Poetry Mini-Series: Becoming a Man part 5: Spirit

Becoming a Man part 5: Spirit
May 9, 2018

Heart, Backbone, and Brain—the three ingredients of man,
Able to shape us into what we should be like nothing else can.
Alas, they alone can’t make us into paragons of manhood,
For there’s one more part to this mix that’ll show us the greater good
That manifests when the initial three combine with one another
To give us one more element: the one we call Spirit, brother!
It’s the very essence of manhood and what each man strives to be:
The ruler of his own domain and master of his own legacy.
Sadly, so few men attain this element, and fewer yet can
Claim to have mastered it as expected of the ideal man.
Reassured, though, that once you’ve done so and made it part of yourself,
You can finally slam your boyhood shut and put it back on the shelf,
Knowing that your past is in the past where it belongs so that you
Can leave your mark upon this world as all men are expected to.

Masters of Spirit are centered, being many things at one time:
Ruler, planner, divine medium—channelers of the sublime,
Reconciling opposite forces, purging chaos, establishing law,
Scoring victory for humanity from beyond demons’ jaws.
Spirit, too, helps one understand who he is and what he stands for
Unchanging in times of crisis, knowing fully what’s in store,
And standing by all that he represents in the face of adversity,
His resolve seasoned by wisdom as tall and strong as any tree.
This coincides with the integrity by which the subject lives,
The bond that holds a man’s other virtues together and unbroken gives
Him a state of being complete, undivided, intact, and whole
And urges him to seek wholeness elsewhere and act as such in his role
As he mends broken relationships, acts always with honesty,
And takes responsibility for his actions, whatever they may be.
Spirit masters must also protect their realms from invading forces—
Physical, mental, spiritual, emotional—with all his resources,
Channeling Backbone to push back any who disturb his land’s protocol,
And once the invasion’s over, it’s back to setting rules for all,
Providing structure for himself and his people to adhere to
To ensure that everyone works to support his realm—him, too,
For only an enlightened, productive kingdom can prosper in any age,
Which is why he also inspires each subject to be a creative sage
And fully manifests his archetype, hoping that everyone under him
Blossoms to his or her full potential under his rule as per his whim,
Thus increasing his own power and influence and strengthening the mark
He leaves upon the world, even in passing, in times both light and dark.
He also honors those under his watch, should they achieve great things,
Ensuring that they prosper and thrive upon receiving his blessings.

Sadly, it’s this last practice stopping for reasons one can but guess
That has led to so many young men these days not living up to their best,
For without an elder saluting his endeavors, where can a guy go
When he doesn’t know what he’s doing right or wrong, lest another say so?
How can he rule his own destiny as each man is meant to
Without so much as a pat on the back or even a Good for you!?
How can men inherit the world from those who have come before
And inspire generations to come if he’s not given guidance more
Than simple trial and error? Why guard the sacred key
To the gates of success meant for all? That just seems wrong to me.
We’ve had enough tyrants, after all, on this rock we all call home
Seeking to tear down everything wherever they’ve dared to roam,
Fueling their scarcity mentality and quests for more power—
An illusion they’ve insecurely maintained each month, day, and hour,
Lashing out at any threat to their reign with extreme abuse,
Not knowing that power increases with sharing, for such men are just that obtuse.
We’ve had too many weaklings as well, abdicating their thrones to others,
Kowtowing to overseers and browbeaters, unlike their empowered brothers
‘Til they’d snapped and turned the tables to become bullies in their own right,
Paranoid of all who might’ve claimed their thrones, thus making them turn their sights
Towards cruelty and obsession, becoming tyrants as well
To compensate for that which they’d given ‘way, damning their souls to Hell.

Heart, Backbone, and Brain—all are crucial in making a man,
For they all combine to form that which shapes him like nothing else can,
Yet to truly tap into Spirit, a man must take extra care
To make the most of the other elements so that they take him there.
Practical wisdom, first off, is paramount to success,
As it helps you structure your moral code and decision-making best.
Develop your virtue of order, too, and embrace the notion of rules,
For only strong guidelines will help you and your people from flopping like fools.
Develop a life plan as well and find out where you want to go
And lead by example along this path, even as it leads you to and fro,
All the while avoiding temptation from false promises of power,
Pleasure, and wealth, for as you need be concerned at any given hour,
Integrity’s your key to success, and leading by example’s a must,
For this world’s in dire need of heroes, and it’s heroism or bust,
Lest you want to fall by the wayside and return to the faceless masses
Instead of being the trend-setting go-getter who lights fires ‘neath folks’ asses
That each man on Earth has the potential to become in his life,
And in a world in need of strong leadership, we need such men to purge the strife
That’s been binding us to our misery for far too many years now.
This world desperately needs the type of hero we once had…and how!
The question’s thus: Have you Spirit enough to lead humanity from
The slop it’s been submerged in all this time and at long last become
The beacon of hope we’ve been needing for all this bleeding time,
Or are you content to wallow with everyone else in the filth and grime?


Author Pages: Smashwords.com
Twitter: @DustinMWeber18
Additional Link: King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette


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Poetry Mini-Series: Becoming a Man part 4: Brain

Becoming a Man part 4: Brain
May 6, 2018

The Brain—the favorite organ of the thinking man,
Able to hold more knowledge than most other creatures’ can.
Mathematics, the sciences, the arts, and more—
Such are the secrets that the human brain has in store.
It’s also the third part involved in creating a man
And helps to establish him in ways that no other part can,
As its power comes from mastering knowledge and using it to
Produce desired outcomes on landscapes old and new—
All the better for a man to leave his legacy
Behind to mark the world and inspire you and me.
After all, while brawn’s got perks, we have it for but so long,
Which is why it’s crucial for us all to keep our minds strong
And understand how Brain separates men from boys and beasts
And how its power isn’t to be underestimated in the least.

Brain helps us gather, first off, any knowledge that requires skill,
Dedication, and effort to learn and commit to will
And rewards us with the chance to dwell where less aspirant men
Might never access in their lives, no matter how or when.
Brain teaches us, too, the merits of mastering technology
So that we may use it to access the creative energy
To fuel our natural male instinct to simply create something,
To “make Earth as it is in Heaven,” as the Bible sings.
Brain also offers us introspection on which course we must take
In life by way of studying the decisions we can make,
Predicting with keen accuracy where each choice will lead
And from that gain the wisdom that others in turn can heed.
Know well, though, that true knowledge must be taught bit by bit
With each building on the one before to ensure that the learner’s fit
So that he fully grasps the nature of the knowledge at hand
And apply it—hopefully, leastways—for the betterment of the land,
For if nothing else, he who masters Brain can take the worst
Of situations and setbacks and from them allow to burst
Forth opportunities for him and others to learn and grow
And make things work for the better for every Jane and Joe.
Brain masters also understand the link between the mundane
And the world of the Higher Powers and therefore can explain
Complicated spiritual ideas in ways that others can grasp,
Often ‘nough in simple metaphors that, throughout time, last—
All the better to teach new initiates as they come up through the ranks
To follow in the elders’ footsteps and ultimately offer thanks
By passing down that knowledge in turn to the next generation
So that they, in turn, will learn and inherit such a sacred station.

Alas, such rites of passage rarely take place these days
With the men who’ve made them unavailable in too many ways—
Most commonly by refusing to turn around and share
What they’ve learned in their day with any younger men who’d dare
Follow in their footsteps and take all their tasks to heart.
Alas, so many young bucks these days barely know where to start,
What with trade schools and guilds being so few and far between,
And apprenticeship’s a thing of the past, if you know what I mean,
Replaced, sadly, by internships, many of which involve
Doing regular’s lowliest work with little agency to solve
The problems said regulars solve every single day—
Not that permanent office work is much better in any way,
What with fellow men competing against one another
To see who’s worthier of that big ol’ raise and promotion, brother!
It’s all about competition these days, not fraternity,
And it’s doing its share to damage the future for men like you and me
In that there might be no more men left to initiate
Boys and young men into full manhood, which is quite a sad fate,
For where will these young men end up? Roaming the city streets,
Using violence to assert themselves ‘mongst brick and concrete?
Starting flame wars on the ‘Net with anyone they meet?
Acting like wannabe alphas—loud, obnoxious, and indiscreet?
Desperately trying to pick up women to fill in the void,
Thinking their femininity will bring that of which they’re devoid?
Developing talents on their own naturally only to
Turn around and sell their “secrets” to those naïve enough to
Shell out cold hard cash to learn their art, only to learn squat
And ultimately flush their money in an effort all meant for naught?
Perhaps try their hand at something that, to them, looks cool,
Only to give up one session in, feeling like a fool
For not instantly mastering that which takes effort and time
And perhaps even undermining others’ quests to be sublime
At they art they themselves put barely any effort into at all?
No wonder why so many men these days end up taking a fall!

Face it, gentlemen; we all must wise up in these dark days
If we ever want mankind to arise once more and find a way
To establish its collective merits before they vanish for good.
There are many ways we can, too. In fact, I say we all should
Commit to lifelong learning, especially knowledge that’s sublime;
Carve out a special place within which to spend some private time;
Do more with what we have and stop relying on newer stuff
To give us the experiences we seek, lest we wish to stick within our rut;
Find a mentor to train us in whatever field we seek
And become a mentor ourselves once we’ve hit that field’s knowledge peek;
Learn to work with our hands and create something that will last,
And partake in a rite of passage in which the initiate exits the past.
Such are the main tasks that will help us overcome this curse
Of mankind’s dying mental state, so let’s put effort first
And give the element of Brain the credit it deserves
For giving full men their knowledge and wisdom and all that they serve.
Real men are more than muscleheads, after all, and perpetual lovers.
Don’t let anyone tell you different. Don’t fall for tricksters’ eye covers.
Brain helps men make the world go around in its own special way,
Keep that in mind the next time you think of something manly to do or say.


Author Pages: Smashwords.com
Twitter: @DustinMWeber18
Additional Link: King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette


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Poetry Mini-Series: Becoming a Man part 3: Backbone

Becoming a Man part 3: Backbone
April 26, 2018

In a world as frequently unkind as ours can be
With conflict left, right, and in front of you and me,
We all must stand tall in the face of adversity
And not back down when we know we’re right, for you see,
Only the strong survive, and by strong, I mean brave,
And at times, only a strong backbone can help to save
Any given person from falling to his or her knees
And having the vultures tear him or her apart as they please.
Alas, when it comes to some men, “Backbone” means being rough
And going out of their way to prove that they’re tough,
But it takes more than ruggedness to prove one’s a man,
Which is something these sadists sadly won’t ever understand.
There’s a life path, after all, that details Backbone to a T
That’s taken on different forms across the ages, you see:
An eleven-step program that’s proven time and again
To help the lowliest of boys grow up to be great men.

The first step is harnessing energy, be it harnessed for ill or good—
Hopefully more so for the latter as the code says followers should.
It’s responsible for our drive and initiative through life,
And when harnessed responsibly, it helps us through strife.
If you don’t harness enough, you’ll end up lashing out
At even the slightest thing, no matter what it’s all about,
And you come off as the very jackass many come to hate,
Though it’s not much worse than reigning in too much energy, mate,
And becoming passive aggressive and hence not setting out to
Achieve whatever it is in life that most appeals to you,
Therefore leaving you seething inside, ready to explode
At the next person who ticks you off, upon whom you unload.
Balance is thus the key to keeping your energy intact,
Using it constructively and wisely so that you stay on track
To fulfill your purpose in life, which is program step two,
Into which to put your energy so that you’ll know what to do
Rather than wander ‘round restlessly feeling confused and lost.
It’s your life, after all, warrior. Go out there and show it who’d boss.
The third step is mindfulness. Always be active and alert,
For the slightest show of complacency will surely hurt
In your stride towards manhood and what years you have left
To achieve your desires before your loved ones are left bereft.
Always keep your eyes and ears open—the better to study and plan
Your cause of action to success in becoming a savvy man
Who can function within his limits against overwhelming odds,
Using mental clarity to overcome whatever sods
Stand between him and victory proving in the end
That survival of the fiercest comes in being adaptive, friend.
Of course, it always helps to carry only what you need
Be it physical or mental—to the place where you’ll plant the seed
That’ll grow and bear you fruit in the future for years to come,
All the better for you to focus on the war that must be won
And stay two steps ahead of all trying to hold you back
While you stay cool under pressure as you plan your attack,
Prepared upstairs ahead of time, acting out of instinct,
Confidently making up your mind with just enough time to think,
Your assuredness rooted in the absolute mastery
Of the tools in the trade you’ve chosen to be all you can be.
Commitments are crucial, too, around which to organize
One’s life so that one can formulate a slew of ties
To a cause, a task, a nation, one’s family and more
To ensure that one achieves that which one’s life has in store.
Discipline’s of the essence, too, for how else will a man know
When or how to flex his authority or how else to go
About mastering his situation before it masters him
Or understand his limitations before acting on a whim—
Not to mention withstand whatever pain is sure to come his way,
For what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger or at least will one day—
Particularly if you’re detached from your fear or doubt,
Giving you the clarity to see what everything’s about
Shrugging off the intimidation of all who stand before
You and the doomsday you bring to that which lingers and bores
And has overstayed its welcome in one way or another,
For you’re the Creative Destroyer. It’s in your blood, brother!

Such is the warrior calling every man is encouraged to take
To establish his identity in a world constantly in the wake
Of its own collapse under the weight of its own corruption,
Part of which is to blame on the paragons of destruction:
The previously mentioned pseudoalphas who only care about
Their own displays of “male power” and feel the need to shout
Down at any man who, unlike them, isn’t dumb and loud
And doesn’t use just brute force to set himself from the crowd,
Afraid of whatever feminine energy flows ‘neath their skin,
Afraid to show any weakness they might carry within,
Even though they always end up doing so by what they do or say,
Exposing themselves as perpetually threatened in whatever way,
Not knowing or caring ‘bout the recklessness they wreak
Upon this world in their search of the station that they seek.
Alas, what’s the alternative? Powerless pushovers
With no limits to the flack they take even as they kiss clover
Who try too hard to fit a mold for people who don’t care
About them as human beings and yet are far too scared
To stand up ‘gainst these overseers, but yet when they go home,
Their loved ones end up tasting their wrath? Pardon me while I groan,
For that’s no way to live, either, dealing with constant shame
And being another’s whipping boy, forever living in pain.
Life’s too short for one to play martyr, no matter what
Polite society tells us all—no ifs, ands, or buts.

That’s the merit of Backbone, as it gives men the grit
To take whatever comes their way and make the most of it
And forge a destiny for themselves ‘midst a populace so vast,
Making the most of each moment meanwhile as if it was their last.
Will mankind ever know what it means to have Backbone again
Like the heroes and legends of yesteryear did way back when?
I’d personally like to think so, for the material’s there
For us to examine and learn from. Question is, then, do we care?
Do we all care enough to learn as a gender and evolve,
Screw our heels in and confront the problem society’s yet to solve,
Or will we carry on down the path we’ve been traversing for ages,
Our strength lost to us all, recalled only by our wisest sages?
It may seem melodramatic, but we still shouldn’t leave ourselves
Deprived of that which once made us alone as it sits on a shelf.
It’s time we learned the value, then, of Backbone ‘fore it’s too late
And what it means to have it as a guide to help seal our fate.


Author Pages: Smashwords.com
Twitter: @DustinMWeber18
Additional Link: King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette


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Poetry Mini-Series: Becoming a Man part 2: Heart

Becoming a Man part 2: Heart
April 25, 2018

A wise man once sang, “Hold on loosely, but don’t let go.
If you cling too tightly, you’re gonna lose control.”
Don Barnes was he whose words once within a song were said,
And even now, the wisdom within those words isn’t dead,
For Heart is what motivates us all to create
A legacy for ourselves to which others can relate,
And while it helps women, too, to make their names known,
This trait is the first of three that males come to own
In their pursuit of manhood and self-actualization
And hence their right to stake their claim to a greater station.
After all, it gives us purpose on this planet so vast
With its billions of people forming one big, scattered mass
Of individual thoughts and feelings from one
Corner to another of this realm beneath Heaven’s sun,
And no man wants to drown in such a far-reaching sea
When he knows deep down inside, he’s got a chance to be
More than just another body slogging ‘cross soot and soil,
Hence each man’s desire to find a cause worthy to toil
Over day and night to make a mark, hopefully for
A greater good to last at least one age, if not more.
Heart also teaches us how other people think and feel
And to put ourselves in their shoes when doing so becomes a deal,
Uniting us all together like the social beings we are
Under any given cause, no matter if we’re near or far.
On that note, our relationships with others are guided by Heart,
Connecting us with friends and lovers alike from the start
And guiding us so that they stay nurturing and strong
Through the best and worst of times down life’s road oh so long.

Alas, not every male has come to master this first step,
And even full-fledged men falter with it to this day yet.
In fact, it seems that males these days, more than ever,
Find holding onto Heart to be a taxing endeavor,
Either holding on too tightly or too loosely to that
Which they hold dear to them and paying for it ASAP
In the end as their grand vision either burns to a crisp
Or slips away ‘cause they couldn’t maintain a steady grip,
Which is the key to mastering Heart for any kind of man:
To keep his grasp upon it firm when it’s in his hands.
Cling too tightly to it, and it ends up getting crushed
Beneath your vice-like fingers, reducing it to mush
That slips between said digits, naught to be picked up again,
Leaving you empty and depressed in the bitter end.
Either that, or it ends up crushing you within its own grasp
And leaves you crumpled upon the ground in a heaving, sobbing mass,
Shivering like a lost little child along a deserted street
And, like the first example, huddled in hollow defeat—
Especially if that which gave you Heart turns out to be
The very root of your downfall, making you crave more, you see,
Only to suffer withdrawal symptoms ‘til you find the cure,
And even then, there’s the memory of your no longer being pure.
Cling too loosely to Heart, in contrast, and your chance to grow
Slips away from you, leaving little for you to show,
And even if you pick it back up, will it be the same,
Or will it be forever ruined with you clearly to blame,
Knowing you could’ve been something, had you only screwed your heels in
And not being like a religious zealot living in fear of sin,
Most of whom eventually succumb to vice ultimately anyway
When their extreme self-control breaks down and leads them to self-decay?

In either situation, what you once had will be gone,
Leaving you a hollow shell of yourself, lest you’re strong
Enough to know what you must do to regain your lost sense
Of purpose in the world and thus your confidence.
It’s like the ancient Chinese said, after all, back in the day:
“Everything in moderation,” and so it must stay that way.
Seek out that which gives you purpose, but always use your head.
Learn what may benefit you and what will indeed leave you dead.
Yes, discipline is needed when Heart becomes a thing,
As we all must set ourselves limits to protect us from the sting
Of the vices that linger out there in the real world from time past,
But the truth is as human beings, we know that if we’re to last
With a sound mind and body, we must walk amongst one another
And experience the world through all five of our basic senses, brother.
Savor that which nourishes you, both in body and in mind.
Exercise both your body and your brain every chance you get,
And don’t be afraid to walk away from that which makes you fret.
Always keep an open mind and heart for those who share your tastes
And keep your cool with them even during your most heated debates.
Most importantly, though, never lose your sense of imagination,
Childish though it may seem, for it will help you find your station
And help you actualize yourself as the man you were meant to be.
Such is how Heart works, after all, and how it helps you and me,
And should all males take it into account, think just think of how the world
Would heal from all the man-made chaos upon it that has unfurled
As neighbor would turn to neighbor with compassion rather than rage
And more things would be created than destroyed during such an age.
I know it’s but a pipedream, but it’s a pipedream I’ll take with me
To the grave, for it’s long been something I’d love dearly to see.
Such is the faith I have in Heart and all it means to me,
And as a man, it’s showed me plenty in what being a man can be.


Author Pages: Smashwords.com
Twitter: @DustinMWeber18
Additional Link: King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette


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Poetry Mini-Series: Becoming a Man part 1: Heart, Backbone, and Brain

Becoming a Man part 1: Heart, Backbone, and Brain
April 22, 2018

Heart, Backbone, and Brain—the ingredients to any man.
Any male who’s achieved true manhood can surely understand.
Alas, in this age where female empowerment’s become the thing
And men are often portrayed as the foes in what we sing
For our kids to listen to and show them to watch on screen
We’ve forgotten what the term “equality” is supposed to mean,
For all too often, even our heroines’ male allies
Fail to come across as heroes before our ears and eyes
And instead strike us as sponges who’re just along for the ride—
Often, too, as clods whose sense of smarts somehow died
Or as cowards who run from danger in search of somewhere to hide
Or even as spiteful backstabbers too wrapped up in their own pride
Or angst to lend the heroines a hand when they need one.
Now, tell me: How is that any way to get things done—
To make the woman do all the heavy lifting while you
Slink ‘round in the background with naught to say or do
Or even think or feel? Honestly, what kind of man
Would act that way in the real world, dodging his own master plan?
Then again, look at the “men” who have the spotlight on them:
Boys who haven’t talked to a woman since Heaven knows when,
Yet pull the “alpha male” schtick out of their ends as they please,
Spewing death threats, curses, slurs, and other insults with ease,
Yet not having the physique or wit to back their flack up,
And if things were in person, then like scared little pups,
They’d run away to their mommies, for deep down inside,
They’re all just small boys with no true claim to manly pride.
Now, we can all debate which case is worse these days—
Real life or media—but truth is, there’s no way
Today’s boys will know what being a real man is all about
In the 21st century ‘til we holler and shout
For changes to be made. Second thought, better yet—
Let’s set the standards ourselves so that we all can get
What separated men from boys back in the day
In hopes that the future will improve in some way
And males won’t have to look like fools in everyone’s eyes
But instead prove that they, too, can be strong and wise
Just like our forefathers and our heroes of lore
Had long proven before us back in days of yore.
The secret’s no secret, either, truth be told.
All we need are three principles to teach us to be bold:
Heart, Backbone, and Brain—the principles behind all men—
To help us all fulfill mankind’s ultimate end
In leaving a positive mark on this world we hold dear
And hence a legacy that all males can revere,
No matter our age or the nature of the times
That preoccupy us all, no matter our state of mind.
Come, then, as we explore these three traits as a whole
And learn together what it takes as a man to be whole
In a world that calls for us to be all we can be
And encourage future generations to hear and see
What complete and unfiltered manliness can be all about,
Even in these times of chaos and everlasting doubt.


Author Pages: Smashwords.com
Twitter: @DustinMWeber18
Additional Link: King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette


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New Poetry Mini-Series: Becoming a Man: Introduction

Hello, readers.

Since April 22, 2018, I’ve been working on arguably my most ambitious poetry project yet. You see, in years past, I’ve made a handful of posts involving women’s issues, from the decline of women’s professional wrestling earlier this decade (in conjunction with my book UWWX: The Underground Women’s Wrestling Xperiment) to a handful of poems concerning girls’ need for heroes, celebrating what makes women beautiful in my eyes, my annoyance with the yet-pervasive worship of female nudity in the media, and so forth. However, considering the flood of messaging around female empowerment in recent years and with the “war between the sexes” (for lack of a better term) as such continuing to rage in the mainstream, I’ve decided to show some support for today’s men who either are or (worse yet) have been struggling to find their way within what has for years proven to be a tumultuous era for several reasons, the least of which not being gender relations.


The inspiration behind the upcoming five poems comes from the four mature masculine archetypes according to Jungian psychologist Robert Moore and mythologist Douglas Gillette: King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover. It is according to these two coauthors that should a man complete these four distinct archetypes and harness the energy that comes from each of them, he will achieve a sense of confidence and purpose and therefore feel like a complete man. Personally, I find it only crucial to publish such material on my blog during an era when young men, particularly in America, have been reported to have fallen significantly behind academically, economically, and at times even socially in achieving their goals and fulfilling their potential in comparison to women for various factors that I personally can only begin to list and describe. In fact, had I myself paid closer attention to this issue long ago, I may have composed these five poems much sooner—especially considering that such a dramatic turn of events had taken place well before I’d created this blog in the first place, much to my embarrassment.

Don’t get me wrong, though, folks. I’m not turning my back on the notion of female empowerment that I’d introduced on this blog when I first started. I still believe that women deserve to feel empowered in their own way and be held in equal regard to men in the public’s eye, and I’m glad that many women are finally getting their just due in this age. Nonetheless, men, too, sometimes need to be picked up off the ground, dusted off, and steered in the proper direction so that they can go seek greatness and do their part in helping the world move forward. After all, one can’t elevate the members of one demographic by taking power away from another, opposite demographic. Yes, there have been plenty of men over the years who have treated women—and fellow men, for that matter—like utter trash and worse and deserved whatever comeuppance they’d received for their actions. Even so, there also are, have been, and will continue to be plenty of men out there in the world who instinctively know how to treat others, male and female alike, with the dignity and respect that everyone initially deserves, and these are the men who in turn deserve to be uplifted and encouraged to follow their chosen path in life and become masters of their own destiny so that other men will be inspired by their legacy and follow in suit.

It is these men whom I salute with the following five poems, the first of which (which I plan on posting tomorrow) is an introduction to the series and the remaining four of which (which I’ll be posting one after another consecutively in the days to come) cover one of Moore and Gillette’s four mature masculine archetypes, each of which draws upon a source of energy that all men carry within them. Hopefully, should there be any young men out there—heck…any fellow men, period—who come across these works and manage to garner a hint of wisdom from them that they can apply to their own lives in one fashion or another and in turn become the type of man that made the world great once upon a time and can make the world great again, then quite frankly, I know I’ve done my part. Women are encouraged to enjoy the following poems as well, but I especially hope that my male readers will get the most out of them by putting the lessons within them to good use and as such grow and develop in the process into the capable, confident, and respectable men they know deep within their hearts they can be.

Thank you all for reading and for all your support. I know I haven’t been nearly as chatty as I once was when I started this blog back in 2012, but honestly, I do appreciate all the support that you folks have been giving me, especially within the past couple of months. As such, I’ll continue to vary this site’s content as much as I can to keep it fresh, but even with that in mind, keep on tuning in to this website every chance you get for new material. Also, be sure to check out my author pages at Smashwords.com, Amazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk, follow me on Twitter (@DustinMWeber18), and feel free to subscribe to this blog, if you haven’t done so already. More importantly, though, I encourage you to purchase a copy of Moore and Gillette’s King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine from your favorite bookstore or online book shop for a complete understanding of these men’s philosophy. Aside from all that, thanks again for the support, and as always, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber

Image used in this post (c) 1990 HarperCollins Publishers. The remainder of the content within this post however, is my own.


Part 1: Heart, Backbone, and Brain
Part 2: Heart
Part 3: Backbone
Part 4: Brain
Part 5: Spirit

Bonus Poem of the Week: One American Male’s Self-Defense against Adamantly Nude Women in the Media

One American Male’s Self-Defense against Adamantly Nude Women in the Media
November 8, 2016

How dare you label me a shallow, sexist, philistine sod
For expecting more of a woman than an admittedly gorgeous bod!
Congratulations for feeling comfortable in your own skin,
But if it’s my heart you want, showing yourself off’s no way to win.

How dare you vilify me for expecting dignity
And modesty to guide you in proving to the world you can be
More than just a sack of skin and bones in society’s eyes
That always unveils itself for the sight of certain gals and guys!

How dare you accuse me of forcing my “tyrannical” will onto you
When I know damn well it’s your own body and you’re going to do
What you want, no matter what any man or woman says what’s right,
Even though you know you’ll dress back up once you’ve reached your twilight!

How dare you get in the faces of men just like me
When you’ve got women, too, telling you whom and what you ought to be!
Don’t you dare go crying “Oppression!” when guys like me aren’t alone
In getting sick of your agenda and the attitude you own,

For once here in the States, folks were disgusted with nudity,
Seeing it as either a wanton expression of sexuality
Or a desperate attempt by some women (and men) to say, “Hey! Look at me!
Come feast your eyes on my body. Ain’t it some nice eye candy?”

Nowadays, though, we’ve come to see it as possibly a little more,
But that doesn’t mean that the old messages haven’t headed out the door,
And quite frankly, each time I hear about a woman or even a man
Who seems to be on an okay path shedding her or his clothes for the cam,

I can’t help but shake my head and roll my eyes in utter disgust
And ask myself of the human race, “Is this what’s become of us?”
‘Cause let me be honest: What you’re showing me is nothing new,
And in contrast, what you’ve got doesn’t look any prettier on you.

I’m not like “other guys (or gals)” who find the human form
Something to be mesmerized by when it stands ‘fore me unadorned.
I find no profound meaning in musculature or contours,
And if that makes me shallow, then so be it, ‘cause really, I’ve been bored

With almost every naked body I’ve seen in my lifetime,
And even the few I’ve been attracted to in hindsight weren’t sublime.
There was never anything special ‘bout them, no matter how distinct.
Sure, each body may tell a story, but never has one made me think

Or feel enough to care beyond, “This really isn’t my concern,”
For when it comes to others’ tales—not tails—I’d rather learn
By word of mouth or word on page, not via bodily display.
Tell. Don’t show. That’s how I’ll know how to feel for you in some way.

Nudity, though, just annoys me ‘cause I’ve seen it all before.
Yes, bodies are bodies and parts are parts, but to me, they mean nothing more.
If you want me to give a damn ‘bout you, you’ve got to show me more.
Your mind, your heart, your spirit, your soul…what else have you in store?

You want me to connect with you? How do you think or feel?
What do you stand for or against? Show me thus how you’re a big deal.
I can already tell you’ve got a form. Now show me what’s within.
Is there more to you that I should know? ‘Cause that’s the phase I’m in.

Lust does nothing for me. I need something that lasts much longer.
Twenty minutes in bed’s a waste of my time, lest there’s something stronger
Connecting me to my mate, so for crying out loud, share with me
The substance beneath your skin. Then you can share your body with me.

Clobbering me with beauty, though, will only drive me away,
Leaving you in my dust so you can pose for someone else another day
While I cross paths with Miss Essence, who doesn’t treat me like an ape
And you’re stuck with depraved weirdoes who stare at you and gape.

The “sex and nudity” stigma, after all, won’t likely go away,
No matter how immature it may be, which is the price you must pay
If you pose nude for anything, so take that however you may,
And don’t be surprised if posing bites you in the bare ass one day,

No matter your message or other motive ‘cause that’s just how things go.
“The Fappening,” for example, wasn’t all that long ago.
Remember Shannon Elizabeth? Yeah…that sounds about right…
And how profound has any Playboy model’s fame been on one’s life,

Minus, say, the likes of Jenny McCarthy or Pamela Anderson?
How many such girls live up to their legend once their days are done?
Sure, they may have their money, but where has their fame taken them?
Are any of them even proud yet of what they did way back when?

You get the point, so I won’t go on, but just remember this:
Nudity will only take you so far into any kind of bliss.
Afterwards, I’m willing to bet you it’ll all blow up in your face,
Lest you prove to the world you’re more than just a body with a face.

Better yet, you should’ve been doing just that since day one of your life
And not bothered yourself one bit with this public nudity tripe.
Such shameless boasting, after all, is much shallower and
More superficial than you might think, seeing as there are other ways grand

Enough to make the statement of how comfortable you are
With your body without you baring all, so why not raise the bar
And prove to us all that beauty isn’t only for model types
And show us your beauty another way to avoid conservative gripes?

Subtlety’s much sexier, anyways, so take that to heart,
And with that in mind, I’m sure you’re smart enough to find a new start
In promoting yourself as desirable without the blatant show
That’s landed so many in hot water whose names I’m sure you know.

In short, just because nudity’s finally being accepted these days
Doesn’t make me a villain for holding on to my conservative ways.
Just don’t expect me to crawl after you in the instance you do bare all
‘Cause I’m all for substance over skin and shan’t heed any nude siren’s call.


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