Poem of the Week: Morons on the Internet

Morons on the Internet
December 1, 2016

People can be such morons. On that one can rely.
So dumb are the things they do and say as I’ve seen with my own eyes—
Especially on the World Wide Web, where manners go right out the door
And people can be as rude and heartless as they want to be and more.

People can be such scumbags, no couth or thought put into what
Comes out of their mouths, even if said something happens to be smut,
Homophobic, racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive to anyone
Who has even only half a heart as they walk ‘neath Heaven’s sun.

People can be such losers who think they’re so macho and mighty
‘Til one confronts them on their idiocy. Then, they act all flighty
And make excuses for themselves, often trying to still come off as tough
And insisting on getting the last word in with each insult they huff and puff.

People can be such assholes, thinking being obnoxious and loud
Is the way to handle disputes, and should they “win,” they act all proud
That they’ve managed to shout their opponents down with their senseless flip,
Not giving a damn whose feelings they hurt with what sails ‘tween their lips.

People can be such pansies, all callous when they’re on top
‘Til their skin grows thin when they know they can’t win. Then they cry “STOP!”
Or otherwise walk with their tail ‘tween their legs when they know they’ve lost.
Serves ‘em right, I say, for throwing their weight around like they’re the boss.

People can be such lowlives, spouting off at what doesn’t concern
Their worthless opinions and attitudes all ‘cause they feel the need to burn
Complete strangers with their thoughtlessness solely because they can
And are bored or need to feel more than shells of the common woman or man.

But how can one cope when one crosses paths with such a sorry sack of trash
Who wouldn’t know kindness if it knocked its teeth down its throat and out its ass?
Does one blow it off completely and hope one day it self-destructs,
Or does one get in its face and call out the crap of the spineless schmuck?

Is it even possible to get through the thick skulls of these dumb trolls,
Or is the world forever doomed to suffer the ignorance spewing out their holes?
Whatever the case, their need to pick fights with those whom they don’t know
Is nothing less than shameful and disgusting and makes my blood boil so.

This hiding behind one’s computer and talking trash to strangers
Is naught but childish stupidity that reminds me of just how in danger
We all are of losing our way in this age of drama and technology,
And if we don’t shape up soon, who can tell how much worse off we’ll be?

This world’s already a powder keg full of violence and disease,
Prejudice and corruption, all of which have brought us to our knees.
We don’t need self-isolation to further cast us into the void.
Our minds and bodies are already shot. Must our souls, too, be destroyed?


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10 thoughts on “Poem of the Week: Morons on the Internet

  1. Great poem you’ve got here, bro. Kind of reminds me of some whiner I butted heads with on 800Notes.com about some telemarketer who’d called him twenty times, yet he was too lazy or whatnot to get a call blocker. LOL!

    Keep it coming!

      • Oh, nothing…basically what I said. Just some buttmonkey who was complaining about a bunch of charity beggars from “Minooka” having called him twenty times or so since this past fall. Never even gave any details about what he tried to do to get them to stop, either, so I basically told him to quit complaining and get a call blocker. Probably never did, though…schmuck.

        Oh, well, his loss. LOL!

      • So what about pressing the guy on which dates these “Minooka” idiots called him on? Did they call him day after day after day or did they stop for a while before going after him again? What about the time of day for each of the calls they made? Did they call from just one phone number, or did they use at least one other number? Did the guy contact the FTC or FCC about the creeps harassing him? Did you even bother to ask the guy ANYTHING before you told him to “quit complaining” and get a call blocker? Because if not, then some help you were! You should know better than to be so blatantly flip and rude with complete strangers on the ‘Net. Grow up and get some manners, bigshot!

      • Manners? On the Internet? LOL! Good one, lady! Maybe in a perfect world, but in THIS reality? Good luck finding anything of the sort.

      • Sorry to come late to the party, but…yeah, “Yoda1725″…I remember you from 800notes.com myself…and as someone who’s been harassed by the same Minooka assholes since this past September and is STILL getting calls from them despite me insisting MULTIPLE TIMES that they take my number off their stupid calling list (They just called me for the twenty-fourth time or so just today @ 11:48 A.M. CST, for crying out loud!), I think you are one of the most insensitive, loudmouthed, meat-headed little know-it-all creeps ever to grace the Internet, much less that joke of a website. Why the idiots running 800notes.com even allow glorified children like you on the board to begin with, much less allow you the exclusive privileges of having avatars and thumbing up or down others’ comments, is beyond me, since you and the rest of the exclusive members of that site don’t have any real perks over visitors otherwise, nor are you necessarily better. Even so, your status clearly goes to the heads of most of you, as you CLEARLY indicate, and quite frankly, it sickens me.

        Grow up and get over yourself, “Yoda1725.” you’re nothing more than a snot-nosed, egotistical brat, and you know it.

    • I agree that this poem is pretty good, but really? You’re commenting on it just to brag about some hapless sot you’d gotten into an argument on another website? What makes you think anyone cares?

      • He’s a loser, that’s what. Simple as that. No sane person would waste his or her time bragging about the feuds he/she has had on the Internet and make fun of the poor souls with whom he/she had fought behind their backs, nor would he/she even THINK about starting up said feud in the first place.

        Take the hint, Yoda1725, you pompous little punk: This poem is about obnoxious little twits like YOU.

    • So you shoot your mouth off at him? Why? Were you obligated somehow? Did someone hold a gun to your head or a knife to your throat? Seriously, just because someone wrote something somewhere on the Internet that you didn’t agree with isn’t reason enough for you to get into it with the person. Knowing the attitude you’ve displayed here, you were probably an asshole to the poor guy, which is the kind of thing that I don’t care for at all. If that was the case, then you REALLY need to grow up.

    • Yeah, I recognize you. You’re one of those privileged 800Notes.com “members” who get to have your own avatar and thumb up and down posts while visitors can’t…and yet you people are more or less in the same boat as the visitors in reporting telemarketing scumbags, save for a member or two being somewhat more knowledgeable about how telemarketers operate and what people can do to stop them, which apparently makes you automatic “experts” on the topic. Yeah…guys like you REALLY let your privilege go to your heads and are really nothing more than scumbags because of it.

      Go to hell, poser. You’re nothing but a snot-nosed little punk who only THINKS he’s a big shot.

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