Bonus Poem of the Week: One American Male’s Self-Defense against Adamantly Nude Women in the Media

One American Male’s Self-Defense against Adamantly Nude Women in the Media
November 8, 2016

How dare you label me a shallow, sexist, philistine sod
For expecting more of a woman than an admittedly gorgeous bod!
Congratulations for feeling comfortable in your own skin,
But if it’s my heart you want, showing yourself off’s no way to win.

How dare you vilify me for expecting dignity
And modesty to guide you in proving to the world you can be
More than just a sack of skin and bones in society’s eyes
That always unveils itself for the sight of certain gals and guys!

How dare you accuse me of forcing my “tyrannical” will onto you
When I know damn well it’s your own body and you’re going to do
What you want, no matter what any man or woman says what’s right,
Even though you know you’ll dress back up once you’ve reached your twilight!

How dare you get in the faces of men just like me
When you’ve got women, too, telling you whom and what you ought to be!
Don’t you dare go crying “Oppression!” when guys like me aren’t alone
In getting sick of your agenda and the attitude you own,

For once here in the States, folks were disgusted with nudity,
Seeing it as either a wanton expression of sexuality
Or a desperate attempt by some women (and men) to say, “Hey! Look at me!
Come feast your eyes on my body. Ain’t it some nice eye candy?”

Nowadays, though, we’ve come to see it as possibly a little more,
But that doesn’t mean that the old messages haven’t headed out the door,
And quite frankly, each time I hear about a woman or even a man
Who seems to be on an okay path shedding her or his clothes for the cam,

I can’t help but shake my head and roll my eyes in utter disgust
And ask myself of the human race, “Is this what’s become of us?”
‘Cause let me be honest: What you’re showing me is nothing new,
And in contrast, what you’ve got doesn’t look any prettier on you.

I’m not like “other guys (or gals)” who find the human form
Something to be mesmerized by when it stands ‘fore me unadorned.
I find no profound meaning in musculature or contours,
And if that makes me shallow, then so be it, ‘cause really, I’ve been bored

With almost every naked body I’ve seen in my lifetime,
And even the few I’ve been attracted to in hindsight weren’t sublime.
There was never anything special ‘bout them, no matter how distinct.
Sure, each body may tell a story, but never has one made me think

Or feel enough to care beyond, “This really isn’t my concern,”
For when it comes to others’ tales—not tails—I’d rather learn
By word of mouth or word on page, not via bodily display.
Tell. Don’t show. That’s how I’ll know how to feel for you in some way.

Nudity, though, just annoys me ‘cause I’ve seen it all before.
Yes, bodies are bodies and parts are parts, but to me, they mean nothing more.
If you want me to give a damn ‘bout you, you’ve got to show me more.
Your mind, your heart, your spirit, your soul…what else have you in store?

You want me to connect with you? How do you think or feel?
What do you stand for or against? Show me thus how you’re a big deal.
I can already tell you’ve got a form. Now show me what’s within.
Is there more to you that I should know? ‘Cause that’s the phase I’m in.

Lust does nothing for me. I need something that lasts much longer.
Twenty minutes in bed’s a waste of my time, lest there’s something stronger
Connecting me to my mate, so for crying out loud, share with me
The substance beneath your skin. Then you can share your body with me.

Clobbering me with beauty, though, will only drive me away,
Leaving you in my dust so you can pose for someone else another day
While I cross paths with Miss Essence, who doesn’t treat me like an ape
And you’re stuck with depraved weirdoes who stare at you and gape.

The “sex and nudity” stigma, after all, won’t likely go away,
No matter how immature it may be, which is the price you must pay
If you pose nude for anything, so take that however you may,
And don’t be surprised if posing bites you in the bare ass one day,

No matter your message or other motive ‘cause that’s just how things go.
“The Fappening,” for example, wasn’t all that long ago.
Remember Shannon Elizabeth? Yeah…that sounds about right…
And how profound has any Playboy model’s fame been on one’s life,

Minus, say, the likes of Jenny McCarthy or Pamela Anderson?
How many such girls live up to their legend once their days are done?
Sure, they may have their money, but where has their fame taken them?
Are any of them even proud yet of what they did way back when?

You get the point, so I won’t go on, but just remember this:
Nudity will only take you so far into any kind of bliss.
Afterwards, I’m willing to bet you it’ll all blow up in your face,
Lest you prove to the world you’re more than just a body with a face.

Better yet, you should’ve been doing just that since day one of your life
And not bothered yourself one bit with this public nudity tripe.
Such shameless boasting, after all, is much shallower and
More superficial than you might think, seeing as there are other ways grand

Enough to make the statement of how comfortable you are
With your body without you baring all, so why not raise the bar
And prove to us all that beauty isn’t only for model types
And show us your beauty another way to avoid conservative gripes?

Subtlety’s much sexier, anyways, so take that to heart,
And with that in mind, I’m sure you’re smart enough to find a new start
In promoting yourself as desirable without the blatant show
That’s landed so many in hot water whose names I’m sure you know.

In short, just because nudity’s finally being accepted these days
Doesn’t make me a villain for holding on to my conservative ways.
Just don’t expect me to crawl after you in the instance you do bare all
‘Cause I’m all for substance over skin and shan’t heed any nude siren’s call.


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Bonus Poem of the Week: War Between the Sexes

Hello, readers!

This week, I’d like to submit a poem that I honestly should have written and posted a long time ago. However, seeing as the hostilities covered in today’s poem are still “at large and in charge,” for lack of a better saying, I still hope the message below strikes a chord with all who happen to read it. Feel free to “like” and share it, too, and spread the message around in hopes that the world moves forward from the especially hurtful, childish, and outright asinine way of thinking it details.

Thank you all, and happy reading.

Dustin M. Weber


War Between the Sexes
September 15, 2016

“We men are losing everything to these self-serving chicks—
These petty wannabe Amazons who see all us men as hicks
Who’re out to make them bear our spawn to satisfy the state
And keep them in the kitchen, wherein which they brew their hate.
We used to be the breadwinners—the leaders of our households—
But the masses now scoff at that model and declare it to be ‘old.’
Now women have been taking our jobs and cash, yet still aren’t satisfied
And won’t be ‘til we become subservient and flush our pride.
I don’t know ‘bout you, fellow gents, but I’m sick of being walked on
And treated like I’m worthless by some bitch who claims to be ‘strong.’
We’re men, after all—human beings—and refuse to be treated like crap,
So spare us your flack, husband beaters, and shut your nagging traps.”

“Well, excuse us, whiny man-baby, for wanting independence like you.
Did it ever occur to you and your ilk that we’re people, too?
Your paranoia of us ‘taking over’ is nothing more than that.
Just give us equal representation in the workplace and scat.
In fact, give us better treatment, seeing as you childish farts
Have too often abused your power and have torn this world apart.
You even put down your fellow man just to make sure you stay on top,
Even when you’re terrible at your job and the masses want you to stop.
So much do you market to your own kind it’s enough to make one sick.
We weren’t all, after all, put on Earth to ‘please’ you little pricks.
You know, if the world were matriarchal, we’d all at last be free
From you meat-headed warmonger perverts and all your tyranny.”

“There you go again with your sweeping generalizations, Jezebel.
Why don’t you take your prejudice and leave it with you in Hell?
See, that’s the kind of hatred I’d brought up earlier, dear—
The kind of bitter vindictiveness men like me have come to fear.
Even if we men having been in charge for so long has been a bane,
You needn’t cry victim and return the favor by bringing us pain.
Two wrongs don’t make a right, you know, nor do the double standards you pass
In order to prove your ‘equality’ to us in prestige or class.
You demonize rape and domestic violence, for instance, yet don’t realize
That women, too—believe it or not—have beat up and violated guys,
And if we dare physically defend ourselves, we get vilified
While you stand so finely by and mock us, no one daring to bust your hide.
As far as marketing goes, what about all the times we’ve been dumbed down
To make you look like the ‘smarter’ sex and us all like bumbling clowns?
Call us childish all you want, but we’re not the only ones.
You’re just as immature as we are, you petty daughters of guns.”

“Even if we’re being immature, guess who started it first
With the whole notion of ‘gender superiority’ and who’s better or worse.
For every rape and domestic violence case our kind has invoked,
Your kind has pulled off several more—enough to make us choke.
Blame it, then, on your fellow men for not staying in line
For the rules that play against you when the threads of truth unwind.
As for each marketing scheme that portrays you men as dumb,
You might want to see who’s behind them before you further succumb
To the sweeping generalizations for which you yourselves are to blame.
In fact, who passed them off first in a fit of pride and shame
In an effort to keep their office and the control they’ve attained
Over the whole world, of which many of you I bet hope to retain?
It’s all about power and control for you, we’ve come to learn,
And speaking of wrongs making rights, prepare to get burned,
For our ‘wrong’ would’ve never happened if you’d never made yours first,
And this third wrong from your precious movement is only making things worse.”

“You’re always showing off your bodies, sexualizing yourselves as you please.”
“Hey, it’s your own overactive sex drives bringing you to your knees.”
“Are you saying we’re the only ‘saucy’ ones, Ms. ‘Shades of Gray?’”
“Are you saying we all like that smut? Go back to those games you play!
“You mean the games you never touch ‘cause of their ‘testosterone?’”
“Well, I sure don’t mean that kiddie crap you claim you’ll never own.”
“Fine…but you go back to those books with the plots you’ll never know.”
“And you go back to those dirty movies and all the smut they sow.
“Like you don’t enjoy ogling the physiques of our fellow ‘beasts!’”
“Hey, at least we’re discreet about it and not like you in the least.”

And so do the two sides bicker, both right and wrong in their own ways,
And as much as I’d hate to say it, I doubt we’ll ever see the day
Both sides set aside their differences to help this ailing world
Pull itself back together from all the damage that each boy and girl
In the past has inflicted upon it through any and all misdeeds
He or she has done to support the cause in which he or she believes.
If only there was a peace table at which we all can converse
And explain why it is we feel the way we do before something worse
Than what we’ve all already endured befalls upon us all.
It’s as the saying goes: “United we stand. Divided, we fall.”

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Poem of the Week: Rant that a Male Feminist Might Hear

Rant that a Male Feminist Might Hear
May 17, 2016

Get off your high horse, you damn hypocrite!
You blast one thing but condone the other.
Everybody knows you’re so full of it.

Safely behind your computer you sit,
Preaching morality like no other.
Get off your high horse, you damn hypocrite!

Treating your fellow men like they’re all twits
As if somehow you were their damn mother…
Everybody knows you’re so full of it.

You proclaim that it’s wrong for men to hit
Women, but vice-versa’s fine? Oh, brother!
Get off your high horse, you damn hypocrite!

Claiming that a woman you’d never hit?
I bet your wife you beat like no other.
Everybody knows you’re so full of it.

Your self-righteous words don’t fool us one bit.
We see through your double standard, brother.
Get off your high horse, you damn hypocrite!
Everybody knows you’re so full of it.


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Bonus Poem of the Week: Not All Men Are the Enemy

Hey, readers!

For countless decades now, gender equality has been a serious issue in world society, and for good reason. I myself have written quite a few poems in which I’ve expressed my opinions regarding various women’s issues, which I’ve included here in this disclaimer for the sake of convenience.

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However, while I personally cannot deny that women have too often received the “short end of the stick,” as the saying goes, in various aspects of American society, I still feel it necessary to stress a certain point to women everywhere. Rather than drone on and preach the point here, however, I think it’d be better to allow the following poem speak for me. Without further ado, then, here’s Not All Men Are the Enemy. Hope you folks like it.


Not All Men Are the Enemy
March 8, 2016

For every abusive bastard who torments women for sport,
For every selfish pervert who can’t keep his hands to himself,
For every “alpha” male on the prowl looking for a consort,
There’s a kind-hearted gentleman who’s stuck sitting upon a shelf.

For every ill-tempered jackass who gets off swinging his fists,
For every stuck-up schmuck who makes equality seem like a lie,
For every soulless misogynist who refuses to get the gist,
There’s a frustrated yet considerate fellow left asking, “Why?

Why do women hate me when I do everything right,
Treating them with dignity and respect each step of the way,
Trying to not subjugate them at any time, day or night?
Why am I still the enemy? What did I do or say

To earn the label of oppressor when this entire time,
I’ve tried treating women like equals, their differences from me aside?
Why do these women still see me like naught but primordial slime?
Why don’t they see that even mankind has a humane side?”

Then the resentment sinks in and cynicism grows
With each passing day the dejection goes untreated,
And should the subject fully give in, more will be the woes
From their words and actions, and hence the movement’s defeated,

And the bitter, vicious void between women and men grows,
Making matters even more compromised than they were before,
Which means even more need for diplomacy to ease our woes
If we ever hope to move on and see what peace we’ve in store.

Attention, then, womankind: Not every man’s an ass.
We’re not all perpetrators of crimes against your kind.
Despite the heartless clods amongst us, the rest of us have class,
And the crimes of our “brothers” do indeed weigh heavily on our mind.

Please find it in your hearts, then, to not rain all your disdain
Upon us all for the misdeeds of a fraction of us.
We wish we could keep all our kind in line and spare you the pain,
But alas, we can only promise that for those of us who are just.

In the meantime, then, tell your sisters who bear upon us their wrath
That doing so will do nothing but make hostilities grow
And make the whole “superior sex” debate further tear us in half
And widen the gender gap further yet than we already know.

Hatred isn’t the answer. Let’s try mutual respect,
For only decorum at the peace table can see us through,
And should we all cooperate, we just might find balance yet.
I’m willing to work towards that goal. Everyone else, how ‘bout you?


Thanks for reading the above work. I hope its message settles well with everyone, although if there was one final piece of advice I’d like to give women everywhere, it’s this: While even good men may make errors of judgment, they—unlike the misogynists of the world—will still be considerate enough to lend an ear and an open mind and listen to the concerns of anyone fighting for women’s rights. That is to say, of course, that the concerns in question are voiced in a rational, conscious, productive fashion. After all, as I’ve said in this poem, taking counterproductive measures against mankind as a whole and making sweeping generalizations about all men based on the actions of only a portion of them isn’t going to solve anything.

At any rate, that’s enough for today. Feel free to come on back for more poetry and whatever else might be going on with my writing career, and in the meantime, don’t be afraid to check out my author pages at,, and to see what I have in store for sale. Thanks again, and happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber