Song of the Week: Lost a Piece of My Soul

Hey, readers.

Here are some lyrics to a song I just wrote concerning a movie I’d seen yesterday evening that, while popular, turned out to be one of only two movies I’d ever walked out on in my life. I’ll leave it up to you to guess which movie that would be, although I will give one hint: I’d originally recommended on February 11 to go see this (or, for that matter, any other) movie instead of…*ahem*…a different, much more openly despised movie that I still think is far worse than this one on based on merit alone, although not by much, IMO. Granted, this was the first film I’d ever seen from this particular director, but even after giving it a fair chance all the same, I’m pretty sure that this will be the only film I’ll ever see from this particular individual from here on out.

That being said, for those of you who know the film about which I speak, please keep an open mind and take my opinion with a grain of salt. In the meantime, here’s Lost a Piece of my Soul.


Lost a Piece of My Soul
by Dustin M. Weber
February 28, 2015

Lost a piece of my soul tonight.
Crossed the dark side just to see the light.
Can’t win a war when fueled by hate.
No point in arguing. I ain’t up for debate.

Verse 1
Tried to fight a war against smut by supporting something else instead,
And I let all the good I heard about this other cause go to my head.
Now I’m ten dollars poorer and feeling sorry for myself.
Oh, how I wished I would’ve stuffed the cash in that box I keep on my shelf.

Repeat refrain

Verse 2
It’s bad enough the perverts of the world keep shilling out for swill,
But when it comes to the competition, it takes an iron will
To not buy into the hype and instead educate oneself on the trash
Before heading out to the cineplex and parting with one’s hard-established stash.

Repeat refrain


Verse 3
A fool and his money are soon parted. That I’ve come to know,
Especially when it comes to the crap that become blockbuster shows,
And while I have lost faith in humanity for this nasty trend,
I blame myself as well in this case for my contribution, friend.

Repeat refrain twice.


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