Bonus Poem of the Week: The Frustrated Working Stiff

The Frustrated Working Stiff
October 18, 2016

Nag, nag, nag—that’s all I ever hear:
“Do this!” Don’t do that!” “Hey, you! Over here!”
All the while, I’m just trying to do my doggone job,
Yet everyone’s on my back like I’m some dumb slob
Who can’t think for himself when truth is, I have a brain.
It’s just getting overloaded ‘til I’m nearly insane
With the voices in my head telling me I’m not worth crap.
Geez, I should’ve known this was all just one big trap!
Then again, I needed money, and this was the surest bet,
And it seemed easy enough to learn and do, and yet,
It’s all so micromanaged that no matter what I do,
No matter how closely I pay attention, I’m screwed.
In fact, there have been crises for which I was not at fault,
Yet in my activity at the time, I was brought to a halt
And lectured like some high school hellion for that which
I wasn’t responsible in the least bit. What a bitch!
If I was only treated with some respect, this whole scene
Wouldn’t leave me so frustrated, and no, I don’t mean
That people should have to coddle me and treat me with kit gloves.
I’m a grownup, after all, and thus don’t need that kind of love.
All I ask is that I be treated like the adult I happen to be
And not like some stupid miscreant. Is that too much of me
To ask? Because if it is, I’ll kindly hit the bricks
And look elsewhere to earn my dough ‘cause I just don’t need this
Garbage thrown in my face constantly day by day,
And I know I can make it elsewhere if I can just find the way
That’ll lead me to where I can at last earn a decent keep
Without the threat of always landing in trouble deep,
Good riddance, then, assholes! Consider this my last day.
I’m not living up to my potential here anyway.
This never was my dream job—just one I happened to need—
And I didn’t come here to suffer for your sake and bleed.
Will I ever land my dream job? I certainly hope so,
But at the rate I’ve been going, I doubt I’ll ever know.
The sooner I leave this place, though, the sooner I’ll find out,
So get out of my way, please, before I more loudly shout.


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