Bonus Poem of the Week: One Note from Good Ol’ Kenny G

One Note from Good Ol’ Kenny G
March 2, 2015

All it took was one note from good ol’ Kenny G,
And I could feel something awaken deep inside of me—
Something I haven’t felt in countless years now,
Something that struck me quite profoundly…and how!
Thump, thump, thump went something in my chest,
And then a heavy sigh escaped my weary breast.
My mind then took a journey down Memory Lane,
And pictures of what could’ve been popped into my brain—
Images of what I could’ve had once upon a time
With a fair, adoring woman whom I could’ve called mine,
The greatest friend a guy could have, the true love of my life,
A tender soul with healing hands who would’ve made a great wife—
Perhaps even the mother of my children, if I dared,
But at any rate, a true lady for whom I’d have deeply cared,
Someone with whom to grow old, ‘til death do us part,
Someone to think of even at work, always in my heart,
Someone I could care for every second of the day
And even to make love to, should our passion swing that way.
Sadly, all that’s but a vision now stuck in my head.
I wish it’d turned out to be more, but the opportunity’s dead
And has been so for countless years. Thanks a lot, Father Time!
You’ve brought bad luck my way and took what could’ve been mine.
Now there’s no guarantee for me to enjoy such a prize.
All I’ve got now are these mirages flashing before my eyes.
Well, guess what, then, old codger: There’s one thing you can do
To make up for this bullcrap that you’ve put me through.
Actually, make that two things, the first to ensure that I
At least meet Miss Right later on in life and a knot we tie,
Even if our union lasts a decade less than ideal.
Failing that, here’s the second option I want so my fate’s sealed:
Start history all over so that my wife and I meet
And live our lives together in harmony so sweet.
I swear that I’ll do everything to make our marriage last,
Including learning from all the mistakes I’ve made in the past,
No matter the situation, for a woman as sweet and kind
As any who’ll put up with me deserves to leave behind
Her worries and insecurities about the husband I’d be.
That’s the kind of devotion she’d expect from me.
I’m convinced, though, that such a time has passed for me
And that without a bride I’ve been meant to be.
Hopefully I’m wrong, for hey—a guy can always dream,
And reality sometimes isn’t all that it seems.
Until, then, however, I’ve got the sounds of Kenny G
To remind me of what could’ve been, had fate worked out for me.


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