Bonus Poem of the Week: Message for a Backstabbing, Narcissistic Mooch

Message for a Backstabbing, Narcissistic Mooch
January 20, 2017

How could you do this to me after al that we’ve been through?
Three long years during which I’ve been naught but nice to you,
And this is how you repay me, milking me for more of the same
I’ve been giving you since day one without a thank you in my name?
I’ve been nothing but generous and kind when it came to you,
And yet, I’ve meant nothing at all to you but yet someone else to screw
Left, right, and center with your demands, never, ever once ceasing
How I’ve catered to your every whim, you joke of a human being,
Without so much as a single complaint—worries, perhaps, but that’s all,
As you taxed me every chance you had. Really, now, did you want me to fall?
If I’d done you any wrong, the least you could’ve done was tell me
My crime so that I could’ve made amends, as that’s how friendship should be,
But no! You gave me the silent treatment, childish as you are,
And have taken me for granted. Well, you’ve taken this all too far.
I’m more than just another body for you to exploit on your time.
I’m a human being, dammit! Can’t you see that, or are you blind
By the selfishness that colors your nature so thoroughly to the core
That I can’t help but wonder now just what kind of crap would’ve been in store
For me if I’d stuck around with you any longer than I already have?
Well, guess what: Good riddance! You’ve just lost a valuable friend, you cad.
Let’s see you try to get on now without me by your side
And with so many others just like me wanting to tear up your hide—
People whom you’ve jilted over the years simply because you could,
And hopefully, our combined wrath will teach you to be up to no good.
Sadly, ‘twill be too little, too late, for you’ve tapped us of all we had,
But I still hope your deeds bite you in the ass all the same, you cad.
Again, then, good riddance, old “pal,” for cheating me time and again.
Serves you right for using and abusing people and mistreating so many friends.


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