Poem of the Week: Two Faces

Two Faces
February 3, 2015

Shallow and broken in so many places,
So many who see that you have two faces—
Tough yet sensitive at the same time,
But really, you’re just in a pain in the behind.
Grow the hell up, you pain in the ass.
You’re naught but a punk with zero class.

One moment, you act like you’re high class,
Tickling the ladies in all the right places.
Next thing people know, you’re being an ass,
Screaming and spitting in your fellow men’s faces,
Leaving all your civility behind.
Such is how you behave time after time.

Embarrassed I become every single time
I witness you acting with zero class,
Wishing someone would kick your behind—
Not to mention various other places—
And slap you across each of your two faces
For acting the way you do, you ass.

Honestly, what do you get for being an ass,
For being so rude and cocky time after time,
For wiping the smiles off others’ faces,
For acting like you don’t know the meaning of class?
Do you really think such behavior will take you places?
If you do, you’d best leave that attitude behind,

For who knows who’ll whip your sorry behind
And make you realize just how much of an ass
You’ve been to so many people in so many places?
It may not happen now, but over time,
You’ll come to realize that your lack of class
Is bound to blow up in your two faces.

Do yourself a favor, then, and ditch the faces,
Leave this insanity once and for all behind,
And finally learn the meaning of class
Before you get bit once and for all in the ass
For how you’ve acted out all those times
And have left a dark mark in so many places.

So many places, you’ve shown two faces
Time after time. Now leave it all behind,
You pain in the ass, and show some class.


Author Pages: Smashwords.com




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