Poem of the Week: A Rather Blunt Blitz Poem about Intergender Violence

A Rather Blunt Blitz Poem about Intergender Violence
July 14, 2017

Sick of the double standard
Sick of the hypocrisy
Hypocrisy regarding gender
Hypocrisy regarding violence
Violence against women
Violence against men
Men hitting each other
Men hitting women
Women hitting men
Women hitting each other
Other people may disagree
Other people too blind to see
See the big picture
See what’s wrong
Wrong with our way of thinking
Wrong with people hitting people
People need to wake up
People need to realize
Realize what they’re promoting
Realize what they’re saying
Saying it’s a matter of size
Saying it’s a matter of gender status
Status in American
Status worldwide
Worldwide no-no
Worldwide taboo
Taboo for a number of reasons
Taboo we’ll never shake
Shake after so many decades
Shake after so many generations
Generations defending the notion blindly
Generations never stopping to think
Think in simpler terms
Think along a different line
Line of logic
Line of reality
Reality beyond one side of the story
Reality concerning violence
Violence against anyone
Violence is wrong
Wrong outside of self-defense
Wrong outside of a sanctioned fight
Fight for truth
Fight for equality
Equality between both genders
Equality we’ve long needed
Needed to grow
Needed to move on up


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Bonus Poem of the Week: Violence

January 6, 2017

Dedicated to those who were affected by the Ft. Lauderdale Airport attack yesterday, January 6, 2017.

Violence isn’t funny. Violence isn’t a joke.
This world’s such a bloody powder keg, always going up in smoke
As the slightest spark ignites it and blows it all to bits,
Leaving those who still live within it entering furious fits
Of sobs of grief and fury that seem to never stop
As tears run down their faces, forming rivers, drop by drop.
So many derelicts on this earth getting a jolly from,
Ending people’s lives for little to no reason, the scum.
Worse yet, there doesn’t seem to be any solution in sight,
For all humanity seems to do these days is fight, fight, fight—
Not the kind of constructive fight, either, that brings to an end
Any kind of bloodshed or destruction. ‘Tis what I see leastways, friend,
For I’ve learned that no matter how much closer as a world we become,
Our equally growing self-centeredness keeps us from being one,
Whether it be with the folks next door or with nations ‘cross the sea.
The search for peace may very well last us an eternity.
That doesn’t mean we give up, though, for doing so only means
Acceptance of how things are, no matter how messy or obscene
They’ve become over the years when we all know they can be
Much more serene than what they’ve been, and who doesn’t want to see
The day when stabbings and shootings become naught but a memory
And bombs and missiles fail to launch to decimate you and me
And the only fists and feet a-flailing are those in MMA bouts?
One must admit that at least it’s a dream worth dreaming about.
Then again, why not try to make the dream a reality
And work together to achieve better things for you and me?
Why don’t we set aside our differences and cooperate
To squash that which we’ve all grown tired of? That’s how we all can relate
With one another, for if nothing else, such is the common thread
We all share in this day and age. Come, then! Let’s end the dread.
Let’s work together to move forward into a brighter day
And stop the violence ‘fore it claims only more lives in any way.
The century’s still young, after all, and though a golden age
Is still many years away from now, we can still at least turn the page
For our children and their children after them in the hope that they
Will no longer have to suffer through the hell we know today.


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Poem of the Week: Courage in the Face of Despair

Dear readers:

The following poem is dedicated to those who have lost someone in the terrorist attacks this past Friday in Paris. Usually, I prefer to stay away from issues that are this grisly for fear of exploiting them, but on the same token, I would be out of line not to wish the victims’ loved ones well in their efforts to cope with this terrible situation. Please forgive this tardy response, then, and let it be known that my thoughts and prayers are with you folks.

Dustin M. Weber


Courage in the Face of Despair
November 16, 2015

One moment, things for you are going well—
Could not be better, in fact, you might say.
Then something suddenly damns all to hell,
Leaving you smashed and shattered in some way.
Try though you might to pick the pieces up,
Putting them back together’s not easy.
Remembering how they fit can be tough,
And even success can leave you queasy.
Still, you must stay strong, rooted in your task
To overcome the odds, grim though they be,
For your courage is all that one can ask
For in the wake of bleak reality.
Keep a steady mind, then, and a stout heart
As you make for yourself a brand new start.

Poem of the Week: Had It Up to Here

Had It Up to Here
September 3, 2015

I’ve had it up to here with violence.
I’ve had it up to here with ignorance—
Ignorance bred from intolerance
In an era where we could be moving forward,
If we ourselves weren’t so backwards.

For too long, we’ve been moving backwards
With the way we’ve been allowing violence
To thrive as society elsewhere moves forward
And at such a rate that claiming ignorance
Is naught but a show of logical intolerance.

So many folks these days ripe with intolerance,
Be they mentally crippled or just socially backwards.
So high is our collective ignorance
In not perceiving and preventing violence.
So hard it is for us all to truly move forward.

There’s got to be some way to help society move forward.
Let’s at least first nullify our collective ignorance
And talk things out rather than resort to violence
And help the weak of mind from slipping backwards
Before they succumb to a state of worldly ignorance.

After all, our days of claiming ignorance
Are over. Now is time to move forward,
For if we take even one tiny step backwards,
We’ll only return to our days of hostile ignorance,
And we’ll never overcome all this current violence.

End to violence! End to ignorance! End to intolerance!
Either we now move forward, or we’ll forever be backwards.


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