Poem of the Week: Moving Forward (Why Does It Have to Be So Hard?)

Moving Forward (Why Does It Have to Be So Hard?)
March 1, 2015

Why does moving forward have to be so hard?
Why does it make you want to fall apart?
Why are pleasant memories so easy to lose?
Why is it so hard to shake the nostalgia blues?

Longing for yesterday’s so easy to do
When you’re lost and have naught to look forward to.
All’s so dark and dismal that you look to the past
And wonder to yourself why those days didn’t last.

No, no era’s perfect, but let’s face it, friend:
Those were simpler days back then that didn’t deserve to end.
“Did I live them to my fullest?” you might ask yourself
Before you close the book again and put it back on yourself.

All those days you grew up learning right from wrong,
Reading great books while listening to your favorite songs,
So many sights and sounds you remember to this day,
And if you could relive them, you’d have it no other way.

Flash forward to the present, things are a mess.
Looking all around you, you can’t help but be distressed.
Where are all the things you used to know and love?
Have they already vanished to the stars above?

All the morals and values you used to know as a child
Have been scattered by the winds, forever lost to the wild,
Replaced by codes of conduct that make you question things
And make you shudder at just what the future might bring.

The world you see reflects this everywhere you turn.
It’s a cold, harsh reality we’ve all come to learn.
Everything’s gone straight to Hell. Nothing makes much sense.
Much wisdom from the ages we can afford to dispense.

Time sternly marches on, though, no matter what we do,
And it leaves you wondering how it ever all caught up to you,
Even when you’ve lived for the moment day by day.
Sadly, the only solution is to hope and even pray

That the world will cleans its act up once the righteous take a stand
And the wicked perish from the earth and we all join hand in hand
To piece together whatever’s left and start the world anew
And create memories to last all time for the likes of me and you.

In the meantime, keep your chin up, for you know how things change,
And before you know it, all will once again be rearranged.
For better or for worse, I can only start to say,
But keep your spirits high, for someday will be that day.


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