Bonus Poem of the Week: Happy Birthday, America!

Happy Birthday, America!
July 2, 2017

Annual holiday
Gathering, grilling, picnicking
Then come the fireworks
Sparkling, exploding, shining
Patriotic reminders


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American flag photograph courtesy of The attatched poem, however, is the author’s own.

Bonus Poem of the Week: 2017 Hopes

2017 Hopes
December 24, 2016

An end to extremism and unprovoked hatred for
Any given demographic. Why can’t that be in store?

No more senseless violence against anyone anywhere
For any sordid excuse. Is that possible to be done?

No more deadly diseases spreading everywhere they please.
We’ve already had plenty bringing humanity to its knees.

No more groundless anger spewed towards others on the Web.
We’ve seen and heard enough already. Time for such wrath to be dead.

No more shoving agendas in other people’s faces—
Political, religious, or whatnot. Such crap has already disgraced us.

No more frothing maniacs trying to lead us astray
From healing this ravaged world. Let’s bring about a brighter day.

No more stifling creativity, either. Time for ideas new
To provide new experiences for us all and see te masses through.

No more bitter, jaded snideness or insulting intelligence.
We’ve endured enough such trash thrown ‘tween each other over the fence.

No more sitting around idle when evil, bald and true,
Takes place, for we must shoot it down if good is to pull through.

No more blind eyes turned to what we know deep within our hearts
Is harmful to our wellbeing. Let’s stomp out evil ‘fore it starts.

No more foolishly smearing labels on that which we don’t understand,
For ignorance won’t bring us squat in terms of rebuilding this land.

No more wallowing in sorrow and self-loathing over the past.
We must buck up and work for tomorrow if we want good fortune to last.

No more hapless fixation over that which we can no longer change.
We must look to the present and future to see what we must now arrange.

Finally, no more of the same old crap we’ve long endured.
We’ve done nothing to help the status quo wallowing in such manure.

The past is past, and yes, like gas, it stank as it blew up
In our faces time after time , but guess what: Enough’s enough.

Another year’s ‘round the corner, and though it may seem to turn out dark,
There’s still a chance it can turn out great if we knew but where to start,

So let’s pull ourselves together and work as one to see
This world become a better place for the likes of you and me

And all who shall inherit the planet once we’ve left it physically.
Keep your fingers crossed, all, for we could all use some positivity.


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First Poem of Christmas 2016: What Christmas Means

What Christmas Means
November 26, 2016

ranberries, turkey, and stuffing on the table,
Helping out the homeless, the ill, and the disabled,
Rings and streams of evergreen decking every hall,
Ink and paper wishing joy and comfort to one and all,
Stockings, bows, and twinkling lights hung with care,
Tunes of merry tidings playing everywhere,
Mending broken hearts, even if just for the season,
Aunts, uncles, and grandfolks over for one special reason,
Snow upon the ground making things crisp and serene…

All these things and more to me are what Christmas means.


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Poem of the Week: A Love Poem of Linking Limericks

A Love Poem of Linking Limericks
February 8, 2016

You don’t need to shed your clothes
To show me what I already know.
I’ve still an eye for you.
Trust me. I do,
So hands off those pantyhose!

You don’t need to show any skin
To stun me and reel me in,
For it’s not what’s skin-deep
That makes me leap
For you and makes my head spin.

Your curves you need not flaunt
To send my mind on a jaunt.
Head to toe, hip to bust,
Your shape’s a mere plus.
There’s something else ‘bout you I want.

Let me state my preferences plain:
I love you because of your brain.
You’re smart like a whip
And can think from the hip,
And that’s what drives me insane.

You can clearly think for yourself,
Unswayed by anyone else.
You’re not some bimbo
Who gets used like a ho
Just to end up back on the shelf.

You’ve also got something, you see,
Called personality.
Though you might be loud,
You stand out from the cloud,
Judging from what others hear and see.

You fear not speaking your mind,
Even if it may torch your behind,
You’ve got uncommon sense
Always at your dispense
For those victimized by the grind,

And though you try hard to be sweet,
You’re all ‘bout standing on your own feet,
Not needing a man
For your master plan,
Though you still have one. Ain’t that neat?

You prefer using talent and skill
To make things suit your will,
Too no-nonsense to toy
With the whims of some boy,
For you couldn’t care less for thrills.

You know what you want out of life,
Putting up with all kinds of strife
And BS ‘long the way
‘Til at last comes your day.
Such is what I love in a wife.

To Hell with the frivolous crap!
All that’s but a dire social trap
Of superficial fluff
And meaningless stuff.
Don’t let that fall into your lap.

Don’t succumb to the siren’s wail
And let all you’ve established fail.
You’re better than that.
Just stay on track
As your ship continues to sail.

Don’t sell yourself out to become
Just another set of boobs and bum.
You’ve worked too hard, dear,
Over so many years
To risk being linked to such scum.

You’ve worked too hard to empower
Yourself every waking hour
The conventional way.
Don’t throw that away.
That ain’t the way you bloom, my flower.

Leave the boudoir to the others
To doll themselves up for my brothers.
Let them walk that path
And suffer the wrath
Of society and their own mothers.

Just be your own kind of star,
For I love you for who you are,
And I’ll lament the day
Your brilliance fades ‘way,
As you outshine all else by far.


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Announcement on an Upcoming Segment on This Blog

Happy 2016, readers!

Hope your Holidays so far have been superb. More importantly, here’s hoping that 2016 proves to be a great year for us all.

As a means of differentiating the content on this blog and encouraging more interaction between you folks and me, I have decided to add a new segment in between my usual “Poem of the Week” in the instance I’m unable to think up a new article (i.e., another installment in my “In Relation to My Work” series) to add to the content I’ve already published here. In a nutshell, this segment I’m planning to add will draw inspiration from the Hoedown improv game that always used to be a big part of Whose Line Is It Anyway? back in the day. I know it’s a little late for me to come up with this idea now, of all times, considering that WLIIA has been back on the air for three seasons and has announced that it has been renewed for a fourth in the upcoming year, and in the name of fairness, I hold myself accountable for being slow on the draw in this regard. Nevertheless, it’s the least I can do to celebrate the 366 subscribers I currently have and encourage not only them, but the rest of you reading this as well to become more involved in deciding what you’d like to see from me in 2016.

Though technically like my “Poem of the Week,” my “Hoedown of the Week,” as I’ll call it for the time being, will work as follows:

1. Readers, subscriber and non-subscriber alike, will be able to reply to this and any other recent blog posts with a topic for me to use in my upcoming “Hoedown of the Week.”

2. I’ll take what suggestions I think will work the best and make a four-verse poem out of them in the same vein that the performers of Whose Line do on the spot when they’re made to play this game on their show.

3. I’ll be sure to give a shout-out to any fellow WordPress blogger whose suggestion I accept for the present week’s hoedown so that others will have a chance to check out his/her material.

Consider this a way of thanking you all for making 2015 one of my better years as far as likes are concerned, as I’d like to keep the trend going as well as make sure things stay fresh on this website. Trust me, everyone, your time and input means a lot to me, and I thank you all for what you’ve given me so far these past for years. Until then, stick around for more content, feel free to subscribe to this blog if you haven’t already, and please don’t hesitate to check out any of my author pages as listed at the end of this post. Until then, thanks again and let’s all keep our fingers crossed for a peaceful, prosperous, and all around great 2016!

Dustin M. Weber


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Poem of the Week: Another Case of the Holiday Blues

Another Case of the Holiday Blues
December 23, 2015

The Holidays are here, soon to be done,
Thankfully for my ever-throbbing head,
Runny nose, baggy eyes, and so on, hon—
All of which combined make me feel so dead
To all the festivities, sights and sounds,
That always come around this time of year.
What a terrible time to feel so down!
Oh, how I could use some holiday cheer…
But alas, my cold won’t have it right now,
And I must get some rest if I wish to
Get something of worth out of this—and how!
Please forgive me, then, if I’m rude to you,
But I’ve got an illness to fight off, friend,
If I want these Holiday blues to end.


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Poem of the Week: Holiday Shopping at the Mall Many Years Later

Holiday Shopping at the Mall Many Years Later
December 10, 2015

So I went to the mall just yesterday
For some last-minute gifts for the Holidays,
And I couldn’t believe the heart-breaking sight
Of the stores I once knew vanishing overnight
In favor of stores I’ll probably never go,
And it still makes me sad seeing things just so.

I know what you’re all thinking, too: “So?
That’s how change works: Here yesterday,
Gone today. Don’t like the new stores? Don’t go.”
Maybe I should and just enjoy the Holidays.
Even so, this vision won’t disappear overnight,
For in my eyes, there’s more to such a sad sight.

Back in the days when money was in sight
Stores were varied, arranged, and stocked just so
With items of interest that arrived overnight
That fit in with what was on sale yesterday
And made me want to spend a financial holiday
Buying everything in sight ‘til it was time to go.

That was years ago, though, and ho! Where’d they go?
Gone with the wind—still in mind, but out of sight,
And worst yet, too, during the Holidays.
Already have I been missing the past so
That more than ever am I pining for yesterday
And the moments I’ve allowed to fade away overnight.

It’s depressingly funny how time can pass by overnight
And how we’re all so apt to let good things go
By, having taken them all for granted yesterday
And later on let things fade out of sight
Only to allow change to happen just so
Unsatisfactorily, especially around the Holidays.

After all, the magic of the Holidays
Is meant to last as long as, if not longer that, overnight,
And for it to be dampened by something so
Shocking to one’s wistfulness as seeing a favorite store go
Takes away so much from all the sounds and sights
We’ve known year after year and makes us miss yesterday.

I’ll never forget yesterday, especially ‘round the Holidays—
The stores, the sounds, the sights, all having vanished overnight.
Such a shame to see them go. Oh, how I miss them so!


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Poem of the Week: Hope for the Holidays

Christmas 2015 Hope

Hope for the Holidays
December 1, 2015

The future can change in so many ways.
Just keep your chin up to see what it brings.
Never give up hope for the Holidays.

Long we’ve been used to seeing darker days.
Long have we felt anxiety’s stiff sting.
The future can change in so many ways.

Long have we forgotten positive ways,
‘Specially ‘round the time when angels sing.
Never give up hope for the Holidays.

Tune your ears to the bells of Santa’s sleigh
And just imagine all the hope he brings.
The future can change in so many ways.

I’m not talking, either, toys from past days
Or cranberries and popcorn strung on string.
Never give up hope for the Holidays.

I’m talking the promise of brighter days
For all who combat this decade’s sharp sting.
The future can change in so many ways.
Never give up hope for the Holidays.


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Image used in this post (c) 2015 The remainder of the content within this post however, is my own.

Poem of the Week: Three Days after Thanksgiving

Three Days after Thanksgiving
November 29, 2015

Three days after Thanksgiving with Christmas ‘round the bend,
But after that, I can only hope my personal nightmare ends,
For it’s no fun at Holiday time fearing what the future holds,
And I just hope that whatever awaits me is big, bright, and bold.

For years, I’ve been in limbo, one foot on a banana peel—
A squishy, slippery yellow skin pressed firmly ‘neath my heel—
While the other foot’s been dangling over Hell’s gaping maw,
A swirling red-and-black abyss line by two fang-laden jaws,

And for as long, I’ve stood there, perched oh so precariously,
With one ill-timed step either way meaning the end for me.
‘Twas a test of mental fortitude. That I can safely say,
And when it came to my survival, I could have sworn, “No way!”

Thankfully, that wasn’t the case, for I’ve cheated damnation twice,
But I’ve no time to sigh with relief, for though said relief’s been nice,
I’m in the midst of my third trial, and as it has often been said,
Third time’s a charm, and it’s been “getting warm,” hence my dread.

Who knows if I’ll make it this time ‘round after all I’ve been through?
There’s only so much I can take, after all, and I fear my luck’s through.
Even if I play my cards right, I might find myself outplayed
Once and for all, and poof! There goes every last plan I’ve made.

So much for prosperity. So much for success.
So much for fame, fortune, and comfort, should I fail this test.
So much for becoming the financial backbone of my family.
So much for my loved ones finally relying upon me.

Such are the odds I face—purgatory or paradise—
And needless to say, between these two, the latter sounds all too nice,
For in reality, the likeliness of such a turn
Is next to nothing. Thus, I expect that in Hell I’ll burn.

There is a slight chance I’ve got, though, to turn the tables on Fate
And earn myself an outcome I can better appreciate.
It’ll take much time and effort on my behalf, I’ll admit,
But if said effort and time are all it’ll take, then screw it!

I’m sick of sitting here like a book collecting dust on my shelf.
I’m sick of weeping here in the dark, feeling sorry for myself—
Especially ‘round the Holidays when everyone else is merry
Wearing smiles even when faced with what even they can call scary.

Time and again, I’ve tried to grasp my one way ticket out
Of this hellish hole I’ve been tucked in, yet all my dreams flew south
For the winter like geese, leaving me begging, “Please! Get me out of here!
I can’t stay in this situation for another week, month, or year.

My future hasn’t even started they way others’ have in days past,
And if I stay any longer, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll last.”
Granted, I may have myself to blame in one regard or another,
But I’ll still do what it takes to redeem myself for Heaven, brother.

I don’t want to dread Christmas any more than I currently do,
Nor do I want to dread what lies beyond, be the day white or blue.
I wish to enjoy the Holidays like most everyone else,
But until I can, I must straighten out this situation with myself,

So please work with me this year, Fate, so that my dreams come true
And I’ll at last know prosperity, which will last my whole life through.
I know what sins I’ve caused to bring upon myself this curse,
And I’ll do what it takes to redeem myself, for better or worse.

All that I ask of you, Fate, is that you meet me halfway,
For I need your cooperation to see that I see a brighter day.
This life has been a nightmare for me, and one that must end.
I’m done with drama and wish to see a brighter day ‘round the bend.


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Bonus Poem of the Week: Girls Need Heroes, Too

Happy 2015, readers!

To celebrate the new year, I’ve written the following limerick chain that addresses an issue that I hope either gets resolved by the end of this year or, failing that, at least comes closer to resolution by then. Granted, I myself have tried to do my part in the fight for gender equality with my women’s wrestling book, UWWX: The Underground Women’s Wrestling Xperiment, but in sincere retrospect, my execution didn’t exactly justify my idea as well as I’d wanted, and I basically ended up doing the very thing I’ve criticized Women of Wrestling founder David McLane on June 12, 2012 of doing with his promotion back in 2000-2001 by trying to appeal to too many demographics at once. Ultimately, then, the draft I ended up publishing electronically could have very well been more refined before I had done so, although I do hope to edit it when I get the chance. However, I cannot make any promises, especially with my current projects taking top priority as yet.

In the words of Julie Kerwin and Dawn Hadeau, "If you give a girl a different toy, she will tell a different story."

In the words of Julie Kerwin and Dawn Hadeau, “If you give a girl a different toy, she will tell a different story.”

Thankfully, GoldieBlox founder and CEO Debbie Sterling and IAmElemental creators Julie Kerwin and Dawn Nadeau have proven to be far more perceptive and strategic in tackling this matter with their respective toy lines, both of which have made names for themselves in 2014. On that note, I am personally very proud of both parties and wish them nothing but continued success from here on out. (Click here and here for more about how each company has been making its respective splash in the media.) Thus, in celebration of their success and as a means of adding a more thoughtful contribution to the sealing of the gender gap than I have before, I hereby present Girls Need Heroes, Too. Enjoy!


Girls Need Heroes, Too
December 29, 2014

Girls need heroes, too.
It’s not just boys who do,
But just where are these
Strong personalities
Whom girls can look up to?

Where are such women and girls,
Be they living in this world
Or fictional characters
With plenty of character,
Who will help this idea unfurl?

Where are the action heroines
Who battle through thick and thin
And muscle their way
To saving the day,
No matter the trouble one’s in?

Where are the women with brains,
Sufficient and self-trained,
Who can do any task
Anyone could ask
Of any man with half a brain?

Where are the women with heart,
Too strong-willed to fall apart
In the face of trouble—
Who, instead, on the double
Roll up their sleeves and start

Working on the problems they face
And putting them in their place
With well-thought strategy,
Being cool as can be
As well as credits to the human race?

Such women exist, I know,
But rarely do we see so,
For we live in, you see,
A pro-male society,
And much to an equalist’s woe,

The women who fetch the most eyes
Are those who pander to the guys:
Dangerously thin,
Showing off all their skin,
And devoid of skill otherwise.

For far too long, too, it’s been plain:
We’ve valued beauty over brains,
More often seen than heard
In spite of what words
They’ve shared with us time and again.

Too often, we’ve ignored those with jobs
Of any typical male slob
Doing said jobs with ease,
For we’re far more pleased
With the superficial stuff, Bob,

And yet, there’s this truth we keep
Preaching, even in our sleep,
To value what’s inside
And not just one’s hide,
For beauty is but skin-deep.

Truth be told, though, to my stone heart,
There’ve been, in some forms of art,
Some attempts to portray
Women in a broader way,
Which, in my eyes, is a good start,

But these attempts are far between
And too few, if you know what I mean,
For as long as the brutes
In the tank tops and suits
Keep portraying women as they’ve been,

The heroines will remain to dwell
In the shadows of Unknown Hell,
Never for us to see
Them as more than oddities
In a world where beauty and sex sell,

And with this frame of mind, I’ve been through,
For girls need heroes, too,
Even more so than us guys,
And don’t say that’s a lie,
For deep down, you know it’s true.


GoldieBlox: Inspiring girls to build a future

GoldieBlox: Inspiring girls to build a future

That should do it for today. Thank you all for reading, and as always, feel free to visit my author pages at, and to check out my current work. Also, feel free to visit the respective websites for GoldieBlox and IAmElemental for more information about each toy line. Until then, thanks again, folks, and happy reading!

Regards, Dustin M. Weber

PS: The images used in this blog entry are credited to the following websites:

The poem itself, however, and all opinions expressed in conjunction with it are the author’s own.