Poem of the Week: A Writer’s Ramblings about Time

A Writer’s Ramblings about Time
June 11, 2018

Too precious to waste,
And yet, look at how we do:
Hobbies and other
Activities that lead us
Nowhere and give us no skills

To learn from as we
Progress throughout our short lives
To become something
We’ve long dreaded becoming,
Therefore making us question

Ourselves all the more
To where we beat ourselves up
‘Til we leave ourselves
Wallowing in pools of self-
Pity and regret. Good grief,

The things we go through
To establish our place in
This crazy, diseased,
Violent world we call home!
It’s enough to make one scream.

The reason I don’t,
Though, is simple: I know I
Can’t do such a thing,
No matter how much I may
Want to otherwise for fear

Of losing what few
Bits of respect others may
Have in me, for who
Knows how much time I have left
To fulfill the destiny

I’ve begun forging
For myself long ago, yet
Have yet to achieve
For reasons that are both my
Fault and not, much to my shame.

It’s been a hellish
Ride, to be sure, and one that
Has yet to stop, but
I’m at least hoping that it
Soon will end the way that I

Had hoped it would since
The day I began forging
This path to greatness.
Will I at last make use of
This limited time I have

Lived so far, or have
I already wasted too
Much time by now? Well…
I guess there’s but one way to
Find out: Let time be my judge.


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Poem of the Week: Early March Weather

Early March Weather
March 9, 2018

Fickle weather…
Snowing, raining, blowing…
Isn’t spring here yet?
Waiting, wondering, sighing…
Begone, winter!


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Poem of the Week: Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time
November 4, 2017

Annual rewind
Falling, stalling, saving
Another hour for tomorrow
Resting, rejuvenating, recovering
Long day


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Poem of the Week: Forward Ho

Forward Ho
May 21, 2017

Most of us miss childhood
And wish we could go back
To relive the days
Where simpler ways
Were what kept us on track.

Alas, there’s no way to go back,
For time moves in just one way.
It’s forward ho
With no way to slow
Down to enjoy the day,

And our memories are the only way
To hold on to what we know
And that which was good
From our childhood
As well as all the woe.

After all, the “good ol’ days” weren’t so
All the time, even when they were good,
So hang in there, Jack,
For while time can’t turn back,
Giving the future a chance you should.


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Bonus Poem of the Week: Every Decade Has Its Dreck

Every Decade Has Its Dreck
July 16, 2016

Every decade has its dreck, no matter what nostalgia fiends say.
You really think a given era rocked ‘cause you recall the best of the day?
You clearly don’t remember, then, the drama that occurred back then,
Ese you’d be quicker to recall that things weren’t always great back when.
I once thought the ‘50s were swell for being when pop culture began,
But then there was the Korean War, and segregation still rocked the land.
Then there came the ‘60s when the Vietnam War was in full swing,
JFK was assassinated, and the Manson Family did its thing.
The ‘70s saw an end to ‘Nam and the rise of sketch comedy,
But we also had an energy crisis plague our economy,
Which didn’t recover until the ‘80s, when music and TV grew
And, sadly, certain tragic events struck us out of the blue.
Even the ‘90s when fashion and certain media seemed to wise up,
Had its share of crap when certain acts of violence began to rise up.
I could go on with my recollection, but you surely get my drift.
No decade’s been perfect, nor will any be, no matter how deep the rift,
So wake up and learn to accept the faults of your favorite time
And learn to accept others’ tastes, too, for as I’ve said here in rhyme,
Every decade has its dreck—and good stuff, too, no doubt.
Just be wise and regard each thoroughly, though, ‘fore you dare curse one out.


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Bonus Poem of the Week: Old Dog

Old Dog
September 10, 2015

Old dog, old dog, living in the sticks,
Have you learned at all any new tricks?
Can you teach these bigshots making all the bucks
To come up with something new that doesn’t suck?

Old dog, old dog, can you keep up
With these ever-changing times and all the new pups
Who’ve grown tired of the old ways and are ready for
A new perspective to come knocking on their door?

Old dog, old dog, have you the tools
To keep up with the Joneses and all these new rules
By which we all now live, be they for right or wrong?
Can you change your tone to sing a new song?

Old dog, old dog, do you miss the days
When the masses lived by simpler, sweeter ways,
Or have you grown tired of such saccharine tastes?
Have we moved on for the better? Was it all a waste?

Old dog, old dog, where will you be
In the next decade or two? Will you be with me,
Reaping all we’ve sown in the present as a race,
Or will you spurn it all and call it a disgrace?

Old dog, old dog, such is the beast,
Never staying new for long—not in the least.
Survival of the fiercest—that’s the way to play
If one hopes to make it for even one more day.

Old dog, old dog, now the time has come.
Will you stay here on the porch, or would you rather run
Free like the breeze, moving you ‘round as you please,
Enduring whatever wear and tear might target your knees?

Either way, old dog, please let me know
Which of these two ways you intend to go.
That way, I can know whether I’ll see you again
Of if my memories of you will be of “way back when.”


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Poem of the Week: Fond Memories in Song

Fond Memories in Song
January 30, 2015

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone—
A sad truth, I know, but truth all the same.
That’s why I keep fond memories in song.

Time keeps marching forth, whether right or wrong,
Leading us away from both bliss and pain.
You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

Being mortals, we’re thus forced to move on
And follow time through sun, snow, wind, and rain.
That’s why I keep fond memories in song.

Pleasant times may come, but never for long.
Cling too tightly to them, you’ll go insane.
You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

Besides, who knows what else might come along
To flush our fixations straight down the drain?
That’s why I keep fond memories in song.

Pack your good thoughts, then, and bring them along
The next time you must march through strife and pain.
You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.
That’s why I keep fond memories in song.


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Poem of the Week: Ticking Away

Ticking Away

November 4, 2012





Here I am watching the hands on the clock

Moving ‘round and ‘round, and they just won’t stop.

Slow though they go, they make their way all the same

‘Round the face of the clock, obviously in the name

Of time—the one constant absolute,

Always moving forward, oh so resolute,

Never moving back or stopping for anyone—

Man, woman, or child—under God’s hot sun.

Contrary, then, to popular belief,

Time’s not on anyone’s side, much to all our grief,

For it waits for no one, no matter one’s needs.

All it does is pass folks by at the same constant speed,

Running circles ‘round them as if they were standing still,

Lest they know how to keep up with it and follow its will.

Things change, people age, and fads come and go,

One by one, and insanely so.

What’s familiar one year might vanish the next,

Being replaced by something different, leaving some folks vexed.

Moments come and go, as do opportunities,

And not savoring them can bring one to one’s knees,

Especially if friends and family are involved in any way,

For even loved ones can’t be with us forever, sad to say,

For mortal life is both a blessing and a curse,

And our time on Earth is limited, for better or for worse—

Usually the latter, for some people never learn

That wasting time’s like playing with fire; both’ll get you burned,

Which is why it’s so important to make the most of what you’ve got.

I sure know myself I’d rather not sit ‘round and rot.

I’d rather treasure my moments with the people I love,

Enjoying every minute with them and thanking the stars above

That I have such people in my life, short though it may be.

As for every chance for self-fulfillment that’s out there for me,

I’ll be damned if I stand idle and let it pass me by.

After all, I’d love to reach my full potential  before I die

And make my mark in history and prove that I matter, too,

For fading into obscurity’s something nobody wants to do.

Unfortunately, time’s a-tick, tick, ticking away,

And if I don’t get things in gear, I’ll never see the day

That I do achieve my ultimate dream, so please excuse me, gang,

For if I waste any further time, I’ll surely hang.


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Dustin M. Weber