Poem of the Week: My One and Only

Hello, readers.

For this week’s “Poem of the Week,” we’re going to keep it simple and to the point. Therefore, I’ve elected to share the following piece—a straighforward love poem from a doting white collar husband to his caring wife—called My One and Only.


My One and Only

October 6, 2012


Just another slow day at the office, not knowing what to do,

So I simply decided to whip up this message just for you.

What’s the reason behind it, exactly? To tell you the truth, none at all,

Save for telling you something that I couldn’t even in a phone call,

For merely saying the words alone would do no justice in the least

To express the feelings that reside for you in the heart of this beast.

I could simply say “I love you,” but that’s so generic and bland.

I could even show up on day with a bouquet of flowers in my hand

Or perhaps a box of chocolates or even a necklace of gold,

But all three of these gift ideas in and of themselves are tired and old,

Especially when flowers might make you sneeze and chocolates pimply and fat

And jewelry can be quite expensive and a pretentious gift at that.

If that makes me sound like a cheapskate, I apologize wholeheartedly,

But I honestly believe that this love that exists between you and me

Transcends all need for material things, which often age with time,

Unlike affection and compassion such as yours and mine.

After all, look how long we’ve lasted as a couple through the years—

Some joyously momentous, some painfully sad, and we’re still together, my dear,

And I can only begin to tell you how happy I am to know

That many more exist ahead of us and how I look forward to them so.

So fortunate am I, then, to have chosen you to be my wife

And to have you along on this journey through time and space called life.

Thus, if I haven’t said it already, thank you once again:

Thank you for being one and only, my lover and best friend.


That’ll do for this week. Hopefully, I’ve made the right choice for this week. Aside from that, should any of you be interested in whatever other material I’ve produced and wherever else you can find me, please feel free to peruse whatever other posts I’ve made here on this blog for links that’ll lead you to the information you’re looking for. Otherwise, I intend on being back next week with another poem for sure, if not sooner. Until then, happy reading.


Dustin M. Weber