Poem of the Week: No Room for Bigotry

No Room for Bigotry
August 17, 2017

No room for bigotry.
No room for hatred—
Hatred from ages ago,
Hatred towards strangers,
Strangers of a different color,
Strangers of a different mold,
Mold of experience,
Mold of life,
Life that you’ve never known,
Life that you don’t understand.
Understand for others’ sake.
Understand for your own sake—
Sake of growing,
Sake of becoming,
Becoming a stronger person,
Becoming what this world needs—
Needs during these troubled times,
Needs in the midst of this turmoil,
Turmoil that hasn’t died,
Turmoil that’s lasted for decades—
Decades, if not centuries,
Decades since some maniac spoke,
Spoke against those whom he disliked,
Spoke about mythology,
Mythology of a “superior” race,
Mythology meant for desperate ears—
Ears yearning for post-war relief,
Ears yearning for post-war hope,
Hope for a revitalized nation,
Hope at the expense of others—
Others who didn’t fit a given image,
Others who were “weird,”
Weird in strangers’ eyes,
Weird according to one man’s vision—
Vision that still lingers,
Vision that still carries on,
On in hateful hearts,
On in warped minds,
Minds warped by stereotyping,
Minds warped with fear,
Fear that they on turn spread,
Fear we must all overcome.
Overcome in the name of enlightenment.
Overcome in the name of peace—
Peace that we all desire,
Peace we’ve long needed,
Needed in the face of all this hostility,
Needed in the wake of so many kills.


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Poem of the Week: Sick of the Bickering

Sick of the Bickering
June 6, 2017

Sick of the bickering, sick of the hating,
Sick of the insults we’ve all been trading,
Sick of the radicals pointing fingers
At each other and feeding that which lingers,
Sick of the drama and emotional sting
Upon which we’re all fixed over the slightest thing,
Sick of that which we but start to address,
Yet fail to solve day in, day out without rest,
Sick of double standards and self-servitude,
Sick of people being patronizing and rude,
Sick of name-calling and accusations,
Sick of twisted truths sweeping ‘cross the nation,
Sick of each lie and excuse I read and hear,
Sick of the blind hatred and unjustified fear,
Sick of the agendas tainting everyone’s mind,
Sick of insulting labels slapped on everyone’s behind,
Sick of thin-skinned brats fighting fire with fire
With the slightest misspoke word stoking folks’ ire,
Sick of the followers of a given cause
Getting their backs ‘gainst a wall, not stopping to pause
And think about their mission and what makes it great
As well as those who plague it with their hate,
Which they use to bash outsiders, their chosen enemies,
When they’ve obstacles already to pass with little ease.
Sick of propaganda being shoved in my face
And folks without my code calling me a disgrace
For keeping my own counsel and following my own rules
And not suffering those who take me for a fool
And talking down to me like I don’t know better
When my sensibilities have helped me weather
More crap than they could even start to understand
In this bitter, paranoid powder keg of a land.
Never will they get it ‘cause they’re too blind
To see how I keep from falling behind.
Outside looking in, I’ve got the edge,
Ears wide open as I peek over the hedge
And see for myself what the hell’s going on
And tune in to the ever-nauseating song
We’ve been hearing for years, if not, in fact, decades
While society all around us further degrades
Into something even more tragic than before,
And it’s gotten to where we clearly can handle no more.
When will we grow up? When will we move on?
When will we sing something other than the same song
We’ve all been singing for clearly way too long?
When will we realize we’ve been doing it wrong?
When will we at last learn that disdain’s not the way
We need to follow if we’re to bring in a better day?
Something’s got to change. Something’s got to give
‘Cause I’m sick of how things are now. They’re no way to live.
It’s time to wake up, people, if we ever hope
To reach even the base of Xanadu’s mighty slopes,
Much less their pinnacles, where we long should’ve been,
So let’s stop it with these feuds we’ve been in
And learn to work together before it’s too late.
Let go of your anger, rise above your hate,
And let’s learn to cooperate so that we
Can ensure a brighter future for you and me.
No more lashing out, bickering, or hating,
No more of the insults we’ve been trading,
Or any of the other crap that’s made me sick.
I’m sure you all, too, have had enough of it.


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Poem of the Week: No Excuse for Bigotry

No Excuse for Bigotry
November 2, 2016

There’s no excuse for bigotry these days.
Hate never gets anyone anywhere.
Grow up, then, and change your ignorant ways.

For far too long, fear’s seen the light of day,
Pitting us ‘gainst each other everywhere.
There’s no excuse for bigotry these days.

Race, sex, age, and more have all become ways
In which we’ve been divided here and there.
Grow up, then, and change your ignorant ways.

Where have such divisions led us these days?
At each other’s throats, strangling ‘way sans care.
There’s no excuse for bigotry these days.

Living in fear of each other in ways
I thought we’d overcome years back somewhere.
Grow up, then, and change your ignorant ways.

This world’s long been fragged in too many ways.
Can’t we work together to get somewhere?
There’s no excuse for bigotry these days.
Grow up, then, and change your ignorant ways.


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Bonus Poem of the Week: Not All Men Are the Enemy

Hey, readers!

For countless decades now, gender equality has been a serious issue in world society, and for good reason. I myself have written quite a few poems in which I’ve expressed my opinions regarding various women’s issues, which I’ve included here in this disclaimer for the sake of convenience.

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However, while I personally cannot deny that women have too often received the “short end of the stick,” as the saying goes, in various aspects of American society, I still feel it necessary to stress a certain point to women everywhere. Rather than drone on and preach the point here, however, I think it’d be better to allow the following poem speak for me. Without further ado, then, here’s Not All Men Are the Enemy. Hope you folks like it.


Not All Men Are the Enemy
March 8, 2016

For every abusive bastard who torments women for sport,
For every selfish pervert who can’t keep his hands to himself,
For every “alpha” male on the prowl looking for a consort,
There’s a kind-hearted gentleman who’s stuck sitting upon a shelf.

For every ill-tempered jackass who gets off swinging his fists,
For every stuck-up schmuck who makes equality seem like a lie,
For every soulless misogynist who refuses to get the gist,
There’s a frustrated yet considerate fellow left asking, “Why?

Why do women hate me when I do everything right,
Treating them with dignity and respect each step of the way,
Trying to not subjugate them at any time, day or night?
Why am I still the enemy? What did I do or say

To earn the label of oppressor when this entire time,
I’ve tried treating women like equals, their differences from me aside?
Why do these women still see me like naught but primordial slime?
Why don’t they see that even mankind has a humane side?”

Then the resentment sinks in and cynicism grows
With each passing day the dejection goes untreated,
And should the subject fully give in, more will be the woes
From their words and actions, and hence the movement’s defeated,

And the bitter, vicious void between women and men grows,
Making matters even more compromised than they were before,
Which means even more need for diplomacy to ease our woes
If we ever hope to move on and see what peace we’ve in store.

Attention, then, womankind: Not every man’s an ass.
We’re not all perpetrators of crimes against your kind.
Despite the heartless clods amongst us, the rest of us have class,
And the crimes of our “brothers” do indeed weigh heavily on our mind.

Please find it in your hearts, then, to not rain all your disdain
Upon us all for the misdeeds of a fraction of us.
We wish we could keep all our kind in line and spare you the pain,
But alas, we can only promise that for those of us who are just.

In the meantime, then, tell your sisters who bear upon us their wrath
That doing so will do nothing but make hostilities grow
And make the whole “superior sex” debate further tear us in half
And widen the gender gap further yet than we already know.

Hatred isn’t the answer. Let’s try mutual respect,
For only decorum at the peace table can see us through,
And should we all cooperate, we just might find balance yet.
I’m willing to work towards that goal. Everyone else, how ‘bout you?


Thanks for reading the above work. I hope its message settles well with everyone, although if there was one final piece of advice I’d like to give women everywhere, it’s this: While even good men may make errors of judgment, they—unlike the misogynists of the world—will still be considerate enough to lend an ear and an open mind and listen to the concerns of anyone fighting for women’s rights. That is to say, of course, that the concerns in question are voiced in a rational, conscious, productive fashion. After all, as I’ve said in this poem, taking counterproductive measures against mankind as a whole and making sweeping generalizations about all men based on the actions of only a portion of them isn’t going to solve anything.

At any rate, that’s enough for today. Feel free to come on back for more poetry and whatever else might be going on with my writing career, and in the meantime, don’t be afraid to check out my author pages at Smashwords.com, Amazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk to see what I have in store for sale. Thanks again, and happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber

Bonus Poem of the Week: To Hell with Bigotry

To Hell with Bigotry
May 2, 2014

What is there to love about bigotry?
What’s the point in hating anyone who
Happens to be diff’rent from you and me?
I can’t make sense of that at all. Can you?
Scoffing at someone’s personal beliefs
Or one’s sex or the color of one’s skin
Just sounds insane and makes me scream “Good grief!”
For how can humanity hope to win
This struggle we’ve been through for so long now?
When will we all wake up and realize
That vilifying one another’s how
Modern civilization just might die?
Eternal, blind disdain is not for me.
As such, I say to Hell with bigotry.


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