Poem of the Week: An Admittedly Long-Winded Ghazal about Distractions

An Admittedly Long-Winded Ghazal about Distractions
October 27, 2016

So many distractions today’s world has in store:
Links here, videos there, ads all over, and more.

So hard it is to focus that so much stuff just
Never gets done when it otherwise should and more.

Trying to work on a book when my writer’s block
Kicks in, making me think about elsewhat and more.

I try to fight it, but my brain’s juices won’t flow,
Leaving me to look for inspiration and more,

So I listen to some music to help me clear
My mind of oddball thoughts, foul memories, and more,

And for a while, it works until the clash of themes
Between song and book complicate matters and more,

Leaving me to wonder if maybe a podcast
Might be the background noise I need to think and more.

Sadly, all the constant chatter, even at a
Low volume, only piles on the clutter and more.

Now my mind’s more polluted than it was before,
And I need to walk away completely and more.

Let me thus play some games to help flush the fritzing
So that my mind can finally function and more.

Ah…now this is fun…but wait! What’s going on here?
You mean this game has just cost me two hours and more!?

Well, that’s enough lollygagging, then! Back to work
‘Fore I’m a full year behind in my work and more.

Oh, hey! Here’s that episode of that one show on
TV that I’ve been watching for two years and more.

Alas, another hour flushed down the toilet,
Even though I enjoyed that episode and more.

I still can’t write, though…but yo! What do we have here?
A video ‘bout creativity and more?

If this’ll help stir things up, I’ll give it a shot.
It certainly has gorgeous visuals and more.

Then again, the notions I’m getting are starting
To warp my mind in unconstructive ways and more.

I’d better turn it off, then, ‘fore it completely
Renders me a drooling, babbling moron and more.

Oh, joy! Look at this. I’m more behind in my work.
Quelle surprise…and worse yet, by a good week and more.

Serves me right, I guess, for allowing myself to
Succumb to all these bloody distractions and more.

No wonder I and many others can’t get squat
Done when we need to to set the world straight and more.

Sure, it’d help if they didn’t exist in the first
Place so that we can focus on our work and more,

But ultimately, whom can we blame but ourselves
For allowing them to take us over and more?

Surely we can disconnect from them and keep on
Working until we at least get things done and more

And prove that we can indeed rise above that which
Society feeds us to hold us back and more,

Lest we long to live with the stereotype they’ve
Used to color us for the longest time and more.

I’m sure struggling. I’d be a fool to otherwise
Say, but I’ll do my best to put the lie and more

To the label and at last put out that which I’ve
Long meant to for my own sake, for others’, and more.

Enough caving in, then, to these damn distractions!
It’s time now to get my act together and more.

Otherwise, I’ll never attain that which I’ve sought
For so long and stay stuck in my own past and more—

A past I’d much rather leave behind if I hope
To ever know what my future may hold and more.



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2 thoughts on “Poem of the Week: An Admittedly Long-Winded Ghazal about Distractions

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    Cameron the Shill

    • Dear “Cameron:”

      Thanks for warning me about the website you’ve tried to promote to me. I’ll be sure to never inadvertently promote it myself on account of keeping my subscribers and other visitors free of unnecessary spam.

      Best of luck elsewhere!


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