Poem of the Week: Another Hasty Rant against Remakes, Reboots, and Other Forms of Laziness in the Media

Another Hasty Rant against Remakes, Reboots, and Other Forms of Laziness in the Media
May 13, 2017

We all miss the days
When things were simpler and more
Fun and the people
In power didn’t
Resort to desperation
To keep us happy.
We all miss the days
When originality
Was much easier
To come by simply
Because people gave a crap
And honestly tried
To give us something
New, exciting, and fresh and
Not feed us rehashed
Gruel that used to
Be the flavor of the day
Once upon a time.
We all miss the days
When the present was present
And the past was built
Upon with rev’rence
And dignity rather than
Pieced back together
With bits and pieces
As Dr. Frankenstein had
With his monster and
Zapped back to life with
Heaven’s silvery lightning,
Only for the beast
To run rampant ‘cross
The land and raze whatever
Foundation we’ve laid
To build a future
Upon for generations
Yet to come. For shame!
We all miss those days,
But what about tomorrow’s
Generation? What
Will they have to say
When they’re our age? What will they
Reminisce about?
The same recycled
Schlock that we once had when we
Were young, albeit with
A fresh coat of paint?
Sorry, but it takes more than
My old man’s old toys,
Big bro’s hand-me-downs,
Or other such mementos
To make me happy.
Sometimes I just want
Something I can call truly call
My own through and through
In order to feel
Like I have something worthwhile,
And you know what else?
I’m willing to bet
That today’s young people would
Appreciate it
If we would give them
Something that they could fully
Invest themselves in
Just like those who’d come
Before us once did for us
Back when we were young—
Something to remind
Them of when they were the young
Ones enjoying the
Fruits of the labors
Of those who had the power
And dared to dream big.
Alas, what have we
Done to ensure such a thing
Besides sit back oh
So finely by and
Watch the present lose itself
While hastening the
Perversion of the
Past by those who still have no
Clue as to what it
Was all about or
Once stood for? What is it that
We’re doing right now
Other than bringing
Back that which we’d already
Had, refurbishing
It half-heartedly,
And passing the stuff off as
Something more than what
We already know
It is, thus keeping the state
Of things stagnant and
Never moving forth,
Never evolving, never
Progressing? Such waste!
Well, guess what: It’s time
To cut the nonsense and move
Forward with the next
Narrative step ‘fore
Future generations are
Left with no stories
To share ‘mongst themselves
Or with generations next.
We’ve wasted far too
Much time as things stand
Already, so why not screw
Our heels in now and
Make up for the years
Upon years we’ve already
Lost and give back to
The world just as our
Predecessors have before
We’ve no time at all?
Who’s to say we can’t
Learn from the past and concoct
New tales for others
To tell each other
Down the line for years to come
‘Long life’s rocky road?
Have we even tried
This whole entire time we’ve
Allowed things to fall
Into disrepair?
If we haven’t, shame on us!
All the more reason
For us to act now
And learn from our mistakes ‘fore
Things further collapse
Upon themselves and
Leave this world an even more
Mind-numbing place in
Which to try to live.
Enough talk, then! We must act
Now and put an end
To recycling the
Past with blatant nonchalance
Before it consumes
S all more than it
Already has. Think wisely,
Friends, and be sharp, lest
You wish to fall for
Behind this speeding freight train
Into the future,
For once we start, there
Shall be no stopping us, folks.
All ‘board! Future ho!


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Poem of the Week: Random Thoughts on a January Afternoon

Random Thoughts on a January Afternoon
January 10, 2017

It’s January,
And yet, we’ve got rain falling
Down upon our heads—
Down, down upon us,
Washing ‘way whatever snow
Had fallen last night
And covered the ground
In a nice white blanket of
Wint’ry purity.
In its place now…mud—
Sticky, sloppy, gooey glop
‘Neath the thinning lawn,
So thick that my boots
Get stuck in it with each step
I take in it. Yuck!
What a mucky mess!
Oh, well…maybe it will freeze
Tonight and harden
The soft, mushy ground.
One can only hope…but wait!
I hear wind whipping
Past my window like
The proverbial bat out
Of Hell. Wow! Such force!
Whooshing past my house
With an ancient god’s fury…
Zap! The lights are off.
My computer’s down.
Damn my luck! The power’s out.
Might as well write this
By hand on scratch sheet
Until ComEd manages
To come down my street
And set it all right.
Man, though! How dark it’s getting!
I need a flashlight.
Click! Okay, I’m good.
Hopefully, this won’t last much
Longer, ‘cause I don’t
Know just how fresh the
Batteries are in this thing,
And I’m in no mood
To find out the hard
Way. Okay, then…off I go!
That’s it…moving on…
Ugh! The light outside’s
Dimming pretty quickly. I’d
Better bust my ass
And finish this piece
Before something else happens
And all is for naught.
Then again, why’m I
Writing this in the first place?
What’s the point in me
Writing this damn thing
When I can find a pressing
Topic to cover
Like war, disease, or
Even telemarketing?
Why’m I just rambling
About how my day’s
Going? What a waste of time!
What is wrong with me?
I have so many
Other things to take care of,
And yet here I am
Writing random junk
On paper for no reason
Other than I’m “bored”
And the power’s out.
Wow, do my priorities
Leave a lot to be
Desired. That’s it!
My mind’s now made up. Time to
Move on to the next
Ordeal at hand. I’m
Done wasting my time at that
Which simply goes on
And on with little
To no direction. Time to
Move on to something
With more substance and
Purpose. What do you say, self?
I say shut up and
Put the pencil down.
Better yet, why not take a
Nap and rest your damn
Aching head before
We both go insane? Okay,
Fine! To bed we go.
Then, when we wake up,
It’s off to tackle that one
Thing we’ve been working
On that we took a
Break from a while back. What do
You say? Fine by me.
Let’s nap. Alright, then.
Sorry, poem, but it’s time
For me to move on.
Then when I wake up,
The power will come back on,
And off to the next
Project I shall go,
Hopefully, to make progress
In something at last.



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Poem of the Week: Anxiety

November 6, 2016

Anxiety is
Nothing with which to mess, friend.
It can wreck your life.

You may think you’ve got
Things under control, but then
Some stupid thing or

Other happens that
Twitches inside your mind and
Makes you act out in

Some way that makes you
Regret your actions later
And leave you ashamed

Of yourself for how
You portrayed yourself ‘fore the
Eyes of other folks.

Self-consciousness is
One thing, but when one becomes
So wrapped up in what

Oneself says, does, or
Looks like, things backfire so
Much and so often

That one’s previous
Preoccupation didn’t
Mean squat in the end.

Don’t even get me
Started on social matters
Where uneasiness

Is often enough
At its worst, making things tough
For those who suffer:

Thin skin, fragile nerves,
To all around you

And to each word you
Read or hear, no matter how
Each word might be meant.

It’s an exercise
In social and cognitive
Fitness, and unless

You’ve got what it takes
To endure whatever comes
Your way, no matter

How or from where it
Comes, chances are that you’ll snap
Under the pressure.

Many a kind soul
Has fallen prey to such a
Nasty condition,

Which has hence led him
Or her back from fulfilling
The potential he

Or she had to change
The world for the better, and
No, it isn’t fair.

It’s also unfair
That certain assholes in this
World feel the need to

Install such a state
Of mind into others by
Taking out their vile

Out on them day after day
In the vain hope of

Feeling good about
Themselves despite their childish,
Groundless, inhumane,

Unproductive, and
Outright petty behavior
That no sane person

Would tolerate and,
In reality, only
Helps those who resort

To it ease their own
Pain for a brief while ‘til their

Predictably ‘nough
Flare up again, hence giving
Them the excuse to

Start the whole cycle
Over again, thus proving
Just how weak they are,

And yet, they make those
Who don’t deserve to suffer
Suffer anyway.

Yeah, that’s…that’s just great—
Let’s spread our anxiety
Around like a plague

‘Til everyone feels
Our pain and this world becomes
Even more of a

Powder keg than it
Is already. Thanks a lot,
Assholes of the world!

Thanks for being such
Petty, narcissistic brats
And spreading the angst

‘Round ‘til everyone
Has ended up like you and
Thus making life more

Of a living hell
Than it had been already,
All because you twits

Personally can’t
Get your own lives together.
Thanks a lot, you schmucks!

In the meantime, let’s
All hope that the good people
Of the world can pull

Themselves together
So that they—and we—can all
Unite and heal this

Crippled world before
It goes further off the deep
End and our children

Must endure something
Even worse than what we have
Already, and if

The good folks happen
To need help, let’s give it to
Them so that they in

Turn can help us help
The world as a whole and thus
Make less room for fear

To fester. Take note:
The time is now, not later,
For the sooner we

Put anxiety
To rest, the sooner we all
Can move forward and

Enjoy a brighter
Day under Heaven’s hot sun
For years to come, so

Let’s work together
And put history in the
Past where it belongs.

Anxiety hurts,
After all, and only gets
Worse the longer we

Allow it to, so
Let’s do something about it
And all end the pain.


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Bonus Poem of the Week: Blissful Ignorance (A Haiku Chain to Help Me Get Over a Really Stupid TV Show I Once Saw as a Kid)

Blissful Ignorance (A Haiku Chain to Help Me Get Over a Really Stupid TV Show I Once Saw as a Kid)
August 20, 2016

No regard for the
Lore, sloppy animation,
And mindless writing—
Such was the nature
Of the story I’m trying
To forget from years
Ago in the past
That I was dumb enough to
Watch in the first place.
Why I ever tried
Watching that trash, I can but
Guess, not know for fact.
Maybe it was my
Penchant to give new things a
Chance that did me in
‘Long with my boredom
In the “same old thing” I’d seen
Too much of back then.
Maybe it was plain
Morbid curiosity
That drew me to it
Like a moth to flame
Or like the masses to a
Chuck Lorre sitcom.
Maybe I was just
What I’ve nowadays come to
Hate: a mindless drone
Who watches that which
He’s told to, like so many
Kids are thought to be—
Not that kids are dumb
By default, but many kids
Happen to be so.
I sure was in that
I tried to find some kind of
Merit in the thing
And stuck around for
Some time, yet come up empty-
Handed ev’ry time
I tried to fish for
Anything that would prove the
Show was any good.
My memory since
Has been tainted by its mere
Existence, and I
Can’t seem to get it
Out of my head no matter
How hard I’ve tried, for
No matter what I
Say or do, the memory
Will linger. What’s worse:
I brought all this crap
Upon myself simply by
Checking out their dreck
In the first damn place,
Leaving myself alone to
Blame for the nightmares
That fester within
My brain today even as
I write this message,
Haunting, lingering,
Pestering me…all ‘cause I
Just had to answer
The call to check out
Something I was better off
Leaving well alone.
Don’t be like I was.
Don’t let curiosity
Let you do dumb crap.
Know crap when you see
It and let it be before
It takes over your
Mind and leaves you with
Bad memories that no one
Should have to ensure.
Take it from me: Crap
Stinks, no matter the smell, and
Should be avoided
At all costs, lest you
Want the same jaded mindset
With which I’m dealing.
Trust me…it’s not worth
It. Instead, live your life in
Blissful ignorance.

PS: Bonus points and bragging rights to he or she who can name the TV show I’m referencing in the poem above. 😉


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Poem of the Week: Two Words

Two Words
November 24, 2014

Two words: I’m sorry—
Often the best thing to say
To one you’ve tortured
And tormented in
The past, whether that’d be just
Mere seconds ago
Or over the course
Of countless years, whether your
Doing so was a
Deliberate act
Of ill will or simply out
Of crass ignorance.
Only two words, yet
They pack so potent a punch
When used properly—
In other words, with
All the sincerity and
Remorse in your soul
Driving them into
The heart of the one you’ve hurt
And mending the wounds
You’ve made once upon
A time, even if only
Partially. Of course,
That doesn’t mean that
Said apology will be
Enough by itself
To win back any
Confidence from the person
To whom you give it.
Sometimes you need just
A little bit more to make
It mean exactly
How you want it to.
Promise, courage, commitment—
All are crucial here:
The promise to change
For the betterment of your
Relationship with
He or she to whom
You’ve apologized, partnered
With the commitment
To uphold your word
And the courage to take on
Whatever tasks lie
Ahead of you on
Your quest for self-redemption.
Such is the road down
Which you must travel
To ensure that forgiveness
Will come to you in
The near-future, for
Only this journey will teach
You the meaning of
What it means to be
A good person and as such
Worthy of someone’s
Forgiveness. Just you
Remember this, though: It still
Takes two words for you
To start this journey
That just might change your life for-
Ever: I’m sorry.


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Poem of the Week: It’s Just Not Worth It

It’s Just Not Worth It
October 19, 2014

Heaven forbid I
Have an opinion with which
You do not agree.
Heaven forbid I
Chance to think the opposite
Way you do on some
Topic or other
That ultimately shouldn’t
Make that much of a
Diff’rence in the grand
Scheme of things, for when I find
The will to open
My mouth and express
The way I feel ‘bout certain
Matters, here you come,
Raging like a bull
Stampeding through a china
Shop, cursing like a
Sailor and screaming
Like a banshee just because
I happen to not
Think like you when it
Comes to the issue at hand.
Honestly, what gives?!
That TV show you
Watch weekly that I can’t stand?
“Philistine!” you cry.
That one musician
Or band you listen to, yet
I just plain don’t like?
“Idiot!” you shout.
That one video game you
Love to play or that
Book you love to read,
Yet I despise with ev’ry
Bit of my being?
“Dumbass!” you call me.
I bet you, too, that even
If I were to sit
You down and tell you
In great detail the faults I
See in each of these
Things with as calm and
Cool a voice as anyone
On Earth can manage
And with carefully,
Delicately chosen words
Picked so as not to
Batter and bruise your
Strong yet tender feelings, you
Still would find the need
To tear me apart
Limb for limb verbally like
An ogre, calling
Me names, insulting
My family, and passing
Accusations ‘gainst
Me so personal
And foul that it’d almost be
Like we were never
Friends to begin with…
And all for what? Just ‘cause we
Don’t see eye to eye
On some minor thing
That most people would see as
A petty thing to
Bicker about and—
Even more importantly—
Sever our friendship
Over? Where’s the sense
In that? Is there supposed to
Be any? Because
I see none at all.
Really, now, why not agree
To disagree? Would
That not make more sense?
Wouldn’t that suit matters more
Easily than you
And me sparing day
And night with words that only
Sprout bitterness and
Resentment over
Time? I’d like to think it would.
So how ‘bout it, friend?
Care to set aside
Our diff’rences and carry
On getting along?
After all, there’s more
Than enough hatred going
On in this world as
We speak, from flame wars
On the Internet and shows
Of bigotry to
Full-scale vi’lence of
All kinds, local and global
Alike, and we can’t
Afford to have yet
More of such trash, ‘specially
Over what most folks
Would consider to
Be quite minor in the long
Run. That being said,
Enough is enough.
No more hostile debating.
It’s just not worth it.


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Poem of the Week: Let’s Make the Future Great!

Happy Holidays, readers!

My apologies for not posting a “Poem of the Week” yesterday as has been the custom on this blog of mine since day one. Hopefully, however, today’s Haiku chain will make up for it, and while I will admit that yes, it does reference how the world was “supposed” to come to an end this past December 21 yet didn’t, this piece is more of a celebration of life and of our hope to make the world a better place on account of the Apocalypse not taking place. If that still makes this a touchy subject for some of you out there, I’m sorry. However, I hope the rest of you will kindly stick around to read the following composition all the same. Please enjoy!


Let’s Make the Future Great!
December 24, 2012

Well, the world didn’t
End as some predicted…so
What’s next after this?
An end to drama?
An end to stupidity?
An end to madness?
How ‘bout a new start—
A new beginning for all
Who wish to move on
And see tomorrow.
The question is, however,
What does the future
Hold? Perhaps the change
We’ve all been waiting for for
Heaven knows how long—
One for the better,
One where freedom and justice
Are granted to all
The honest and hard-
Working people of the world?
One can sure hope so.
I most certainly
Would love to live in a world
Where prosperity
And peace are always
In season—where destruction
And death have both been
Reduced to little
More than fleeting memories
Of a much darker
Age. I’ll certainly
Keep my fingers crossed for such
A fate to befall
Upon us all. Then
Again, creating such a
Future surely won’t
Rely solely on
Promise and good fortune—not
When we members of
The human race have
The power to affect the
Passage of time as
We all know it but
A wave of our hands or the
Utterance of a
Single word. Indeed,
If we want things to suit our
Ever-growing needs
And desires, then
We all have to do our part
To set the stage for
Such a change to take
Place. We’re the ones, after all,
With the power and
The knowledge to make
Things right in the world, and not
For our sake alone,
Either, but for the
Sake of all who still live as
Well as those who shall
Be born in years yet
To come—the inheritors
Of the world, so to
Speak, once our time on
This planet comes to pass and
Our souls move into
The Great Beyond—they
Who shall either prosper or
Suffer based on the
Actions we take now
During these, our living years.
The time’s thus now to
Ensure this race’s
Longevity upon this
Planet we’ve come to
Know and love, even
During the worst of times. Let’s
All work together,
Therefore, to better
The earth ev’ry which way we
Possibly can and
Help our fellow men,
Women, and children carry
On growing, learning,
And developing
On the whole so that once we
Have to go, they’ll be
Able to take our
Places and hopefully make
The world an even
Kinder, gentler, and
Friendlier place to live in
Than we ever could
Envision it to
Be. After all, Ragnarok,
The Apocalypse,
You may call it—hasn’t come
Just yet, and I say
We should keep it that
Way for generations to
Come. Onward towards
Brighter days, then, my
Fellow human beings. Let’s
Make the future great!


Well, that should do it for this week. Thank you all for reading, and I hope that next time I post something here on this blog, it’ll be something other than poetry, seeing as how I’ve published so many poems on this blog already over the past couple of weeks. In the meantime, folks, please visit my author pages at Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, and Smashwords.com to check out my latest works, and until next we meet, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, Happy Holidays in general, and as always, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber

Poem of the Week: So Hard for So Long

Hey, readers!

As promised for this week, I’m back with a more recent composition of mine that I’d like to share with you all—a little haiku chain similar to Folks Who Won’t Let Go and WTH is Wrong with This Fanfic? That I’ve simply entitle So Hard for So Long. Without further ado, then, enjoy!


So Hard for So Long
September 15, 2012

So hard for so long,
And I feel things already
Are slipping away.
I feel like I have
Suddenly fallen into
A rut and need to
Take a step back ‘fore
I find myself burning out
On this one thing I’ve
Been preoccupied
With this entire time. What
To do during this
Short break, however?
Really now, what can I do
To keep myself on
Top of things and keep
Myself from falling behind
In my ultimate
Objective to take
My chose field by storm? Hmm…
Well, if nothing else,
I can always start
A new project any time
I want to, so why
Don’t I do just that?
Yeah, looks like I might have to…
But wait! Something’s just
Occurred to me. Don’t
I have a deadline to meet
With yet another
Project I’d started
Not too long ago? After
All, I did make a
Promise to get the
Doggone thing done by “Date X,”
And yet I’ve been so
Lazy in terms of
Keeping up with that, so I
Might as well finish
That which I’d started,
Right? Right…except for one small
Thing: I’ve already
Spent all morning on
It, and if I were to spend
Another minute
On the thing, my brain
Would melt out of my head like
That butter that’s poured
On popcorn at film
Theaters, so I guess I’d
Better find something
Else to do to bide
My time until the next time
I feel ambitious
To devote the time
To that project. Let me see…
Oh! I know. Why don’t
I read a book for
Once and perchance switch my brain
To “absorption mode”
In hopes of getting
A new idea or two
For my next project?
Yeah, there’s a notion,
Except for one small problem:
I’ve already read
Every single
Book in my library from
Cover to cover,
And I honestly
See no point in reading a
Single one of them
All over again
Any time soon. The very
Idea’s nothing
But redundant in
The grand scheme of things, so I
Guess that plan’s not an
Option for me at
This point…but wait! I’ve got this
One DVD in
My collection of
Old movies that I’ve yet to
Watch. Who knows? Maybe
It will give me an
Idea or two to work
With in my next work.
Yeah, gee…what a plan!
Why didn’t I think of that
Before? Eh…who cares?
Let me just pull the
Thing out and…hang on…It’s gone.
Oh, wait—that’s right…damn!
I forgot that I’d
Lent said movie to a friend
To watch over the
Weekend, so I won’t
Have it back until Monday
Morning. What a drag.
Oh, well…it’s getting
Late anyway, and guess what:
I’m actually
Getting tired, so
It’s lights out for me for now.
Hopefully, though, I’ll
Be more on top of
Things tomorrow morning, and
I’ll get right to work
With whatever plan
I commit to that day, be
It finishing my
Current project or
Starting up a brand new one.
Either way, my mind
Will be much sharper
Than it is right now. With that
In mind, then, sorry,
Folks, but trust me when
I say that tomorrow will
Be a brand new day
Not only for you,
But for me as well. Until
Then…happy reading!


Yeah…I figured it was time to give it a rest with rhyme schemes this time around and offer you folks a little something that’s both familiar and fresh as far as this blog goes. Therefore, I hope you liked this week’s “Poem of the Week” and will tune in next week, where I hope to provide you with yet another more recent composition. Until then, thank you all once again for stopping by and checking my stuff out, and as always, please visit my author page at Smashwords.com for current and future ebook releases and follow me on Twitter @DustinMWeber. Other than that, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber