Poem of the Week: Thanksgiving’s Over

Thanksgiving’s Over
November 25, 2017

Finally over.
Gathering, sharing, celebrating…
That’s all over now.
Rushing, racing, toiling…
Fun’s done.


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Poem of the Week: Game Over…?

Game Over…?
June 12, 2016

Game time?
Game over.
Over your head.
Head without logic,
Head without reason—
Reason to believe,
Reason to understand.
Understand what’s going on.
Understand what you’re doing—
Doing to yourself,
Doing with your time,
Time better spent elsewhere,
Time wasted—
Wasted on the trivial,
Wasted on recreation,
Recreation meant to be fun
Recreation meant to be a break—
Break from the grind,
Break from reality,
Reality unavoidable,
Reality closing in,
In on you,
In on all you do.
Do something!
Do something now—
Now while you still can!
Now is the time—
Time to make amends,
Time to make up for it all,
All the flunked exams,
All the blown tasks—
Tasks at school and work,
Tasks at home,
Home amongst friends,
Home amongst family,
Family spurned,
Family who still love you—
You in spite of your habits,
You in spite of your preoccupation,
Preoccupation with the imaginary,
Preoccupation with another world,
World where you don’t really exist,
World where you can never stay—
Stay and become one with,
Stay and forever exist,
Exist among the immortal,
Exist among the impossible…


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Poem of the Week: Taking a Break for the Holidays

Happy Holidays, readers!

As promised, here’s my Christmas poem for 2013, Taking a Break for the Holidays. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas, everybody (and Happy Holidays in general)! Here's hoping for a happy and prosperous 2014, too!

Merry Christmas, everybody (and Happy Holidays in general)! Here’s hoping for a happy and prosperous 2014, too!


Taking a Break for the Holidays
December 17, 2013

Taking a break for the Holidays
To spend time with family—
A diff’rent kind of hussle,
A diff’rent kind of bustle,
A diff’rent kind of energy.

I need a break from these books, you see,
And all this mental tussle
I’ve been going through,
And I hope that you
Can understand that, dear Russell.

I need to hear the sound of wrapping paper rustle
And sing carols ‘til I’m blue
To honor the day
In a manger, He lay
In hopes that my spirit’s renewed.

‘Tis the only way I can see myself through
In hopes for a better day—
Not just for me,
But you, too, you see,
So let me enjoy Christmas Day.


Well, that should do it. Thank you all for stopping by for my second-to-last “Poem of the Week” for 2013, and please fell free to visit my author pages at Smashwords.com, Amazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk when you have the chance. Until next week, then, Happy Holidays and happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber

Image used courtesy of www.oakparknow.com.