Poem of the Week: Empty

July 28, 2017

Nothing there.
Puzzling, pondering, stalling.
I’ve got jack squat.
Irritating, frustrating, embarrassing…
Forget this!


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Poem of the Week: Late Night Studying

Late Night Studying
November 7, 2014

Pain and agony echo in my head.
A hundred brain cells I swear are now dead.
Can’t remember just what I’ve read.
So little info I’ve retained, I dread.
Maybe, then, I should just go to bed
And rest my weary, throbbing head
Before I end up wishing I was dead
From having to endure this pain I dread
Will linger on, lest I go to bed
And play the part of Mr. Sleepyhead
Even with so many brain cells dead.
Alas, now, I must go to bed
If I ever hope to recollect what I’ve read.
I’ve said all that needed to be said.
Night-night, all! Time to rest my head
And wash away these feelings of dread.


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Poem of the Week: Yawn…

Hey, readers!

I hope all my fellow Americans had a great Thanksgiving this past Thursday and that everyone is gearing up for the Holidays. I sure know I am. For right now, however, here’s this week’s “Poem of the Week,” which is relatively short and sweet compared to most of the other works I’ve posted every Sunday on this blog, and in case anyone is wondering, no—this poem did not come to me out of inspiration from any Tryptophan-induced nap I may have experienced over Thanksgiving break. I hope you’ll enjoy it all the same, though!



November 10, 2012


Yawn…so tired I am.

So much do I want to lay down my head.

I probably should hoist my butt out of my chair,

Therefore, and trudge my way off to bed.

Fatigue’s getting to me, anyway,

Making my eyelids as heavy as lead,

And sucking the concentration out of me—

So much, in fact, that I damn near feel dead,

Even with the computer screen shining in my eyes

With a blank word document page in my face,

And the more I focus on it, the less attention

I pay to it, making me feel like a disgrace

For not being able to do what I do best,

So what’s the point of me even bothering to go on?

I should just hit the hay and shut my eyes

Before I dare to issue yet one more…



Well, that should do it for this week. In the meantime, thanks once again for stopping by this humble little blog of mine, and as always, be sure to visit my author page at Smashwords.com for current and future releases (not too much longer until I finally release UWWX: The Underground Women’s Wrestling Xperiment, by the way), and follow me on Twitter @DustinMWeber. Until next time, then, Happy Holidays to you all, and happy reading!


Dustin M. Weber