Poem of the Week: Labor of Love

Labor of Love
February 9, 2020

Labor of love
Labor of will
Will and wit
Will and skill
Skill to arrange
Skill to plan
Plan on your feet
Plan carefully
Carefully until the end
Carefully from the start
Start with the basics
Start with an idea
Idea less explored
Idea that can grow
Grow into something great
Grow into something memorable
Memorable for years
Memorable for many
Many ways to go
Many hours to spend
Spend organizing
Spend mapping
Mapping your plot
Mapping your characters
Characters to act it all out
Characters with whom folks will identify
Identify and relate
Identify and connect with
With feeling
With thought
Thought and understanding
Thought for morality
Morality we all could benefit from
Morality this whole world could use
Use during these troubled times
Use throughout life
Life colorized
Life enriched
Enriched thanks to stories
Enriched thanks to writing
Writing from you
Writing and talent
Talent much appreciated
Talent always welcome
Welcome to the scene, kiddo!
Welcome to the industry!
Industry of mental labor
Industry we all love


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Poem of the Week: Poem for an Old Flame

Poem for an Old Flame
July 10, 2019

The same old crap from you day after day, week after week,
Month after month, year after freaking year…
You keep acting like you’ll change, but no matter the words you speak,
I know you’re only saying what I want to hear.

Actions speak louder than words do, though, and from what I can see,
You refuse to change, no matter what you say.
You may sing a different song to appease a guy like me,
But I’ve finally wised up to the games you play.

The same routine you used to do when I last walked away,
The same damn routine you did when we first met…
How stupid I was to have not seen through you that shameful, fateful day,
Which is probably why you’re still doing your thing yet.

Do you really think I’m dumb enough, though, to fall for you a second time,
Knowing what you’re about and all you’ve done to me,
Slapping my face and breaking my heart? Well, guess what, sweet child of mine:
That’s no longer how things are going to be.

I’ve finally grown a spine, and with it, I’m standing up to you
To tell you to go seduce some other schmuck,
As you and I were clearly never meant to be, and as such, we’re through.
No more in my blood like a vamp will I let you suck.

No longer do you or will you with your charisma beguile me.
No more will you tie me down to be by your side,
For I’ve brains enough to know that you’re not the only fish in the sea
And that I’ll find someone else, no matter where she hides.

No longer do that which I used to love about you intrigue me,
For my tastes have changed since you and I were one.
No longer your bidding will I do or my devotion you will see
As my days being your slave are officially done.

Good riddance, then, old flame of mine. It’s time I snuffed out our love,
Which was naught but an inferno that’s torched my soul.
I’m now off to find someone else to care for ‘neath the sun above
‘Fore my memories of you further take their toll.

I’m sure you’ll find another toy to play your games with you, dear girl,
And I pity him already for what he’ll face,
But I hope for him all the same that he, too, will flee your world
To leave you all alone at last in your special place.


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Bonus Poem of the Week: Looking for Love Ain’t Easy

Looking for Love Ain’t Easy
May 27, 2019

Looking for love ain’t easy, as a good mate is hard to find,
Especially one with the same morals and values you have in mind—
Someone who lives her life according to the same code you do
Who can socially and mentally compliment you the whole time through.

It gets worse the older you get, for such is when you at last know
What you want in a mate and are thus done fooling around and so,
But the eligible ladies become fewer and further between,
Or so it seems based on your boundaries, if you know what I mean.

On that note do many often rethink their approaches in hopes of
Alleviating the difficulty in their search for eternal love,
Only often to miss out on “Miss Right” for, instead, “Miss Right Now”
And pay for their mistakes in the end in many ways…and how!

Next thing these fellas know, they’re left asking what their searches were worth,
Seeing as they ended up with mates who don’t offer them much mirth,
But what of the men who’ve stayed true in their quest for “The One?”
Have they found their ideal catches, or are they still out on the run?

Have they broadened their horizons and used other means to find
That one gal whom they’ll honor and cherish ‘til the end of time,
Or have they come up empty-handed as they’ve chanced to before,
Wondering if they’ll ever knock at all upon Marriage’s door?

Granted, the strained relations ‘tween the sexes have helped not
Made husbands out of hunters, thus leaving too many poor sots
Left out in the cold to fend for themselves in one way or another,
And if the guys are struggling, no doubt the gals are, too, brother.

Then again, maybe I’m just looking at only one side of the tale.
Maybe even with heightened divorce rates, fewer folks have failed
In finding that special someone and the rates I’ve looked at last
Are either pure fabrications or numbers of divorces past.

That’s what I’d like to think, anyway, for maybe my own Miss Right
Has long been waiting for me for several days and nights,
And for whatever doggone reason, be it my fault or otherwise,
I haven’t come close to meeting her, which should be no big surprise.

I know you’re out there, though, darling, and even if it takes me
An attempt at reincarnation to be where you chance to be
And win your love once and for all ‘til death do us part,
Then I’ll keep fighting the good fight with you on my mind and in my heart.


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Poem of the Week: Message to an Introverted Café Patron

Message to an Introverted Café Patron
May 12, 2019

Sitting quietly in the café reading a book by yourself—
A book that once sat collecting dust high upon its shelf—
Immersing yourself in the tale at hand as you sip your tea,
Not noticing she from the nearby table wondering whom you could be,
Her eyes fixed on you intently as she sips down her java hot,
Wondering if you’ll look up to notice her, pondering whether or not
It’s worth striking up a conversation with you, seeing how you’re engrossed
With the story in your hand with much quiet dignity to boast.
She seems to be all alone herself, judging from the glances you take
At her from the corner of your eye, yet no move do you make
To sit next to her and chat to find out just what’s on her mind.
Honestly, what are you waiting for? Get off your bony behind
To try something you’d perhaps like if you’d just kick down the door
For once and overcome your shyness, if just for a minute or so.
What’s the worst that can happen anyway? She happens to say no
To your offer of companionship? Sure, your pride my take a hit,
But how much are you really losing if you don’t go for it—
Take the first step and try your hand at something that you might
Change your life in ways you’d never know if you don’t take up the plight?
Don’t you deserve someone in your life who’ll see your happiness,
Someone whom you can take care of and in turn give you the best?
After all, this world’s a mean one with sickos ‘round every bend.
And more than ever, we each could benefit from having a friend,
Especially a friend since things don’t seem like they’re cooling off at all soon,
And we all deserve someone to help us fare the night of the Foul Moon.
Get up and talk to the shy girl, then, and show her what you’re about.
You needn’t be super-romantic, but kindly let her sort you out
And converse with her openly and honestly about who you truly are,
And whether she accepts you in her life or said fate’s not in the stars,
At least you made the effort to try out a new life direction,
And even if you should fail, at least you’ll gain some introspection
On what you can do next time to improve the skills you’ve displayed,
And hopefully next time, your cards will be much better played.
Should you succeed, though, congratulations for showing the spine
You’ve demonstrated in coming out of that shell of thine.
Either way, just talk already with the gal at the table.
You’ll benefit either way from it, so show yourself just how able
You are at breaking the cycle and starting something new—
Something that just might help you live life from now on ‘til you’re through.


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Poem of the Week: How to Maintain a Marriage (Message for a Young Groom)

How to Maintain a Marriage (Message for a Young Groom)
May 11, 2019

The goosebumps that line your arms when she so much as passes by,
The sound of her sweet voice that at times makes you cry,
The scent of her perfume as she steps into the room,
The visions you have each hour of you two being bride and groom,

The boiling of your blood when some bastard puts her down,
The sinking of your heart in your chest each minute she’s not around,
The urge to kiss and embrace her every time she draws near…
All these things and more tell you she’s clearly your dear.

Alas, no matter how much you tell her day in and day out,
None of your attempts to tell her so will ever bring about
The confidence in herself she needs to get through the day.
Henceforth, you’ll need to show your love in some special way.

Always treat her on her birthday and your anniversary.
Cook her a meal every once in a while, if not regularly.
Lend her a hand around the house, for it’s also your living bubble,
Then take her out of it to help her (and yourself) escape life’s troubles.

Communicate with her each day, even when you’re miles from home.
Spend as much downtime with her, lest she wants to be alone.
Always show consideration towards her, both at home and away,
And do all you can to keep her safe and secure each and every day.

All these things and more a man must consider when having a wife,
And should you do just that, you’ll find happiness within your life,
For she’ll reward you with kindness for all you’ve done for her.
Take it from one whose parents are still wed. Dad will concur.

Marriage is give-and-take, after all, and often must you give
If you want that which you want, for honestly, how can one live
Give-give-giving or take-take-taking ‘til death do you part?
Why disrupt that balance that nurtures the human heart?


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Bonus Poem of the Week: Endgame: Marriage

Endgame: Marriage
April 30, 2019

If love were a game, I’d be playing for keeps,
As playing to win just wouldn’t be enough.
I could secure a kiss or two, but I’d still lose sleep
If I had to go only on the small stuff.

After all, when men hunt for love, isn’t what they seek
The kind of love that’s meant to last forever—
Anniversaries, a family, romance at its peak?
If not, then, what’s the point of such an endeavor?

What’s the point of searching for love if I can’t have it all,
Even the flaws, which I’m sure I’m bound to get?
Sure, I’ll have my trials and thus not have a perfect ball,
But that dire warning hasn’t stopped me yet

In trying to improve myself so as to be a better man
For when I finally meet my Miss Right,
And though I’ll never be perfect, I’ll do everything I can
To evolve as a man each day and each night,

And when I at last meet Miss Right and secure her heart,
I’ll cradle it carefully my whole life through
And make sure not to shatter or squish it from the very start,
No matter what comes at me from out of the blue,

For any woman can buy gifts for any man she knows
Or cook a meal for him as per her desire,
But loveless gifts and meals exist, no matter the care to show
And can be found out by any trial by fire.

Hugs and kisses, too, mean naught lest there’s deep, sincere love
Behind each one, as only men who are clearly dense
Fail to tell even without guidance from powers high above
If it’s with love that such gestures are dispensed.

Don’t get me started, either, when sex comes into play,
For one can’t “make love” without having it from the start,
And unless I’m with one whom I’ve promised to honor and obey,
The thought of making love won’t be in my heart.

It’s all about comfort, conformity, and longevity for me,
Not a quick thrill or convenience for any sake,
And I’d much rather share my life with she who equally loves me,
As my stomach simply can’t handle anything fake.

To have and to hold’s my thing forever until death comes
To claim my soul one way or another.
Allow me to earn, then, that which I seek under heaven’s sun,
For the easy stuff alone ain’t worth it, brother.

It’s all the way or no way, for empty is victory
If simply meant to stake a claim and move on,
Only to lose it another day, as fools are too blind to see
The value of forever, or at least life-long.


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Poem of the Week: The Eternal Bachelor at Group Counselling

The Eternal Bachelor at Group Counselling
April 23, 2019

Nearly four decades old, never been married once.
Never even been out on a date.
Never met my “better half,” to be quite blunt.
I’m sure many of you here can relate.

Often do I dream, though, of meeting my Miss Right,
But often have I wondered how ready I am,
For often have I spent outside of the dating spotlight
That I wonder if I’ll end up a hero or a ham.

Am I mature enough to handle a relationship
And all the responsibilities tied to it,
Or would I just mess it up with my dull brain and fat lip
And in the end prove to be a worthless twit?

‘Cause if love were a game, I’d play not just to win, but for keeps,
For to win at love is to keep the heart
Of the person one’s courting with marriage being the great leap
One commonly aims to take from the very start.

Would I end up, though, giving her the attention she deserves
And all the care any real man would give his wife,
Or would I be too wrapped up in myself to serve
Her needs and thus be a burden on her life?

Would I tend well to homelife, including whatever kids and pets
We’d have with balanced dedication and grace,
Or would my childish habits and wants find a way yet
To prove to my family that I’m some kind of disgrace?

Would I advance in my career and remain the financial spine
And as such the rock to lean on as per my station?
Would I manage to keep my cool even during the worst of times
And not lose my head no matter the situation?

Would I be even only one thing a woman would expect a man
To be for her no matter what comes out way,
Or would I be just another schmuck as crafted by Sam’s plan
To further the gender divide ’til Judgment Day?

I doubt I’ll ever know, but one thing I know for sure
Is that I still have quite a way to go
Before my heart and soul can even be considered pure
Enough to score a woman’s love just so,

And though part of me wants to give up, especially at my age,
And resign to the fate I swear God’s given me,
I still can’t help but want to overcome my inner rage
And keep shaping into the best man I can be.

I still want to grow at my most immediate craft and try
New ones so I can master multiple things
Just like so many other men have done before they died,
And to join their ranks would certainly ease this sting

I’ve felt in my heart for decades now since I was a mere boy—
A pain all men feel (and surely women, too):
The inadequacy of not living up to one’s employ
And the yearning to prove oneself before one’s through.

I’ll therefore keep fighting to earn my way past heaven’s gates
One way or another, and if perchance my Miss Right
Does indeed come along, that’ll surely be something to celebrate,
Although at my age, the timing just doesn’t seem right.

I can’t afford to pine for my younger days, though, so fight I shall
Further to be the best man I can be,
And with or without my “better half,” I’ll make it somehow, pals,
And at last fulfill at least part of my destiny.

I’ve blown it so many times already, be so one way or another,
That I’ve cheated myself out of success during my youth,
But if there’s any chance left for me now, let me tell you, brother:
I shan’t spend another day being dumb and uncouth.

No more hanging on to yesterday or my petty, immature ways.
No more dwelling on what could’ve or should’ve been.
It’s time for me to grow up and shape up at long last today
And become one of the greatest men womankind’s seen,

And if Miss Right never comes into my life, if nothing else,
I’ve done what I can to live up to my design
As expected of all men and made something of myself.
That’s my pledge, and I’m standing by it, friends of mine.


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