Poem of the Week: Memo for the Common Conspiracy Theorist

Memo for the Common Conspiracy Theorist
October 14, 2014

Your heart black like coal, your mouth spouting fire,
A child without a soul; a blatant, obnoxious liar
Quick to place blame on anyone you can,
Screaming without shame, a foul shell of a man.
In narcissism you wallow, weaving your web of deceit
With claims so vapid and hollow to lay at the feet
Of those who’re wise to you and won’t buy into your drama
Who cast smirking eyes on you and counter with, “Yo’ mama!”
‘Fore laughing and strolling away, for you’re just a joke—
To some of us, leastways, you thick, blustering bloke.
To others, you’re a scourge with all your ill-mannered ways,
Begging to be purged so we can all see better days.
A broken record you are, singing the same old song,
Offending folks near and far as you’ve done for so long,
Screaming “Inside job!” ‘bout given tragedies,
Firing off your gob, trying to bring to their knees
The sensible of society with your childish mind games,
So devoid of propriety, so perverted, so insane,
Abusing your freedom of speech as though you were born to,
Harassing us ‘til we’re numb or peeved ‘nough to holler, “Screw you!”
You’re just so full of hot air and insincerity,
And you clearly don’t care ‘bout the sensitivities
You reawaken each time you dare to speak.
Your sermons are such a crime ‘gainst humanity, you freak!
Such is why I feel compelled to speak up myself
And proclaim I want you expelled from everybody else
Soon, somehow, some way for the sake of the status quo
‘Fore you further ruin our days with your words of woe.
Good riddance, you sack of scum! You’re a burden to us all.
You’ve overstayed your welcome. Now it’s time for you to fall.
Crawl back into the hole from which you’ve slithered out,
And as you ponder the toll of the damage you’ve brought about.
I hope you reflect on all you’ve said and done
And have remorse for the dreck you’ve so recklessly spun,
For right now, here’s the deal: Society needs
At long last a chance to heal, for we’ve no blood left to bleed.


Author Pages: Smashwords.com



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