Poem of the Week: A Rather Blunt Blitz Poem about Intergender Violence

A Rather Blunt Blitz Poem about Intergender Violence
July 14, 2017

Sick of the double standard
Sick of the hypocrisy
Hypocrisy regarding gender
Hypocrisy regarding violence
Violence against women
Violence against men
Men hitting each other
Men hitting women
Women hitting men
Women hitting each other
Other people may disagree
Other people too blind to see
See the big picture
See what’s wrong
Wrong with our way of thinking
Wrong with people hitting people
People need to wake up
People need to realize
Realize what they’re promoting
Realize what they’re saying
Saying it’s a matter of size
Saying it’s a matter of gender status
Status in American
Status worldwide
Worldwide no-no
Worldwide taboo
Taboo for a number of reasons
Taboo we’ll never shake
Shake after so many decades
Shake after so many generations
Generations defending the notion blindly
Generations never stopping to think
Think in simpler terms
Think along a different line
Line of logic
Line of reality
Reality beyond one side of the story
Reality concerning violence
Violence against anyone
Violence is wrong
Wrong outside of self-defense
Wrong outside of a sanctioned fight
Fight for truth
Fight for equality
Equality between both genders
Equality we’ve long needed
Needed to grow
Needed to move on up


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Poem of the Week: Rant that a Male Feminist Might Hear

Rant that a Male Feminist Might Hear
May 17, 2016

Get off your high horse, you damn hypocrite!
You blast one thing but condone the other.
Everybody knows you’re so full of it.

Safely behind your computer you sit,
Preaching morality like no other.
Get off your high horse, you damn hypocrite!

Treating your fellow men like they’re all twits
As if somehow you were their damn mother…
Everybody knows you’re so full of it.

You proclaim that it’s wrong for men to hit
Women, but vice-versa’s fine? Oh, brother!
Get off your high horse, you damn hypocrite!

Claiming that a woman you’d never hit?
I bet your wife you beat like no other.
Everybody knows you’re so full of it.

Your self-righteous words don’t fool us one bit.
We see through your double standard, brother.
Get off your high horse, you damn hypocrite!
Everybody knows you’re so full of it.


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Bonus Poem of the Week: Not All Men Are the Enemy

Hey, readers!

For countless decades now, gender equality has been a serious issue in world society, and for good reason. I myself have written quite a few poems in which I’ve expressed my opinions regarding various women’s issues, which I’ve included here in this disclaimer for the sake of convenience.

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However, while I personally cannot deny that women have too often received the “short end of the stick,” as the saying goes, in various aspects of American society, I still feel it necessary to stress a certain point to women everywhere. Rather than drone on and preach the point here, however, I think it’d be better to allow the following poem speak for me. Without further ado, then, here’s Not All Men Are the Enemy. Hope you folks like it.


Not All Men Are the Enemy
March 8, 2016

For every abusive bastard who torments women for sport,
For every selfish pervert who can’t keep his hands to himself,
For every “alpha” male on the prowl looking for a consort,
There’s a kind-hearted gentleman who’s stuck sitting upon a shelf.

For every ill-tempered jackass who gets off swinging his fists,
For every stuck-up schmuck who makes equality seem like a lie,
For every soulless misogynist who refuses to get the gist,
There’s a frustrated yet considerate fellow left asking, “Why?

Why do women hate me when I do everything right,
Treating them with dignity and respect each step of the way,
Trying to not subjugate them at any time, day or night?
Why am I still the enemy? What did I do or say

To earn the label of oppressor when this entire time,
I’ve tried treating women like equals, their differences from me aside?
Why do these women still see me like naught but primordial slime?
Why don’t they see that even mankind has a humane side?”

Then the resentment sinks in and cynicism grows
With each passing day the dejection goes untreated,
And should the subject fully give in, more will be the woes
From their words and actions, and hence the movement’s defeated,

And the bitter, vicious void between women and men grows,
Making matters even more compromised than they were before,
Which means even more need for diplomacy to ease our woes
If we ever hope to move on and see what peace we’ve in store.

Attention, then, womankind: Not every man’s an ass.
We’re not all perpetrators of crimes against your kind.
Despite the heartless clods amongst us, the rest of us have class,
And the crimes of our “brothers” do indeed weigh heavily on our mind.

Please find it in your hearts, then, to not rain all your disdain
Upon us all for the misdeeds of a fraction of us.
We wish we could keep all our kind in line and spare you the pain,
But alas, we can only promise that for those of us who are just.

In the meantime, then, tell your sisters who bear upon us their wrath
That doing so will do nothing but make hostilities grow
And make the whole “superior sex” debate further tear us in half
And widen the gender gap further yet than we already know.

Hatred isn’t the answer. Let’s try mutual respect,
For only decorum at the peace table can see us through,
And should we all cooperate, we just might find balance yet.
I’m willing to work towards that goal. Everyone else, how ‘bout you?


Thanks for reading the above work. I hope its message settles well with everyone, although if there was one final piece of advice I’d like to give women everywhere, it’s this: While even good men may make errors of judgment, they—unlike the misogynists of the world—will still be considerate enough to lend an ear and an open mind and listen to the concerns of anyone fighting for women’s rights. That is to say, of course, that the concerns in question are voiced in a rational, conscious, productive fashion. After all, as I’ve said in this poem, taking counterproductive measures against mankind as a whole and making sweeping generalizations about all men based on the actions of only a portion of them isn’t going to solve anything.

At any rate, that’s enough for today. Feel free to come on back for more poetry and whatever else might be going on with my writing career, and in the meantime, don’t be afraid to check out my author pages at Smashwords.com, Amazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk to see what I have in store for sale. Thanks again, and happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber