Poem of the Week: I Don’t Know When

I Don’t Know When
May 31, 2017

Over and over and over again,
Fed the same old stuff since I don’t know when:

The same folks in the same spots as before…
When they’ll try something new, I don’t know when.

The same damn games they’d played four years ago…
When they’ll play diff’rent games, I don’t know when.

Not trusting the crowd to anticipate
The next scene ever since I don’t know when,

Using celebrities few care to see
Over their own cast since I don’t know when,

Starting and stopping each season midway
For no good reason since I don’t know when—

All these things and more ruining that which I
Used to love back then since I don’t know when

With no sign of change for better in sight,
Leaving things a mess since I don’t know when.

Guess what, though: Why should I sit here, complain,
And demand things change when I don’t know when

I’ll ever be heard and things will in fact
Change for the better when I don’t know when

Those who’ve come before me will have their words
Taken into account? I don’t know when.

Instead, then, I’ll just leave my TV off
Until things improve, though I don’t know when

That will be or even if it ever
Happens. It’s one big guess. I don’t know when,

But if the show finally gets cancelled,
Then oh well…bye-bye…though I don’t know when…

Or if the thing will at long last improve.
All I know’s I’ve left…and I do know when.


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Poem of the Week: Rant against Nostalgic Media

Rant against Nostalgic Media
June 9, 2015

Stop feeding me yesterday!
I’m done living in the past.
What’s done is done
And no longer fun,
So leave it all in the past.

I want new memories to last
From now ‘til my life’s done,
So out with the old!
Dare to be bold,
For a new era’s begun.

Let’s hear some new songs be sung
And some new stories be told.
There must be a way
To bring in a new day
‘Fore our souls be all bought and sold.

The stories of old just bear too much mold
To feed our children today.
Leave them thus in the past!
They need new stuff to last
And call their own during these days.


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Poem of the Week: Stale

Hey, readers!

Well, it’s officially here…the autumn of 2012—at least, of course, as far as where I’m from is concerned. To be brutally honest, too, I was really looking forward to a productive week this past week as usual, but sorry as I am to say it, such wasn’t the case. Rather than kvetch and carry on about it, however, I’ve chosen to share with you a poem that reflects my current attitude about the situation, so without further ado, here’s the first “Poem of the Week” of this season, Stale.



July 2, 2012


Stale…that’s what I’m getting.

I need to take a new direction, and fast,

For at the rate I’ve been going, I’ll soon be forgetting

An important lesson I once learned in the past.

“Variety is the spice of life,” after all—

An old saying that proves true, even today—

And now has come the time for me to heed the call

And present my thoughts to the world in a different way.

For example, look at all the musicians out there

Who keep singing the same old song on the radio,

Pandering to the audiences who first helped them get there

And not daring to try anything new and grow

As recording artists in a dry, dead world—

A wasteland of thought where very little develops,

A ruined warzone where no victory flag’s been unfurled,

A place where darkness and despair have enveloped

The whole of human though, which is a crying shame.

Truth be told, though, ‘tis not just music that’s in trouble,

For television and cinema are equally to blame

For not having the guts to burst this proverbial bubble

That the world is now within, where thought’s no longer free,

But instead chained to the notion of catering to the masses.

Talent matters no longer, only profitability,

And the whole thing makes the entertainment scene seem classless.

Who knows, then? Maybe books now hold the key

Just like they have time and again in the past.

Here’s hoping, then, that the literary realm will see

A movement of growth with the promise to last

Years upon years, perhaps even a few decades

With the interest in books to accompany it,

And I’ll be sure to do my part to see this stage being made,

Poem by poem, novel by novel—however I see fit.

Imagination shouldn’t die, and certainly not creativity,

And we all must do our share to see to their survival.

New ideas, new creations—that’s how things have got to be

If this new age of which I speak ever sees its arrival.

Come with me then, ladies and gents, on this new journey,

For with all our notions united, we’ll prevail,

And soon the lifting of this veil of ignorance we shall see,

And at least for a long while, we shan’t fear growing stale.


That should do it for this week. Feel free to leave feedback on this work (as well as all other works of mine, as per your inclination), and as always, thanks for checking out my blog, and be sure to visit my author page at Smashwords.com for current and future releases, and please follow me on Twitter @DustinMWeber. Otherwise, folks, happy reading!


Dustin M. Weber