Poem of the Week: Sick of the Bickering

Sick of the Bickering
June 6, 2017

Sick of the bickering, sick of the hating,
Sick of the insults we’ve all been trading,
Sick of the radicals pointing fingers
At each other and feeding that which lingers,
Sick of the drama and emotional sting
Upon which we’re all fixed over the slightest thing,
Sick of that which we but start to address,
Yet fail to solve day in, day out without rest,
Sick of double standards and self-servitude,
Sick of people being patronizing and rude,
Sick of name-calling and accusations,
Sick of twisted truths sweeping ‘cross the nation,
Sick of each lie and excuse I read and hear,
Sick of the blind hatred and unjustified fear,
Sick of the agendas tainting everyone’s mind,
Sick of insulting labels slapped on everyone’s behind,
Sick of thin-skinned brats fighting fire with fire
With the slightest misspoke word stoking folks’ ire,
Sick of the followers of a given cause
Getting their backs ‘gainst a wall, not stopping to pause
And think about their mission and what makes it great
As well as those who plague it with their hate,
Which they use to bash outsiders, their chosen enemies,
When they’ve obstacles already to pass with little ease.
Sick of propaganda being shoved in my face
And folks without my code calling me a disgrace
For keeping my own counsel and following my own rules
And not suffering those who take me for a fool
And talking down to me like I don’t know better
When my sensibilities have helped me weather
More crap than they could even start to understand
In this bitter, paranoid powder keg of a land.
Never will they get it ‘cause they’re too blind
To see how I keep from falling behind.
Outside looking in, I’ve got the edge,
Ears wide open as I peek over the hedge
And see for myself what the hell’s going on
And tune in to the ever-nauseating song
We’ve been hearing for years, if not, in fact, decades
While society all around us further degrades
Into something even more tragic than before,
And it’s gotten to where we clearly can handle no more.
When will we grow up? When will we move on?
When will we sing something other than the same song
We’ve all been singing for clearly way too long?
When will we realize we’ve been doing it wrong?
When will we at last learn that disdain’s not the way
We need to follow if we’re to bring in a better day?
Something’s got to change. Something’s got to give
‘Cause I’m sick of how things are now. They’re no way to live.
It’s time to wake up, people, if we ever hope
To reach even the base of Xanadu’s mighty slopes,
Much less their pinnacles, where we long should’ve been,
So let’s stop it with these feuds we’ve been in
And learn to work together before it’s too late.
Let go of your anger, rise above your hate,
And let’s learn to cooperate so that we
Can ensure a brighter future for you and me.
No more lashing out, bickering, or hating,
No more of the insults we’ve been trading,
Or any of the other crap that’s made me sick.
I’m sure you all, too, have had enough of it.


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Bonus Poem of the Week: The Real Problem Concerning 21st-Century PC Culture part 1

The Real Problem Concerning 21st-Century PC Culture part 1
April 27, 2017

The world’s become downright stupid. It’s as simple as that,
And yet, people blame this or that for where society’s at.
It ain’t just the PC police holding humanity back.
If anything, our own dim insights are why things are out of whack.
Trust me, we can all cry “PC sucks!” ‘til we pass out,
But honestly, such rules are but part of what this is about.

Yes, it’s gotten annoying how we micromanage the way
We interact with each other at every time of day
With even the slightest show of verbal negativity
Labeled as an act of bullying from the likes of you and me,
Even if what we say was but a single, honest thing
And far from a blatant insult…and yet, our words sting,
And we get branded as scumbags, blacklisted in the eyes
Of those who’ve taken our words wrong and now wish we would die
Despite us having carefully chosen the words we’ve said,
Unlike so many others whose words have been heard or read
Who’ve cursed like drunken sailors and screamed like banshees, too,
About that which they hate with no consideration put into
The words they’ve said, which include flagrant profanity
And many an unchecked slur, thus exposing their bigotry
As well as tacky references to real-life tragedies,
Amongst other things that show a flippant lack of diplomacy,
And yet, for some dumb reason, these words so wretched and vile
Are deemed okay by those who’ve red and heard them, yet all the while,
Those of us who’ve carefully monitored what we’ve said are the blight.
Why? ‘Cause of the opinions we’ve expressed? That doesn’t seem right—
Especially when we’ve avoided anything that would imply
Ourselves as any type of villain wandering ‘neath Heaven’s sky…
No insults, no ill wishes, no threats to others’ well-being.
Honestly, I’ll never know what trash these critics are hearing or seeing.

It’s one thing to be sensitive. It’s one thing to give a damn.
It’s another thing, however, to be an overreactive ham
Who loses his or her cool at the slightest repugnant thing,
Whether said person’s PC or not when reacting to the sting.
These people don’t stop to think at all, for all they do is feel,
And the hazards their half-baked retribution brings is all too real,
And with history to tell us of what happens when people snap,
I say it’s high time we tell these kids to take a nap
To sleep off their aggravation before more people get hurt.
That’s the best way I can put it without being too curt,
And why the laws haven’t been written to keep these people in check
I’ll never understand, but here’s one notion I respect:
PC along ain’t the problem. Rather, it’s the lack of brains,
For people on both sides of the spectrum are stupidly insane,
And unless we all wise up soon, things are bound to only get worse,
So everyone, heads out of asses so that we can beat this curse.
Let’s all band together and put an end to mass stupidity
And stop blaming the world’s problems solely on things being PC,
For there’s a much greater problem than the PC police alone,
And unless we know and defeat it, forever will denseness drone.


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Bonus Poem of the Week: The Misguided PC Missile

The Misguided PC Missile
March 6, 2017

Living in a PC nation
Is a snowflake generation
Making all endure
That which is “pure”
Against certain stimulation,

Not stopping to understand
How they’re getting out of hand
And how their crusade
Has actually made
A mess across the land.

They claim to fight to end
The evils around each bend
In society
For you and me,
But truth be told, my friends,

They’re so blinded by their plight
That they can’t tell left from right,
And what lies in store
Hence becomes a war
That they wage day and night

Against all they see and hear,
No matter how vague or clear
Something matches the ill
That they’ve deemed to be swill
That others tend to steer clear

Of incurring their great wrath
And having them cut them in half
Or elsehow be rude
And blatantly crude
To garner from others a laugh,

Not bothering at all to show class,
But instead be spiteful and crass,
Trading in rapier wit
For clubs with which to hit
Us on our heads ‘long with their sass,

Not thinking for a minute that we
Have ears to hear, eyes to see,
And brains with which to think
And tell such humor stinks
‘Cause it’s lazy and dumb as can be.

Their arcs, too, are all the same trash
That make many yearn for the past
Back when we all had brains
And hadn’t gone insane
‘Nough to settle for any old hash.

The dramas aren’t much better, though,
Stemming from minds just as slow
And are as such just dull,
Derivative hulls
So alike they fill me with woe

With acting so painful and trite,
Dialogue so lacking in bite,
Blatant violence and sex,
And plots that leave me vexed
With acts so grim, they’re out of sight.

To think, too, we all eat this crap up
These days with little guff—
This mental junk food
When we already brood
Over all the world’s other bad stuff!

Could it be this filth fuels our rage
In this bitter day and age
When we go all out—
Rant, riot, and shout—
And demand the world turns a new page

Rather than directly counteracts
Social justice seekers’ acts
And their search to clean
This world once pristine
Of all smut and its constant attacks

On our morals and values today?
Then hey, I’ve something to say:
Instead of being blind
To who’s behind
Needs hurting in a major way,

Why not turn your eyes and ears
To what you right away can hear
And see is truly
Tacky as can be
And rip that crap a new rear?

Why not focus all your time
And energy on the slime
That’s long been killing
In a way so willing
What we all once held as sublime—

Stuff that’s long been such raw trash
That it’s been begging to be thrashed
Since it first appeared
Simply out of fear
Of it rending our morals to hash,

Which they’ve pretty much already done?
Wake up! Let’s all send on the run
The mediocre tripe
That’s long sponged all the hype
From what could otherwise have been fun,

Enjoyable, and nourishing,
Leaving even common folk wishing
That the god old days
We had not cast away
Into the past with our “Psh!-ing.”

Better yet, let’s stop being numb
To all that we know to be dumb
And take it to task
And send it to the past
‘Fore it makes us all mindless bums

Who’ll settle for anything
That the world’s clueless hacks will bring
And seat ‘fore their eyes
In high-qual disguise
That which the world will feel some sting.

That’s what’s long been wrong, you see—
Our own rampant stupidity
And if we don’t, friends,
Bring it to an end,
Where exactly shall we be

When our morals and values die?
What will happen to you and I?
Will we all stand together
And change things for the better
Or be forced to say goodbye

To all that we once thought of as nice
As the world falls to sin and vice,
Where all hope is gone
‘Cause we sang the wrong songs
Back when we all skated on thin ice?

The time to wise up is now
While we can pull things through somehow
And put to and end
The real trouble ‘round the bend,
For the future is bleak—and how!

Our ignorance is all to blame,
For it’s humanity’s greatest shame,
And come high water
Or Hell, we oughta
Get our heads back in the game.

Our pride and hate have done us squat
In escaping this nasty plot.
Now, come on, people. Think
‘Fore we further sink.
Otherwise, we’ll completely rot.


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Poem of the Week: Bigots, Fools, and Maniacs

Bigots, Fools, and Maniacs
March 30, 2016

In a world so wracked with turmoil, a world so wrapped in fear,
Where all dread what’s ‘round the bend, not knowing what they’ll see or hear,
You’d think we’d band together and work to make things right,
But each time we cross, paths with each other, all we do is fight.

On the one hand are the racists who see little more than color
And refuse to look beyond the skin to see the sisters and brothers
Who exist within the hearts of the folks they see as a threat,
And the tension their actions cause daily just make things worse yet.

On the other hand are the misogynists and misandrists alike
Whose biases against each other persist each day and night,
Each bashing the other for oppression for right or for wrong,
Hence why the gap between the genders keeps growing wide and long.

Then there are the religious fundamentalists
Who have no patience at all for those who don’t follow the gist
Of their chosen life discipline, seeing such people as scum
Who need to be wiped off Planet earth like filth from a dirty bum.

Don’t get me started, either, on the trans- and homophobes
Or other ignorant jackasses wandering the globe
Whose words and deeds alike continue to make life a pain.
Don’t ask me why, either, for I can but guess what they hope to gain.

So many disgruntled people with an agenda to shove
Down the throats of everyone else and with nothing else to love!
Such unbridled hostility between so many factions,
And yet, so many folks out there unwilling to take any action!

There’s no need for things to be this way, I hope you all know.
We can change things for the better if we all just believe so.
And act on our beliefs instead of merely dwelling on them
And letting the chaos around us further make this world a playpen

For the bigots, fools, and maniacs who’ve made this planet hell
And will continue to do so ‘til we stop saying, “Oh, well…”
And call them out on their ignorance any which way we can
In hopes of making things better for each boy, girl, woman, and man.

It’ll take more than just backbone, though. We also need brains
To distinguish that which simply is from what we know is insane,
Lest we succumb to the same ideologies we’re trying to fight
And turn into lunatics ourselves practically overnight.

From there, we need to promote the wisdom in which we believe
In every forum we can for the masses to receive
In hopes they’ll see or hear it and understand where we come from,
And hopefully, they’ll join us in sending ignorance on the run.

I’m not suggesting, however, any kind of verbal assault,
For there simply isn’t any kind of place to sprinkle such salt.
Instead, let’s practice prudence and, in turn, diplomacy,
And hopefully, our kind words will bring out what we want to see,

For this era of absurdity has gone on long enough,
And our current policy of ignorance hasn’t been up to snuff,
For the arrogant and the biased have controlled for far too long
Society’s way of thinking with their narrow-minded songs.

Just look at modern media and how braindead it’s been,
Catering to the dense and treating wisdom like a mortal sin,
Like a bowl of soup with all the scum floating to the top
And the good stuff settling to the bottom to flat-out burn and rot.

These days should’ve been behind us a long-ass time ago.
Alas, they’re but alive and well, which fills me with woe.
We need to move beyond them, though, if life is to move on,
For the old ways simply don’t work now and have become wrong.

Let’s all screw in our heels, then, and at last work side by side
To set things straight in society and see that this nonsense dies.
These bigots, fools, and maniacs have plagued us long enough,
And it’s time we put them all in their place ‘fore things really get rough,

And when they finally cool off and change their bitter tune,
Things will change for the better and hopefully quite soon.
Say what you will ‘bout censorship, but in this case, it’s our friend
If we ever hope for the ignorance plaguing this world to end.


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Poem of the Week: Modesty Isn’t Weakness

Modesty Isn’t Weakness
March 19, 2016

Modesty isn’t weakness, no matter what you say.
Just ‘cause someone doesn’t habitually put oneself on display
Doesn’t instantly make one a coward, ashamed, or a prude,
So I don’t understand where you get off being so testy and rude.

I’m so sick of certain people preaching ‘bout how their lives are better
Just ‘cause they tend to live outside their undies, jeans, and sweaters
And how those who don’t understand them are “idiots” at best
And “oppressors” at worst whose “persecution” puts them to the test—

A test that others like them fail each and every time
When they in turn make sweeping judgments ‘gainst the other kind,
Claiming them to be ignorant and callous towards their plight,
And should one dare to speak “out of turn,” BAM! Another fight

As individual persons untie to become one force,
And on come the accusations and threats as a matter of course,
Complete with name-calling made to pierce through the target’s hide
In an effort to make him or her run and even commit suicide,

Regardless of whether what he or she had said initially
Was worth the wrath to begin with or meant more innocently,
For the original message means nothing to such masses,
Only the fact that what they see puts burs in their asses,

And though prejudice exists elsewhere in the real world,
There isn’t courage enough in the hearts of these boys and girls
To tackle any of it with wisdom to see them through,
Which thus leads to them attacking the likes of me and you

And anything in the media that unwittingly
Rubs them the wrong way, as the ‘Net has come to see,
And all from the safe anonymity of their dens.
Such is the hypocrisy of these weak-livered roosters and hens.

It reminds me of the hypocrisy of raping Mother Earth
By chopping down the wooden children to which she’s given birth
Just to set up getaways from the “tyrants” of the mainstream world
When you can build around said trees instead, boys and girls.

Then again, I’m a textile myself. Who am I to judge?
All I know is that from my way of life, I’ll never budge,
Especially if doing so means pleasing the likes of you
Just ‘cause you like to put our kind down in all we say or do

When most of us mind out own business and don’t join in on the “fun”
Of ridiculing your lifestyle, ‘cause who cares where you bare your buns?
Still, each time the clueless amongst us bash your lot,
You spout back words so self-righteous ‘bout how we’re the crass sots

Who slam you each chance we get for your unconventional life
When in reality we all already have our own strife
With which we must deal from day to day, week to week,
Month to month, year to year, and all without you of whom to speak.

Defend your lifestyle if you must, then, but don’t be asses,
Lest you want to come off as oversensitive and classless
Just like the social justice warriors I’ve mentioned before—
Those narcissistic, hypocritical, mindless attention whores.

We’ve already more than enough of them in the world today,
And we can’t afford having any more such twits coming our way,
So take the higher road from now on and learn to shrug off
The ridicule, lest you choose to become more at whom to scoff.


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