Poem of the Week: Fake Friends

Fake Friends
June 23, 2017

Fake friends
Fake fans
Fans of no one else
Fans of only themselves
Themselves they care about
Themselves topics of interest
Interest in others shown
Interest in others feigned
Feigned support
Feigned effort
Effort in their own content
Effort in their own design
Design all identical
Design so lazy
Lazy and sparse
Lazy and nonexistent
Nonexistent quality
Nonexistent care
Care for their audience
Care for their content
Content with no context
Content that’s all show, no tell
Tell no recipes
Tell no stories
Stories of the subject
Stories behind the image
Image with no purpose
Image with no meaning
Meaning for existence
Meaning beyond what it is
Is this what the world has come to?
Is this what people want to see
See for years to come
See rather than well-written articles
Articles with actual thought and effort
Articles that entertain and educate
Educate about the world
Educate about life
Life outside of the Internet
Life lessons we all must learn
Learn to identify these posers
Learn to see through their ruse
Ruse of friendship
Ruse of support
Support those who work hard
Support those who care
Care about you
Care about the things that matter


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Poem of the Week: Fake = Ugly. What D’You Say?

Fake = Ugly. What D’You Say?
May 4, 2015

Real women are beautiful all in their own way.
Their beauty’s genuine, no matter what you say.

All you fake women out there, though, make my skin crawl
With how you hide your true nature with what you say,

Do, and wear in given situations for this
Or that excuse. You make me sick, and what you say

To defend your style, words, or mannerisms is
Naught but hot air to me, no matter what you say.

I’ve been ‘round long enough to know fakeness when I
See it, which you can’t hide, no matter what you say,

And I know when one’s putting on an act of sorts
Which some folks just can’t hide, and whatever you say

Will never be enough to hide the truth from folks
Who’ve learned to see through crap, no matter what you say,

So lose the tacky duds, dyed hair, excess makeup,
And all your bogus mannerisms—what you say

And do to fail to fool the public, and simply
Accept yourselves for who you are, for what you say,

Do, and wear to mask your true natures only holds
You back from accepting your true self. What d’you say,

Then? Care to shed your superficiality
In the name of authentic beauty? What d’you say?

Care to be genuine and openly loved, or
Forever be an ugly phony? What d’you say?


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