Poetry Mini-Series: Becoming a Man part 5: Spirit

Becoming a Man part 5: Spirit
May 9, 2018

Heart, Backbone, and Brain—the three ingredients of man,
Able to shape us into what we should be like nothing else can.
Alas, they alone can’t make us into paragons of manhood,
For there’s one more part to this mix that’ll show us the greater good
That manifests when the initial three combine with one another
To give us one more element: the one we call Spirit, brother!
It’s the very essence of manhood and what each man strives to be:
The ruler of his own domain and master of his own legacy.
Sadly, so few men attain this element, and fewer yet can
Claim to have mastered it as expected of the ideal man.
Reassured, though, that once you’ve done so and made it part of yourself,
You can finally slam your boyhood shut and put it back on the shelf,
Knowing that your past is in the past where it belongs so that you
Can leave your mark upon this world as all men are expected to.

Masters of Spirit are centered, being many things at one time:
Ruler, planner, divine medium—channelers of the sublime,
Reconciling opposite forces, purging chaos, establishing law,
Scoring victory for humanity from beyond demons’ jaws.
Spirit, too, helps one understand who he is and what he stands for
Unchanging in times of crisis, knowing fully what’s in store,
And standing by all that he represents in the face of adversity,
His resolve seasoned by wisdom as tall and strong as any tree.
This coincides with the integrity by which the subject lives,
The bond that holds a man’s other virtues together and unbroken gives
Him a state of being complete, undivided, intact, and whole
And urges him to seek wholeness elsewhere and act as such in his role
As he mends broken relationships, acts always with honesty,
And takes responsibility for his actions, whatever they may be.
Spirit masters must also protect their realms from invading forces—
Physical, mental, spiritual, emotional—with all his resources,
Channeling Backbone to push back any who disturb his land’s protocol,
And once the invasion’s over, it’s back to setting rules for all,
Providing structure for himself and his people to adhere to
To ensure that everyone works to support his realm—him, too,
For only an enlightened, productive kingdom can prosper in any age,
Which is why he also inspires each subject to be a creative sage
And fully manifests his archetype, hoping that everyone under him
Blossoms to his or her full potential under his rule as per his whim,
Thus increasing his own power and influence and strengthening the mark
He leaves upon the world, even in passing, in times both light and dark.
He also honors those under his watch, should they achieve great things,
Ensuring that they prosper and thrive upon receiving his blessings.

Sadly, it’s this last practice stopping for reasons one can but guess
That has led to so many young men these days not living up to their best,
For without an elder saluting his endeavors, where can a guy go
When he doesn’t know what he’s doing right or wrong, lest another say so?
How can he rule his own destiny as each man is meant to
Without so much as a pat on the back or even a Good for you!?
How can men inherit the world from those who have come before
And inspire generations to come if he’s not given guidance more
Than simple trial and error? Why guard the sacred key
To the gates of success meant for all? That just seems wrong to me.
We’ve had enough tyrants, after all, on this rock we all call home
Seeking to tear down everything wherever they’ve dared to roam,
Fueling their scarcity mentality and quests for more power—
An illusion they’ve insecurely maintained each month, day, and hour,
Lashing out at any threat to their reign with extreme abuse,
Not knowing that power increases with sharing, for such men are just that obtuse.
We’ve had too many weaklings as well, abdicating their thrones to others,
Kowtowing to overseers and browbeaters, unlike their empowered brothers
‘Til they’d snapped and turned the tables to become bullies in their own right,
Paranoid of all who might’ve claimed their thrones, thus making them turn their sights
Towards cruelty and obsession, becoming tyrants as well
To compensate for that which they’d given ‘way, damning their souls to Hell.

Heart, Backbone, and Brain—all are crucial in making a man,
For they all combine to form that which shapes him like nothing else can,
Yet to truly tap into Spirit, a man must take extra care
To make the most of the other elements so that they take him there.
Practical wisdom, first off, is paramount to success,
As it helps you structure your moral code and decision-making best.
Develop your virtue of order, too, and embrace the notion of rules,
For only strong guidelines will help you and your people from flopping like fools.
Develop a life plan as well and find out where you want to go
And lead by example along this path, even as it leads you to and fro,
All the while avoiding temptation from false promises of power,
Pleasure, and wealth, for as you need be concerned at any given hour,
Integrity’s your key to success, and leading by example’s a must,
For this world’s in dire need of heroes, and it’s heroism or bust,
Lest you want to fall by the wayside and return to the faceless masses
Instead of being the trend-setting go-getter who lights fires ‘neath folks’ asses
That each man on Earth has the potential to become in his life,
And in a world in need of strong leadership, we need such men to purge the strife
That’s been binding us to our misery for far too many years now.
This world desperately needs the type of hero we once had…and how!
The question’s thus: Have you Spirit enough to lead humanity from
The slop it’s been submerged in all this time and at long last become
The beacon of hope we’ve been needing for all this bleeding time,
Or are you content to wallow with everyone else in the filth and grime?


Author Pages: Smashwords.com
Twitter: @DustinMWeber18
Additional Link: King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette


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