Poem of the Week: Bullying Is Stupid

Bullying Is Stupid
April 23, 2017

Boorish you are, thoughtless and crude.
Ugly’s your behavior, senseless and rude.
Loathesome are your actions, so unprovoked.
Lies you tell others via your sick jokes.
You alone benefit from your cowardice.
Idiotic are the grounds for your gist.
Nasty you are for your moral flaws.
Good god, the grief and self-hate you cause!

I don’t get what your deal is, you dumb brat.
Spineless yet arrogant…where’s your head at?

Sick in the head. That’s all I can say.
To treat you with EST would make my day.
Useless it is to teach you otherwise,
Punk-ass bitch who needs to be cut down to size.
Infantile coward too scared to grow up.
Damned if your callousness doesn’t make me throw up.


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2 thoughts on “Poem of the Week: Bullying Is Stupid

  1. Meh…not the worst poem I’ve ever read…but it reads too much like you’re scolding the recipient of this poem for bullying while coming across like a bully yourself—at least according to certain other readers, that is. I can definitely see where some oversensitive folks (e.g., “social justice warriors”) might see this as a violation of the whole “Two wrongs don’t make a right” policy and condemn you for giving bullies in general a taste of their own medicine…even though a lot of them deserve it, regardless of what others might say.

    I do look forward to your next work, though. Hopefully, it’ll strike a more definite chord and receive better reception. You’re a good writer from what Ive seen of you so far, though, so I don’t have much doubt that that’ll be the case.

    Keep it real, fella!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Collin. Don’t you worry, either. My next poem should be a noticeable improvement over this one. That I can almost promise you.

      Take care! 😉


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