Poem of the Week: Writer’s Block Jump Rope Chant

Writer’s Block Jump Rope Chant
October 10, 2014

Wracking my brains, going insane,
Trying to think of something, and it’s causing me pain.
Man, my head hurts! I’m feeling kinda curt.
So mad I am, in fact, that I’m bound to tear my shirt.
Hold up, Jack! Let me take a step back
‘Fore I suffer an aneurism or even a heart attack.
There’s got to be a way I can save the day
‘Fore I let my emotions carry me away.
Just let me inhale, then deeply exhale
‘Fore I let my thoughts out in a barrage of hail.
Maybe then, they all won’t make my brain stall.
Just let me let logic take care of it all.
Okay, here we go! First few words down…whoa!
Now my ideas are easily starting to flow.
To think that before, this task would be a bore,
But now I’m looking forward to the journey that’s in store.
Now I’m in the groove. Look at my pencil move,
Bustin out rhymes like crazy, all so silky smooth
Verse here, verse therewriting them down like I don’t care
‘Til my notebook’s got more words than Calvin Klein’s underwear.
Now I’m nearing the end, coming ‘round the bend.
I’m finally ‘bout to finish this wicked work, my friend.
Check it out, everyone! I’m finally done!
I’ve finally produced something and managed to have fun.
To think, too, at first that I had nil or worse,
But then my creativity came out in such a burst
That that which I could’ve hated has now left me elated,
And after writing it, I don’t feel at all deflated.
I just hope that when I must write again
I can pull off this feat once more when I reach that bend.
‘Til then, though, I’ll say that I did okay
This time ‘round and that I’ll be ready for that day.
In the meantime, I hope you all liked my rhymes
And will be stopping by to read my work next time
When I hope to provide another poetic ride
Into this crazy mind of mine and show you what I’ve inside.


Author Pages: Smashwords.com




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