
To the human race, mixed bag though it is? After all, for everyone good,
There’s someone lurking in the shadows of every neighborhood
Who’s out to make others miserable in one way or another,
Lying to, cheating, and stealing from his or her sisters and brothers,
And I refuse to degenerate into such pathetic scum.
However, absurd though it’d be, I may’ve already become one
On account of the self-absorption that I’ve wallowed in,
And if I’m right, I hope I can somehow make up for my sins.
I hope it’s not too late, either, for I’ve already lived so long,
And if I’ve only one year left to make up for all the wrong
I’ve done in my life to myself and others, then let this year be it
To become whom I’m supposed to be and not another twit
Who leeches off of others and makes others’ lives hell,
For I’d much rather have a far more pleasant story to tell—
Not a tale of tragedy, but rather of triumph, friends,
Who, through hardship self-imposed I’ve survived to the bitter end
In hopes of making this world a better place in my own way
So that the next generation can witness brighter days
And have something to look forward to other than uncertainty,
Which sadly is my current fate brought about by none but me.
Let this be the year, then, even if the only one
For me to help others move forward under Heaven’s hot sun
And give them hope for the future via the words I say,
For unlike me, they have the chance to see a brighter day.
It may be too late, after all, to do all I’ve meant to do,
But why should that stop those after me? Such is what I ask you.


That should do it for this year. In the meantime, thank you all for making my past three years in hosting this blog worth my while, and I definitely look forward to your support in the year to come. Aside from that, feel free to visit my author pages at Smashwords.comAmazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk to check out my current work, and until we meet again, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber

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