Poem of the Week: A Rather Blunt Blitz Poem about Intergender Violence

A Rather Blunt Blitz Poem about Intergender Violence
July 14, 2017

Sick of the double standard
Sick of the hypocrisy
Hypocrisy regarding gender
Hypocrisy regarding violence
Violence against women
Violence against men
Men hitting each other
Men hitting women
Women hitting men
Women hitting each other
Other people may disagree
Other people too blind to see
See the big picture
See what’s wrong
Wrong with our way of thinking
Wrong with people hitting people
People need to wake up
People need to realize
Realize what they’re promoting
Realize what they’re saying
Saying it’s a matter of size
Saying it’s a matter of gender status
Status in American
Status worldwide
Worldwide no-no
Worldwide taboo
Taboo for a number of reasons
Taboo we’ll never shake
Shake after so many decades
Shake after so many generations
Generations defending the notion blindly
Generations never stopping to think
Think in simpler terms
Think along a different line
Line of logic
Line of reality
Reality beyond one side of the story
Reality concerning violence
Violence against anyone
Violence is wrong
Wrong outside of self-defense
Wrong outside of a sanctioned fight
Fight for truth
Fight for equality
Equality between both genders
Equality we’ve long needed
Needed to grow
Needed to move on up


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Poem of the Week: Rant that a Male Feminist Might Hear

Rant that a Male Feminist Might Hear
May 17, 2016

Get off your high horse, you damn hypocrite!
You blast one thing but condone the other.
Everybody knows you’re so full of it.

Safely behind your computer you sit,
Preaching morality like no other.
Get off your high horse, you damn hypocrite!

Treating your fellow men like they’re all twits
As if somehow you were their damn mother…
Everybody knows you’re so full of it.

You proclaim that it’s wrong for men to hit
Women, but vice-versa’s fine? Oh, brother!
Get off your high horse, you damn hypocrite!

Claiming that a woman you’d never hit?
I bet your wife you beat like no other.
Everybody knows you’re so full of it.

Your self-righteous words don’t fool us one bit.
We see through your double standard, brother.
Get off your high horse, you damn hypocrite!
Everybody knows you’re so full of it.


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Bonus Poem of the Week: Lunatics Like You

Lunatics Like You
June 11, 2015

You said you’ve done your research, then you opened up your mouth,
And from your first sentence on, your argument went south,
For anyone with a working mind can already tell
That you don’t know Fresca from feces or Heaven from Earth from Hell.
You babble on about topics you’ve clearly no knowledge of
And show your utter ignorance about that which you don’t love.
You rant about lost knowledge you claim has been hidden for years
That even a fool can discover, should said fool have eyes and ears.
You twist well-known facts around to satisfy an end
And regurgitate these lies in exchange for support from your friends.
You play upon paranoia others have of the unknown,
Hoping they’ll be gullible to accept your words as their own.
You preach about a “New World Order” conquering society,
Claiming to warn all about the chaos that might be,
When in reality, you’re the one egging on the rebellion
In hopes of toppling the tyrants according to your own mind, hellion,
And shattering the masses’ hopes for peace and prosperity
That could’ve been the product of what you’d overthrow, you see.
Alas, you claim these despots are keeping knowledge from you—
Knowledge that, if you had it, what exactly would you do?
Would you do precisely what you’re accusing them of
And bend the common folk to your will while you attained all the power
You could until your life expired, spending every hour
Gathering every odd and end of information you could
To fulfill an ultimate conclusion that might not prove to be good?
Then who’d the autocrat be after all? Who’d be the maniac?
Who’d be the subjugating fiend for others to attack?
Who’d be no better than Hitler, out to serve only himself?
Come now! Stop with your lies, you hyperbolic whelp.
Why would you want all the knowledge in the world anyway
When you know you wouldn’t use it responsibly on any day?
Don’t you know knowledge is only worth what it’s used for,
Regardless of who’s using it or behind how many doors?
Besides, can your mind even process the facts you may find,
Especially considering those you misconstrued at one time?
Are you sure your mind won’t melt from all the mental pressure
You just might suffer upon accumulating such treasure?
You barely know how to use the knowledge you’ve collected now
For anyone’s benefit but your own, so don’t try to be a sow
And hog it all and misuse it, for I can pretty much guarantee
Things’ll only be worse than before for everyone—you, me,
Your very own clueless legions and everyone else we know,
So please do the world a favor and don’t bring about more woe,
For we’ve already suffered enough from lunatics like you,
And we can’t afford to suffer anymore hitting us out of the blue.
Now, clean up your act, silence yourself, and don’t say another word.
Your inane, groundless hypotheses are the worst I’ve ever heard.


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Poem of the Week: Two Faces

Two Faces
February 3, 2015

Shallow and broken in so many places,
So many who see that you have two faces—
Tough yet sensitive at the same time,
But really, you’re just in a pain in the behind.
Grow the hell up, you pain in the ass.
You’re naught but a punk with zero class.

One moment, you act like you’re high class,
Tickling the ladies in all the right places.
Next thing people know, you’re being an ass,
Screaming and spitting in your fellow men’s faces,
Leaving all your civility behind.
Such is how you behave time after time.

Embarrassed I become every single time
I witness you acting with zero class,
Wishing someone would kick your behind—
Not to mention various other places—
And slap you across each of your two faces
For acting the way you do, you ass.

Honestly, what do you get for being an ass,
For being so rude and cocky time after time,
For wiping the smiles off others’ faces,
For acting like you don’t know the meaning of class?
Do you really think such behavior will take you places?
If you do, you’d best leave that attitude behind,

For who knows who’ll whip your sorry behind
And make you realize just how much of an ass
You’ve been to so many people in so many places?
It may not happen now, but over time,
You’ll come to realize that your lack of class
Is bound to blow up in your two faces.

Do yourself a favor, then, and ditch the faces,
Leave this insanity once and for all behind,
And finally learn the meaning of class
Before you get bit once and for all in the ass
For how you’ve acted out all those times
And have left a dark mark in so many places.

So many places, you’ve shown two faces
Time after time. Now leave it all behind,
You pain in the ass, and show some class.


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Poem of the Week: What Goes Around Comes Around, Jack!

Welcome back, readers!

This week’s “Poem of the Week” is yet another limerick chain that brings to light a couple of flaws of human nature that I cannot tolerate in the slightest—two psychosocial defects of humanity that always get under my skin and bring my blood to a boil, regardless of the environment in question, but most notably when it comes to the junior high/high school scene. These flaws, of course, are cowardice and hypocrisy, and though I probably should have included a poem on this specific topic in my anthology The Sun Shan’t Set on Me! Poems from My Younger Days (Ages 16 to 23)—especially seeing as how both these traits in particular have illustrated for me the callous, oblivious, self- serving, and outright superficial nature that characterized many of the kids I went to school with back in the day when I was still an adolescent—I nonetheless hope that it isn’t too late for me to provide today’s younger readers with a lesson that they can benefit from at their age when it comes to treating their peers. Not only that, but I also hope that there are some readers out there, old or young, who can find some catharsis in this story for whatever similar nonsense they themselves have had to endure during their teenage years. Either way, I hope you all can garner one thing or another out of this week’s piece, so without further ado, enjoy!


What Goes Around Comes Around, Jack!

June 29, 2012


I once knew a kid named Ken

Who really sucked as a friend,

For he’d never help out

Those who were in doubt,

But rather save his own ass in the end.

His behavior was such a disgrace,

For he’d be friendly to one’s face,

At least for a little while

Just to make one smile

And more or less put one in one’s place.

Then again, when his friends needed aid,

Getting himself involved he forbade.

He’d go cower in a corner

As the events took order

When there was a save to be made,

And in the rare times he did get involved

When a friend’s problem needed to be solved,

He’d be openly snide,

Take the antagonist’s side,

And make the situation further devolve.

Worse yet, the little twerp had the knack

Of talking behind his friends’ backs

And spreading foul lies

That fools were quick to buy

And repeat via their own verbal attacks.

Needless to say, he was a punk

Who needed to be shut up in a trunk

‘Til he finally grew a spine

And stepped into line,

Never again to succumb to such junk.

Many a friend did he betray

In such selfish, duplicitous ways,

And he snickered all the while

With a devious smile,

Oblivious to his upcoming dark days,

For soon others found him out

And learned what he was all about,

So they hatched a plan

To stick it to the young man

And give his callous ego a good clout.

So one day, right before class,

Some students started teasing his ass,

And that bout they did win,

For they got under his skin

And made him shout back words so crass.

The other students added to the pain

By laughing at him ‘til he went insane

And yelled at them to back off,

At which they did scoff

And carry on laughing as his patience waned.

All the while Ken tried to fight back,

The schemers launched their own verbal attacks,

Mock-whining, “Does it matter, Ken?”

And embarrassing him even more, but then

The teacher arrived and asked, “What’s going on, Jack?”

Ken then explained what was going on

All the while the teacher had been gone

About how the others teased

Him as they pleased

And how they were all in the wrong.

As if things weren’t already tense,

The plotters, in their self-defense,

Revealed their whole scheme

And what it all did mean

And what they expected from Ken hence.

As the teacher considered both sides

Of the situation, he did decide

The best judgment to make

Was to have the schemers take

A detention to help them swallow their pride.

As for the coward named Ken,

Considering what he’d just been in,

He was made to apologize,

Standing ‘fore his classmates’ eyes,

About just what a creep he’d been.

He swore to the others up and down

Before each and every one of their frowns

That if he ever again pulled the crap

That had given him his rap,

He’d do them all a favor and leave town.

Well, believe it or not, Ken kept his word

And never again acted like a turd,

For even though it was the hard way,

He learned his lesson anyway,

Since the crap he’d once said he’d now heard,

And while it took him long to win back the respect

Of the people whom he did reject

And the plotters who had planned

To expose the young man,

He finally did, to which he didn’t object.

That still didn’t excuse him, though,

For committing what had caused them their woe,

And I’m advising you all here

This message loud and clear:

Having a spine is the only way to go…

…unless, of course, you yourself have the knack

For wearing a yellow stripe on your back,

But then be forewarned

For a truckload of scorn,

‘Cause what goes around comes around, Jack!


Well, there you have it, folks, yet another limerick chain for this weekly segment of mine. Next week, though, I promise to provide you with something a little different from what I’ve been giving you the past nine weeks, so keep your eyes open for that. Also, as always, please don’t hesitate to visit my author page on Smashwords.com or to look for any of my current three books on Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Diesel-eBooks.com, WHSmith.co.uk, and Kobobooks.com, and be on the lookout for my latest book, UWWX: The Underground Women’s Wrestling Xperiment, which I am pretty much finishing up as we speak (I promise!). Until next time, then, happy reading!


Dustin M. Weber