Poem of the Week: Sometimes You’ve Got to Let Go

Sometimes You’ve Got to Let Go
March 5, 2020

Sometimes you’ve got to let go,
No matter how it might hurt so.
It’s just one of those things
We expect time to bring,
Even of it brings us woe.

Good things too often come to an end.
It’s just a way of life, my friend,
But when they do,
Here’s a tip for you:
Take a nice, long look ‘round the bend

At the other interests in store
For you and others to explore—
Reading, writing, hikes,
Riding ‘round on a bike,
Weightlifting, and so much more—

To help you foregt about that show
On the ‘Net that’s brought you such woe
Or those video games
That’ve brought you much pain
Or those ignorant, indolent schmoes

On Twitter and Facebook who
Constantly give you the blues
With their asinine posts
And pics through which they boast
‘Bout themselves the whole way through.

Try playing a tabletop RPG
With your friends for an hour or three,
Not caring ‘bout the rubes
Still polluting the tube,
But at last knowing how life can be.

Give a new music genre a shot
To hear why other folks think it’s hot
When what you now know
On the radio
Is leaving you flat-out shot.

Go outside and get some fresh air
And some exercise while you’re out there.
Walk off your misery
Before it gets to thee
And consumes you toenails to hair.

There’s more to life than what you know.
That crap you hate, then? Let it go
And look ‘round you to see
Just what else there could be
To rescue you from your woe.

Life’s short as it is, after all,
So why let yourself take a fall?
If something new’s at hand,
Grab it, woman or man,
And make the most of it all.


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Poem of the Week: A Random Diamante I Wrote While Working on an Old Project

A Random Diamante I Wrote While Working on an Old Project
March 1, 2020

Winning end.
Refurbishing, refining, refreshing.
Getting sleepy, though…drat!
Blinking, yawning, nodding…
Forget this!


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Poem of the Week: Ignorance

February 15, 2020

Nagging, haunting, debilitating
Remnant of last decade
Pestering, persisting, festering
Enough already!


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Poem of the Week: Labor of Love

Labor of Love
February 9, 2020

Labor of love
Labor of will
Will and wit
Will and skill
Skill to arrange
Skill to plan
Plan on your feet
Plan carefully
Carefully until the end
Carefully from the start
Start with the basics
Start with an idea
Idea less explored
Idea that can grow
Grow into something great
Grow into something memorable
Memorable for years
Memorable for many
Many ways to go
Many hours to spend
Spend organizing
Spend mapping
Mapping your plot
Mapping your characters
Characters to act it all out
Characters with whom folks will identify
Identify and relate
Identify and connect with
With feeling
With thought
Thought and understanding
Thought for morality
Morality we all could benefit from
Morality this whole world could use
Use during these troubled times
Use throughout life
Life colorized
Life enriched
Enriched thanks to stories
Enriched thanks to writing
Writing from you
Writing and talent
Talent much appreciated
Talent always welcome
Welcome to the scene, kiddo!
Welcome to the industry!
Industry of mental labor
Industry we all love


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Poem of the Week: What to Do when a TV Show You Used to Love Goes South

What to Do when a TV show You Used to Love Goes South
February 1, 2020

Once upon a blessed time,
Life as I knew it was sublime
‘Til that which I loved
For one reason or above
Or another stepped out of life.

Its writing has lost its flare
To the point where I no longer care—
Or, at least, if I do,
I wish to be through
Of that upon which I still stare.

The plot now makes no sense at all,
The writing’s gone that off the wall,
And the dialogue…ick!
It males me so sick,
It sends me straight to the stall.

The characters I once knew
Have vanished into the blue,
And in their place…
Ugh! What a disgrace!
I can but begin to tell you,

For they make me wish I was no fan
Of this trash that nowadays stands
On my TV so worn.
Now I’m mentally torn,
And I simply fail to understand

How the actors involved sick around.
Is there no work for them to be found
Outside of this mess,
Or is this the best
They can do ‘til something comes around?

I can tell they can’t wait ‘til
They can move on from this swill.
Their acting is weak,
And their faces are bleak
On account of their shattered will.

I can tell for them it’s no fun
Anymore, and they would just run
If they could, but alas,
The time yet has to pass
When their contracts are at last done.

That in mind, then, it’s up to me
To find out where I want to be
In regards to this show
That’s filled me with woe
I never thought I’d hear or so.

Do I stick around and carry on
Watching that I know which has gone wrong
Just to see it get worse
On account if its curse
And hence sing an even sadder song,

Or do I simply walk away,
Never to return in any way—
Even when things shape up?
Once I’ve shipped out young pup—
To look forth to a much brighter day?

Well, I think I’ve made up my mind:
I’m leaving this garbage behind
And tuning in to
Something fresh and new
To ease my troubled mind.

Life’s too short, anyway,
To let bad shows get in the way—
Especially with so
Much good stuff to know
‘Round the bend in one or another way.

Good riddance, then, dying show.
You were good not too long ago.
It was nice knowing you.
Nowadays, not so true,
So it’s now high time that I go.

Life doesn’t revolve, anyway,
‘Round television in any way.
Therefore, again, so long,
Show, for I’m moving on
To see a much brighter day.


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Poem of the Week: Intelligence: Forever Undesired?

Intelligence: Forever Undesired?
January 3, 2020

Will brains ever be a likable trait
‘Mongst men like it was in the “good ol’ days,”
Or will smarts always be something we hate—
A trait for “losers” in so many ways?
When will common sense be a thing again
To honor and cherish ‘til Doomsday comes?
When will we no more feel the stinging pain
Of blatant cluelessness from mainstream bums?
When will speech and thought mean something once more—
More than just toys with which idiots play?
Is rampant stupidity what’s in store
From here ‘til humanity’s dying day?
‘Cause that’s not the world I want to live in,
Drowning in others’ unabashed sin.


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Poem of the Week: This World So Divided

This World So Divided
December 24, 2019

Too often do others in this life make us put up with their vices
Rather than leave us in peace or otherwise to our own devices,
And in this world so divided against itself, it’s easy to see
The kind of people out there causing trouble for folks like you and me,
For while we just try to live our lives and follow our ambitions dear,
The selfish, childish, and ill-guided rear their heads far and near,
All claiming to serve one cause or another and that “the enemy”
Is their polar opposite for “obvious” reasons X, Y, and Z,
And should we side with such “scum” at all in any issue at hand,
We’re apparently supporting evil to spread across the land.
Never mind the faults in their own logic that they handily ignore,
For dare you point them out, they’ll merely defend them even more.
“Zero critical thinking skills,” they say of us in such a case.
All is black and white to them, and quickly will they jump in the face
Of anyone with the common sense to read between the lines
They spew so flippantly day and night from their bloated mouths and behinds,
And they only keep spawning yearly—one down, a dozen more to go.
To think, too, that YouTube’s schlock posters were enough to bring me woe!
Alas, what can you do when your home nation is loaded to the brim
With maniacs and radicals fulfilling their every whim
Other than be strong for yourself and the best human being
You could possibly be in the wake of all the drama you’re hearing and seeing?
None of us, after all, can afford to let others’ ignorance and hate
Transform us into the monsters they are who thrive on heated debate,
Melodrama, and even violence over that which they believe
While those of us caught in the crossfire are left to stand by and grieve.
We all owe it to ourselves to grow and thrive each day that comes
If we hope to make any progress in being what we want to become,
And letting the loud and self-righteous control us isn’t the way
For any of us to improve ourselves and achieve greatness one day.
Devil take them all, I say, for they all gave up their humanity,
And now, they’re nothing but shambling shells of what they used to be,
Devoid of emotion but fear and wrath towards that which they can’t stand.
How anyone can choose to devolve so, I’ll never understand.
One thing I know for sure, though, is that I refuse to be that way
And that I’ll do all in my power to bring about a better day
For myself, leastways, if not the world, for I’ve seen to many twits
Ruining it every which way they can, which makes me shake with fits.
Practicing good will I’ll do, then, for ‘tis time to bring an end
To this ever-escalating feuding of ours for sake of family and friends
So that a new day we can enjoy at long last, everyone,
For only through healing can we move forth as we circle Heaven’s sun.


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