A Call for Feedback from My Readers

Hello, readers!

Today, I’m going to withhold posting my usual weekly poetry until either tomorrow or later this evening so that I may first ask you all, subscriber and non-subscriber alike, a particularly crucial question regarding the nature of this blog as a whole:

What kind of material would you like me to provide from hereon out?

This may sound like a particularly insipid thing to ask, but trust me when I say that I do have a good reason for doing so. You see, at the risk of sounding petty and needy, I’ll admit all the same that 2016 has been a relatively unsuccessful year for me in terms of gaining more attention for my literary endeavors, and though I have an idea on what I’ve done wrong in drawing people to this website, I’d nevertheless like to know directly from you folks how I can better appeal to you, my current audience, as well as attract new readers. After all, I’ve had quite a few people subscribe to me over the past eight months who’ve ended up unsubscribing to me after a week or two, and I’m wondering if whether or not their doing so has anything to do with the content I’ve been submitting or perhaps even the activities I’ve performed as this blog’s owner and operator. Additionally, as a writer who’s always willing to grow and expand my abilities, I am always willing to improve my craft so as to better reach the masses, and your feedback means a lot to me.

Take my weekly poetry, for example…are there any specific topics you would like me to cover in future poems? Any particular styles of poetry you’d like me to try my hand at? Do you want more or less poetry posted each week? Are you even interested at all in my Hoedown of the Week series that I’d tried to start up back on December 31, 2015?

How about my “In Relation to My Work” series of editorials? What topics have I talked about in such articles over the years that have appealed to you the most? Which topics would you like me to expand on? What topics would you like me to cover that I haven’t already?

Finally, there’s my work as a novelist. Would you like me to talk more about the projects I’ve worked on or have been working on, such as my novel Dream Weavers? What specifically would you like me to share about my projects?

I know this all sounds desperate on my part, but as I’ve mentioned before, I’d like to build up my fanbase and establish my brand the best I can, and I’ve come to realize (It’s taken me long enough, I know…SMH) that I haven’t done just that. That being said, feel free to leave me your feedback in the comment section below, and I’ll gladly take it into account, as I aim to not only earn more subscribers this year than I have already, but keep said subscribers as well. After all, your support means a lot to an aspiring pro novelist such as myself, whether it’s subscribing to this humble little blog of mine via WordPress or email, hitting the “Like” button on each/any of my posts, sharing my content with others, or even going to my author pages (Smashwords.com, Amazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk) and buying any of the ebooks I have for sale there. As such, without further ado, please let me know down below what improvements you’d like to see me make to this blog, and thank you all for your support.

Okay…pity party over! Expect my next Poem of the Week in my next post, and once again, everyone, thanks.

Dustin M. Weber


6 thoughts on “A Call for Feedback from My Readers

    • Thanks for the kind words, Julia. I hope 2017 ends up being a good year for you, too.

      Oh…and feel free to check out the rest of my blog, too, and see if you can come up with any insights on how I can improve it. Your input would be much appreciated. Thank you for your support in the meantime.

      P.S.: New poem to be posted later this evening!

  1. What, nobody’s going to take the time to respond to this earnest request to help the guy improve his blog? Fine! I’ll gladly be the first.

    Personally, Dustin, I don’t mind the overall content of your blog at all. Sure, you’re a little liberal with your language at times for a YA fiction writer in that you use such words as “hell,” “damn,” and “crap” from time to time, but at least you’ve yet to get carried away with the profanity and start spewing F-bombs, S-bombs, and racial/sexual/homophobic slurs—not that I expect you to succumb to such words, but I nevertheless appreciate that you haven’t. I also really appreciate your editorials (i.e., your “In Relation to My Work” series) and wish you would produce more of them in the near future. You definitely have a lot to say when it comes to writing, literature, and the connection that certain other forms of media like video games and professional wrestling share with them. Focus more on THAT kind of topic (complete with pics, of course, so that you can draw even more attention from the curious masses), and m sure more readers will come flocking.

    Also, after browsing through your articles, I’ve noticed that you USED to have a Twitter account, yet no longer do. What happened? Did Twitter ban you for some reason? Did you voluntarily close your account down? Whatever the case, I’d look into reopening a social media outlet for yourself so as to make yourself more visible on the ‘Net. Yeah, every site has its nutcases and stupid rules and such, but so long as you stay away from the idiots and learn to bite the bullet when it comes to the way in which the site owners expect you to behave, then you should be okay.

    Finally, in regards to your “Hoedown of the Week”…well…to put it honestly, it was a good idea with weak execution—mainly because most of your readers, sub and non-sub alike, haven’t proven to be really helpful in their failure to participate. Then again, your hoedown itself, while well-written, kind of fell flat as far as humor goes. Come on, man! I know you can do better than that.

    Hope this input helps, Dustin, and I hope you keep up the good work.

    • Your input does help, George, and quite a bit, too. In fact, I’m hoping to include a new editorial to this site soon, although I can’t promise when that’ll be. I am, after all, pretty busy in terms of editing my latest novel, and balancing the two tasks might prove to be a little tricky.

      I’d also like to thank you for your input regarding my Hoedown of the Week series and admit that you’re all too right in pointing out just how flat I was in delivering those four verses. Truth be told, I could defend myself by making the excuse that I had four verses with which to work rather than just one, but considering that Wayne, Colin, Ryan, and the rest of the Whose Line crew can make up some smashingly funny verses off the top of their heads, said excuse is little more than just what I’ve called it, and a poor one at that.

      Thanks for your feedback. Such is exactly what I’d asked for when I’d posted this message.

  2. “The past eight months,” huh? You mean like you described in your Fickle Subscriber poem and “I Don’t Sub for Sub”? If that’s the case, then, that’s not your fault. If anyone should be account for that crap, it should be the “subscribers” themselves—especially considering that they’re all the same anyhow: heartless, soulless pic-a-day sites that don’t post any relevant written material to accompany any of the pics they post aside from their title, nor do they even edit the laughably generic text of their “About” pages. Worst yet, they apparently will only subscribe to you for a week or two unless you sub back to their sub-par, no-effort-put-in glorified Pinterest pages, which…honestly…why would ANYONE in his or her right mind do such a thing? These sites are little more than wasted space on the Internet that, if WordPress had the sense to ban these jokers, wouldn’t even exist in the first place.

    Seriously, assholes like the ones I’m describing need to learn that WordPress isn’t Tumblr and that they shouldn’t treat it as such. If they were AT ALL real photographers or photography enthusiasts, they’d at least provide CAPTIONS to the pics they post to explain their significance. Otherwise, who needs such jackasses? You, in the meantime, should just keep doing what you’re doing and not let these fickle, narcissistic pieces of trash let you down.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Ben. Yeah, I’ll admit that it’s pretty frustrating to have such people subscribe to me, only to unsub shortly after. It’s nothing personal, either, as between all the other aspects of my life, I have very little time—if, in fact, any at all—to check out other bloggers’ material. I therefore hope these people you’re talking about aren’t upset with me not checking their stuff out. If they expect me to sub right back automatically even when I do, however, then I’m sorry, but I can’t guarantee such a thing. After all, I used to be subscribed to two to three other blogs here on WordPress over the years and had to unsubscribe on account of my having lost interest in their material—which, by the way, was actually good on account of the effort that clearly went into their making it.

      Thanks again for your input, Ben, and I hope to hear from you again soon!

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