Bonus Poem of the Week: Taking Time to Escape the Grind

Taking Time to Escape the Grind
November 6, 2018

As much as I loathe “Generation X’s” constant whining
‘Bout “millennials” and how they’ve “ruined it all,”
I, too, find myself every now and then pining
For when ‘fore America started to fall.

Blame it all on a certain day all you want to, friends,
But even if those events never took place,
The downfall of which I speak still would’ve happened in the end
And led us to this current state of disgrace.

These days, so many people claim to be in such a rush
And “overwhelmed” with all that comes their way.
Heaven forbid they have so little as five minutes to crush
To take a breather and enjoy the day.

Heaven forbid we take the time to watch a little TV
Or read a book or magazine article.
Heck, even YouTube vids can last hours, as folks can see,
Thus making the whole “overwhelmed” claim such bull.

Hey, I get it: Life’s a rush nowadays ‘til retirement comes,
And then, it’s a short while ‘til you up and die,
And I’m not saying we all sit ‘round like a bunch of bums
‘Til the day we forever shut our eyes,

But this era of short attention spans and disposability
In media is really getting on my nerves,
And if we don’t change our ways soon, who knows how low we’ll be?
Oh, how I wish this rickety ship would swerve

And steer clear of the iceberg It’s been racing toward
Since technology spoiled us—everyone!
It’s time we all made time to take a chance and explore
The realms of imagination and fun.

Let’s actually sit down and read a book for once in our lives
And enjoy the trek through fiction it takes us on.
Let’s look up recipes in a magazine while it’s still alive,
Then an editorial as we roll along.

Let’s sit down and watch a sitcom on the ol’ hotbox
Or a drama and watch its story unfold.
Heck, even without media getting tangled in our locks,
Let’s do something to show we haven’t sold

Our entire lives to the grind just ‘cause it nets us dough.
Let’s grow and develop somehow beyond it all
And round ourselves out as people in this world of woe
Before society even further falls.

It’s just a small step, I admit, in defining our morality,
But it’s one worth taking if we wish to cool
Off the tension that’s been boiling in us for too long, you see,
So let’s stop playing one another for fools

And get our act together, for who knows just how much longer
We can endure this strain through which we’ve been.
Let’s learn to pace ourselves, people, if we wish to grow stronger
And want a golden age to happen somewhen.


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Poem of the Week: Christmastime Already?

Christmastime Already?
November 11, 2017

Carols already on the radio,
Trees already strung up with twinkling lights…
Vet’rans Day was just yesterday, but lo
And behold, the season’s come overnight.
Don’t get me wrong, either. Christmastime rocks!
‘Tis a time worth spending with those you love,
But then, so’s Thanksgiving time, and it shocks
Me to know that from somewhere high above,
Someone decided to skip Thanksgiving
So that Christmastime early can descend.
Heaven forbid one day we spend living
‘Fore another day to come ‘round the bend!
Alas, can’t we live one day at a time
To savor each season oh so sublime?


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