Poem of the Week: Nightmares from Yesterday

Nightmares from Yesterday
April 5, 2018

I’ve had it!
I’ve had enough—
Enough of the past,
Enough of nightmares,
Nightmares from yesterday,
Nightmares from my youth,
Youth that stunk,
Youth ill-spent—
Spent wasting time,
Spent putting up with idiots,
Idiots who dismissed me as worthless,
Idiots who treated me like trash—
Trash meant to be thrown away
Trash meant to be burned.
Burned I’ve been.
Burned I still am.
Am I ever to let go?
Am I ever to move on,
On towards success,
On towards the future,
Future full of respect,
Future when people see?
See that I’m worth something,
See what I’m about—
About moving forward,
About rising up,
Up like a phoenix,
Up to take my place—
Place amongst the greats who’ve come before me,
Place I long should’ve been,
Been by now,
Been in a perfect world.
World always in need of fresh material…
World ever yearning for good storytelling…
Storytelling that helps the world turn,
Storytelling to help take us away—
Away from drudgery,
Away from chaos,
Chaos otherwise unavoidable—
Chaos of the material world,
World too quick to close in on us all,
World that’s a mess—
Mess of violence and disease,
Mess of maniacs and morons,
Morons like the ones I’ve dealt with,
Morons like those from my nightmares.
Nightmares, let me be!
Nightmares, I wish thee gone.


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Poem of the Week: Let Grit See You Through

Let Grit See You Through
April 25, 2017

Letting go of the past can be quite tough
When the memories won’t leave you alone,
For the road of life oftentimes is rough
With events that cut you straight to the bone—
People who’ve hurt you for no fair reason,
Happenings you’ve tried to leave behind you…
Yet no matter the day, year, or season,
It comes back to haunt you out of the blue,
Making you wish you could go back in time
To fix whatever wrong you may have done.
Alas, that’s not how time works, friend of mine,
For the direction it goes is but one.
Thus, there’s only one thing that you can do:
Screw your heels in and let grit see you through.


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Bonus Poem of the Week: Nightmares

March 23, 2016

Places I recognize, and yet, I don’t,
People I haven’t seen for years on end,
Events with which I’ve dealt and simply won’t
Ever become involved in again, friend.
Memories twisted by my own ill mind,
Warped into visions that still haunt my brain,
Bringing up a past better left behind,
The reminder of which drives me insane.
Messages I just vaguely understand
Through deeds and actions of characters odd
And things I consciously would never plan
As through the mists of my psyche I plod.
Ugh! What did I have for supper last night
To feed my subconscious mind such a fright?


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Poem of the Week: Moving Forward (Why Does It Have to Be So Hard?)

Moving Forward (Why Does It Have to Be So Hard?)
March 1, 2015

Why does moving forward have to be so hard?
Why does it make you want to fall apart?
Why are pleasant memories so easy to lose?
Why is it so hard to shake the nostalgia blues?

Longing for yesterday’s so easy to do
When you’re lost and have naught to look forward to.
All’s so dark and dismal that you look to the past
And wonder to yourself why those days didn’t last.

No, no era’s perfect, but let’s face it, friend:
Those were simpler days back then that didn’t deserve to end.
“Did I live them to my fullest?” you might ask yourself
Before you close the book again and put it back on yourself.

All those days you grew up learning right from wrong,
Reading great books while listening to your favorite songs,
So many sights and sounds you remember to this day,
And if you could relive them, you’d have it no other way.

Flash forward to the present, things are a mess.
Looking all around you, you can’t help but be distressed.
Where are all the things you used to know and love?
Have they already vanished to the stars above?

All the morals and values you used to know as a child
Have been scattered by the winds, forever lost to the wild,
Replaced by codes of conduct that make you question things
And make you shudder at just what the future might bring.

The world you see reflects this everywhere you turn.
It’s a cold, harsh reality we’ve all come to learn.
Everything’s gone straight to Hell. Nothing makes much sense.
Much wisdom from the ages we can afford to dispense.

Time sternly marches on, though, no matter what we do,
And it leaves you wondering how it ever all caught up to you,
Even when you’ve lived for the moment day by day.
Sadly, the only solution is to hope and even pray

That the world will cleans its act up once the righteous take a stand
And the wicked perish from the earth and we all join hand in hand
To piece together whatever’s left and start the world anew
And create memories to last all time for the likes of me and you.

In the meantime, keep your chin up, for you know how things change,
And before you know it, all will once again be rearranged.
For better or for worse, I can only start to say,
But keep your spirits high, for someday will be that day.


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Poem of the Week: Pity Party Crashed

Happy Memorial Day, America!

This week’s “Poem of the Week” is just a little something that’s sweet, straight-forward, and easy to follow, both in terms of rhyming scheme and the message it tries to convey. Without any further ado, then, here’s Pity Party Crashed. Enjoy!


Pity Party Crashed
May 15, 2013

I’m usually calm and laid back, just doing my thing,
Moving on with my life like any other adult would,
But then the memories come back with a painful sting,
And suddenly I’m feeling nowhere as cheerful as I could.

All the classmates who made fun of me for whatever reason,
All the teachers who belittled me and treated me like scum,
All the excuses I had to look forward to the next season—
You’d think that I’d be happy to know that those days are done.

Sadly, the pain still lingers, and all ‘cause I was too slow
In addressing each issue right when I needed to,
And all the people who’ve hurt me, much to my dismay and woe,
Have gotten away with doing so without a blemish or two.

I know, too, that I still have a future ahead of me,
Even with all the years I’ve spent in my life already
Having gone down the toilet to where no one else can see,
Be it my own fault or circumstance having sent it down the jetty.

The problem is, however, putting my foot in the door,
And I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but it always seems to me
That each time I’ve tried to do so has proven but a chore,
For the door just slams in my face, and I’m flustered as can be.

Such is the way it’s been for years, and it’s bugging me to no end,
For by now, I should have long been in a much better place,
And I get so upset at how I’d held myself back, my friend,
And no matter how hard I try to remind myself I’m no total disgrace,

I can’t help but feel ashamed for all the accomplishments I could’ve had
At this point in my life, but have failed hard to achieve,
And I hope that sometime in the future, things won’t be so bad.
Unfortunately, at this moment, all I can do is grieve—

Grieve for a childhood I’ve lost, and know I’ll never get back,
Grieve for an adolescence wasted on petty, trivial crap,
Grieve over an adulthood that’s so far only given me flak,
Grieve for—ouch! Hey, what was that that just gave me a slap?

What else do you think it is? ‘Tis I, your conscience, you fool!
I’m so sick of all your whining and how bad you think you have it
And how you’re letting the past prevent your future from being cool,
And quite frankly, it’s time I stepped in and made you cut your…crap.

You still have a future ahead of you. You just said so yourself.
You’re only in your thirties; that’s still a ways off from being old,
So don’t think for one minute of putting your life up on a shelf
Just yet, for you can still achieve your dreams, if you’d just be bold.

Stop moaning ‘bout what could’ve been and obsessing over what once was.
There’s no way to change the past now, only what can be and what is,
And the sooner you get to task on your latest project, the sooner the buzz
Will be around your work, and the sooner you’ll make a splash in the biz.

Hmm…maybe you’re right. Maybe it’s time for me to tear
My head out of my anus and straighten myself out,
Screw my heels in and see to the business I must take care
Of in order to prove to the world exactly what I’m about.

I’ve obviously felt sorry for myself for long enough, I’d say,
And even though I’m more destined than not to languish I some more
In pain and frustration with life denying me my long due pay,
I know I still must plug along if I plan on settling the score

And show the world that I’m worth something after all,
To show everyone that I do matter in the scheme of things,
And to show that I can stand both accountable and tall
On my two feet, no matter how sharply my memories sting.

On that note, then, I’ve no more time to be wasting away.
It’s time for me to screw my heels back in and take care of
The business that I hope will lead me to a better day
And help me make the most out of something that I’ve long loved.


That should do it for this week. Hopefully, this poem has inspired those of you who somehow feel stuck in life to build up the courage you need to tackle whatever obstacles yet stand between you and your ultimate goal head-on and not let anyone or anything hold you back from attaining that which you want most out of life. In the meantime, thank you all for stopping by, and once again, I hereby salute all the men and women who have fought in the name of the good ol’ U.S. of A. and all that it stands for. I thus hope everyone’s Memorial Day is a safe and prosperous one, and until we meet again, all, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber

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Once again, everyone, thanks!

Poem of the Week: The Past

Hey, readers!

After looking this blog of mine over and noting the activity it has received over the past five days since I’ve started it, I’ve noticed that I’ve got a handful of readers who have shown particular interest in what I had posted just yesterday in regards to my poetry anthology The Sun Shan’t Set on Me! Poems from My Younger Days (Ages 16 to 23) and the three sample poems I’ve included from it in that very post. To each of you who have shown interest, I’d just like to say thank you, and if you haven’t already, please check out the full anthology at Smashwords.com. I truly appreciate the support.

In the meantime, because people have shown interest in my poetry, I find myself reminded of something I had said in my very first post—something about how my readers shouldn’t be surprised if they came across one of my more recent poems on this blog and how I was even contemplating a “Poem of the Week” segment here, permitting that I learned to balance my writing schedule between my novels and my poetry. Well, the least I can do for you all is give that segment a shot this week, and if things go well, this very segment may very well indeed turn into the weekly thing I want it to be. After all, there’s no use in me talking about something if I don’t have the guts to at least try it out and see where it goes.

Therefore, without further ado, here’s a little something I managed to whip up recently to prove to myself that even after all these years, I still have it in me as a poet. This particular work isn’t in my anthology, unfortunately, but hey—if I manage to crank out more poems just like it, then who knows? Maybe one day a second anthology might surface on my author page over at Smashwords.com. Until then, sit back and enjoy my latest composition.


The Past
April 10, 2012

No matter how hard I try to let go,
No matter how hard I try to move on,
I keep thinking about what went on in my past
And about everything that I’ve done wrong,
How I held myself back from being the best
At whatever I loved and all else I did
And from achieving all that I should have
Ever since I was a dopey little kid.
Why didn’t I plan things out better than I had?
Why didn’t I take chances when I needed to?
Why was I so scatterbrained when it came to
My future and what with it I wanted to do?
Why did I let so many people push me ‘round?
Why did I let so much get under my skin?
Why did I make so many decisions that
Have put me in the rut I am now in?
What if I could do it all over again?
What kind of changes would I make to ensure
A better fate for my family and me,
To make a name for myself that’s less obscure?
Would I be stronger? Would I be smarter?
Would I be swifter? Would I be bolder?
Would I actually earn everything
I still want nowadays once I got older?
How much better off would I be now if
I only took different turns and twists
Along the road of life up to the present day?
Surely things would be much better than this
Mess of emotions I’m dealing with right now—
This self-loathing I deal with everyday.
If only I was much quicker on the draw,
I wouldn’t have such a high price to pay,
But still, I sit here by myself wondering
“What if?” this and “What if?” that, day in, day out,
For in the end, I’ve finally realized
Just what life is actually all about.
So do yourselves a favor, one and all,
And make each moment of your own lives last.
Please don’t learn the hard way as I’ve done, else you
Will also be stuck wallowing in the past.


Well, folks, that’s it for today. Please tune in next time as I talk about my third book that I have recently published via Smashwords.com, Best of Luck, Jeff Babbage!—a tale of contemporary fiction about a literary agent who learns the hard way about becoming an author after getting fired from the agency where he has worked for three years. I’ll talk to you all then, everybody!

Dustin M. Weber