Poetry Mini-Series: Becoming a Man part 4: Brain

Becoming a Man part 4: Brain
May 6, 2018

The Brain—the favorite organ of the thinking man,
Able to hold more knowledge than most other creatures’ can.
Mathematics, the sciences, the arts, and more—
Such are the secrets that the human brain has in store.
It’s also the third part involved in creating a man
And helps to establish him in ways that no other part can,
As its power comes from mastering knowledge and using it to
Produce desired outcomes on landscapes old and new—
All the better for a man to leave his legacy
Behind to mark the world and inspire you and me.
After all, while brawn’s got perks, we have it for but so long,
Which is why it’s crucial for us all to keep our minds strong
And understand how Brain separates men from boys and beasts
And how its power isn’t to be underestimated in the least.

Brain helps us gather, first off, any knowledge that requires skill,
Dedication, and effort to learn and commit to will
And rewards us with the chance to dwell where less aspirant men
Might never access in their lives, no matter how or when.
Brain teaches us, too, the merits of mastering technology
So that we may use it to access the creative energy
To fuel our natural male instinct to simply create something,
To “make Earth as it is in Heaven,” as the Bible sings.
Brain also offers us introspection on which course we must take
In life by way of studying the decisions we can make,
Predicting with keen accuracy where each choice will lead
And from that gain the wisdom that others in turn can heed.
Know well, though, that true knowledge must be taught bit by bit
With each building on the one before to ensure that the learner’s fit
So that he fully grasps the nature of the knowledge at hand
And apply it—hopefully, leastways—for the betterment of the land,
For if nothing else, he who masters Brain can take the worst
Of situations and setbacks and from them allow to burst
Forth opportunities for him and others to learn and grow
And make things work for the better for every Jane and Joe.
Brain masters also understand the link between the mundane
And the world of the Higher Powers and therefore can explain
Complicated spiritual ideas in ways that others can grasp,
Often ‘nough in simple metaphors that, throughout time, last—
All the better to teach new initiates as they come up through the ranks
To follow in the elders’ footsteps and ultimately offer thanks
By passing down that knowledge in turn to the next generation
So that they, in turn, will learn and inherit such a sacred station.

Alas, such rites of passage rarely take place these days
With the men who’ve made them unavailable in too many ways—
Most commonly by refusing to turn around and share
What they’ve learned in their day with any younger men who’d dare
Follow in their footsteps and take all their tasks to heart.
Alas, so many young bucks these days barely know where to start,
What with trade schools and guilds being so few and far between,
And apprenticeship’s a thing of the past, if you know what I mean,
Replaced, sadly, by internships, many of which involve
Doing regular’s lowliest work with little agency to solve
The problems said regulars solve every single day—
Not that permanent office work is much better in any way,
What with fellow men competing against one another
To see who’s worthier of that big ol’ raise and promotion, brother!
It’s all about competition these days, not fraternity,
And it’s doing its share to damage the future for men like you and me
In that there might be no more men left to initiate
Boys and young men into full manhood, which is quite a sad fate,
For where will these young men end up? Roaming the city streets,
Using violence to assert themselves ‘mongst brick and concrete?
Starting flame wars on the ‘Net with anyone they meet?
Acting like wannabe alphas—loud, obnoxious, and indiscreet?
Desperately trying to pick up women to fill in the void,
Thinking their femininity will bring that of which they’re devoid?
Developing talents on their own naturally only to
Turn around and sell their “secrets” to those naïve enough to
Shell out cold hard cash to learn their art, only to learn squat
And ultimately flush their money in an effort all meant for naught?
Perhaps try their hand at something that, to them, looks cool,
Only to give up one session in, feeling like a fool
For not instantly mastering that which takes effort and time
And perhaps even undermining others’ quests to be sublime
At they art they themselves put barely any effort into at all?
No wonder why so many men these days end up taking a fall!

Face it, gentlemen; we all must wise up in these dark days
If we ever want mankind to arise once more and find a way
To establish its collective merits before they vanish for good.
There are many ways we can, too. In fact, I say we all should
Commit to lifelong learning, especially knowledge that’s sublime;
Carve out a special place within which to spend some private time;
Do more with what we have and stop relying on newer stuff
To give us the experiences we seek, lest we wish to stick within our rut;
Find a mentor to train us in whatever field we seek
And become a mentor ourselves once we’ve hit that field’s knowledge peek;
Learn to work with our hands and create something that will last,
And partake in a rite of passage in which the initiate exits the past.
Such are the main tasks that will help us overcome this curse
Of mankind’s dying mental state, so let’s put effort first
And give the element of Brain the credit it deserves
For giving full men their knowledge and wisdom and all that they serve.
Real men are more than muscleheads, after all, and perpetual lovers.
Don’t let anyone tell you different. Don’t fall for tricksters’ eye covers.
Brain helps men make the world go around in its own special way,
Keep that in mind the next time you think of something manly to do or say.


Author Pages: Smashwords.com
Twitter: @DustinMWeber18
Additional Link: King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette


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