Poem of the Week: World Lost

World Lost
September 27, 2014

Nothing’s holy.
Nothing’s pure—
Pure crap,
Pure hell,
Hell we’re living in,
Hell we’ve made ourselves.
Ourselves at fault,
Ourselves to blame,
Blame for the violence,
Blame for the perversion—
Perversion of truth,
Perversion of knowledge,
Knowledge of events,
Knowledge of proven facts—
Facts about life
Facts about the world,
The world we live in,
The world we’ve come to know,
Know for what it was,
Know for what it has become,
Become a living nightmare,
Become a ball of confusion—
Confusion about who we are,
Confusion about what we’re about,
About what we stand for,
About what we want,
Want for ourselves,
Want for each other.
Other ideals we must understand.
Other opinions we must accept—
Accept and tolerate,
Accept without disdain,
Disdain and condescension,
Disdain and wrath.
Wrath is a deadly sin.
Wrath has crippled us,
Crippled us in all our ignorance,
Crippled us in all our cowardice—
Cowardice in facing the facts,
Cowardice in accepting the truth,
The truth we cannot deny,
The truth that may hold the key,
The key to our salvation,
The key to our redemption,
Redemption for what we’ve done,
Redemption for what we’re still doing,
Doing to befoul the world,
Doing since we became lost…


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