Poem of the Week: Empty

July 28, 2017

Nothing there.
Puzzling, pondering, stalling.
I’ve got jack squat.
Irritating, frustrating, embarrassing…
Forget this!


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Poem of the Week: Late Night Studying

Late Night Studying
November 7, 2014

Pain and agony echo in my head.
A hundred brain cells I swear are now dead.
Can’t remember just what I’ve read.
So little info I’ve retained, I dread.
Maybe, then, I should just go to bed
And rest my weary, throbbing head
Before I end up wishing I was dead
From having to endure this pain I dread
Will linger on, lest I go to bed
And play the part of Mr. Sleepyhead
Even with so many brain cells dead.
Alas, now, I must go to bed
If I ever hope to recollect what I’ve read.
I’ve said all that needed to be said.
Night-night, all! Time to rest my head
And wash away these feelings of dread.


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