Poem of the Week: When the Dust Settles

When the Dust Settles
October 22, 2016

All this season so far, so many ads,
Which is nothing new, given tradition,
But along with them comes the tired fad
Of hate ‘tween those of equal ambition:
Name-calling, rumor-spreading…the whole bit…
And me not knowing just whom to believe.
All I know is that I’ve been sick of it.
Either discuss the issues, or please leave.
That’s the kind of thing I’d like to say to
Those folks we’ve all heard from these past eight weeks,
For I’m shocked they haven’t turned black and blue
Literally from the words they still speak.
When the dust settles, though, what will we see?
Will the winners be right for you and me?


Author Pages: Smashwords.com


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