Poem of the Week: Nap Attacks

Nap Attacks
April 14, 2018

I’m trying to get things done ‘round here,
But sleeping’s always taking me down.
I try to stay awake,
But things just don’t take,
And progresswise, I gain no ground.

Too often do I end up lying down
To catch some Z’s, only to awake
After an hour
Once I reach full power.
Honestly, how much more can I take?

Maybe it’s this project over which I’ve been a flake,
Having worked on it for hours,
Or perhaps it’s the fear
Of that “Best of luck, dear”
That’s been draining me of all my power.

Either way, my dream shan’t bloom like a flower
With this habit I’ve been dealing with here..
It’s time to stand my ground
‘Fore my skills break down
And in the wrong direction I steer.


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Poem of the Week: Forward Ho

Forward Ho
May 21, 2017

Most of us miss childhood
And wish we could go back
To relive the days
Where simpler ways
Were what kept us on track.

Alas, there’s no way to go back,
For time moves in just one way.
It’s forward ho
With no way to slow
Down to enjoy the day,

And our memories are the only way
To hold on to what we know
And that which was good
From our childhood
As well as all the woe.

After all, the “good ol’ days” weren’t so
All the time, even when they were good,
So hang in there, Jack,
For while time can’t turn back,
Giving the future a chance you should.


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Poem of the Week: The Flighty Ones

The Flighty Ones
May 6, 2017

Swiftly, swiftly to you they fly
To feed off that which you give
‘Til you’ve got no more,
Then off you soar
To the next leaky sieve.

‘Tis an empty, shallow life they live,
Gliding from shore to shore,
Feeding off crumbs
From city to slum
‘Til there simply is no more,

Thinking there’s greater stuff in store
Than what you’ve given them, chum.
Don’t ask me why
That is, for I
Am not as gluttinous or dumb,

But forget those selfish, impatient bums!
They mean naught to you or I.
Let ‘em live how they live.
You’ve still plenty to give
Those who’ll give you an honest try.


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Poem of the Week: The Toxic Stuff

The Toxic Stuff
April 7, 2017

I’m cutting out all the toxic stuff
I’ve bothered with over the years
That’s caused me more pain
Than netted me gain
And led me to wallow here.

No more caving in to my fears,
For doing so brings no gain.
Time to screw in my heels
And spin the wheels
In my mind before I go insane.

I’ve so much yet in my life to gain.
Why should grief anymore make me squeal?
Enough is enough
Of this dramatic stuff.
Seeking inner peace is my new deal.

I want to know again how happiness feels,
So good riddance, negative fluff!
Get on out of here
‘Fore I kick your fat rear
And cast you from my life in a huff.


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Poem of the Week: A Brand New Trade (The Exhausted Job Hunter Poem)

A Brand New Trade (The Exhausted Job Hunter Poem)
September 12, 2016

All I want is to try my hand
At a brand new trade
Following the end
Of my last job, friend,
Hoping to have it made.

Alas, the people in charge have made
Error ‘pon error to the end,
Making me run through loops
And jump through hoops
As I wonder what’s ‘round the bend.

Do I finally get new work in the end,
Or tis this all one bug “Oops?”
‘Cause I’m starting to fret
About what I’ve yet
To do to join this group.

I hope there’s no low to which I must stoop
In order to secure this bet,
‘Cause I’d really hate
To lose out on a great
Chance to grow as a person yet.

I’m crossing my fingers, trying not to fret
And hoping things will turn out great
And that Fate’s fickle hand
Will understand
And places something good on my slate.

If the results, though, I come to hate,
Then it’s back to pounding the land.
Then elsewhere, there’ll be made
Hist’ry where I’ll be paid
By someone who truly understands.


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Poem of the Week: Another Random Poem about Letting Go

Another Random Poem about Letting Go
April 4, 2016

Letting go ain’t always easy
When it comes to that which you love,
But it’s a painful thing
When the same thing
Doesn’t love you back, love.

It may have fit you like a hand in a glove
And made you want to sing
Once upon a time,
But as sublime
As it was, it soon starts to sting,

For things don’t always stay the same thing
And are apt to change over time,
Be it blessing or curse,
For better or for worse,
And it often feels like a crime.

I know, for many interests of mine
Have turned out for the worst—
Over here a change,
There a rearrange
‘Til my lips I’m forced to purse,

And I’m left to deal somehow with this curse.
How do I cope with this change?
Do I stick around
And let things get me down
And cope with what’s been rearranged,

Or do I move on to a whole new range
And see what else might be around
In which to invest time
And, in turn, make mine
To bring my anxiety down?

There must be something I can do to put down
This raging bitterness of mine
That’s carving a hole
Into my soul
And driving me out of my mind.

There must be some way to leave behind
This drama that’s taken its toll
On this life I know,
For jaded I now grow
As I carry on growing old.

Alas, in terms of purging my soul,
I’ve found nowhere to go,
And I aimlessly wander
Here and yonder
Looking for what, I don’t know.

If I find it, however, I’ll know,
And no more will I need to ponder.
I’ll stop feeling queasy,
And things’ll be easy
For me at last somewhere yonder.


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Bonus Poem of the Week: Autopilot

July 2, 2015

You breathe and bleed like other folks.
You eat and sleep as well,
But inside your head,
You’re damn near dead—
A special kind of hell.

If your brain’s working, you can’t tell,
And yet, it’s heavy like lead
With a constant drone
Like an ever-ringing phone
With the information it’s been fed.

You can barely remember that which has been said,
Even words that were your own.
You mess tasks up as well
Where others fare well
‘Cause the humming won’t leave you alone.

Thankfully, there’s a way to once again own
Your mind from this sick joke:
Slow down and think well
In spite of the swell
Before your brain goes up in smoke.


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Poem of the Week: Rant against Nostalgic Media

Rant against Nostalgic Media
June 9, 2015

Stop feeding me yesterday!
I’m done living in the past.
What’s done is done
And no longer fun,
So leave it all in the past.

I want new memories to last
From now ‘til my life’s done,
So out with the old!
Dare to be bold,
For a new era’s begun.

Let’s hear some new songs be sung
And some new stories be told.
There must be a way
To bring in a new day
‘Fore our souls be all bought and sold.

The stories of old just bear too much mold
To feed our children today.
Leave them thus in the past!
They need new stuff to last
And call their own during these days.


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Poem of the Week: Tragic Love Poem X

Tragic Love Poem X
May 12, 2015

I was in love once upon a time.
However, I’m not anymore.
It’s hard to explain,
But I still feel the pain,
So here, let me settle the score.

My love I once thought had a good core—
So sweet and simple, like rain—
‘Til I realized how dumb
One day she’d become,
And I never felt the same again.

She’d follow the crowd time and again,
Heading with them to whatever slum
They’d choose to spend time
At, wallowing in grime
And doing what they’d do ‘mongst the scum.

Then came the day when her body grew numb
As she sniffed too much at one time.
Now she’s dead like a door,
Buried six feet or more
In the ground ‘neath the soot and lime.


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Poem of the Week: Another Poem about a Writer Trying to Get His/Her Act Together

Another Poem about a Writer Trying to Get His/Her Act Together
September 26, 2014

Things should’ve been off and running by now,
But yet I’m so far behind.
I can hear critics scoff
At my slacking off,
Too, as I’m wracking my mind

To figure out how to be less behind
And once and for all send off
This tedious thing
‘Pon which I’ve been working
Before more detractors scoff

And ask me just where the hell I get off
Even trying to heed the calling
When what I’ve got now
Hasn’t earned me a cow
To milk, much less right to sing

That I’m one who’s contributing
To the literary world now,
And with that in mind,
It’s back to the grind
To finish my work…and how!


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