Poem of the Week: A Somewhat Poetic Rant about 21st Century Brats who Find Humor in Others’ Pain and Suffering

A Somewhat Poetic Rant about 21st Century Brats who Find Humor in Others’ Pain and Suffering
April 3, 2017

For too long I’ve been angry. For too long I’ve learned to hate
The people in this messed-up world as they further degenerate
Into immature, spiteful narcissists all wrapped up in themselves,
Mocking others’ misfortune while wallowing in their self-made hell,
Peeved over often petty things, unable to adjust
To a world that’s always changing, whether for benefit or bust,
Concerned with material crap, not giving a single damn
About any altruistic virtue, and outraged I still am,
For I’ve been taught since I was born to show consideration
Towards those other than myself, no matter the situation.
Sadly, many have proven themselves inconsiderate
Of those less fortunate than they are, which throws me into a fit
And makes me want to lock these fools all together in a cell
A thousand leagues beneath Earth’s crust, hoping they suffer hell
Away from all their precious toys and other material gains,
Having none but each other with whom to cope as they drive each other insane
With the same childish, disrespectful behavior for which they’re known,
And should they turn on each other and cut each other to the bone,
Leaving a mass of corpses soaking in their own blood and waste,
I’d show no surprise when even their families show no haste
In mourning their losses, for honestly, why the hell should they?
These heartless, selfish bastards and bitches should all be made to pay
For ridiculing the beleaguered and the situation
That put them in their place without thought or consideration.
After all, would it have killed these twits to have opened their eyes
And put themselves in the others’ shoes and come to realize
The pain with which they’ve had to cope from Day One up to now?
It seems so, judging from their careless words, though I don’t know how
These brats find humor in others’ pain on account of tragedy.
Alas, such is the case of certain kids these days, apparently,
Only caring ‘bout the here and now, no matter the weather,
Not giving a rat’s ass ‘bout trying to change anything for the better—
Not even for themselves, which I find to be irony.
Well, fine, then! So be it. Redefine the term “tragedy”
So that when you take the world over from us, it’ll just all the more
Suffer from whatever stupidity you have in store
For it and whatever denizens it may still have by then
Who’ll only be wishing all the more to traverse to Way Back When,
When life was simpler and stupid brats weren’t so blatantly PI
Smearing their heartless “humor” all over to reach all ears and eyes.
Keep dreaming, though, all you little creeps, for your day to come,
For we grownups still have a chance to save Earth from becoming dumb
As in dumber than it already is, no thanks to twerps like you,
And we’ll work hard to put it back together and see it through.
Who knows? Maybe a new golden will happen to rise
In which morals as corrupt and ass-backwards as yours are cut down to size
And the just can live in peace and harmony ‘til the sun burns out.
Until then, enjoy your says in the sunshine, you infantile little clouts,
For rudeness and disrespect can only take you so far in life
‘Til they finally catch up with you, and soon the pain and strife
Of growing up will at last sink in one way or another
And you’re forced to adapt or perish in the name of your divine mother.


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Bonus Poem of the Week: Sick Freaks: Another Rant about Conspiracy Theorists

Sick Freaks: Another Rant about Conspiracy Theorists
March 20, 2017

Sick freaks
Sick and stupid
Stupid about reality
Stupid with delusions
Delusions over tragedy
Delusions about the truth
Truth irrefutable
Truth that they deny
Deny with contrived logic
Deny with lies
Lies they tell themselves
Lies they tell others
Others they hope to influence
Others who know better
Better to know the real story
Better be careful
Careful with what you see
Careful with what you hear
Hear from these Kool-Aid drinkers
Hear from these finger-pointers
Pointers we all must learn
Pointers we all must remember
Remember concerning these jackasses
Remember, yet forget
Forget with each spam post
Forget with each space-stealing video
Video that gets countless views
Video that proves nothing of credibility
Credibility of any hoax
Credibility of the “truth”
Truth is that they’re immature
Truth is that they’re insensitive
Insensitive towards victims’ families
Insensitive towards survivors
Survivors trying to move on
Survivors who must still endure
Endure the trauma
Endure the drama
Drama we, too, suffer through
Drama they spread ‘round the world
World already a mess
World too vast
Vast and chaotic
Vast for any secret society to handle
Handle with its loosely connected members
Handle across each and every civilization
Civilization doesn’t need these assholes
Civilization doesn’t need these psychos


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Bonus Poem of the Week: Violence

January 6, 2017

Dedicated to those who were affected by the Ft. Lauderdale Airport attack yesterday, January 6, 2017.

Violence isn’t funny. Violence isn’t a joke.
This world’s such a bloody powder keg, always going up in smoke
As the slightest spark ignites it and blows it all to bits,
Leaving those who still live within it entering furious fits
Of sobs of grief and fury that seem to never stop
As tears run down their faces, forming rivers, drop by drop.
So many derelicts on this earth getting a jolly from,
Ending people’s lives for little to no reason, the scum.
Worse yet, there doesn’t seem to be any solution in sight,
For all humanity seems to do these days is fight, fight, fight—
Not the kind of constructive fight, either, that brings to an end
Any kind of bloodshed or destruction. ‘Tis what I see leastways, friend,
For I’ve learned that no matter how much closer as a world we become,
Our equally growing self-centeredness keeps us from being one,
Whether it be with the folks next door or with nations ‘cross the sea.
The search for peace may very well last us an eternity.
That doesn’t mean we give up, though, for doing so only means
Acceptance of how things are, no matter how messy or obscene
They’ve become over the years when we all know they can be
Much more serene than what they’ve been, and who doesn’t want to see
The day when stabbings and shootings become naught but a memory
And bombs and missiles fail to launch to decimate you and me
And the only fists and feet a-flailing are those in MMA bouts?
One must admit that at least it’s a dream worth dreaming about.
Then again, why not try to make the dream a reality
And work together to achieve better things for you and me?
Why don’t we set aside our differences and cooperate
To squash that which we’ve all grown tired of? That’s how we all can relate
With one another, for if nothing else, such is the common thread
We all share in this day and age. Come, then! Let’s end the dread.
Let’s work together to move forward into a brighter day
And stop the violence ‘fore it claims only more lives in any way.
The century’s still young, after all, and though a golden age
Is still many years away from now, we can still at least turn the page
For our children and their children after them in the hope that they
Will no longer have to suffer through the hell we know today.


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Poem of the Week: Courage in the Face of Despair

Dear readers:

The following poem is dedicated to those who have lost someone in the terrorist attacks this past Friday in Paris. Usually, I prefer to stay away from issues that are this grisly for fear of exploiting them, but on the same token, I would be out of line not to wish the victims’ loved ones well in their efforts to cope with this terrible situation. Please forgive this tardy response, then, and let it be known that my thoughts and prayers are with you folks.

Dustin M. Weber


Courage in the Face of Despair
November 16, 2015

One moment, things for you are going well—
Could not be better, in fact, you might say.
Then something suddenly damns all to hell,
Leaving you smashed and shattered in some way.
Try though you might to pick the pieces up,
Putting them back together’s not easy.
Remembering how they fit can be tough,
And even success can leave you queasy.
Still, you must stay strong, rooted in your task
To overcome the odds, grim though they be,
For your courage is all that one can ask
For in the wake of bleak reality.
Keep a steady mind, then, and a stout heart
As you make for yourself a brand new start.

Bonus Poem of the Week: Dream of Tomorrow

Dream of Tomorrow
September 28, 2015

We can’t always live in the past
Where pain and misery last,
For the pain was then,
Meaning way back when,
And has thoroughly amassed

Into an adamantine lump—
An indestructible clump
Of misery and lies,
Feces and flies,
That stands tall, never to be dumped,

Never heeding to push or tug,
Never to be swept ‘neath a rug,
Standing proud and tall
Against it all
And impossible to squash like a bug.

I thus find it needless to say
That the crap just won’t go away.
There’s just one thing you,
Therefore, can do
To help the angst go away:

Turn your eyes to the road ahead
And observe all that isn’t dead
And at least try to see
All that can be,
Should folks like you just use your heads.

The future needs not be so dim,
For not all needs to be grim.
The potential exists
For scrap to be fixed
And a world worth living in

To at long last emerge from the ash,
Dust, and rubble we know as the past—
A world where the good
Thrive in each neighborhood
And strive to make it all last

For everyone far and near
With bells ringing loud and clear
To welcome peace
And good fortune for each
Person with heart and ears to hear—

A place where all children can learn
And grow and not be spurned
‘Cause they’re not like the rest
And can become the best
They can be so that when their turn

Comes for them to take on the world,
An even brighter age can unfurl
And continue to grow
‘Til only Heaven knows.
Don’t you think such a dream’s worth a whirl?

Well, in order for it to take place
Requires courage in the face
Of that which once was,
So straighten up, cuz,
For the future now needs to take place.

History may have hurt you so
And filled you with grief and woe,
But you can’t let it hold
You back in the cold,
And it’s up to you to prove it so.

Now’s the time to shake off those chains
And don’t let them dare detain
You from lending a hand
To each woman and man
Who, too, want to shake off the pain.

Believe me. You’re no alone,
And you needn’t do it on your own.
Just join the crusade
For the dream to be made
A reality, and in turn, you’ll own

Once again a piece of your soul
That will help you endure the toll
That’s happened to you
And all that you’ve been through,
So come on! Step out of your hole

And let’s all move on from the pain
From which none of us can gain
Anything of value.
There’s just too much to do,
Lest we want all hope flushed down the drain.


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