Poem of the Week: Another Hasty Rant against Remakes, Reboots, and Other Forms of Laziness in the Media

Another Hasty Rant against Remakes, Reboots, and Other Forms of Laziness in the Media
May 13, 2017

We all miss the days
When things were simpler and more
Fun and the people
In power didn’t
Resort to desperation
To keep us happy.
We all miss the days
When originality
Was much easier
To come by simply
Because people gave a crap
And honestly tried
To give us something
New, exciting, and fresh and
Not feed us rehashed
Gruel that used to
Be the flavor of the day
Once upon a time.
We all miss the days
When the present was present
And the past was built
Upon with rev’rence
And dignity rather than
Pieced back together
With bits and pieces
As Dr. Frankenstein had
With his monster and
Zapped back to life with
Heaven’s silvery lightning,
Only for the beast
To run rampant ‘cross
The land and raze whatever
Foundation we’ve laid
To build a future
Upon for generations
Yet to come. For shame!
We all miss those days,
But what about tomorrow’s
Generation? What
Will they have to say
When they’re our age? What will they
Reminisce about?
The same recycled
Schlock that we once had when we
Were young, albeit with
A fresh coat of paint?
Sorry, but it takes more than
My old man’s old toys,
Big bro’s hand-me-downs,
Or other such mementos
To make me happy.
Sometimes I just want
Something I can call truly call
My own through and through
In order to feel
Like I have something worthwhile,
And you know what else?
I’m willing to bet
That today’s young people would
Appreciate it
If we would give them
Something that they could fully
Invest themselves in
Just like those who’d come
Before us once did for us
Back when we were young—
Something to remind
Them of when they were the young
Ones enjoying the
Fruits of the labors
Of those who had the power
And dared to dream big.
Alas, what have we
Done to ensure such a thing
Besides sit back oh
So finely by and
Watch the present lose itself
While hastening the
Perversion of the
Past by those who still have no
Clue as to what it
Was all about or
Once stood for? What is it that
We’re doing right now
Other than bringing
Back that which we’d already
Had, refurbishing
It half-heartedly,
And passing the stuff off as
Something more than what
We already know
It is, thus keeping the state
Of things stagnant and
Never moving forth,
Never evolving, never
Progressing? Such waste!
Well, guess what: It’s time
To cut the nonsense and move
Forward with the next
Narrative step ‘fore
Future generations are
Left with no stories
To share ‘mongst themselves
Or with generations next.
We’ve wasted far too
Much time as things stand
Already, so why not screw
Our heels in now and
Make up for the years
Upon years we’ve already
Lost and give back to
The world just as our
Predecessors have before
We’ve no time at all?
Who’s to say we can’t
Learn from the past and concoct
New tales for others
To tell each other
Down the line for years to come
‘Long life’s rocky road?
Have we even tried
This whole entire time we’ve
Allowed things to fall
Into disrepair?
If we haven’t, shame on us!
All the more reason
For us to act now
And learn from our mistakes ‘fore
Things further collapse
Upon themselves and
Leave this world an even more
Mind-numbing place in
Which to try to live.
Enough talk, then! We must act
Now and put an end
To recycling the
Past with blatant nonchalance
Before it consumes
S all more than it
Already has. Think wisely,
Friends, and be sharp, lest
You wish to fall for
Behind this speeding freight train
Into the future,
For once we start, there
Shall be no stopping us, folks.
All ‘board! Future ho!


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Poem of the Week: Blast from the Past

Blast from the Past
August 8, 2016

It’s all about the money—a matter of financial power.
It’s all about capitalizing on the fad of the current hour,
One fad being our nostalgia for what we loved back then,
But I recall once upon a time when it wasn’t that way, friend.

Back then, people had imagination and thus new stories to tell,
And despite a handful of frayed knots, most of these yarns spun out well
And captivated the attention of those who lent eyes and ears,
And these same stories have pleased the masses year after year after year.

So much have they done so, in fact, that the media today
Wants to retell these same tales in a new, updated way
In hopes of making money from those who once knew them well
And today’s youngsters to whom said tales might be fresher to sell.

Sad thing is, though, while the original tales still stand the test of time,
Their retellings rarely live up to them and as such aren’t as sublime,
And today’s kids must live with the media rehashing the stuff—
The same thing of which we older folks in the day couldn’t get enough.

Comparisons can easily be drawn between the versions two,
And the less each new version lives up to the old, the more it’s screwed
Because of the lore we’d been given in the first, which resonates
With us to the point where all but the slightest changes we come to hate.

The less someone or something in the new story represents
The same in the older version, the more we feel the need to vent
On account of him, her, or it lacking the same qualities
That made us love him, her, or it in the original stories.

It’s not just unfaithfulness, either, that rubs us the wrong way.
There, too, must be logic in all that the characters do and say,
For ignorant writing is ignorant writing, no matter the form it takes,
And there’s no excuse for any story to thrive on a plot half-baked.

Not only must the laws governing the story’s setting match
Those of the original setting for the new tale to be a blast,
But the series of events within it and how each character acts and thinks
Must follow a believable rationale for the new story to not stink.

Additionally, the tone of the tale must be like it was before
If one hopes to keep the audience invested in what else is in store—
Strong enough to keep older fans intrigued, fresh enough for the new,
And unique enough to stand on its own its whole revival through.

Alas, the media oft forgets these simple rules of retooling
And only think of the cash they’ll be making and the folks they’ll be fooling
By essentially creating something “new” that’s been done before,
Albeit not as well and often without any sense of resemblance or lore.

They think the name of the story alone will be enough of a draw,
Yet do little to nothing to ensure a product free of flaw
When the truth is that even minor details can make or break
Any product today, thus leaving the maker’s reputation at stake.

Why, then, are producers so surprised when what they’d think would be
Guaranteed masterpieces turn out to be junk to you and me?
Why do so many of these endeavors churn out such tedious chores
For the masses to labor through without trying to get enraged or bored?

Why, too, do so many flip their feces when audiences reject
Their retelling of classic tales and go out of their way to protect
The honor of their project, even when doing so backfires
And exposes them as thin-skinned cowards and sometimes even as liars?

Is it really that hard to create something new in this day and age?
Is it really that hard to walk away from the past and turn a new page
In the book of time and develop something that would hold a candle to that
Which we used to know and love back in the day? Answer me that!

I know originality gets harder each year to come by,
But that’s no excuse for the media to throw up their hands and not try,
‘Cause humanity thrives on variety, and to deny them such a choice
Won’t do favors for anyone, so why not call upon a new voice?

Why not step aside and let someone new tell what story he or she
Has to share with the world and prove to us all just how things can be
When we stop recycling the same tired tales and hear something fresh
That just happens to appeal to the masses? Wouldn’t that help things best?

Sure, we’ve had flops ‘long the way, but as I’ve already said,
This constant retelling of tales too well known may surely leave things dead,
For playing safe is only smart for so long ‘til things get tough,
And what will you do, sister/brother, when things truly get rough?

Quite frankly, you’d know my course, for how much clearer can I make it,
And as for this ceaseless blast from the past, how much more can you take it?
After all, more people than you know have been ready to move on,
So for crying out loud, give us something new! Is making that request so wrong?


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