Poem of the Week: Savagery

typed December 12, 2001 (date composed unknown; 1999-2000)

We humans are such self-righteous beings, boasting that we’re so hot
While all the while insisting that other creatures, in turn, are not,
But really, who’s to say that all the goblins, centaurs, and trolls
Are utterly uncivilized monsters? Who dares to say that those
Of a species more akin to Nature—“savages,” one might say—
Are so inferior to our ilk in every single way?
Have such fools ever taken the time out of their meaningless lives
To truly examine these other breeds and see that all the jive
That our insolent race has claimed of such folk is total trash
Said by us merely to keep our fragile egos from being smashed
By the truth concerning our supposedly “civilized” breed in this world
That proves that intelligent beings everywhere—women, men, boys, and girls—
Were made to suit the purpose of God, however He set it so?
I must confess to you, my kin, that the answer here is no.
I tell you this, however, that no matter who we are,
No matter if we trust our fate in computers or in the stars,
That if we look upon fellow beings with such blind disgust
For any difference they may have in relation to us,
We’d in turn make a poor example of ourselves as well, you see,
For if these other races are savages, then, indeed, so are we.


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Poem of the Week: Know-it-Alls

September 15, 2017

Experts in their own minds in one thing or another,
Eyes cast down, their noses in the air,
Criticizing all us “philistines” in this and that way, brother,
All with a sense of self-important flair.

Their needle-nosed arrogance so deeply gets under our skin
That it creeps and crawls across our musculature
Until we feel the need to somehow punish them for their sins,
Even if doing so makes us look immature.

After all, what do these jerks know in the grand scheme of things?
On what grounds do they have the right to act
Like everyone should kiss their feet and worship the words they sing?
To Hell with these egomaniacal brats!

They only know so much about topics X, Y, and Z
With the Internet being their chief info source.
Sometimes, they even cling on to each other desperately
‘Cause only one can stand another, of course,

And when one sits on another’s lap, you can truly tell
Just how insecure and dumb the bugger is
And how superior he or she needs to feel at all well
While helping the other feel like an utter whiz.

It’s a lot like bullying in a sense with one hiding behind another,
And when it’s done on the ‘Net, it’s even worse,
For hiding behind a screen only proves one’s cowardice, brother,
And hiding ‘hind others as well further proves one’s curse

Of forever having no backbone on top of being a flake—
Neither of which anyone of sense aims to be,
Especially in a day and age when folks tend to hate what’s fake
And the inauthentic is plain to hear and see.

Take the hint, then, know-it-alls of the world. We’re on to you,
And we’re not going to take your crap anymore.
Go suck your airs of superiority back up your chutes of poo
And take your condescension with you back out the door.

Either gain some ground on which to base the knowledge you claim to own
Or shut your mouths and go away for good.
We’re done with your egos and how they’ve cut our spirits to the bone
And no longer want you in our neighborhood.


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Poem of the Week: No Love for the Arrogant

No Love for the Arrogant
May 19, 2017

I’ve no love for the arrogant, their heads swollen with pride,
Always looking down on others whose efforts they chide,
Always quick with insults, never seeking fault at all
Within their own deeds and behavior, for their own minds are too small
To let them see their own imperfections they, too, harbor deep
Inside the shrunken black rocks they call hearts, which sleep
Inside their chests and only beat for their hosts and them alone,
Never realizing that, like everyone else, they’re flesh and bone
And are capable of making mistakes—often knowingly—
But flippantly dismissing just how careless they can be
As they carry on hurting others’ feelings without remorse
Claiming to be superior and getting up on a high horse
To show the “peasants” how they’re “screwing up” what they do,
Talking to them like children as they explain things through and through
‘Cause the other people are as dumb as chicks freshly hatched in the nest
And need to be treated as such ‘cause the former know best.
Such is how the arrogant think, leastways, not realizing
That their own minds are every bit as in need of supersizing—
If not, in fact, even more so in order for them to see
That they’re really no better than anyone from you to me,
For it’s not ust their way or the highway that makes the world turn.
“Different strokes for different folks” is a saying these clowns should learn,
As one way of living, working, and playing doesn’t fit everyone,
And forcing their way of thinking and doing on all walking ‘neath the sun
Isn’t the way to make friends or even simply get along,
Especially in an era where cooperation must be strong
Between one another if we hope to move society forth,
And we’ve already been suffering from bickering of all sorts.
Besides, is the “one way” with which we’re familiar really working
In this world overrun with “shots fired,” “Fifty Shades,” and “twerking,”
Or do we need to get back something we’ve lost long ago—
Something that made us great once and that we’ve been missing so?
Maybe it’s time we stepped back and analyzed the situation
That’s been spreading like a plague between us all from nation to nation
And stop having such egos when it comes to each little thing.
Otherwise, we’ll be stuck in the cycle and keep feeling the sting
Of a million barbs and the million scars they’ve given us over the years,
And I’m sorry, but that crap’s gotta stop, and it’s gotta stop now and here,
So grow up and get over yourselves, egomaniacs!
Your behavior’s doing nobody a favor, and it’s time it got axed.
This world’s long needed to move forth. This world’s long needed to heal,
So put away your arrogance and learn for once to feel
For your fellow man and woman and lend him and her a hand
If we’re ever going to change things in this befouled, corrupted land.


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Poem of the Week: Good Riddance!

Good Riddance!
July 31, 2015

Nagging, petty, nitpicking—that’s all you’re good for.
Honestly, putting up with you is naught but a chore.
You’re a condescending, overbearing, obnoxious pain in the ass,
Talking down to me like I’m stupid and haven’t any class.
I’m not excusing how I’m “only human,” but hell!
The way you treat me day and night, I might as well.
You that that just ‘cause I struggle, I haven’t any sense,
And with that in mind, you feel your jaded wisdom you must dispense.
Well, newsflash, bitch! It’s not helping a single stinking bit.
You’re only berating me with it, and I’ve had enough of it.
You’re not helping me grow at all, only making me feel dumb,
Hopeless, clueless, incapable of evolving, and just plain numb.
You’re not benefitting me at all, much less empowering me.
You’re only putting me down, especially considering
How worthless your advice really is and how much your words sting.
You don’t say anything meaningful but instead prattle on and on
About how stupid you think I am and what you think I’m doing wrong,
And even when you do say something that just might make sense to me,
It’s so deeply tucked within your scolding that it I simply can’t see.
I thus look elsewhere for help, and when I finally do,
I heed the words of the other source and to you say, “Screw you!”
You’re nothing but a piece of trash in love with your own voice,
And since beggars can’t be choosers, I’d rather have the choice
To blow your toxic carcass off once and for freaking all
And hope that your rude belittling will soon lead to your downfall.
I don’t know where you get off thinking you’re so hip
And cute and tough and excellent, but frankly, I think you’re a dip.
You’re just a snobbish lowlife thinking your words are law,
And I’m so done with you, I can’t let out a single guffaw.
I’ll take my chances elsewhere, then, and finally get the respect
That every good writer deserves and not have you further infect
My mind with words so offensive and poisonous to my plight,
And once that’s been taken care of, I can finally sleep at night.
Good riddance, then, self-righteous hag! I’ve finished my rant with you.
Best of luck, as the mockers say, for you and I are through.


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